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2 — Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Winchester Star

Fall Home and Garden 2018

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Tending to lawn and gardens Design a more functional pantry Three guidelines for fall interior design Directions for a DIY spa bathroom Design tips from an interior designer Coming soon: Real Deals on Home Decor Choosing and applying mulch Defining hardscape and how to use it Green options in home siding

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Saturday, September 22, 2018 — 3

Fall Home and Garden 2018

Tending to lawns and gardens Autumn is gardening season. That statement may not seem right to those who think of the spring as the peak time to care for lawns and gardens. However, autumn is an ideal time to get into the garden and ensure that flowers, trees and garden beds will over-winter successfully. A number of things make autumn a prime gardening season. The cooler days of fall enable gardeners to spend ample time outdoors without the threat of blazing heat. In addition, soil harbors a lot of residual warmth in autumn. Also, the colder temperatures haven't yet arrived in autumn, nor have the leaves completely fallen, making fall a prime time to assess what's already in the landscape, what needs pruning back and where to address planting for next year. Gardening enthusiasts can focus their attention on these areas this fall. •

Pamper perennials. As annuals and perennials start to fall back, mark the spots where perennials are located so they can be easily identified later on. This way, when planning spots for spring bulbs or other spring layouts for next year, perennials won't be overlooked or covered over. Prune shrubs. Look at shrubs and trees and cut out dead or diseased wood. Clean up borders. Weed and tidy up borders and lawn edging. Install pavers or rock wall. Embrace the cooler temperatures to work on labor-intensive projects, such as putting in a garden bed, retaining wall or walkway. Remove spent summer veggies. Take out vegetable garden plants that have already bloomed and borne fruit. Tidy up vegetable gardens and start to sow cooler weather plants, such as onions, garlic, beans, and sweet peas.

Rake and compost. Rake the leaves and gather grass clippings to add to the compost pile. Plant spring bulbs. Get tulips and other spring bulbs ready for planting so they'll burst with color next year. Dig up herbs. Relocate herbs like parsley or basil to indoor gardens. Otherwise, strip all leaves and freeze for storage during winter. Consider mums. Chrysanthemum plants are perennials. While they look beautiful in pots, if planted, maintained and winterized, they can bloom every fall. Fertilize the lawn. Fertilizing in autumn helps ensure grass will stay healthy throughout the winter. Add mulch and compost to the garden. Replenish spent soil with mulch and compost so garden beds will be revitalized for spring planting. Prune hedges. Tidy up hedges, as they won't

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be growing much more this year. Clean and store equipment. Clean, sharpen and oil all equipment, storing lawn and garden tools properly so they are ready for spring and not lying out all winter.

Autumn may not seem like gardening season, but there are plenty of lawn and garden tasks to tend to during this time of year.

4 — Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Winchester Star

Fall Home and Garden 2018

Design a more functional pantry Many homeowners wish they had more storage space, and kitchens are one area where people seemingly can always use more storage. Despite a desire for more kitchen space, until recently, kitchen pantries fell out of favor. Builders and architects may have thought that close proximity to supermarkets as well as multi-use cabinets in kitchens would offset the need for pantries. But according to a recent survey from the National Association of Home Builders, a kitchen pantry is the most desirable kitchen feature for buyers in the market for a new home. According to a 2016 survey from ReportLinker, 98 percent of Americans say cooking at home is their preferred way to prepare a meal. And despite the wide array of restaurants, prepared meals and fast food options nearby, more than one-third of people cook at home daily, with nearly 50 percent cooking between three and six days a week. In order to accommodate for spending more time in the kitchen, homeowners are directing additional attention to kitchen preparation and storage features. In fact, one recent trend in kitchen renovations is creating custom-designed pantries.

Locate the appropriate space Ideally, pantries should be in or adjacent to the kitchen. But not every home layout allows for this setup. Some homeowners need to move storage pantries into the garage, the basement or a mud/laundry room. Various factors should be considered before placing a pantry outside a kitchen. What is the climate? Will food spoil? Is there a possibility that vermin or insects can infiltrate the room and access food? These factors will dictate whether to have closed cabinets, air-tight bins or open shelves or if other modifications must be made to the room prior to building.

Choose the type of pantry Accessibility is essential in a pantry. Everything should be easily reached and grabbed as needed without having to move too many things. Ideally, foods should be arranged in a single layer so that all items can be viewed at a glance. Shelves of various depths and heights can accommodate items of different sizes. Adjustable shelves are ideal because they can be modified as foods change. Sliding drawers can

improve reach in cabinets. In smaller spaces, French door-style reach-in cabinets are convenient and flexible. In complete kitchen remodels or new constructions, walk-in pantries offer the most space and flexibility.

Must-have features Pantries ser ve different functions in different homes. For the bulk shopper, a pantry with plenty of room for large items will be needed. Lighting can be beneficial in all pantries. Lights can improve visibility when trying to locate items. Others prefer an outlet for charging hand-held vacuums or other small appliances. Counter space in the pantry enables homeowners to unload groceries directly onto pantry shelves. For pantries located outside of the kitchen, built-in freezers can maximize storage possibilities, especially for those who freeze-and-eat after bulk shopping ventures. Pantries are popular features that homeowners can customize depending on their storage needs and the amount of time they spend in their kitchens.


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Fall Home and Garden 2018

Saturday, September 22, 2018 — 5

Three guidelines for fall decor By JENNY BAKER The Winchester Star

The crisp air, the lack of humidity, the scent of pumpkin spice everywhere you go — it’s officially fall. While it may have changed seasons outdoors, how does your indoors look and feel? It’s natural to want to change out your decor, and bring out fall-inspired touches to enhance your interior this time of year. But that can be done without adding ceramic pumpkins and

scarecrows to your tabletops. Paul Miller, interior designer and owner of Make Nest Interiors in Winchester, believes in the “less is more” approach when changing your interior design with the seasons. “Bringing in natural elements that reflect the season is a nice touch, but good designs are at their best when the bones of the room aren’t covered up with a lot of fussy gimmicks,” he said. Miller has outlined three guidelines to consider as you prepare your home for fall:

CONSIDER PAINTING “Autumn is the perfect time of year to make some home changes that have been on your list,” he said. “Although better paint manufacturers offer products with minimal to zero VOCs, it is always nice to air out rooms as they are repainted. The cool, comfortable temperatures of September and October are perfect for this kind of project.”

ADD HOUSEPLANTS “The cooler months keep us inside more, so use houseplants like English ivy and bamboo palm to help filter the air,” recommended Miller. “Houseplants are more popular than ever for their health benefits and for softening visual appeal. “

IMPROVE LIGHTING “Consider improving your lighting schematic as fall approaches. Recessed lighting can provide an even, fill lighting to brighten rooms as the days shorten, but use dimmers to keep the level of lighting pleasing and not harsh,” he said. “Lamp lighting provides pools of light that evoke coziness in fall and winter.” Photos courtesy of Make Nest Interiors

The Winchester Star

Saturday, September 22, 2018 — 7

Fall Home and Garden 2018

Spa at home •

Soaker bathtub: There is something to be said about a luxurious soak in a tub. Tubs come in different sizes and shapes, like the highly recognizable clawfoot tub and other freestanding units. These types of tubs, as well as corner tubs, can offer deep-seated luxury by way of a relaxing and restorative soak. Pair with scented bath bombs or salts for a true spa experience. Steam shower: Steam showers are self-enclosed units that feature generators that deliver steam through steam heads. The steam fills the space and can help a person unwind before a refreshing shower or bath. According to the retailer Modern Bathroom, modern steam showers come with

digital controls, which makes it easy for users to activate the shower, adjust the length of time that the shower will operate and adjust temperature controls. Extra features like music, mood lighting and aromatherapy can be included as well. Heated floors: Heated floors provide the utmost in comfort when stepping out of the bath or shower. They can warm the room and make using the space more comfortable in cold weather. Vessel sinks: A vessel sink typically features a bowl or basin that looks like it was placed on top of the vanity. Vessel sinks can elevate the ambiance in spa bathrooms. Plush towels and robes: In addition to fix-

tures and other functional components of the bath, linens are key. Soft-spun Egyptian or Turkish cotton towels and robes are a must-have luxury for the full spa experience. Comfortable seat: A bench or chair nestled by a bathroom window is the perfect spot for pedicures or catching up on some light reading. Natural light: Skylights or privacy-ensuring windows are a must to create a relaxing space close to nature.

A spa bathroom at home is within reach. With a few touches, any bathroom can be transformed into a luxurious oasis.

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8 — Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Winchester Star

Fall Home and Garden 2018

The Winchester Star

Fall Home and Garden 2018

Saturday, September 22, 2018 — 9

Design tips from an interior designer By JENNY BAKER The Winchester Star

WINCHESTER— HGTV has had quite the effect on the interior design industry. According to local interior designer Barbara Quast, the network has brought design to the forefront of homeowners’ minds. “Back in the ‘80s, they (homeowners) felt it was very exclusive. Interior designers were the only ones who had access to design centers… People didn’t have the mindset that it was important.” Popular app Pinterest and websites like have given homeowners never-ending sources for design inspira-

Invest in classics Quast defines a classic as any piece that you love regardless of the style. “Right now there’s a lot of fine furniture that people are getting rid of because people don’t think it’s fashionable and that may be a mistake,” she advised. “For upholstery, buy the best that you can afford because quality will last.” But what if you want to try out a modern or more trendy look? No worries — Quast said that mixing different decor styles, like modern and traditional, can look great.

Mistakes with trends ”I had a consultation where the lady had a very formal colonial two-story home and she was trying to turn it into a farmhouse and it wasn’t working,” said Quast. Other trend she has seen people cling to: the color gray. “I see a lot of people jump on the bandwagon of gray, it’s been around for seven or 10 years, which is usually the cycle, which means it’ll soon go away. Some grays are kind of deadly, they have no energy. Color is energy,” she said. Kitchens are starting to look the same — the all-white kitchen has been trendy for a few years. “They’re missing the opportunity to do something unique,” said Quast. Instead of going all-in with trends, Quast recommends putting your decor budget towards accent pieces, like pillows that can be easily switched out when a new trend comes along.

tion — modern, mid-century modern, contemporary, rustic, colonial, traditional, minimalist, French country — the list of styles can be overwhelming. The drawback is that homeowners are now overwhelmed with a variety of design styles and trends, which may not be suitable for the architecture of their home. “People shouldn’t follow one particular style from a TV show or trends — trends are often driven by marketing so they are always changing,” said Quast. “Stay true to your architecture. I may not do a barn door if you live in the suburbs and not a farmhouse.” Here are Quast’s tips for doing design on your own:

Have a good sense of what fits for you (and your home) ”Look at lots of different sources --, Pinterest, HGTV, and shelter magazines like Traditional Home and Southern Living,” she advised. “People need to pay attention to the flavor that resonates with them — what makes them feel good, what attracts them to the space, instead of getting stuck on just the sofa or window treatment.”

Lighting “Lighting is always important. That’s something a lot of people don’t have enough of,” said Quast. She said general lighting is your base lighting for a room, which is achieved through recessed lights or ceiling fixtures. The second is task lighting, which helps with tasks like reading, cooking, sewing, etc. This type of lighting includes track lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and pendant lighting. Accent lighting highlights specific features of a room, like artwork.

Look at the big picture ”People sometimes do it backwards — they’ll go shopping for a sofa and they buy stuff, and then now what? Take some time in the front end and look at the big picture,” she said. “Trends come and go, and there isn’t a right answer. And if it doesn’t feel right don’t do it.”

Off the wall Rethink that sofa and loveseat shoved up against the wall — it’s something Quast sees a lot of. “The western mentality of furniture marching along the walls... Instead of doing a grouping in the middle, instead of understanding the space, and that’s part of the whole design, which is the eastern philosophy,” she said.

From top left: Don’t be afraid of color. Coral and blue brighten up this bedroom. A glass table with blue swivel chairs create a casually elegant eating area in this modern design project. Metallic stencils create a fun and unexpected accent wall. Photos courtesy of Barbara Quast Interior Design.

10 — Saturday, September 22, 2018

Fall Home and Garden 2018

The Winchester Star

Coming soon: Real Deals on Home Decor By JENNY BAKER The Winchester Star

Just in time for the fall and holiday season, Real Deals on Home Decor is opening Sept. 27 in Winchester. Located at 126 Windy Hill Lane near Costco, the home decor boutique is dif ferent from your typical big-box discount decor stores. “The showcase area is about 1,800 square feet. It’s a little different than say a Hobby Lobby would be because it’s all set up into different venues,” said Miranda Hoberg, franchise owner of the Winchester Real Deals on Home Decor. Instead of long shelves displaying merchandise, the Real Deals showroom is set up with various vignettes that showcase cer tain decor styles — for example, there’s a vignette with a farmhouse theme, another with a beach theme, one with a wine theme. “That’s the fun thing about Real Deals, you can come in and see how different types of styles may work together, because it’s all displayed,” she said. “If you’re like me, and you walk into a store and think ‘oh my goodness, what do I do with all of this?’ You can see it more on a display basis, which I think is kind of fun. You can see how many different eclectic looks you can get unique for you.” Decor merchandise you’ll discover runs the gamut from wall art, clocks, accent furniture, mirrors, garden decor, tabletop decor, seasonal, lamps, and kitchen and bath decor. The store will also feature a small clothing boutique area, fea-

turing women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories like jewelry and purses. Hoberg and her husband moved to Winchester recently from Oregon, where she was a dental hygienist. She said there were many Real Deals franchises in Oregon and she missed the store when she moved here. The closest franchise to Winchester is 308 miles away in Granville, Ohio. “Coming to Winchester, I know there’s a Hobby Lobby and a Pier 1, but there’s nothing really, quite like Real Deals. There are some neat boutiques around here, but they seem to be higher-end, and this would be a boutique that is more affordable to people in this area,” she said. Also dif ferent about Real Deals is its location — the franchise does not seek to open in typical retail-heavy locations, like Pleasant Valley Avenue in Winchester. The store is located in a warehouse building off of U.S. 522. “Being out of the way, not in a typical retail location, it’s kind of a fun destination thing,” she said. “Companywide they do this — just for the destination feel. I proposed a few retail options to them and they said ‘no, it’s too retail.’” Hoberg said merchandise is sold at near-wholesale pricing, and stock changes weekly. The store is open only Thursdays Saturdays. Real Deals grand opening is Sept. 27 at 10 a.m. with specials Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for the first 50 customers. Discover Real Deals on Home Decor online at Real Deals on Home Decor will open Sept. 27 in Winchester. They will offer home decor, women’s apparel, jewelry, and more. Photos courtesy of Real Deals on Home Decor.

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Saturday, September 22, 2018 — 11

Fall Home and Garden 2018

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12 — Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Winchester Star

Fall Home and Garden 2018

Choosing and applying mulch Homeowners may associate mulch with springtime lawn and garden care, but mulching in fall can benefit a lawn as well. According to the Morton Arboretum in Illinois, mulch protects roots against extreme temperatures, and not just those associated with summer heat waves. Mulch is often connected with its ability to help soil retain moisture during especially warm times of the year, when mulch promotes strong roots that can help lawns and plants survive periods of extreme heat. But when applied in the fall, mulch also inhibits freezing and thawing in winter, reducing the likelihood that plants will be injured. While applying mulch in fall can be beneficial to lawns, homeowners should first consider a few factors. •

Timing: The Morton Arboretum notes that mulch being applied as winter protection should not be applied too early in the fall, as doing so may delay the soil freez-

ing process. Homeowners should wait until after a hard frost in the fall to apply winter mulch. In many places, hard frost will not appear until late fall. Texture: The Morton Arboretum recommends medium-textured mulch. Fine particles may pack down and retain moisture that will evaporate before it reaches the plant roots. Materials that are too coarse may be incapable of holding sufficient amounts of water to benefit the soil. Nutrients: Humus is an organic component of soil that forms when leaves and other plant materials decompose. Organic mulches provide humus and decompose over time, adding nutrients into the soil. The Morton Arboretum recommends that homeowners use organic mulch that was composted or treated prior to application so any weeds, insects or microorganisms are killed. Application: Correct application

of the mulch is essential. Applying too much mulch can adversely affect lawns, plants and soil. In addition, excessive application can cause decay and make lawns and plants more vulnerable to disease. Homeowners uncertain about when and how to apply mulch in the fall can con-

sult with a lawn care professional to devise a plan that ensures their lawns and gardens hold up against winter weather. Mulch may be widely associated with spring lawn care, but applying mulch in the fall can benefit lawns and gardens as well.

or ! er -up v k li de ic e an p W c u yo

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Saturday, September 22, 2018 — 13

Fall Home and Garden 2018

Defining hardscape and how to use it can be functional or simply decorative features that add whimsy to the yard.

Choose a theme

often work in concert to create inspiring landscape designs. DIY landscape designers can heed certain tips to make the most of hardscape fea-

tures on their properties.

Choose materials As with many landscaping projects, homeowners must first determine what types of

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additions they would like on their proper ties. Common hardscape features include patios, decks, walkways of pavers or bricks, and retaining walls. Hardscape elements

The right style allows hardscaping and softscaping materials to work together. For example, homeowners may want to give their yards an eastern feel, complete with a koi pond and decorative bridge or trellis. A formal English garden, however, may include manicured paths with stepping stones and ornate topiaries. Mixing too many styles together can take away from the overall appeal. The pros suggest looking at the overall plan of the design, even if all of the work can’t be completed at once. This way the eventual finished project wil be cohesive.

See Hardscape, Page 15

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Curb appeal is beneficial in various ways. Curb appeal can make a home more attractive to prospective buyers and give existing homeowners a place they want to come home to. In its study of the worth of outdoor remodeling projects, the National Association of Realtors found standard lawn care and overall landscape upgrades were most appealing to buyers, as well as the most likely to add value to a home. Although plants, grass and other items can improve curb appeal, homeowners should not overlook hardscaping. Hardscaping is an industry term that refers to the non-living features of a landscape. These features can include everything from decks to walkways to ornamental boulders. Introducing paths or paver walls to a property helps develop that home’s hardscape. Hardscape and soft elements


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14 — Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Winchester Star

Fall Home and Garden 2018

Green options in home siding are key aspects of its "green factor." The following are some of the more sustainable options in home siding.

If new siding is on the list of mustdo home projects this year, there are many factors to consider. Though it’s a transformative renovation, replacement siding is a significant and potentially expensive undertaking. Therefore, careful consideration must be given to the materials used and their maintenance, longevity, insulation factor, and cost. Many homeowners also want siding that is eco-friendly. Sustainability is an important consideration for many homeowners. Data from the National Association of Home Builders' "Green Multifamily and Single Family Homes 2017 SmartMarket Brief" indicates that at least one-third of single-family and multifamily home builders who were sur veyed said that green building is a significant portion of their overall activity (more than 60 percent of their portfolio). By 2022, this number should increase to nearly one-half in both the single-family and multifamily sectors. Green building has become an important and established part of the residental construction sector. Where siding is sourced, the materials that go into its fabrication and how well that siding insulates a home

Reclaimed timber A house sided with clapboard, or a log cabin-inspired look, is iconic. These types of siding are typically made from insect-repellant pine, cedar, cypress, or redwood. While lumber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council is environmentally friendly, homeowners may want to seek out reclaimed lumber. This wood has history and causes very little environmental impact. Plus, timber salvaged from old buildings or fallen trees may be superior to new wood because it likely came from slow-growing, old trees with dense grain.



made with an earth-and-lime mixture,

Avoid any negative environmental impact by choosing locally produced or reclaimed bricks - or those made from post-consumer content. The longevity of bricks can often offset the energy expenditure in their manufacture. Plus, many bricks are made from natural clay, which can be an excellent insulator.

HouseLogic says traditional stucco is made from sand and Portland cement mixed with water to make a usable plaster. It’s tough and durable - often lasting the life of the house. Eco-friendly variants include stucco

offsetting the CO2 emissions associ-

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ated with cement production. Stucco can reduce air infiltration that causes drafts in a home.

See Green, Page 15

The Winchester Star

Saturday, September 22, 2018 — 15

Fall Home and Garden 2018

Hardscape Green

Think Harder!

from Page 14

from Page 13 Think about the purpose Hardscaping can look good but also ser ve key purposes. Pebbles or gravel can mitigate trouble areas that don’t grow grass or plant life well. Retaining walls hold back soil in yards with sharply inclined hills. Mulch can set perimeters around trees and shrubs, as well as planting beds. Fencing, another form of hardscaping, is essential for establishing property boundaries and adding privacy.

Consult a professional While many hardscaping additions can be handled by novices, large-scale projects, such as patios and decking, can change the grading of the yard. Professionals can map out how to handle drainage issues and meet building codes. In addition, professional installation can ensure hardscaping features last for years to come. Hardscaping should blend with the nature around it and take its cues from the surrounding environment. This can help softscaping and hardscaping work as one.



Fiber-cement is similar to stucco in that it is made from sand, Portland cement, clay, and wood pulp fibers. It can be fire-resistant and insect-proof and will not rot. It's a stable material that can recover almost 80 percent of the initial cost, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Stone This nonrenewable resource can be beautiful on a home and durable, but mining it can impact the environment. If homeowners can use reclaimed or displaced stone, those are more sustainable options. Manufactured stone, which is cement and other materials molded to look like stone, is also aesthetically appealing and more eco-friendly. Replacing siding is a significant undertaking. Homeowners can consider sustainability when selecting replacement siding materials.

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16 — Saturday, September 22, 2018

Fall Home and Garden 2018

The Winchester Star

The only “Premium Selection” ®

DogWatch Hidden Fence

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( 5 5 4 ! #6 , 5),1&*


DogWatch of Winchester


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Home and Garden Fall 2018  

The Fall edition of The Winchester Star's Home & Garden Guide.

Home and Garden Fall 2018  

The Fall edition of The Winchester Star's Home & Garden Guide.