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Customer Commitment, Design, Quality, Security


Value – each is an important

component when building and financing a h o m e – Wi n c h e s t e r Ho m e s ® a n d Wi n c h e s t e r H o m e L o a n s p ro v i d e s t h e m a l l . A n d n o w i s a g re a t t i m e t o b u y a n e w h o m e wi t h t o d a y’s l o w e r i n t e re s t ra t e s .

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Customer Commitment • Winchester Homes® was rated #1 in Quality in the Washington DC market in the 2007 New-Home Quality Study compiled by J.D. Power and Associates. • Winchester Homes®’ New-Home Quality Scores indexed over 60 points higher than the market average and higher than 14 other home builders reviewed in the Washington DC market.

Security • At Winchester Home Loans, we will work with you every step of the way so you can benefit from secure loan pricing and help build financial security with your new home. • With Builder Best® Program, you receive the safety of locked-in rates for up to two years1. • If the interest rate market goes up during the construction process, you remain protected. • If interest rates decline, you may seek to exercise your one-time float-down option to obtain new pricing on your loan.

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Design • Winchester Homes® is the only production builder in the Washington metropolitan area that offers a customization program such as Your Home.Your Way.™ as an integral part of the home buying process. • Winchester Homes has garnered myriad design awards at the local and national level.

Value • One of the most extensive product lines in the industry. • The joy of owning a home that’s customized just for you. • The safety of locked-in rates and price for 90, 120, 150 or 180 days at no additional cost, provided you close your loan with us. • Access to lower rates 2 . • Safety of locked-in rates up to two years1 .

Quality • Winchester Homes® is the first large builder to earn the National Association of Homebuilder’s National Housing Quality Award.

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Winchester Homes速 and Winchester Home Loans. Making it easier to build and finance the home of your dreams.

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1. A non-refundable closing cost commitment deposit will be required for a lock ranging from 3 months to 12 months on qualified products. An extended lock/commitment fee may be required for a lock ranging from 4 months to 24 months on qualified products. Due to daily pricing variations between products, you are encouraged to work with your home mortgage consultant to ensure that pricing available on the Builder Best lock feature that you choose is the most advantageously priced Builder Best lock feature for you. 2. Change of loan product or program, change in loan to value ratio, float down or re-lock of rate will require underwriting approval. One-timefloat down option is available within 60-days of closing to any Lender program or relock your existing product at the current available price range. Re-lock is not allowed within 30 days of the original lock. If re-lock period exceeds 60 days, applicable extended lock fees will be assessed. This information is accurate as of date of printing and is subject to change without notice. All first mortgage products are provided by Linear Financial, LP dba Winchester Home Loans. Linear Financial, LP dba Winchester Home Loans may not be available in your area. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Š2008 Linear Financial, LP. All Rights Reserved. #55118. 2/08-5/08

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Winchester Home Loans  

Capturing the power between Winchester Homes and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, was created. For years we've been bu...

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