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CEO’s message Hello, it’s great to talk to you again! It’s difficult to believe another year is almost over. As one of our most valued supporters I am pleased to be able to share with you all that we have been working on the last few months. Domestic Violence has been a key challenge in our community. We are very pleased by the success of our ‘Building Respectful Relationships’ program in partnership with Cranbourne Secondary College; aimed at reversing the dangerous attitudes and behaviours that lead to violence. You can read all about your impact on pages 2 and 3.

Initiative Updates Give Peas a Chance! After welcoming the 6th school (Officer Specialist School) to our Building Harmony program earlier this year, we have now seen over 170 students work towards minimizing cultural barriers. That cultural acceptance and harmony is of enormous importance is more evident now than it has ever been. So it was with great excitement that St Brigid’s hosted a Literacy Day event for Building Harmony featuring the acclaimed children’s author, Morris Glietzman. Glietzman discussed his book Give Peas a Chance, which highlights the importance of acceptance and not judging people based on their outer differences. A big thanks to Pam Usher, Sunshine and Crocodiles, for successfully funding the program over the last 3 years.

We are also very excited to launch the 2016 Jungle Trek to transform lives. It has been a few years since our last ‘adventure challenge’ event, but I am delighted with the re-launch and hope that some of you will join us as we Trek to Transform Lives. Find out more on page 7. With the year coming to a close and Christmas only weeks away, our Merry Mission Appeal is in full swing, and with the support of you, our treasured donors, the children and families in our community who have experienced trauma, assault and crisis will have some much needed Christmas cheer. In the spirit of the festive season, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your generous support and wish you and your family all the best for the holidays. Enjoy the news! Dr Lynette Buoy

Thank you George!

nt George Over the last 8 years local reside way to has generously gone out of his re. regularly donate to Winderme m a knee George is recently recovering fro all the him h operation and we want to wis best for his recovery. and We are extremely appreciative the time to grateful to everyone who takes g those in contribute to Windermere; helpin . need in their local community 2

Every bit definitely does help!

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Still on Track “I learnt more about how drugs and alcohol affect our bodies. I don’t want to end up the same way as Dad, so I can now care for my body and make better decisions than what he did”. Grade 6 Student from Cranbourne Park Primary School. It’s comments like these that can stop you in your tracks, and affirm the importance of the work we do. We are delighted to announce that Kids on Track is now being run in two new schools in Cranbourne. In an 8 week program Kids on Track covers topics such as anxiety and depression, drugs and alcohol, anger management, cyber safety and cyber bullying. Our aim is to give Grade 5 and 6 students the understanding to recognise anti-social behaviours in themselves and others and the skills to make more informed choices that will help them have a better future.

Donate Now! For more information about becoming a major supporter of our Windermere Initiatives or to donate now, call (03) 9705 3200 or go to

Does resilience really matter?

Did you know....

That some of us are more resilient than others is nothing new. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity, big or small. We tend to think of resilience as something that is static. But, because genetics and lifestyle both play a part in determining our personal resilience levels, our capacity to be resilient can change. “As a 76 year old married woman I recently found myself in a situation where my every day activities where being challenged by negative thoughts. Having recently moved to the area, I had a very limited support network around me, and my husband had just been diagnosed with early onset dementia. This meant a number of things in my life changed, one of them being I had to take up driving again. I began to be challenged with daily thoughts of not coping, not being able to get to places, and generally not very friendly thoughts about my husband. I began to hate myself and knew that I had to do something which is why I decided to join the Windermere Resilience for Life program. Being part of the group, I realised I wasn’t alone nor was I the only one experiencing thoughts like this. And I learnt it is ok to not feel ok all the time but in the end it’s how we deal with the issue that counts. Resilience for Life has been nothing short of wonderful for me, and enormously empowering. I am feeling so much more optimistic and confident in myself, my driving and taking care of my husband.“ Prue, 76 yrs - Resilience for Life participant * Name has been changed to protect privacy

Would you or someone you know benefit from this training? Contact Gen Dawson on (03) 5996 8710, email or visit

Building Respectful Relationships We are thrilled to say that our Building Respectful Relationships program has been a great success. Over 100 Year 8 students from Cranbourne Secondary College, underwent the program facilitated by two members of our Counselling team who have specialist knowledge of family violence, relationships, sexual assault and gender-based violence. The aim is to create and build positive perspectives and behaviours around gender through challenging attitudes towards violence, building an increased knowledge base and developing a culture of respectful relationships.

“Society needs to change its thinking”

at any given time, 1 in 4 people think about suicide as an option. As you read this someone is thinking of ending their life. Here’s what your support has helped us achieve this year. • Through our ASIST two day training program, over 400 adults are now equipped to recognise and appropriately respond to people with suicidal tendencies or thoughts, keeping them safe from immediate risk and linking them to further help •

300 people over the age of 15 have attended

safeTALK and are now suicide-alert helpers trained to Talk, Ask, Listen and Keep safe

• 1,000 people over the age of 15 have attended community awareness sessions exploring the question of whether or not to talk about suicide and learning more about suicide prevention opportunities in the community.

Would you or someone you know benefit from this training? Contact Gen Dawson on (03) 5996 8710, email or visit

“You don’t have to be male to be masculine and female to be feminine” Year 8 Students from Cranbourne Secondary College

“People need to stop being so judgemental”

Family violence is a community wide problem and we all have a role to play in educating our young. w Steer (Counsellor), Pictured from left: Andre A BIG thanks to the Newsboys der Counselling) and Lea am trina Herbert (Te Ka Foundation (previously Melbourne Newsboys Foundation Ms Sandy Shaw – CEO Newsboys Club) for funding the program this year and working with Make a tax deductible DONATION NOW and us to make a difference in the lives of help Windermere make a difference in your our young people. local community (see back page for details)


Appeal is The Windermere Merry Mission

$20, 000

This year as well as trying to provide 1000 gifts and 350 hampers for local families across our community, we are also aiming for $20,000 in cash donations!

on again!

e You can mak pecial Christmas a s ren time for child who and families ise would otherw miss out.

Get online and make your secure tax deductible donation now! Looking f

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Take it wit h you to any listed below of the dea lerships , Winderme receive your discou nt and hel re transform p lives. • Berwick N issan, 6-10 Kangan Dri ve, Berwic • Chrysler k Jeep Dodg e, 257 Princ Hallam & 8 es H 95 Princes H wy, wy, Pakenh am • Fiat/Alf a Romeo, 2 57 Princes H wy, Hallam • Kia, 2-1 2 Clyde Ro ad, Berwic k • Suzuki, 2-1 2 Clyde Ro ad, Berwic k • Great W all, 257 Pri nces Hwy, Hallam

Part of the l ocal comm unity for ov Berwick M oto er 3 operated net r Group is a locally ow 0 years, ned and work of awa dealerships rd winning . car Find out if you pricing rate ’re eligible for a VIP preferentia or l on a Nissan National fleet pricing vehicle. program

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Over the last six years with the help of you, our donors, Merry Mission has provided more than 7500 gifts and 700 hampers to thousands of families across our community.

Cash Donations *correct at time of publishing


Since 2009


7500 700

Why Merry Mission? Sometimes life deals us a bad hand and circumstances mean families are simply unable to afford food and necessities, let alone gifts. Many have experienced extreme disadvantage, trauma and vulnerability, and so turn to Windermere for support. We work at the core of our local community to assist those experiencing adversity throughout the year and Merry Mission provides an opportunity to bring some Christmas joy to those who would otherwise miss out.

Meet Joshua...

9 year old Joshua has severe cerebral palsy. His mother recently passed away unexpectedly leaving his dad Richard as his sole carer. Richard runs his own business as a truck driver and accesses respite to help care for Joshua. But this isn’t always easy to come by and when respite is unavailable Richard is simply unable to work. Joshua has difficulty swallowing and has been hospitalised twice this year for Aspiration Pneumonia. He also has very brittle bones and is currently recovering from a broken leg. Joshua is now undergoing treatment to improve his bone density but this is very costly and time consuming. Richard often finds it difficult to pay the bills and put a nice meal on the table and finds living day to day very stressful. He is an amazing father and never complains about their situation, some family and friends help out when they can. Windermere is providing Richard and Joshua with support through our disability services team, bringing in other expertise when necessary. Richard wishes he could afford Christmas gifts for his son and to put a nice meal on the table but due to their financial situation, this is not possible.

Donate Now

With your help Richard’s wishes can come true. Seeing his son smile would mean the world to him. Help us make things a little easier and bring some Christmas cheer to their lives.

See back page for details

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Co-Location Supports Victims of Crime We have played an active role in the Victims Assistance Program since 1999 and our experience has shown that a flexible and responsible service as soon as possible after a crime is reported is critical to a victim’s wellbeing. Recently the Department of Justice and Regulations began a new initiative of locating some Victims Assistance Program counsellors actually in police stations. We now have staff located in the Gippsland and Frankston Police stations two days a week. As well as improving the wellbeing of victims, the response from police staff at these stations has been extremely positive.

Pictured from left: CEO Dr Lynette Buoy, Acting Superintendent Drew Morgan, Minister for Police Wade Noonan, Frankston MP Paul Edbrooke and Acting Deputy Commissioner Jack Blayney.

“My counsellor has been one of the most important supports I have had throughout this whole process. She is amazing. I now see things from a completely different perspective. I am on the lookout now too - next time I am in a relationship, I will be able to recognise the signs of domestic violence and I won’t let myself get stuck in that sort of position again.” A witness at the Royal Commission into Family Violence about one of our VAP counsellors

Windermere says

NO to Family Violence Windermere staff joined the recent ‘Say NO to Family Violence’ campaign. November was Family Violence Prevention month, a time for reflection by all. Early prevention and intervention is key and we all have a responsibility to raise awareness of the impact family violence has on so many in our local community.

1 in 3 consumers of our Victims Assistance Program experience violence within a family or relationship context



“Everyone is someone in our community, and we must work together to create a stronger, connected and supported community where violence is not tolerated. It is up to each and everyone of us to call out and change dangerous attitudes before they turn into dangerous behaviours,” Dr Lynette Buoy, CEO 6

Members Dining Room, MCG

Tuesday 22nd March Details coming soon...

What’s on JUNGLE

Our deepest thanks to everyone who attends our events and donates. We look forward to your support again next year so we can continue to make a difference in the lives of many.

For more information:


1300 905 188

to transform lives Everyday we deal with issues of crisis, assault and trauma and with the help of people like you we can focus on family wellbeing and strength, providing safety, security and support to those who need it most.

We are changing lives and you can too! Challenge yourself on this once in a lifetime, 10-day Sumatran Jungle adventure, knowing that with every step you take, you’ll be helping transform lives.

Highlights: • Discover the majesty and mysticism of Sumatra’s last remaining tropical rainforest • Trek dense jungle by day and camp under the stars at night • Help Windermere transform the lives of those who need it most.

proudly supported by

vebeyou bewellbebra


Thank you! Windermere’s new fundraising event An Afternoon of Wellness held on 25 October was a huge success! Over 50 local women joined us at Jason’s Restaurant at Bradford Estate Winery in the picturesque Upper Beaconsfield hills for some precious time out. Fiona Link-Freeman (counsellor) and Gen Dawson (trainer), both of Windermere, led a discussion about the importance of wellness and taking timeout for one self. They were joined by two of our past consumers who shared their inspirational stories and learnings.

Life Coach, Karen Main, ran a series of practical exercises and activities demonstrating to participants how to get wellness back into their lives and begin living the life they truly desire. Our thanks to Zagame’s Hotel Berwick who proudly sponsored the event. “The afternoon was an inspiring one and to hear from people whose lives have been turned around is wonderful. Afternoon of Wellness attendee

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Looking for a new car? Take the referral letter with you to any of the dealerships listed below, receive your discount and help Windermere transform lives. • Berwick Nissan, 6-10 Kangan Drive, Berwick • C  hrysler Jeep Dodge, 257 Princes Hwy, Hallam & 895 Princes Hwy, Pakenham

Part of the local community for over 30 years, Berwick Motor Group is a locally owned and operated network of award winning car dealerships.

• Fiat/Alfa Romeo, 257 Princes Hwy, Hallam • Kia, 2-12 Clyde Road, Berwick

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• Suzuki, 2-12 Clyde Road, Berwick • Great Wall, 257 Princes Hwy, Hallam

Simply visit the website and download referral letter. Sincere thanks to Berwick Motor Group for their generosity and support.

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Windermere News Newsletter Issue 16  
Windermere News Newsletter Issue 16