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The Windermere Centre

A Weekend of Folk and Faithfulness with Malcolm Fife and Lawrence Moore

26-28 November 2010

We accept cash, cheque or credit card payments.

The Hannah Fund is available for those prevented from coming to the Windermere Centre by cost. Please ring the Centre on (015394) 44902 for details.

A Weekend of Folk and Faithfulness with Malcolm Fife and Lawrence Moore Folk music has always been one of the most popular and enduring ways of expressing faith because it is the means by which people set their lives to music. The music of the protest movement, country and western music and gospel all have roots within the folk tradition, and that is what you’ll be exploring this weekend. Come and bring your instruments! There will be singers’ workshops, musicians’ workshops, a Saturday night ceilidh, Sunday morning folk worship and the chance to sing, share and listen to a live performance by Malcolm. If you like folk music – sacred or secular – and want a weekend enjoying the music and developing it for your personal or communal spirituality and worship, this weekend is for you! Price: £130

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‘A Weekend of Folk and Faithfulness’

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Send with £30 deposit to: The Windermere Centre, Lake Road, Windermere LA23 2BY Cumbria

26-28 November 2010

23 - A Weekend of Folk and Faithfulness