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The Premier Program for

Luxury Properties


Premier Properties Program

The Premier Properties™ program focuses on accomplishing our mutual objectives: Professionally marketing your home to qualified buyers and selling it at the best possible price.


Targeted advertising that reaches an affluent audience


Enhanced online presence on


Networking opportunities with brokers representing clients in high-end markets


Specialized signage to set your home apart


Elegant direct marketing materials


International exposure

Luxury Portfolio

A Powerful Network TOTAL U.S. PROPERTIES $1 Million and Above 14,000 12,000 10,000 8,000 6,000


4,000 2,000 0

Windermere Real Estate is a proud member of Luxury Portfolio International®, the luxury division of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®. LeadingRE is a “by-invitation” global network responsible for more transactions each year than any other real estate network. Our affiliation with this powerful organization gives us strong connections to well-respected firms in over 60 countries, and the benefit of a referral program that makes over 40,000 client introductions each year—more than any other real estate organization. Luxury Portfolio represents a virtual “who’s who” of homes: the largest online inventory of $1 million-plus homes of any luxury network or franchise. When you sell your luxury home with Windermere, you can count on our connections to provide premium worldwide exposure, as well as access to a global pool of qualified buyers.

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Source: Mintel International Website Survey Q1 2017

A Chinese Audience Windermere Real Estate’s Chinese marketing partner,, provides innovative ways for your luxury home to reach a Chinese audience and overcome the barriers of language, distance, and culture. This exposure provides your home instant access to an exclusive audience of high-net-worth Chinese buyers.





*BAIDU INDEXED PAGES is China’s #1 international property portal 2.6 million Chinese consumers visit each month Behind the Great Firewall, reaching the Chinese consumer wherever they are located Features 18 times more properties than the next largest Chinese real estate portal








* is China's version of Google with 71% market share of Chinese online search Data provided by, January 2018

BEIJING 203,300 HNW Chinese 109,754 use Juwai

Approximately 43% of site views are from top 5 provinces where 67.5% of Chinese wealth resides.

JIANGSU 84,100 HNW Chinese 134,397 use Juwai SHANGHAI 168,100 HNW Chinese 103,486 use Juwai ZHEJIANG 140,800 HNW Chinese 111,434 use Juwai GUANGDONG 190,000 HNW Chinese 207,574 use Juwai

Increased Exposure

Through Public Relations Windermere’s Premier Properties program specializes in marketing luxury homes to discerning buyers. Windermere brokers have the opportunity to showcase these properties through PR, which increases their exposure to the public. Homes represented by Windermere are routinely featured in a number of different news sources, such as the Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle Times, Seattle PI, Seattle Refined, Curbed, Evening Magazine, HGTV and more!


Advertising Opportunities Through the Premier program and our partnerships with Luxury Portfolio International, Juwai, and Mansion Global, Windermere brokers can reach the most qualified buyers worldwide through targeted consumer and industry advertising programs and multimedia partnerships focused on attracting clients in key domestic and global markets. ONLINE Premier properties receive extensive local and global exposure online. Your home will be showcased on a number of websites including the award-winning,,,,, and Windermere brokers also have the tools to market your home on social media and hundreds of top websites that serve high-networth individuals. Our digital ads geographically target potential clients who are looking at real estate and real estate-related sites.

PRINT We have a carefully curated selection of print advertising available to market your luxury home to both a local and international audience. Windermere brokers have access to the back page of the Puget Sound Business Journal almost every week of the year! We feature luxury homes in our exclusive quarterly publications, Windermere Living and Lifestyle Northwest, as well as Alaska Beyond, Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine and more. Luxury homes can also be showcased in international publications such as Unique Homes China, Velocity, Wall Street Journal (Asia and UK editions), and International Property & Travel.

DIRECT MARKETING Windermere makes it fast and easy for our brokers to market your home by offering professorially designed, Premier-branded postcard, flyer, and brochure templates. With the variety of mailing options to target potential buyers demographically or geographically, it’s a great resource to market your home quickly and efficiently.

Keeping You Informed

Through Social Media Windermere’s social media channels are a great resource for information about the housing market, buying and selling homes, home improvement, and the communities we serve.

FACEBOOK: Keep up on the latest luxury housing and décor trends, follow market news, and

hear from our experts about the economy and what you need to know about home buying and selling. TWITTER: Follow the conversation on Twitter for up-to-date market news, community

happenings, and industry information.

INSTAGRAM: Get a daily dose of eye candy by following the Windermere Instagram feed.

See gorgeous homes, great décor ideas and more.

YOUTUBE: Watch videos by our experts on the economy and housing market, learn more

about buying and selling a home, and watch some amazing stories from our clients about their journey to home ownership. PINTEREST: Love home design? Our Pinterest boards have it all.

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WWA Premier Presentation Booklet  

Premier listing presentation book for regions that is intended for ONLY Western WA offices. Available through CustomXpress. Questions? Plea...