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Tuesday June 17, 2014

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Bambra Mine 60 Years On

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The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday June 17, 2014

A Question that wasn’t asked at the Gas Forum By Mick O’Mara

With Labor and Liberal being both very pro development it is likely that gas fracking in Western Victoria will get the go ahead. For what ever reason, be it climate change concerns, the material being mined runs out or, cheaper forms of energy become available, the gas mining activity will finish at some stage. What safeguards are in place, or need to be put in place, to prevent mining companies simply walking away or, declaring themselves bankrupt, leaving a hideous environmental disaster? Two good examples are the Wittenoom asbestos mine and, locally, out at Bambra, where the coal mine is still an ugly mess 60 years after ceasing operations.

Answer by Professor Samantha Hepburn School of Law. Deakin University. The existing regulatory framework in Victoria is in need of urgent reform. The legislation needs to be improved in three key areas: land access, compensation and environmental assessment. The

How the area would have looked pre mining

recommendations of the Victorian Gas Taskforce Report do not go far enough. Land access entitlements are a fundamentally important issue for unconventional gas development because the expansion of mining licences into areas traditionally associated with rural and agricultural industries has generated resource conflict and concerns regarding food security and health. A regulatory framework that clearly articulates the nature and scope of the access entitlements and introduces mandated access and compensation agreements, supported by a focused land access code, benchmarking good practice standards for unconventional gas development would be optimum. A regulatory framework that ensures that landholders that experience significant loss and injury as a result of unconventional gas projects are fully and properly protected by mandatory compensation agreements, with broad ranging heads of compensation is imperative. Further, the potential for significant, long-term environmental damage from unconventional gas

What happens if Bambra does a “Hazelwood” and catches fire

extraction means that licencing rights need to be carefully balanced with comprehensive environmental review. The current provisions reflect an outdated process, where environmental assessment is treated as a matter of administrative compliance rather than critical strategic importance. Rigorous environmental impact assessment must be mandated for all unconventional gas licences and ongoing environmental management conditions and progressive rehabilitation obligations that form a part of an issued licence must be properly monitored by independent, external assessment processes. The community consultation process currently being conducted in Victoria should be followed by a reform agenda that addresses, to a much more significant extent than has been addressed by the recommendations in the Gas Taskforce Report, these core deficiencies in the existing laws. This question has also been put to Robert from The Global Gas Company. The Star will publish his reply when it is received.

These washdays are only going to get bigger

Tuesday June 17, 2014

The Winchelsea Star


Winchelsea Lions Club welcomes Make A Wish walkers for their big red money night

A hearty breakfast before starting out

Winchelsea Lions Club hosted 19 walkers and back up crew from the Portland Branch of Make A Wish 0n Saturday Night. The South Western Branch of Make a Wish takes in from Colac, Horsham to the South Australian Border. Make A Wish grants the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Gail and her members from Portland certainly do this After leaving Melbourne Friday Morning and arriving in Geelong that evening, Saturday morning saw them hit the road again for a hard walk in heavy rain to head to Winchelsea. After being met by Lion Neville and led out to Wurdale where they were hosted

Gail and Murray

by the Holdsworths and Mawsons , hot showers, refreshments etc were enjoyed before heading back into Winchelsea to celebrate the night with everyone in having a meal, wonderful music and dancing to one of Melbournes top Bands, Noisey Neighbours. What a fantasic Band with lead singer Steve (Jimmy Barnes,Elvis and who ever else had everyone involved in the night. This band was free of charge for the night, to entertain the Lions members and people of Winchelsea and help raise money for the Wish Fairies to grant the wishes for country children with life threatening illnesses. Lions President , Murray Aisbett presented Portland Leader Gail Jaench with a cheque for $1000 . Gail responded by saying this money would grant the wish of a little girl in Colac on Sunday.

First aid at the end of the day

After a wonderful night at the Barwon Hotel, Thanks Janine for your help from everyone involved, walkers headed for home to have feet massaged and blisters patched up ready for Sundays walk to Colac. Up next morning to a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs etc, vans packed, everyone was ready to hit the road once again to head to Colac where they will grant their wish to a special child. Thanks to everyone who helped make this night such a great success and we hope to welcome back this great band at a later date. Keep on Walking Portland, you sure make a difference.


The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday June 17, 2014

Natural Gas Community Information The Winchelsea Star is a voluntary service to the town. Articles are most welcome from any group or organisation and must carry the name and address of the sender. The editorial team reserve the right to edit or not to publish any article. The views expressed in this paper are not necessarily those of the editors. Copy / adverts can be emailed to or left at IGA Supermarket. Copies printed total 450 each week. © Winchelsea Star Org. Inc. All rights reserved.

Weekly deadline is 4pm Sunday. Winchelsea Star Organisation Inc. Reg. No. A1479 ABN: 57 207 411 958 Ph. 03 5294 0300 Po Box 5, Winchelsea, Vic, 3241


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Linda Carter, Don Smith, Mick O’Mara, Lesley Mathison, Cathy Cheadle. Printed by Mud Group, Winchelsea 0417 160 559

Open Days

These Open Days are an opportunity for members of the community to ask questions and talk about the issue of onshore natural gas in the context of how they believe it affects themselves, their family or their community. The independent facilitators will be leading the Open Days and will be available to listen to people’s feedback and questions, all which will be documented as part of their report to the Government on the views of the community. Technical specialists from the Victorian Government will also be at the Open Days to answer questions about onshore natural gas and the water science studies. The format of the Open Days is set up to allow attendees to get information on the topics that they want to know about, rather than structured around speakers and questions at a specific time. Community members are welcome to attend any time between 2pm and 8pm, at their convenience, which will give a wide selection of the community a chance to come along and ask questions and express any views they may have. Anyone is welcome to attend, with no bookings or registration required. If you have any questions about the Open Days you can contact the independent facilitators on 1300 733 284 or

Open Days schedule The Open Days will start in Gippsland and Western Victoria, where it is more likely that there could be onshore natural gas prospectivity. Additional Open Days may be scheduled in other regions and we will update this page if they are confirmed. Torquay Thursday 19 June 2014 2pm-8pm Torquay Bowls Club The Esplanade, Torquay Colac Thursday 26 June 2014 2pm-8pm Colac Uniting Church Hall Hesse Street, Colac

Winchelsea Transfer Station

Opening Hours Monday Closed Tuesday 2pm-4pm Wednesday Closed Thursday 2pm - 4pm Friday Closed Saturday 1.30pm - 3.30pm Sunday 9.30am - 12.30pm 55 Cressy Road, Winchelsea. Accepts household garbage, mixed commercial & industrial waste, mixed construction & demolition waste. Accepts recyclable materials. Accepts one recycle bin two waste bins. Does NOT accept clean fill.

Tuesday June 17, 2014

The Winchelsea Star


Letters to the Editor Good morning Editor,

Dear Editor,

Dear Sir,

A great idea, but executed poorly. People who have the power to make decisions MUST be held accountable and be prepared to justify their decisions. As owners of the Winchelsea Caravan Park, we found it unusual that we were not approached about the installation of the RV Dump site project undertaken by the Winchelsea Business and Tourism Association. One would have thought that as both being a Business and also involved in Tourism, we would have met the criteria to be involved.

Re - Growing Winchelsea

I write with dismay and not a little anger at the theft of 3 (of 4) full gas bottles (45 kgs of gas in each) from the Winchelsea Community House at some time over the long weekend. The bottles are kept in a locked cage and provide heating for the entire building. That the bottles were filled (perhaps known to, or observed by, the thief) just a few days before the weekend makes the loss even more expensive. It appeared that the 4th bottle was too difficult to remove, otherwise all 4 may have been stolen.

Regardless of the reasons, we did our own investigation. In October 2013 we had discussions with Peter McLean, Manager Engineering Services at Surf Coast Shire. We stated our concern about the location then identified. We stated that it would have to be “non-invasive” and suggested the east side of Barwon River, in the vicinity of the Tourist Information Centre Public Toilets where it would draw large vehicles away from the business area and yet still being within walking distance. Unfortunately, the final decision of its location, we believe, is in the wrong spot. It is causing an “invasion” of the ambiance of our beautiful river bank picnic and BBQ area and there has been no attempt to disguise the unsightly structure. The average car and caravan is eleven meters long. The congestion these vehicles will cause in our business hub is not the way to encourage structured growth in our town or to encourage travelers to stop and stay for a break. The Winchelsea Business and Tourism Association must not accept a “ decline to comment” response from the Councilors involved. It is our town and needs an aggressive, proactive, positive approach to drive it into the future. Graeme Matheson.

As a ratepayer of Surf Coast Shire I am interested in how Local and State Government came to the decision to increase the township of Winchelsea to 10,000 population. Was it Planning department? Council or State Government directive? When was the community of Winchelsea involved ? What process was followed to elect members to the working group? What other area’s of Winchelsea Ward been looked at for future growth? Last 20 years of S.S.C. raises concerns for me and other ratepayers in Winchelsea re community involvement .Who represented the community in these discussions . 1. Dual Highway route and traffic management of large vehicle’s through out the township area as per S.C.S. By -laws prior to highway upgrade commencing. 2.Positioning of R.V. Dump Point. I raised the issue of location of the dump point at Council meeting in Winchelsea August 2013 and is it part of traffic management plan for retail area ???? 3.I raised the issue off location of new toilet block on river re traffic management at draft meeting including pedestrian access to pool. 4. Closure of Winchelsea Common and relocation of user, group’s 5. Will full street by street audit of Winchelsea be conducted to include footpath’s ,drainage , bicycle path’s , roads street lighting and fauna including budget’s prior to any new developments taking place. May be it is time to have a public meeting and form a ratepayers. David Loone.

The Community House is a not-for-profit organisation which provides many services to OUR community. It provides Occasional Child Care (the only venue child care in Winch) 5 days a week; Adult Education opportunities (also no other in Winch) – both certificate and lifestyle classes; a venue for many community groups to meet; personal and financial counselling; a variety of office type services (copying, computer & internet access), and is staffed by several wonderful professional staff, but relies on volunteers for the overall governance (Management Committee), the reception area, the toy library service and many other aspects of the services. To replace 3 gas bottles is an expense we didn’t need, and puts a hole in our finances. The Winchelsea & District Historical Society, whose members meet weekly, is also a tenant of the Shire owned building. Many of the members are quite elderly with limited mobility and they all need heating for basic comfort. That a lot of people – very young children, older members of our community, folks attending classes and counselling, not to mention staff and volunteers – were not severely inconvenienced AND COLD was due to Ron (from Moriac, recommended by our supplier) who speedily loaned and delivered a gas bottle to help us out. The Crimestoppers mantra of “IF YOU KNOW SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING” certainly applies to this, as someone out there may know something or be able to help. Please contact the local Police in person or on 5267 2025 if you have ANY information regarding this theft. Helen Verity, Committee of Management member, Winch House.


The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday June 17, 2014


Matthew Partridge

p 0418 672 334 e

Welding Service

Locally owned and operated

- Onsite welding - Farm maintenance - Farm machinery & equipment repairs - Cattle & sheep yards - Custom built trailers - Supply & install gates

PROMPT SERVICE & BEST RATES!!! PROP: DARYL WILSON Schroeter Bros Garage 7 Willis Street, Winchelsea Ph: 5267 2098

For all Mechanical Repairs and Service to Cars, 4 Wheel Drives and Commercial Vehicles Heavy tilt tray service for tractors, machinery, trucks and containers 24 hour accident towing and salvage

Tuesday June 17, 2014

The Winchelsea Star

Community Journalists


Stewart Mathison

Jim’s Fencing is now in Winchelsea! We service Winchelsea through to Bannockburn, Surf Coast, Geelong and Colac. The name you know and trust is now locally owned and operated.

Specializing in:


Fencing Picket Fencing Ornate Fencing Post and Rail Fencing Automation Gates PVC Fencing Fence Removal Gates

All work is fully guaranteed

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Tales from the burrow

Missing The editor did notice the demolition of the toilet block, but not the clock tower, at the Visitors Information Center. Housed deep in the bowels of the tower, was a time capsule, place inside during its construction. But it seems the capsule wasn’t recovered, and might be sitting in a pile of rubble... where ever that is !

The Star is looking very good with eye catching front covers, color photos and increasing advertising on a now, regular, six color pages. Along with this great presentation and unlike most community newspapers, the Star is printed every week. Until the Star joined the Community Newspapers Association, I was not aware that of 80 community newspapers listed in Victoria, only 7 are produced weekly with the balance fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. This weekly publication is of great benefit to the community as it ensures notices and reports are up to date. It does place considerable demands on the editor to find articles and other copy to maintain a balance between advertising and news reports. Pages can of course be filled with the myriad of press releases which flow into the Inbox from many sources but the current policy is to avoid material that has no relevance to the Winchelsea district. There are no appointed journalists or reporters at the Star so those stories and reports have to come from our community journalists. These people are not members of the Star committee but community members acting on the slogan on the Star banner “Where you live work and play – be part of it” “Tales from the Burrow”, the column introduced this year by Stu Fountain, is the ideal place to try your hand at writing. Short pieces of 50 to 100 words about somebody or some activity around the district are, I am sure, well read. For example, I hear that the new CEO replacing Andrew Demitriou at AFL is linked to a property in Brickmakers Road. I would love to know how the new man is linked to our community.

Kris Jeffrey

With enough contributors perhaps the column will have to change to “Tales from the Warren”.

Jim’s Fencing Winchelsea Phone: 0407 556 156 If no answer 131 546

Email your contributions to news@ or drop written copy to IGA anytime.


The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday June 17, 2014


Jodi Cameron ph: 0414 579 530 7 Abbi Crt, Moraic 3240 Bowen may assist and can be considered for: Respiratory problems and colic Headache and migraine Hormonal problems Back, neck and shoulder problems Carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and RSI

Sports and accident injuries Chronic fatigue and stress Digestive problems, including IBS Lymphatic drainage Muscle pain and body imbalance

Bowen Therapy is a body technique that works on soft connective tissue. It is extremely gentle and relaxing, which makes it safe and appropriate for everybody from infants to elderly, even pregnant women.

Sessions are $55:00 (inc GST) I am also available at the Moriac Community Health centre on Monday mornings Find me on Facebook: Jodi Cameron Bowen Therapy





Sheek Phone: 5267 2444

Open times: Tuesday—Saturday 9am—6pm Sunday and Monday– closed Renu provides fantastic hair dressing Renu is experienced hair dresser and enjoys all aspects of hair dressing including:

Adult cuts, Kids cuts, Tints, Semi’s, Foils, Blow wave, Hair ups, Perms, Treatments, Sets and more

Meals 7 days Kids Play Area Live Entertainment Free kids Entertainment monthly starting 5th March 6-8pm Like us on facebook for info Or call 5267 2046

Tuesday June 17, 2014

The Winchelsea Star


Winchelsea Primary School

Writers of the week Millie Partridge - Prep I went to Courtney’s house and played hide and seek. Roadworks by Clementine Thomson Grade 1/2 Throughout the weekend I have been walking across the Winchelsea bridge because if we ever move house I might have to walk across the Winchelsea bridge. My mum wanted to move house so we moved house. The first time I crossed the bridge I got really sore ears because the road works were really noisy. I hope they stop soon. The Dragon Master By Ethan Walker - Grade 1/2 Long ago under roads there was a man who was a dragon master. On April the 26th the dragon master had to free Raph but he was surrounded by strong droids. He then turned into a powerful whispering death and shot spikes at the droids. Eventually he got inside and saved Raph.

Sam’s Birthday by Corey Jewell - Grade 5/6 It was the day of the sleepover party and Sam was waiting patiently for everyone to come. Everyone was here and we began to play hide -n- seek. Paul was the seeker and Chad, Declan, Sam, Liam and I were the hiders. After the spectacular game of hide –n- seek, we got our sleeping bags ready in the huge living room. After that it was time to have cake and party in the living room, until it was time to have a bonfire in Sam’s backyard. We started the bonfire and had some delicious sausages. We went inside after the bonfire was finished and we watched Planet 161 before we went to bed. Sam’s Cat must have liked it because half way through Chad fell asleep and Sam’s cat jumped onto Chad and he fell off the couch and nearly fell on my head and on to me. When we finished laughing and giggling everyone fell asleep except Chad and I. Day Two, We woke up at 7:00 and watched T.V for half an hour, then had Toast and Orange Juice for breakfast. We played some games and everyone started leaving Sam’s. That was the end of Sam’s Birthday.

Sport for more Australian children A new initiative aimed at getting more children active shows the Federal Government’s strong commitment to preventive health. “Preventive health is an important part of our commitment to improving the health of Australians,” Federal Member for Corangamite, Sarah Henderson, said. From 1 January 2015, schools in the electorate of Corangamite will be able to apply to take part in the Federal Government’s new $100 million Sporting Schools initiative announced in the 2014/15 Budget. Ms Henderson said the Sporting Schools initiative would introduce more sport to a new generation of children in Corangamite. “This is a very important program as it will help combat major health challenges

such as diabetes and obesity in young children and teenagers,” she said. “The exciting Sporting Schools initiative provides more of our children with an opportunity to participate in a range of sports, before, during or after school.” The initiative will link schools directly with sporting clubs to drive ongoing participation. Teachers will be able to access a range of training guides and coaching courses. It will benefit around 850,000 children across more than 5,000 primary schools and 80 secondary schools across Australia. On average, it is expected that each grant would be worth around $1700. All schools throughout Australia will be able to register for Sporting Schools through an online, interactive website.

Bunyips Cave Hi Kids,

Did you know we are already half through the year and this week we have the shortest day? This is called the Winter Solstice and it is our longest night too. I would love to hear from you and then you can tell me about what you have been up to. So please, send in your pictures, stories, puzzles, jokes etc. and put them in my mailboxes, as they are so empty! Don’t forget they are at the Winchelsea School Office and the IGA supermarket.

Jokes of the Week Q. Why did the witch travel on a broom? A. She couldn’t afford a vacuum cleaner! Q. What does a witch get if she isn’t a good traveler? A. Broom sick! Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hall. One hat said to the other, “You stay here, I’ll go on a head.” Why can’t fishermen be generous? Because their business makes them sell fish.


The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday June 17, 2014



55 Stephenson Rd. Winchelsea 3241 Ph: 5267 2467—Mob: 0411 610 678 A.B.N. 25 787 329 884

Green Plumber

Plumbing, Drainage, Gasfitting Spouting & Downpipes, Hot & Cold Water Services, Water Tanks & Pumps Carbon Monoxide Testing Small Jobs a Speciallity!!!!





Tuesday June 17, 2014


The Winchelsea Star

Bus to the Hub Train Services Bus Services Free Bus Pick up from your home and Drop off (Winchelsea) if you are:

• over 65 • have a disability • find yourself socially isolated Free Complimentary Main Meal for “Bus to the Hub” Users (1st Time Users) To book your seat phone 5267 1200 After hours; Annie Ph: 0427 840 280 or Michelle: Ph: 0437 783 551

Trains to Geelong/Melbourne

Bus From Geelong to Colac

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Mon-Fri Geelong Rail Station Deakin Uni Winchelsea Station Terminates Colac Rail Station

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Sunday Geelong Rail Station Winchelsea PO Winchelsea PO Geelong Rail Station

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Sunday bus service departs from Winchelsea Post Office

Trains from Geelong/Melbourne Mon-Fri 08:55 14:27 20:15 Sat 09:30 14:32 20:32 Sun 10:30 20:32



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Open every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 10am to 4pm. All proceeds to Hesse Hospital. Items for donation very welcome clean and in suitable condition for resale. Please do NOT leave items outside the door.

Old Shire Hall (tea rooms), Hesse St, Fridays, 2pm-5pm

Winchelsea Gym Hours 5267 2336

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The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday June 17, 2014

Services Available Acute Hospital Residential Aged Care Dementia Specific Care Urgent Care Physiotherapy Dietician District Nursing Diabetes Education Occupational Therapy Planned Activity Groups Community Health Groups Palliative & Continence Care Podiatry Maternal Child Health Nurse

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DIFFICULTIES WITH HEARING LOSS? Join us at BHA Geelong Support Group Monday 11:15am—12:15pm 89 Autumn Street Geelong West Enquiries 5278 8300 Monday 9 am—12 pm or Tuesday 12 pm—5 pm

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Tuesday June 17, 2014

The Winchelsea Star


Church News St Thomas Wednesday June 10th St. Thomas’ Guild at 10am. Wednesday the inter-church prayer meeting will be at the Uniting Church at 1pm. Sunday the 22nd All age family service at St. Thomas, all welcome. Monday the 23rd of June Mainly Music in the hall. Coming events for your diaries! Wednesday the 25th of June Paradise Club in the LTLC, see Sandra Dixon. Sunday the 29th of June combined Anglican parish service at 11am followed by a “Bring and share” lunch in the hall. St Thomas Mid-Winter Feast Our annual fund raising and fellowship dinner is coming up on Saturday the 5th of July at 6:30 pm. The cost will be $20 per head or $50 for a family including children. For tickets see Jenny McKay or Hayden Shinners. Food for thought: What is Trinity Sunday? One of the marked differences between Christianity and other religions is the Christian belief that although there is only one God, that God reveals himself to us as a personal God who exists in a Holy Trinity. On Sunday we pondered over what this means to us as practising Christians. Trinity is a word used by the church to describe a central concept seen repeatedly in Scripture, yet the word itself is not found in scripture. However the Bible in many places refers to God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and teaches that this “three in one” or “Triune “God is a relational God who exists in perfect loving unity. One of the creeds describes God as being three persons sharing one substance or nature, who have coexisted from eternity and are each to be equally worshipped honoured and adored. Over time people have tried to use many different but inadequate metaphors to try to understand the Holy Trinity like water, ice and steam, that are different but all of the one substance. These metaphors are all rather inadequate and remind me of a passage in Scripture where

St John’s God basically asks “With what will you compare me?’ the inference being that he is so incomprehensibly above and beyond being able to be compared with anything that he has created. Ultimately the Christian God is personal, relational and a self-revealing being and like all beings, including humans, God is best known according to his personality traits, that is by his character and what he has done. Since the goal of our faith is to know and be known by God it makes sense that we get to know him in this way. The three persons of the Holy Trinity each have their own distinct role in the story of the Bible or in what we call, “Salvation History’. All three are involved in creation and redemption, but it is the Father who sends the Son, the Son who willingly enters our world, dies for our sins and is raised to life, and is conceived, empowered and raised to life by the Holy Spirit. And by this united work of the God who loves us we can be adopted into his family and empowered by his Spirit to share in the divine nature. Thank goodness not all doctrines are as difficult to understand as the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, yet it is because of this doctrine of a God that exists in the relationship of the Trinity that we discover that we can know God as our Father, Christ as our brother and be marked as his by the indwelling Holy Spirit! So although confusing, it is worth celebrating Trinity Sunday. God bless, Rev’d Wendy Gravolin

Uniting Church Inter-church Prayer Meeting Wednesday June 18th at 1.00pm in the Uniting Church hall. Nursing Home Worship service Friday, June 20th at 11.000am. Worship on Sunday June 22nd at 9.30am, John Bumford John Bumford Co-ordinator

Next Saturday evening will be a special occasion for seven of our children who will receive their First Eucharist for the first time, at St Johns the Baptist in Winchelsea. Altogether 30 children from Bannockburn, Teesdale, Lethbridge, and Meredith will receive the Lord for the first time. Parents and family members at Winchelsea are reminded that there will be a cuppa and a special celebration for the children in the Hall after Mass. Please bring along a plate to help in the catering and everyone is welcome to celebrate with the children on this special occasion. St Vincent de Paul meeting will be held on Thursday June 19th at Peter Farrows home. Please contact Phil for details, on 0430179362. St Vincent de Paul is currently running their Blanket appeal. All blankets donated during the appeal will be given to people in need. Please leave any donations at your Parish Mass Centres for collection. Special dates: Tuesday the 24th of June the Feast of St John the Baptist, Mass will be held at 4.30p.m. at Winchelsea in honour of our Patron Saint. Father Herman will speak to the children making their sacraments first at 3.30pm. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Church Inverleigh: A special invitation is extended to all Inverleigh residents and other Parishioners to celebrate their patrons feast day. Please stay for a cuppa afterwards. Healing Mass and Lunch will be held on Saturday, July 12th at Meredith. Celebrant will be Father Aurelio Fragapane. Mass will commence at 11a.m. followed by the luncheon at 12 noon. More information later. God Bless. Marg Bushell


The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday June 17, 2014

Burong Equestrian Centre Offers 1st class agistment. Agistment can be short / long term spelling of horses  28 security cameras operating 24 hrs—7 days per week  Accommodation  Indoor Arena Hire is now— Adults $15 / hr and Children $5 / hr 

580 Deans Marsh Road, Winchelsea

Contact Charlotte 0348 318 870

Water Delivery

WAZZA’S WATER CARTAGE Stainless Tanker Up to 22,000 ltr loads Barwon Water Registered Domestic & Rural Water Supplies 122563 22563 25663

Call Wazza Mob: 0428 877 260 Email:


5234 6585          0417  385  984

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Winchelsea Trading—agents for:


For all your sharpening needs Rural—Domestic– Industrial    

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Garden tools Brobos Firewood saws Bandsaws

 Chipper & planer blades  Drill and router bits  Dog & horse clipping blades

5248 2061 ‘We give you the edge you need’

Tuesday June 17, 2014

The Winchelsea Star


Senior Citizens News Hi folks, at last the rain we have been waiting for, to kick off our winter veggies has arrived. The only problem is, mowing is now the next concern as it is very damp underfoot and it clogs up the mower.

Wednesday Results were Bowls Caryl, Vida and Isalel. Canasta Queen Joan Cards Roma. Helen and Kath. Competition Leila Forster.

Friday Results were

Bowls Sally Atkinson, Leila Forster, Vida Bath and Isabel Walker. Euchre Roma Schroeter and Haydn Shinners Skip-Bo Dot Spackler Competition Roma Schroeter

Limerick of the Week

A hot tempered girl of Caracas Was wed to a samba-mad jackass. When he started to cheat her With a dark senorita She kicked him right in the maracas.

Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer

On the day the club raised $544 which included a donation from the Craft Ladies, two people who were unable to attend on the day, and a further donation of a Meat Pack for our door prize. The committee has agreed to round the amount off to $1000. This is such a worthy cause, as everyone is in some way affected by this incideous disease. The more money that is raised or donated will hopefully soon find a cure.

Chairs For Sale The club has a number of chairs for sale, steel framed vinyl, some at $5 and some at $3. These chairs are stackable. We also have some steel framed plastic chairs, which are also stackable and very sturdy at $3 each. Enquiries to Jean Shinners on 52672263 or Leila Forster on 52672159.

Recipe of the week Cherry Clafoutis

Annual General Meeting

(fresh or canned pitted plums, peaches or apricots can replace the cherries)

Xmas In July Luncheon

2 Eggs 1/3 cup Plain Flour 1/2 teaspoon ground Cinnamon 3/4 cup low-fat Evaporated Milk 2 Tablespoons honey 1 teaspoon Vanilla 200g fresh, canned or frozen pitted black cherries, thawed 2 teaspoons Caster Sugar

All members please be advised that our Annual General Meeting will be held at the clubrooms on Wednesday the 20th of August at 1pm. Nomination forms for the committee positions will be available from next week, at the clubrooms.

Those wishing to attend this Xmas Luncheon at the Mt Moriac Hotel on Thursday the 31st of July 2014, please be advised that there will be a list on the notice board in the hall if you would like to put down your name if you would like to attend. We will be having a two course meal of, Roast with vegetables and potato, plus sticky date pudding for dessert. Tea, coffee and after dinner Mints will be available. There will be an entertainer on the day. The cost for this day will be $22.50 per person. The club is in the process of organising transport at $3 per head return trip, we will leave the clubrooms at 11am sharp.

Fish N Chip Night

Our next Fish n Chip night will be held on Friday the 20th of June. Please have your orders in to Jean by 5pm, thanks. Ph 52672019.

Preheat the oven to 200c. Whisk the eggs in a large bowl until smooth, then gradually beat in the flour and cinnamon. Continue beating as you add the milk, honey and vanilla extract, until the mixture is smooth. Lightly grease a shallow 3 cup ovenproof dish. Spread the cherries in a single layer over the base of the prepared dish. Pour the batter over the cherries. Place in a dish which allows boiling water to come up 2/3 rds of the sides of the pudding dish. Bake the clafoutis for 20 - 30 minutes or until it is cooked and well risen, and a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean. Sprinkle with the sugar and leave for 5 minutes before serving. Serves 4 - 6.


The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday June 17, 2014

Fun, Interactive music sessions for pre-school children (0-4 y.o.) and parents/caregivers When: Mondays from 10 to 11 am

(Starts 3rd Feb. runs during school terms)

Where: St Thomasâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Hall, 25 Barwon Tce. To Enquire ring: 0407838256

Your ad here! For more information visit

Scrap Metal Bought Firewood Timber Slabs for sale Call Peter on 0448 343 105

Haidee Benning, local Osteopath, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Masseuse is re-opening her Practice in Winchelsea and will be available for appointments from January onwards. Please email Haidee on for appointments and be sure to include your phone number for her to call you when she returns from France just before Christmas. Alternatively, you can find her on Facebook.

Tuesday June 17, 2014

The Winchelsea Star


Star Classifieds Winchelsea Star classified ads are FREE for personal entries. Please be brief, and be sure to include a contact name and phone number. One photo may be included if appropriate. The Editor’s decision whether to publish a classified ad request is final.

For Lease




GUARANTEE Specialising in: • Clip Brokering • On Farm Pricing • Shed Clean Ups • Pick Ups

2 Bedroom Cottage on large block All Electric - Reverse Air Con. Min 12 Month Lease - $230 Per Week Phone: Glenis Forbes 52672448

Winchelsea Toy Library

 Upholstery  Tile & Grout  Flood Restoration 131 546

Wednesday 11th June Stableford - 4th Round Marie Robins Trophy

N.T.P Elizabeth Alston

Ph: 5267 2703 or 0417 054 792

Dry Cleaning

Ladies Golf Results

R/Up Elizabeth Alston 31 pts

Monday to Friday, 8-5pm Saturday, by appointment only 2990 Princes Hwy, Winchelsea


Winchelsea Golf Club Winner (on countback) Ann Davis 31 pts

(subject to availability)

For Sale Winchelsea Senior Citizens has a number of chairs for sale. Steel framed, stackable vinyl some $5 and some $3 each and also we have very sturdy, steel framed plastic stackable chairs for $3 each. Please make your enquiries to Jean Shinners on 53672263 or Leila Forster on 52672159

SERVICING ALL AREAS Family owned & operated for more than 20 years.


At Winchelsea Community House Mondays 9-12 (not on holidays) Borrow toys for babies to school age FREE MEMBERSHIP Cost $2 for 2 toys for 2 weeks Come in and see the new toys we have.

School Holiday Junior Golf Clinics To be held at Winchelsea Golf Club WEDNESDAY 2nd July & Wednesday 9th July 10a.m- 12noon - Secondary Students (13-17years) 1p.m - 3pm - Primary Students (5-12 years) Cost: $10.00 per session (includes light lunch) Facilitated by qualified teachers Vicky and Dave Thomas from Thomas Golf and all equipment supplied. For enquiries or registration, phone Carol Stanesby 52 672347 All juniors who participate in these clinics will be given a voucher offering 6 months free use of the golf course.


The Winchelsea Star

Plasterer & Painter

Daryl Hecker

Domestic & Commercial Renovations & Repairs Suspended Ceilings Dustless Sanding New Homes Extensions

Ph 0419 194 799

Tuesday June 17, 2014

Tuesday June 17, 2014

The Winchelsea Star


Blues News With a tremendous amount of support from various businesses and the Winchelsea community the Winchelsea Football & Netball Club held a successful gala fundraiser on Saturday Night. The night was labeled a huge success with the crowd being entertained throughout the night by a two piece duo and were further entertained to a recorded phantom race call from legendary caller Bryan Martin which was taken out by Freakshow Boz. Michelle Winckle from Hayeswinckle Agent done a fantastic job as auctioneer keeping the crowd interested right up to the final auction item. Thank you to everyone who assisted with the night. During the Saturday game a sponsors day was held, thank you to all our sponsors who came along for the day, your support is greatly appreciated.


In senior football Winchelsea moved themselves into 4th position on the GDFL ladder after beating Geelong West who were coming off the back of their best win in recent years. Now a game clear in the top 5 they will be looking to rise further into the top 3. Steven Oliver & Joel Tipping relished the wet conditions and was pivotal in setting up the victory for the Blues. Coach David Mensch was a focal point up forward kicking 5 majors, he was supported by Tav Sauni with 3 and Brett Venables coming back into the side chipped in with 2. In defence Brad Mackenzie attacked all day and Michael Bourdouvalis continued with his exceptional season form.

2014 Fixture

In the last quarter Winchelsea did allow Geelong West to reduce the final margin however it was great to take the points in what was an 8 goal ball game. Winchelsea 6.3-39 8.8-56 Geelong West 3.1-19 3.6-24





Goal Kickers: D. Mensch 5, T. Sauni 3, B. Venables 2, B. MacKenzie , B. Trickey, T. McLure , S. Oliver , G. McFarlane, C. Giuricin Best Players: S. Oliver, B. MacKenzie, M. Bourdouvalis, J. Tipping, D. Wedding, D. Mensch


A heart breaking 1 point loss to the Reserves was all that stopped the Winchelsea Blues having a clean sweep of all matches at Eastern Reserve on Saturday. The loss meant that in the past 3 weeks the Reserves have been outscored by a total of 13 points. In wet wintry conditions it was a well fought battle by the reserves with only a kick separating both teams for the majority of the match. Winchelsea 2.2-14 4.3-27 Geelong West 2.4-16 4.6-30





Goal Kickers: D. Dobson 2, D. Greskie , R. Biviano , T. Downes , A. Bourdouvalis, S. Kelly

Under 18â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

After coming off their 1st win for the season, the team was keen to go again & make 2 in a row. Our opponents this week were Bell Park 2 . The conditions were near perfect by 10 am, & the Blues got off to a flying start in the quarter, & that set the tone of the entire match. Our boys kicked 30 goals for the match, something that hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been equalled for quite some time (if ever?) by a Winchelsea Under 18 side. The Blues welcome Darcy Whitcombe into the side for the next couple of weeks, & he proved to be very handy kicking 2 goals & making some fast breaks as well. The only sour note with our great win is the loss of Harley Malady with a serious shoulder injury , which may well sideline him for the rest of the season. Darcy was a great contributor during the match with 3 goals to his name, & will leave a big gap in the side - the boys wish him a speedy recovery. Winchelsea 30.16.196 Bell Park 2 1.2.8 Goals: J. Price 5 L. Stokes 4 M. Buhrmann J. Bush E. Fletcher H. Malady Z. Moules - 3 K. Brown D. Tenabel D. Whitcombe - 2 Best : L.Stokes J. Price Z. Moules D. Whitcombe H. Malady D. Tenabel. A great win for the Blues , the team song sung with great gusto! Next week we play Newtown & Chilwell at Eastern Reserve Go Blues !

Best Players: D. Dobson, J. Langdon, H. Holmes, J. Groves, T. Downes, K. Wilson

Round 10 Winchelsea vs Anakie 2:10 PM / Sat 21 Jun

Round 13 Winchelsea vs North Geelong 2:10 PM / Sat 12 Jul

Round 16 Winchelsea vs Bell Post Hill 2:10 PM / Sat 2 Aug

Round 11 Thomson vs Winchelsea 2:10 PM / Sat 28 Jun

Round 14 Werribee Centrals vs Winchelsea 2:10 PM / Sat 19 Jul

Round 17 East Geelong vs Winchelsea 2:10 PM / Sat 9 Aug

Round 12 Bannockburn vs Winchelsea 2:10 PM / Sat 5 Jul

Round 15 Belmont Lions vs Winchelsea 2:10 PM / Sat 26 Jul

Round 18 Winchelsea vs Inverleigh 2:10 PM / Sat 16 Aug


The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday June 17, 2014

fast@showers Splashbacks and Mirrors 10mm Frameless from $350 Glass Kitchen Splashbacks from $199 m2 All available in 48 hours Winchelsea & Geelong West Sue 0417 011 952 Dave 0400 200 073 The Winchelsea

Men’s Shed Winchelsea Supermarket Trading Hours Monday to Saturday— 8:30 am to 7:00 pm Sunday— 10 am to 7:00 pm

Ph: 5267 2676 29 Main Street, Winchelsea

TheBooks Pty Ltd

Registered Tax Agent

MOBILE ACCOUNTANT AND BOOKKEEPER Tax Returns: Individual, Business, & SMSF Financial Statements GST & BAS Returns MYOB & Quickbooks Bookkeeping Services

For more details ring: John Bader (co-ordinator) 5267 3030 Colin Mayman (Treasurer) 5267 2164 David Kellas (Secretary) 5266 1549 Open Hours: Tues & wed from 9:30am Thurs from 12:30pm Every 2nd Sat from 9:3am

at 51 Hesse Street

New members welcome


Ph: 0481 324 802 E:

SBD AGWORKS (DPI Licence 9297)


broad acre - small acre spraying - spot spraying vegetable spraying commercial green houses - orchards

LIQUID FERTILISER Application of UAN other products


Pasture top up urea – super


Slug baiting Rabbit bait laying


All farm work Truck driving Machinery operation Maintenance

Phone Sandon 0400 169 623

Tuesday June 17, 2014

The Winchelsea Star

Netball Notes We hosted Geelong West at home this week and managed a clean sweep! Great job girls. It was fantastic to see our Under 13’s and C Grade teams finally get a win on the board, it will give both teams a lot of confidence for the rest of the season. The Under 15’s got their second win, two in a row and what a win an absolute thumping! The later part of the day was very wet which brought the standard of netball down and gave Geelong West the opportunity to keep the margins quite low, but all teams managed quite convincing wins.

A Grade

Winchelsea 54 def Geelong West 22 Our first real game in the wet was a bit of a challenge but fun. The short and sharp drives that we like to use were not overly effective because they took a lot of work and with the ball being wet made it hard to catch. After a missed goal, dropped pass and ball thrown through hands we had learnt our lesson and made the corrections needed. Our defence end contested the ball with 2 hands and dominated in the ring while the mid court offered a nice drive down court. The attackers moved well and delivered to the goalers who finished off. Katrina Filice played a strong game in GS and the new addition of Natalie Ognenis made it easy to take the centre pass and go. Good easy game today which is lucky because if the weather was like that against a top team we wouldn’t have faired so well. Best Players: Katrina Filice, Janelle Birch and Sara Groves

were scoring 3-4 goals in a row. Before we knew it we had stretched the lead out and took a comfortable win. Makayla Bulte back from A Grade dominated the mid-court and Belinda Czerniawski was a solid target in goals and finished off well. Best Players: Makayla Bulte, Belinda Czerniawski and Samantha McKenzie

C Grade

Winchelsea 27 Def Geelong West 14 Finally the efforts of our C Grade team have been rewarded with a win. It was a real team effort with everyone playing their part in a great win achieved in horrendous conditions, however it’s unlikely the girls felt the cold when the final whistle went. Millie King was fabulous in the centre court despite being quite unwell. Great defensive defence work once again this week by Haleisha Kirby and Lillian Kent. This week this was well rewarded by the goalers finishing off and putting the score on the board. Hopefully after a taste of success the girls can have a better second half of the season. Best Players: Millie King, Haleisha Kirby and Lillian Kent

D Grade

Winchelsea 29 Def Geelong West 17 D Grade were after a much needed win this week to keep us in touch with the top 5 and we managed it. Fantastic pressure from our defence and good driving through the centre court were the keys to our success. After an unsettled few weeks it was great to see fantastic team spirit by all the girls on court.

Our shooters were superb finishing off all the hard work of our defence and centre court. If we are to make finals we will need to stick together as a group and make sure we secure some of the games that we let slip first time round. Best Players: Abbey Todd, Tilly Campana and Jodie Mawson

15 & Under

Winchelsea 52 def Geelong West 12 Wow what at thrashing this week by the under 15s, now they have tasted a win there appears to be no stopping them. Two in a row for the girls, what a great effort, hopefully this follows through for the rest of the season and they can get over the line against some of the teams they marginally lost to last time round. All the girls stepped up and proved their positions in the team. Now that they have shown us what they can do we have high expectations for the remainder of the season. Best Players: Team Effort

13 & Under

Winchelsea 18 def Geelong West 9 Winners are grinners! A fantastic team effort this week to get our first win on the board. It was great to see the young 13 & Under team rewarded for all their hard work with a win, they certainly deserve it and this will help keep their heads up when faced with all the strong, experienced teams in the GDFNL competition. Some fantastic passes, brilliant intercepts and great finishing off by our goalers helped us to win our first game. Stick together, support and encourage each other and there will be many more weeks like this one. Awards: Black Pearl – Maddison Kattwinkel and Subway Courtney Spoors

B Grade

Winchelsea 31 def Geelong West 17 Another game that we made hard work of the first half and waited until the second half to take the game out. They were not letting us break away easily and were working the short sharp angles that we were finding it hard to contest. An injury time and a regroup and we came out firing. This week we were able to switch players around and work with different combinations, some worked well and some not so well. The third quarter we really dominated and just by fixing the delivery and strength of the pass Belinda Czerniawski opened up in goals and we


Under 13’s first win!


The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday June 17, 2014

It’s not just a home loan. It’s the start of something bigger. At Winchelsea & District Community Bank® Branch we’re offering great deals on home loans tailored to suit your needs, with interest rate discounts and reduced fees. Drop into your nearest branch at 11 Main Street, Winchelsea or phone 5267 3189 to find out more.

Winchelsea & District Community Bank® Branch All loans are subject to Bendigo Bank’s normal lending criteria. Fees, charges, terms and conditions apply. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited, ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 237879. S47285-5 (214263_v1) (16/05/2014)

Tuesday June 17, 2014

The Winchelsea Star


Who, What, When, Where Advertise your event in the Winchelsea Star who, what, where and when for FREE. Please be brief. The Editor’s decision whether to publish a who, what, where and when notice request is final.

Drol Kar Buddhist Centre June Calendar - All welcome

Drol Kar Buddhist Centre 625 Nortons Road Paraparap 3240 PH. 0352661788 Meditation Classes by donation Healing Meditation Tuesday 1-2pm Fridays 11am-12pm Weekly Buddhist Philosophy classes, Special Monthly Events For up to date details please refer to our website at June Charity Drive Food Appeal HH Dalai Lama Birthday July 6th

Bingo at Raiders

The Winchelsea Football and Netball Club next fundraising night at Raiders Bingo at Buckley’s, Geelong will be on next Monday 23rd June. We leave about 6.30p.m. and return about 10.30p.m. So, if you are interested or have any inquiries, please contact Lesley Mathison on 52672197.

Notification of Annual General Meeting Winchelsea Cricket Club Inc.

We are pleased to notify you of the Annual General Meeting of the Winchelsea Cricket Club Inc. which will be held at the Eastern Reserve Social Rooms on Wednesday the 25th June, 2014 at 7.30 p.m. AGENDA: Welcome Attendance/Apologies Minutes of last AGM Tabling of Financial Report BUSINESS: Election of Office Bearers, Committee and General Business. Close NOMINATIONS are invited for all positions and must be lodged with the Secretary 7 days prior to the 25th June, 2014. Please show your support for your Club and volunteer your services for the Executive and General Committee and also in the formation of a Junior Sub-Commitee. Lisa Clifton Secretary Winchelsea Cricket Club

Barwon River Care June Meeting

17th June 2014, 7.30pm Uniting Church Hall Hesse St Annual General Meeting & Guest Speaker Our group is fortunate to have Peter Swanson the River Health Officer from C.C.M.A. Peter will speak on River Health. Everyone Welcome For More Information please Contact Jim Lidgerwood on 0407345848 or Rod Stone on 52672576 “Support your Local Landcare Group”

From the Editor

I was fortunate to be invited to attend the Sponsors lunch held by the Winchelsea Netball and Football Club on Saturday. Over 100 people attended and were treated to a hearty 3 course meal in the ‘Hub’. It was fantastic! Most of the Sponsors attended. It reinforces the role of sponsorship in the community. Sponsorship enables organisations like the Football Club, to provide a service to almost 200 footballers and netballers. Congratulations to all involved... whom all are volunteers!


Pam Shaw

Member AAMT—Australian Association of Massage Therapists

Specialising in all aspects of soft and hard landscaping Garden ThemeS: ConTemporary, ruSTiC, TropiCal, CoaSTal, naTive, JapaneSe, orGaniC SpeCialiSinG in ouTdoor roomS, deCkinG, pavinG

extending your lifestyle outdoors

Phone Christian 0405 220 184 Multi AwArd winning landscape design & Construction award Winning Gardens, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 miFGS. member of the australian institute of landscape designers and managers.



The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday June 17, 2014



Supplied & Erected 7 days Geelong—Bellarine—Colac Phone Rick Dodd 0417 310 800

Ordinary people EXTRAODINARY results I will be in your street this week, so if you’re considering selling or just wanting to know the true value of your property, feel free to call me Andrew at hayeswinckle AGENT 03 5241 1488

w w w . h a ye s w i n c k l e . c o m . a u h a y e s w i n c k l e AG E N T 7 9 B a r r a b o o l R o a d , H i g h t o n - 0 3 5 2 4 1 1 4 8 8 If your property is exclusively listed with another agent, please disregard this communication

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