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Tuesday 8th April, 2014


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Winchelsea Plans ANZAC Walk Of Honour

Councillor Rod Nockles

2014 will mark the centenary of World War One, an event in human history of unparalleled destruction and loss of life. Australia alone suffered more than 60,000 killed and 250,000 wounded in a population of fewer than 5 million people. In every city, town and settlement across the country, there was a tragic story of loss. The extraordinary selflessness and sacrifice of so many Australians is clearly something worthy of pause and reflection. We can only imagine the impact on the young country of the loss of so many who, had they lived, would have contributed to the development and betterment of the nation. As part of the Surf Coast Shire’s efforts to mark this important anniversary a working

party comprised of the Winchelsea RSL, Working with Winchelsea, the Primary School, the Historical Society, the Business and Tourism Association, individuals and the Shire was established to examine proposals and to make recommendations for funding under the Anzac Centenary Local Grants Program. The committee considered a number of proposals prior to unanimously endorsing The Anzac Walk of Honour. If the funding submission is successful the proposal will see the construction of commemorative pathway that showcases all 64 WW1 recipients of the Victoria Cross. Australia’s first VC winner of WW1 was Albert Jacka, a noted citizen of Winchelsea. Jacka spent his early years on a dairy farm in the region. The pathway will include 64 interpretative signs running from just below the tea rooms to the Barwon River, under the

bridge and connecting both sides of the town. The signage will outline the events which led to the awarding of Australia’s highest military honour. The Walk of Honour has the potential to promote the area as a community space of healing and reflection for those who have served their families, and the broader community. The area will become a strong permanent recognition of the sacrifice of all who served in WW1. While the initial grant guidelines are restricted to proposals that honour WW1 only, it is envisaged in time to extend the walkway to all 100 VC winners and to recognise Australians from all military conflicts. It has been a real privilege working with all stakeholders as we settled on a concept to present for consideration by the Anzac Centenary Local Grants Program and I would like to thank all who have participated.


The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

RSL News - Premier Pays Tribute in Winchelsea RSL Clubroom by Jennifer O’Connor Sec/Treas 52672365 The Winchelsea RSL mourn the passing of Life Member, Past President and Past Treasurer Geoffrey Mathison. Our thoughts are with Lauris Mathison and Ian Mathison W/O 1 Geoffrey R Mathison VX 100719 H.Q. 1st Aust Corps 2nd AIF Rest in Peace Digger Mathison LEST WE FORGET


Maguire’s Butchers and Medical Centre Sellers will be outside IGA Supermarket; Friday 11 April 9-5pm Saturday 12 April 9-12md Thursday 17 April 9-5pm Please buy locally to assist our Veterans


25th April 11 am Parade Ground in front of the Clubroom Eastern Reserve Hopkins St

Service to follow in the Hub, Refreshments provided Clubroom open for viewing during refreshment time 25/4/14 Clubroom open to the Public Saturday 19th April 10am - 2pm Tokens available

VISIT TO RSL BY PREMIER This week proved to be an interesting week for our RSL. On Friday the Premier Dr Dennis Napthine took time to pay tribute to our Service Men and Women, honoured in our clubroom. He later returned with his wife Peggy and Margaret Bruno. Mrs Napthine’s father Sgt Clarence Rayner 4thAnti Tank 8th Div 2/1st Tank Attach Reg 2nd AIF, and her Uncle L/Cpl Lindsay Rayner 47th Battalion 2nd AIF are pictured in the photo gallery. RSL Member and veteran Ellen O’Connor (2/2 AGH) and Mrs Napthine compared notes on nursing, having both trained at Geelong Hospital. Margaret Bruno, daughter of “Cracker” and Nell Taylor shared the Rayner stories, her paternal grandmother being Winifred Rayner. It was a poignant moment when Mrs Napthine spoke of further relatives. Gnr Jack Warner 4th Anti Tank Reg. 8th Div 2nd AIF. Died POW 20/12/1943 Burma Railway Gnr Bertie Warner 4th Anti Tank Reg 8thDiv 2nd AIF. Died POW 15/6/1944 Sandakan Borneo We were honoured to share these stories with relatives of such men. LEST WE FORGET

Mr James (Jim) Carroll (2/10 Battalion) having moved into Winchelsea with his wife Merle also made himself known to the Club. Mr Carroll served in Milne Bay, Buna, Gona,Shaggy Ridge and Borneo during WW2. We are keen to see some interesting memorabilia that Jim holds including a landscape photo of the memorial to mark the finish of the Death March in Borneo as well as the Nominal Roll for the 2/10 Batt. We welcome Jim and Merle and look forward to their contribution to the RSL.Jim and his Grandaughter will travel to Gallipoli next year as a Government Guest while President Stephen Woods will also be there having been lucky in the ballot. Another interesting visitor was Warren Kieft who is a Life Member of his American Legion, from Galva Illionois. He was pleased to have met “real veterans” Ellen O’Connor and Kevin Bennett and to learn of the work of the RSL, Slouch Hats, Kangaroo Feathers (emu plumes of the Light Horse) and to buy some ANZAC tokens. As a guest of Murray and Elizabeth Bennett and son Clinton we may be able to establish further contact if needed. On a lighter note another visitor mistook the room for the Umpire’s changing room. He was redirected to the other side of the memorial. We are justly proud of our Clubroom. First and foremost this is a wonderful Clubroom for the RSL to operate. It is also an important commemorative and educational space. We must be grateful to all who have worked to establish such a wonderful memorial, including Kevin Bennett for his dedication and care, and to Rita Bennett for being pleased to have Kevin out of the way working on the Clubroom for so many hours (maybe ??) Well done Kevin

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

Beating Serrated Tussock

Beating serrated tussock is a process that requires neighbours and communities to work together.

A native plant to the South America, serrated tussock was introduced into Australia in the early 1900s. Since then, serrated tussock has spread over more than two million hectares of southeastern Australia. Unmanaged serrated tussock infestations can have damaging effects on land productivity in agricultural settings and biodiversity.

The Winchelsea Star


To successfully manage serrated tussock an integrated management approach needs to be adopted by landholders and communities. It is critical that all land managers are committed to controlling this noxious weed if we are to significantly reduce its spread and the cost of control. Scattered small patches containing mature serrated tussock plants have recently been found and controlled across the Winchelsea, Buckley and Modewarre areas. We all must remain vigilant. Although most seed falls close to the parent plant, strong summer winds may contribute to seed being dispersed over large distances. Soon tiny seedlings will emerge and if left or unnoticed these seedlings will grow into adult plants by Spring.

Eggs-cellent End To Term 1 for Winchelsea Playgroup Adults and children alike enjoyed a sunny morning at playgroup last Thursday. With term one coming to an end, an early Easter celebration was planned with a range of activities to keep everyone entertained. The adults showed the children how an egg and spoon race was to be done, before the children had there turn. Lets just say thank goodness the eggs were hard boiled. Easter bunny left an abundance of chocolate eggs around Eastern Reserve which the children eagerly placed into their Easter Bunny baskets. A fabulous end to an action packed term at playgroup. Playgroup returns on April 24th from 1012 am at Eastern Reserve.

For further information or identification and management advice, please call Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party, Extension Officer, Mandy Coulson on 0488 526 123.


The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

Letters to the Editor The Winchelsea Star is a voluntary service to the town. Articles are most welcome from any group or organisation and must carry the name and address of the sender. The editorial team reserve the right to edit or not to publish any article. The views expressed in this paper are not necessarily those of the editors. Copy / adverts can be emailed to or left at IGA Supermarket. Copies printed total 415 each week. © Winchelsea Star Org. Inc. All rights reserved.

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Linda Carter, Don Smith, Mick O’Mara, Lesley Mathison, Cathy Cheadle. Printed by Mud Group, Winchelsea 0417 160 559

Dear Sir

I read with interest in the 4th March 2014 Winchelsea Star ,“Community Reserves in Winchelsea – Council seeking ideas and views” and “The review also includes what could be done to improve Hesse Street Reserve currently includes the Tennis Club, Men’s Shed and Bowling Club” Another point of interest is the “Hesse Street Reserve Functional Layout Plan”. Well, let me make a correction on two or three. The Winchelsea Tennis Club is NOT located on the reserve site in Hesse Street. The boundary for the reserve is Hesse Street frontage, behind the Bowling Club following the fence line to Hesse Rural Health, then the fence line along a past plantation said to have been planted by Murray Leak and the late Brian Schroeter for shelter to the cricket ground – now removed by a Developer in January, 2014, along the tennis fence, the wooden fence of the previous Shire Engineer’s house, behind the Men’s Shed and Community Garden which is the boundary of the previous Shire Secretary’s house – now Addas. The Tennis Club was “relocated” from the Cricket Ground to the Armytage Street site in the 1980’s with assistance of the Winchelsea Shire. This allowed the space for four courts to be constructed. The three court space vacated by the Tennis Club was an area to be left open for a second bowling green. I attended these group meetings with the Winchelsea Shire as the Tennis Club Representative. There is an omission, or no mention, or no invitation (as printed in the Master Plan print out a few weeks ago) to the Winchelsea Community Garden. The Community Garden and the Men’s Shed have been on the Cricket Ground Reserve, let’s say 4.5 years. At a meeting at Winch House with Surf Coast Shire representatives, cricket, bowls and tennis reps it was agreed for the Community Garden and Men’s Shed to construct their “home base” along the boundary backing onto Addas, as this would not interfere with the Cricket oval or the area for a future bowling green. This has been the ONLY group gathering with the Surf Coast Shire since its formation on 9th March, 1994. The biggest mistake is no mention of the

Winchelsea Cricket Club. Yes!!! The Club still uses this cricket ground as its second oval. This season (13/14) the oval was used for 13 matches, last season (12/13) for 16 matches and 18 matches in 11/12. Junior matches are also played there. This oval has been the Winchelsea Cricket Club’s 2nd oval since November 1977, when the Club started using Eastern Reserve as their 1st oval. Just a little bit of background history:• 1858 The Winchelsea Cricket Club was established. • 1859 Land set aside by order in Council of 6th June 1859 as a site for a cricket ground and for purpose of Public Recreation generally at Winchelsea and known as the “Winchelsea Cricket Ground” • This is a Gazetted Cricket Ground one of very few in Victoria. It is Crown Land. • It was ‘set aside” before the arrival of rabbits (Dec 1859), before the Winchelsea & District Roads Board (1860-pre shire), before the bridge (Dec 1867) and before the Mansion (completed 1871). The Cricket Ground in Hesse Street was the recreational space in the early years i.e. The Athletic Sports 1866, the Boxing Day Races in 1869, community space to celebrate a public holiday for the opening of the railway line to Winchelsea in 1876. The football matches in 1875 and 1876. It is also known for the epic cricket grand final in the 1950’s to take 5 days for an outcome. For the first 100 years the Winchelsea Cricket Ground was controlled by Trustees. The Trustees were assisted by the Club to raise funds, improve the virgin ground, erect/mend the fence, plant trees, conduct tenders for grazing during the winter and between cricket matches. The first mentioned Trustees of the Winchelsea Cricket Ground were very notable men of the District taking up early settlement, all had leadership skills and involved in local governance. They were Arthur Hopkins of “Murdeduke”, George Armytage of “Ingelby”, George Anderson a butcher, Charles Beal who built the Barwon Hotel (with Prosper Trebeck in 1842) and William Stirling the local storekeeper. In June 1958 the Winchelsea Shire Council became the Committee of Management where meetings with the user groups were

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

held for 36 years. In 1958 a public appeal and fundraising activities took place to raise funds for the “Winchelsea Cricket Ground”. £222/4/3 was raised for improvements. The Surf Coast Shire inherited the Winchelsea Cricket Ground Committee of Management position on 9th March 1994, with the formation of the new Shire. In November 2013, speaking with a Shire employee regarding possible meetings for the Master Plan etc., included the Winchelsea Cricket Ground in Hesse Street I requested a sit down round table chat to introduce ourselves and what each club/ group does, as there had only been one ever group meeting. I was promised this would happen before Christmas. This to date has still not happened. Lack of communication can give wrong impressions, cause anxieties, misleading information and dealing with something you know nothing much about. One group meeting since 1994 is not good enough. In other words it has been one meeting in TWENTY years. Even awhile back Council paid for a feasibility study regarding the re-zoning including the Winchelsea Cricket Ground boundaries with one comment in the outcome “too small to play cricket”. Wonder how much this cost the ratepayer? The Winchelsea Cricket Club has requested correct wordage on the road sign at the entrance to the Cricket Ground in Hesse Street. Nothing has happened as yet. The incorrect wording shouldn’t have been printed in the first place. The Winchelsea Cricket Ground probably has enough history to be eligible for Heritage listing as an open space for recreational purposes. Progress will be progress, but let’s get it right, communicate practically and logically at regular meetings for the user groups of the Winchelsea Cricket Ground in Hesse Street, Winchelsea. Forever the Reserve will be known as the Winchelsea Cricket Ground. This is a personal letter, as I had been very disappointed with no previous group chat. With the mistakes/omissions in the Star Report made me put pen to paper! Yours sincerely, Paulene Partridge Life Member Winchelsea Cricket Club Author’s Response (Tony Phelps) It is worth noting that the article referred to was aiming to publicise the need for

The Winchelsea Star

local community to get involved and have a say in the development of two key community assets in Winchelsea. It was not intended to be a legal definition of boundaries, responsibilities, and historical facts. It is good to see that such detailed history is still being kept in the town, and able to be reproduced in The Star for following generations to be aware of. But let us not lose sight of the fact that the article arose only beccause the Council did hold a public meeting for everyone (even the Cricket Club) to make their opinions, ideas and knowledge known so that future developments are in line with community wishes. The Cricket Club were well represented at the meeting. Dear sir Keith Walker seems to have a high expectation of our local councilors. [Star 1/4] Expecting a reply within two days seems to suggest that shire matters are the only demand on Cr Wellington’s time. I am very happy to have her as one of my shire councilors knowing of her extensive and continuing commitment to the wider community Stewart Mathison Dear Sir Mr Keith Walker is concerned that there was insufficient notice of the long vehicle consultation and that I had failed to reply to his email in the 49 hours between him contacting me and writing to the Star (The Star, 1 April 2014). In his email to me, Mr Walker made some very strong assertions about Council not doing anything right and trying to hide its own agenda, but did not raise any issue that would have benefited from an immediate reply. Sometimes, it’s helpful to take a little time before responding to such views, however in the future I commit to responding immediately. There were two Council events in Winchelsea on Friday 28 March. The first was the long vehicle consultation, which was advertised in the Mayor’s column in the Surf Coast Times, in an advertisement in the Surf Coast Times, on Council’s website for two weeks prior to the session, by direct notification to more than 500 businesses in the Shire (including Winchelsea businesses)


Winchelsea Transfer Station Opening Hours Monday Closed Tuesday 2pm-4pm Wednesday Closed Thursday 2pm - 4pm Friday Closed Saturday 1.30pm - 3.30pm Sunday 9.30am - 12.30pm 55 Cressy Road, Winchelsea. Accepts household garbage, mixed commercial & industrial waste, mixed construction & demolition waste. Accepts recyclable materials. Accepts one recycle bin two waste bins. Does NOT accept clean fill. and by notification to the various business and trader associations across the Shire. Councillors were advised by email of the sessions on 18 March and I forwarded that email to various contacts within the Winchelsea Ward on the same day, leading to it being published in the Star. Council officers have committed to advertising future consultations in the Star as well as the Surf Coast Times. Community participation in the long vehicle consultation was strong. An officer also visited many businesses during the afternoon and received helpful feedback. Officers also offered to convene an additional meeting out of business hours, however I have since been advised that business owners believe that will not be necessary. The second event, which was held in the same location, was to celebrate an announcement by the Minister for Public Transport and Roads and Member for Polwarth, the Hon Terry Mulder MP, of a $120,000 State Government grant to complement $40,000 of Council expenditure on the ‘Growing Winchelsea’ project. Council received only 24 hours’ notice of this announcement so it was not possible to advertise it widely to the community. Continued P.7...


The Winchelsea Star

Plasterer & Painter

Daryl Hecker

Domestic & Commercial Renovations & Repairs Suspended Ceilings Dustless Sanding New Homes Extensions

Ph 0419 194 799

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

The Winchelsea Star

...continued from P.5 The funds will allow a very comprehensive strategic plan to be developed for Winchelsea, with a focus on infrastructure, land use and service needs as well as making the most of the town’s natural and build environment as it grows. The grant is significant for Winchelsea and certainly deserves celebration.

Contrary to Mr Walker’s assertion in The Star, there was nothing in my speech at that announcement about what a good job I or Council are doing. The CEO did say epartment of State Development, that Winchelsea councillors are very hard usiness and Innovation working. Besides that comment, however, my speech, and the speeches of others focused solely on the importance of good strategic planning for Winchelsea. Mr Walker’s presumption that Council is disinterested in hearing from the Winchelsea


community is totally wrong. Consultation can often be challenging, as is probably evident from this exchange of letters, and Council may not always execute it perfectly, but our efforts are genuine and not entirely unsuccessful. Cr Heather Wellington Dear Sir, We’ve all heard about the horror stories from the coal seam gas fields in America and now in Queensland. It’s all very sad but nothing to do with us. Right? Wrong! A meeting at Birregurra last week was a real eye-opener. It seems the Victorian Government has recently offered the gas mining companies our area for tender. In due course, the government will decide who the successful bidder will be and an exploration licence usually follows. Once the mining companies establish there is enough coal, coal seam gas, shale gas or tight gas to make a profit, apparently there is virtually no way to stop them from moving in and taking it – at the cost of life as we know it.

Experience of other communities has shown that there are very few defensive measures we can take. One is to write letters to politicians and hope they see sense. Unfortunately, it is the government who expect to receive a financial windfall from the royalties.

The most effective measure has been to band together EVERYBODY in the community to refuse access to the mining companies before they get a chance to explore. When these companies have been faced with funding legal action against hundreds or thousands of individuals, they Petrol have backed off. Politicians have even found new respect for these communities as well. However, once mining companies know there are billions in profits under our feet, legal costs become small in comparison. So the time to act is NOW. Birregurra has started. Is Winchelsea going to stand up for itself? Do yourself a favour and check out www.lockthegate. Worried Local Editor’s Note - watch this space for news of a Winchelsea CSG forum

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Disclaimer: This map is a snapshot generated from Victoria Government data. This material may be of assistance to LABOUR Map Scale: you but the State of Victoria does not guarantee that the publication is without flaw of any kind or is wholly appropriate All farm work for your particular purposes and therefore disclaims all liability for error, loss or damage which may arise from reliance Projection: Machinery operation upon it. All persons accessing this information should make appropriate enquiries to assess the currency of the data.

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Slug baiting Rabbit bait laying

1:1,017,499 MGA 54

The map contains zonal grid lines that Maintenance extends beyond their zone boundary. Animal husbandry Map Created Fri Apr 04 2014 15:13:47 GMT+1100 (EST)

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Tuesday 8th April, 2014


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Tuesday 8th April, 2014

The Winchelsea Star


Princes Highway Duplication: Update Waurn Ponds to Winchelsea

Winchelsea Projects

During February, the final layer of crushed rock was placed from west of Draytons Road to west of Hendy Main Road, as well as from Waltons Road to west of Buckley Street. An asphalt layer, called a primer, was applied to sections of the road to protect it from moisture and weathering.

Lennox Street to Austin Street

Works planned for the coming months are dependent on good weather.

Melbourne Warrnambool Rail Bridge at Buckley Concrete bridge beams that form the basis of the road crossing over the rail line have been installed, there of a total of 13 beams weighing 65 tonnes each. Additional steel reinforcement has been placed over the beams for the ultimate bridge surface. Concreting of bored piles has begun. Bored piles are concrete pillars in the ground which form a key structural element of the bridge. A hole was drilled in the ground, and a steel cage placed inside the hole. Concrete is then poured into the hole.

WinchelseaDeans Marsh Road upgrade on the horizon A successful contractor has been awarded the first three stages of a $2.5 million upgrade of the 22.5 kilometre WinchelseaDeans Marsh Road. Member for Polwarth Terry Mulder announced that Vitu-Mill (Civil) has been awarded a $900,000 contract to upgrade the road and help improve road safety on the connection between the Princes Highway and Deans Marsh. “Vitu-Mill is experienced in road safety and improvement works having also completed work on the Princes Highway near Terang and on the Hamilton Highway at Tarrington,” Mr Mulder said. “The first stage of the upgrade will include widening the road and sealing the shoulders for about seven kilometres in high-risk

The northern side of the road has been prepared for sealing with asphalt. Driveways, kerbs, landscaping and bus stops are complete. Work has begun to relocate the Telstra cabling and stormwater drainage on the southern side of the road. Further asphalting and earthworks will be done on the northern side of the road in April, weather permitting.

commenced to allow the contractor to begin work from Deans Marsh Road towards Austin Street. Winchelsea Bluestone Bridge Asphalt patching and surfacing works were completed in February. In late March and early April a thorough investigation of the bridge structure will be conducted to decide if additional repair works are needed. If needed these works will be done during April.

Austin Street to Deans Marsh Road

How can I get further information?

Tree clearing and minor roadworks commenced in late February.

Call 03 4243 3800

Water main relocation works will be occurring between Austin Street and Harding Street on the southern side of the road at the end of March and early April. Demolition and earthworks between Hesse Street and Deans Marsh Road will begin on the northern side of the road.

Visit Visit 174-212 Colac Road, Highton (opposite Bunnings in Waurn Ponds) Email princeshighwaywest@roads.vic.

Preparations works including the installation of traffic management signs, and the closure of Murrell Street, have

sections of the road. Additional works yet to be awarded will include installation of guard rail and wire rope safety barriers and placement of a new road seal and delineation over the existing road surface.” The section of Winchelsea-Deans Marsh Road between the Princes Highway and Deans Marsh has had a series of run-off road crashes over the last five years. Between July 2007 and June 2012, there have been nine run off road crashes resulting in one fatality and multiple serious injuries on the 22.5 kilometre Winchelsea-Deans Marsh Road. When complete, the new road will have a higher skid resistance and offer a greater level of control to vehicles in wet conditions. The Winchelsea-Deans Marsh Road safety upgrades will begin in May 2014 and take about one year to complete. “About 1,100 vehicles use this road every day with traffic numbers increasing along this route during the summer holiday season,” Mr Mulder said. “The Victorian

Coalition Government’s $2.5 million commitment for the upgrade under the Safer Road Infrastructure Road Program, will address the current spate of run-off road crashes. The great thing about this project is it is targeted to areas where it can have a specific and immediate safety benefit, addressing the factors contributing to the run-off road crashes that have occurred,” Mr Mulder said.


The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

Matthew Partridge

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Tuesday 8th April, 2014

The Winchelsea Star


Senior Citizens News Hi folks, Nice to get a little rain, but still not enough. Upsetting news about two of our members, Lindsay Schroeter and Ron Patten. We wish them both all the very best in their recoveries. “Get well very soon” to you both.

WEDNESDAY RESULTS Winchelsea Community House has several new courses available in Term 2, and is now seeking registrants. These will start in May; Certificate III in Aged Care and Home and Community Care Duration: 18 weeks (2 Days per week). Days: Monday’s and Tuesday’s Times: 9am—3pm Certificate IV in Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs Duration: 30 weeks (2 Days per week). Days: Thursday’s and Friday’s Times: 9am—3pm Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical) Duration: 12 weeks (2 Days per week). Days: Wednesday’s and Thursday’s Times: 9am—3pm Certificate IV in Community Services Duration: 18 weeks (2 Days per week). Days: Monday’s and Tuesday’s Times: 9am—3pm Courses in Anaphylaxis & Asthma Management, Responsible Service of Alcohol and Level II First Aid (Incl. CPR) are also available in May and June. In addition to formal career or job oriented adult education leading to a qualification, a wide range of ‘lifestyle’ courses are available. These include Online Advertising and Social Media, EBay, MYOB, Microsoft Word, Web Design, Floristry, Cheese

BOWLS Marg Shepherd and Isabel Walker CRIBBAGE This game was a draw COMPETITION John Read Birthday wishes are sent to Charlie Mc Donald.


BOWLS Vida Bath and Jessie Gardner SKIP-BO The winner of this great game was our “Queen Bee” Jo Jursak CARDS This well fought out game was won by Roma Schroeter and Beryl Read COMPETITION Ross Erwin.

LIMERICK OF THE WEEK This weeks limerick was written by Jan Ramsay A merino bored with the Mallee Decided to move to a valley. To the Grampians he went But to his lament Found the ewes there didn’t want to be pally.

RECIPE OF THE WEEK GREEN TOMATO AND APPLE CHUTNEY 500g cooking Apples, peeled cored and roughly chopped 1kg greenTomatoes chopped 500g Onions chopped 2 Garlic cloves crushed 2 green Chillies seeded and chopped 1 teaspoon Ground Ginger 1 teaspoon Salt 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric 1/4 teaspoon ground Cloves 50g Sultanas 300ml Vinegar 250g soft dark Brown Sugar Combine all the ingredients in a large saucepan. Bring to the boil, stirring occasionally, then reduce the heat and simmer, uncovered, for 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 hours, until the excess liquid has evaporated and the chutney is thick. Stir occasionally to make sure that the chutney does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Have ready some warmed jars. Spoon in the hot chutney and top with waxed discs, waxed sides down. Cover with airtight lids while hot. Label and store , unopened, for a least 1 month to mature. Unopened jars may be stored for up to 6 months in a cool, dry place. Makes about 2 kg Chutney.

making, Resume Writing, Return to Work & job interview Training, Hare Krishna vegetarian Cooking Class, Indian Cooking and much more! Winch House is closed over the school holidays, re-opening on the Tuesday after Easter (22nd April).


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DIFFICULTIES WITH HEARING LOSS? Join us at BHA Geelong Support Group Monday 11:15am—12:15pm 89 Autumn Street Geelong West Enquiries 5278 8300 Monday 9 am—12 pm or Tuesday 12 pm—5 pm

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

The Winchelsea Star


Who, what, when, where

Advertise your event in the Winchelsea Star who, what, where and when for FREE. Please be brief. The Editor’s decision whether to publish a who, what, where and when notice request is final.

AGM - Winchelsea Business & Tourism Association The WBTA Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 9th April, at 7:30pm in the Members Room of the Eastern Reserve. All welcome, new committee members required. Membership is free. The WBTA is the official Local Tourism Association for Winchelsea.

Anzac Tokens Now available at Maguire’s Butcher shop. We will also sell the tokens in front of the Supermarket. Dates will be in the next Star. All money raised goes to Veterans, Widows and their dependants NOT to RSL Club. The RSL just provides the collectors, but we take pride in how much we raise, so please buy locally. Thank you for your support. Joe Axton, Appeals Officer RSL

‘Egg-tastic’ Easter Adventure Get your Easter Bunny ears on, twitch your whiskers and discover the treasured grounds of Melbourne’s oldest manors by hopping down the National Trust’s annual Easter Fun Day on Sunday 20 April at Barwon Park in Winchelsea.

Wurdale Oldtime Dance Club Inc.

Wurdale Hall, Wurdale Rd, Winchelsea Old Time Dancing with Brian Rush DATE… Saturday April…12 .. 2014 Dancing 8pm till 11.30pm ADMISSION….$8.00 Children Under 16 Free Country Supper Enquiries Ph 52480338

With a choir of nearly 20 local keen singers, and augmented by members of the Geelong based International Harvester Male Chorus, practises have been moving with increased intensity from the beginning of February. The 4-part choral movements outline the reactions of the different groups in the story to actions surrounding Jesus’ arrest, trial, and subsequent crucifixion. With the rabble crowd’s push “Away With This Man”, and the murderous “Crucify Him”, the defensive disciples’ “Lord, Should We trike”, the soldiers’ taunt “He Saved Others”, and “If You Are the King of the Jews”, with the Chief Priests accusation “This Man Subverts”, and “Are You the Son of God”, the choir show off with

Winchelsea Hospital Ladies Auxiliary

A general meeting of the Auxiliary will be held on Monday, 14th April at 2pm in the Community Health Centre, Gosney Street New members welcome Many thanks to the community for their support at the Dahlia week-end in March. Winners of the raffle prizes were: 1st prize...........Steve Floate Winchelsea 2nd ...............Belinda McKenzie, Bambra 3rd ...................Keith Allton, Winchelsea Cheryl Mawson (Secretary.)

Bus to Hub Courtesy Bus Service to Blues Bistro, Thursday night Bookings 5267 1200

Combined Choir at St. John’s

As a prelude to the Easter celebrations in Winchelsea, a local Combined Choir will present some special music at St. John’s Catholic Church next Monday night. The music is a setting of the last 2 chapters of the gospel of St. Luke in the bible. This “Passion of Christ According to St. Luke” was written by local musician, John Bumford, who will direct the presentation.

Blues Bistro Meals

Return this Thursday Night at the Community Hub 6.00pm onwards.

vigour the antagonistic side of the story. The Passion is book-ended with two well known Easter hymns, “Ah, Holy Jesu”, and “O, Come and Mourn”, given individual arrangement treatment by the composer. A large part of the story is told through the words of Jesus, giving vent to the range of emotions that mimic the actions. Solo songs as “Why Are You Sleeping”, a frustration at his friends lack of fortitude, Jesus’ commentary on his people “Daughters of Jerusalem”, and the penitential “Father, Forgive Them”, and the finality of the story with “Father, Into Thy Hands” lay bare Jesus passion for his mission. The part of Jesus will be sung by Melbourne baritone, Graham Ford. The part of Pilate will be sung by Melbourne bass Kevin Pye. The familiar words of Pilate are painfully expressed in “I Find No Fault”, and “You Brought This Man”. The parts of the two accompanying criminals on the cross with Jesus and the Centurion will be sung by American Phil Fischer, the interim minister at the Uniting

Church in Colac, and a fine musician. Phil’s wife, Kathi an accomplished pianist,will accompany the choir on the grand piano. Each of the 34 musical items is introduced by the connecting narration which will presented by Sue Hogan. The music accompaniment will be handsomely embellished with the addition of 5 guest musicians from Geelong – Geelong Community Orchestra’s director, Allister Cox on Clarinet, oboist, Laura Schultze, Flautist, Megan Ellis, and husband and wife combination of Carmel Edwards on Cello, and Barry on Double Bass. The whole performance will last about 1 hour, and will be easy to follow, with the words of each of the songs and narration clearly visible through the data projector on the screen, carefully prepared by Rachelle Javier. This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce the Easter week, hearing the age-old story in a new way. Entry is by donation, and supper will follow the presentation, with time to meet the people involved.


The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

Water Delivery

WAZZA’S WATER CARTAGE Stainless Tanker Up to 22,000 ltr loads Barwon Water Registered Domestic & Rural Water Supplies 122563 22563 25663

Call Wazza Mob: 0428 877 260 Email:


Winchelsea Trading—agents for:


For all your sharpening needs Rural—Domestic– Industrial    

Hand tools TCT Blades Chainsaws Kitchen tools

   

Garden tools Brobos Firewood saws Bandsaws

 Chipper & planer blades  Drill and router bits  Dog & horse clipping blades

5248 2061 ‘We give you the edge you need’

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

The Winchelsea Star


Church News

This week at St Thomas’ Church Tuesday April 8th at 1pm family service planning meeting at the Vicarage.

Ezekiel a question, ‘Can these dry bones live?

7:30pm parish council. Wednesday April 9th 1pm Interchurch prayer meeting at the Uniting church. Please note next Wednesday we are hosting “High Tea at the Vicarage” for the members of the Ladies Guild at 10am while the hall is occupied for the children’s program.

Ezekiel is apparently very aware of the identity of his questioner, who as creator was the source of all life and so rather than saying “No way Lord” he replies, “Only you know Lord!”

Approaching Easter 9am 13th April Palm Sunday Baptism of Sophie and William & H.C at St Thomas. Wednesday April 16th St Thomas Tribe Primary age children’s program 10 am -3 pm at St Thomas Church. This holiday program is run for the local children by Judy Staples and her enthusiastic team of helpers, with activities, bible stories, craft, food and games this is a day that is sure to be enjoyed by all. All school age children welcome. Maundy Thursday foot washing service April 17th at 7pm. Good Friday April 18th. 9:30am Winchelsea service. Followed by the Annual Winchelsea Interchurch Stations of the Cross walk along the Barwon at 10:30 am. Meeting near the river opposite Cafe La Hoot. Concluding at St Johns Catholic Church with hot cross buns. 20th of April Easter day Celebration. 9am Holy Communion at St Thomas’ including a children’s story and an Easter egg hunt for the children.

Food for Thought On Sunday we spent some time thinking about the source of hope in our Christian faith, beginning with an Old Testament prophet Ezekiel to whom God gave a dreadful vision and an apparently impossible task. Ezekiel found himself taken by God and placed in a field scattered full of dried out bones. In the vision the Lord asked

With this response the Lord commands Ezekiel to prophecy to this long dead audience and tell them to live. Rather than protesting the ridiculous nature of the task, Ezekiel obeyed God and begins to speak to the bones using the very words that God instructs him. With these powerful words of God being uttered, very quickly there is a great rattling noise in the field as the bones join themselves back together. Ezekiel is amazed to see them first forming skeletons and then being recovered with muscles, sinew and flesh until he finds himself standing in what is now a field of corpses! Fortunately God’s work doesn’t stop there and he commands his obedient servant to call for the four winds to breathe Spirit or breathe back into the bones and as Ezekiel obeys life returns to the corpses and Ezekiel finds himself surrounded by a great living army. Now we are told in the passage that this is a vision using the metaphor of dry bones to reveal the spiritual state of the people of God in Ezekiel’s times, they are dry and have been totally shamed. Hope of Spiritual renewal came from God through the hearing of God’s words combined with the intake or breathing of God’s Spirit as well as from the obedience of God’s servant. This metaphorical reviving of the people of God steps from the realm of vision and metaphor into the realm of history in Jesus revival of Lazarus and ultimately in the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on that first Easter morning. May the one who is God’s word become

Winchelsea Uniting Church

Elders Meeting – Wednesday April 9th 9.30am in the Hall. Inter-church Prayer Meeting – Wednesday April 9th at 1.00pm in the Uniting Church Hall. Evening Fellowship – Wednesday, April 9th – at 7.30pm in the Hall. Combined Choir Easter Music practise – Thursday April 10th at 7.30 in St. John’s Catholic Church Nursing Home service – 11.00am – Friday, April 11th. Worship Sunday April 13th – 9.30am – Rosemary Hopkins (Holy Communion). Church Council meeting – 11.00am Sunday April 13th in the Hall. Easter Music - “The Passion of Christ According to St. Luke” - written and directed by John Bumford – St. John’s Catholic Church – Monday April 14th at 7.30 featuring Winchelsea Combined Choir and guest musicians and soloists. John Bumford Co-ordinator Winchelsea Uniting Church 035267 2062 or 0419 535490

flesh and God’s Holy Spirit breathe his life into you this Easter as you listen and obey his words. God bless, Rev’d Wendy Gravolin


The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

The Winchelsea Star



By Elliah Mae Aquino - Grade 3/4

The greedy little Kookaburra and his big furry friend, Kangaroo, were drinking some cold water in the long river near the gigantic and mysterious jungle. One dusty afternoon, Kookaburra snuck into kangaroo’s sparkly cave and stole all of Kangaroo’s delicious food and then he quickly flew to his magnificent tall tree. By the time Kangaroo got to his beautiful cave, all of his delicious food had been gobbled up by the greedy little Kookaburra. Kangaroo was so angry that he broke Kookaburra’s comfy nest so Kookaburra had to stay awake all night to fix his comfy nest but he was relieved that his special feather was unharmed. The very next morning Kookaburra was so angry that he got a big sharp knife and chopped of a bit of each of kangaroo arms. There was blood everywhere so Kangaroo went to the long river near the mysterious jungle to wash off the blood. A couple of hours later Kangaroo’s arms had healed then Kangaroo pulled off Kookaburras special golden feather and cut it to pieces and hopped angrily to his beautiful cave. From then on, Kookaburra lost a good friend and his special golden feather. That’s why kangaroos have short arms.


by Angus Lesson Grade 1/2 It was a Sunday night and the friends were dancing arm in arm. They were really good. The moon shot at him he turned into a gigantic spider. He turned around saying I am a person. He was scared too. A step of his foot made everybody run straight out the door. After that he started crying in the corner. He was very sad. He went to get an ice cream. He got it for free because he was so scary, and then he turned back.


by Jude Coverdale Grade 1/2 When I was little I fell over and hurt my head on the kitchen table at home. When mum was getting a special bandaid I ran into the corner of the wall in the same spot. So mum took me to the doctor’s. He got a tissue to clean it up. He said it is ok. So we went home. It was much better. Me and Sophie went camping for 100 nights with snakes, bears and dragons.

Bunyips Cave Angus Jennings - Prep

Hi Kids,

Wel,l I hope you are all enjoying your school holidays. Next week it is Easter, which is a very special time of the year and I know lots of people like to go away on holidays, camping, bushwalking etc. so be careful in the bush. I would love to hear from you and then you can tell me what you have all been up to. I miss out otherwise and never hear any news! So please, send in your pictures, stories, puzzles, jokes etc. and put them in my mailboxes, as they are so empty! Don’t forget they are at the Winchelsea School Office and the IGA supermarket.

Jokes of the Week Q. What do you get if you pour hot water down a rabbit hole? A. Hot cross bunnies! Q. What do you call a rabbit with fleas? A. Bugs Bunny! Q. Why shouldn’t you tell an Easter egg a joke? A. It might crack up!

Did you see my friend Billy Bison? He stopped by the river in Winchelsea for a quick drink and to say hello. He’s so big he needs 3 seat belts!


The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

Fun, Interactive music sessions for pre-school children (0-4 y.o.) and parents/caregivers When: Mondays from 10 to 11 am

(Starts 3rd Feb. runs during school terms)

Where: St Thomas’ Hall, 25 Barwon Tce. To Enquire ring: 0407838256

Scrap Metal Bought Firewood Timber Slabs for sale Call Peter on 0448 343 105

Haidee Benning, local Osteopath, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Masseuse is re-opening her Practice in Winchelsea and will be available for appointments from January onwards. Please email Haidee on for appointments and be sure to include your phone number for her to call you when she returns from France just before Christmas. Alternatively, you can find her on Facebook.

Tuesday 8th April, 2014


The Winchelsea Star

Bus to the Hub Train Services Bus Services Free Bus Pick up from your home and Drop off (Winchelsea) if you are:

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Sunday bus service departs from Winchelsea Post Office

Free Complimentary Main Meal for “Bus to the Hub” Users (1st Time Users)

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To book your seat phone 5267 1200 After hours; Annie Ph: 0427 840 280 or Michelle: Ph: 0437 783 551

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Old Shire Hall (tea rooms), Hesse St, Fridays, 2pm-5pm

Your ad here! Winchelsea Gym Hours For more information visit 5267 2336

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Tuesday 8th April, 2014

fast@showers Splashbacks and Mirrors 10mm Frameless from $350 Glass Kitchen Splashbacks from $199 m2

Crocodile Discovered in Winchelsea Kindy by Jessica Kattwinkel

All available in 48 hours Showroom at 1/28 Wood St. South Geelong call 5222 1332 or 0400 200 073

The Winchelsea

Men’s Shed Winchelsea Supermarket Trading Hours Monday to Saturday— 8:30 am to 7:30 pm Sunday— 10 am to 7:30 pm

Ph: 5267 2676 29 Main Street, Winchelsea

For more details ring: John Bader (co-ordinator) 5267 3030 Colin Mayman (Treasurer) 5267 2164 David Kellas (Secretary) 5266 1549 Open Hours: Tues & wed from 9:30am Thurs from 12:30pm Every 2nd Sat from 9:3am

at 51 Hesse Street

New members welcome

Winchelsea’s Helen Mary Kinimonth Kindergarten had the most fabulous presentation today by the “Wild Action – Rockpool Discovery Program”. It was very hands-on and with great content. Kirsten was our presenter and she kept the children totally engaged and interested in all the sea creatures she presented.

TheBooks Pty Ltd

Registered Tax Agent

MOBILE ACCOUNTANT AND BOOKKEEPER Tax Returns: Individual, Business, & SMSF Financial Statements GST & BAS Returns MYOB & Quickbooks Bookkeeping Services PICK UP / DROP OFF SERVICE: WE COME TO YOU

Ph: 0481 324 802 E:

One creature we saw was the seacucumber. We learnt that he has a very important job in the sea. He is the

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

The Winchelsea Star


Star Classifieds

Winchelsea Star classified ads are FREE for personal entries. Please be brief, and be sure to include a contact name and phone number. One photo may be included if appropriate. The Editor’s decision whether to publish a classified ad request is final.


Painter/Handyman,a quote required to paint inside of 3 bedroom cottage at Burong Equestrian Centre.Immediate start required. Please PH: 0438 318 870

For Sale

Full Range Phenix cards gift paper & stationary selling hugely discounted. 0409 968036.

Garage Sale

Saturday 12th April 44 Willis St, Winchelsea 8am-1pm (no early birds please) Lots of kids clothing, girls sizes newborn - 4, boys sizes newborn - 6 Toys, baby items, household items, furniture, books.

For Lease

3 bedroom brick unit. Ensuite and walk in robe in master. 2 living zones. Modern kitchen. Split system heating and cooling. Large rear yard. Double garage with remote. Available now on 12 month lease Phone 52672459

Wanted Urgently

400g size jam jars for jam and pickles. Please leave at 40 Main St. Beryl Read

rockpool vacuum cleaner. He sucks in water, sorts out what he wants to eat and then spits out the rest. He was very soft to touch and has a sticky tummy so that he can stick to the rocks. We also learnt that he is camouflaged when he is on the rocks so that birds can’t see him very easily. He also has another way of keeping birds from eating him – he can spit water at them!

Volunteers Wanted for Kitchen Garden Program The success of this unique and exciting Program relies on the support of volunteers. There is nothing more satisfying than sharing a delicious meal created with fresh produce that you have grown from seed to harvest. Every week over 40 primary school children share in this experience as part of the Kitchen Garden Program at

Winchelsea Primary School

We then saw three different crustaceans – sea creatures with hard shells and with ten legs. We met Simon the spider crab, Harry the hermit crab and Barry the Balmain Bug. The last creature we saw was Rex the salt water crocodile. He is five years old and could live up to 150 years old. He has 66 sharp teeth and could grow up to 8.5 metres long.

You don’t have to be a green thumb or a naked chef, you just have to love growing food, eating food and being with children. If you would like to volunteer in the kitchen or garden, whether you have one hour to spare or a whole afternoon, we would love to hear from you. The Program runs on Thursdays

Rochelle O’Mara or Karen Turner On: 52672134



The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

Winning 2014 Kick-Off For Blues Last Friday Night the Winchelsea Blues had the opportunity to kick off the 2014 GDFL Season in front of a large crowd with the Winchelsea Blues claiming victory over Bannockburn by 34 points.

On the night the club presented Number 1 Ticket Holder Premier Denis Napthine with a Blues Jumper and his number 1 ticket. Denis spoke at half time about his earlier days growing up in Winchelsea and expressed gratitude for the club welcoming him on board for 2014. With a number of new faces in the team Winchelsea were able to go into the first break with a 13 point lead. After the break with everyone working hard together the Blues went on to have two 6 goal quarters to stretch their lead out even further to be 52 points at ¾ time. To Bannockburn’s credit they fought back in the final term to outscore the Blues however the damage had already been done. David Mensch up forward fired with 8 goals to claim best on ground honors. Menschy is relishing the move down forward. Taking over rucking duties new recruit Dan Wedding was amongst the better players as was fellow Lorne import Steven Oliver. Down back Tim VanderKlooster and Brad MacKenzie took control, Young midfielder Tavae Sauni also played an exceptional game. A new look reserves outfit gave supporters a taste of things to come this season with a display of solid team work. Goals were spread over 8 players and everyone seemed to bond together to play a quality

brand of football.

Haydon Wilson kicked 2 goals and ran hard all game, he was supported up forward by Heath Lancaster with 2 also. Single goal scorers were Graeme McFarlane, Simon Bayliss, Jarrod Groves, Daniel Greskie, Drew Steven and Hayden Stocks. Better players for the Blues were Michael Causon, Graeme McFarlane, Cam McLure, Haydon Wilson, Derek Dobson, Haydon Holmes. The Winchelsea Under 18 boys took to the field for the first time in 3 years last Sat. at Eastern Reserve coming up against a very tough opponent in Bannockburn. This was the 1st of 4 Grading matches to see where the team is at in the Colts competition . Bannockburn got the jump on the Blues and the boys were a bit overawed in the 1st 2 quarters, but to their credit came out after 1/2 time to play much better and continued to get better as the game went on. The side is struggling for numbers at the moment due to injury & 2 late withdrawals from the team list , so we are appealing for any Under 18 boys looking for a game to contact the Club. The Under 18’s welcome Harley Malady into the side coming across from Inverleigh, Harley will be a great asset to the Blues this season. Many thanks to Dogs, Cocko & Timekeeper Wendy. Thanks also to the Under 16 boys who not only filled in after having played their own match earlier, they acquitted themselves really well, D. Campbell, H Jacobs H Kelly & C Brown.

GOALS: Zac Moules 2 BEST : D. Tenabel Jonah Peters M Buhrmann D Campbell L Stokes K Berg Thanks to our 2014 Major Sponsors: Oxley Garages, Knuckeys, RAK Davis, Hayeswinckle Agent, This week we head to North Geelong to take on the reigning Premiers which will give a good indication where we are at as a team, The Blues Bistro will be in action once again Thursday Night the rooms where abuzz last week it was great to see everyone supporting the club. Memberships are now due and are available in the rooms on Thursday Night. Our first social function will be on Saturday April 26 An IPOD Shuffle night will be held where everyone buys a song for $10 and if your song is the first to play after 11pm you will take out the prize, See Tilly or Cocko now to buy your song you can select what you want to have so get in early to avoid disapointment. WE ARE THE NAVY BLUES ARE YOU?????????????

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

W.F.N.C. .

Football Netball commenced Round 1 of the GDFNL season with a Friday night game under lights. The evening game provided plenty of spectators to watch both the footballers and netballers in action, I’m sure we provided all those who attending with a great nights entertainment. In the senior netball section we have a new coaching line up, some great new recruits and a few returning players. The season looks to be an exciting and hopefully successful one for the Netball Blues. Unfortunately we were unable to get enough 17 & Under girls to field a team but despite coming up against very strong Bannockburn Teams this week our 13 & Under and 15 & Under teams are showing some great potential.

A Grade

Score: Winchelsea 54 Def Bannockburn 43 An awesome and unexpected start to the game, with Winchelsea playing a sharp, clean first quarter. For such a new team there were passages of plays that showed the full potential of our team, unfortunately we didn’t keep the momentum for the full hour game, but we will get there. Katrina Filice scored 16 goals in the first quarter and continued her dominance in the ring. Kate Butler and Lauren Dri made the feeds look effortless and Chloe Wilson warmed into the game and made a good connection with her new goaling partner Katrina. Defence was awesome with Janelle Birch, Alisha Adams, Meg Royal and Tahlia Berg combining exceptionally well for their first game together. We have a lot to build on – so look out because Winchelsea is here to play. Best Players: Alisha Adams, Katrina Filice & Janelle Birch

B Grade

Score: Winchelsea 47 Def Bannockburn 22 We started the game applying everything we have been practicing during the preseason and this court Bannockburn off guard. Consistent goaling from mother and daughter combination Belinda Czerniawski and Sarah Todd along with accurate feeding from the mid court gave us the lead we wanted. Makayla Bulte and Sara Groves played tight centre court defence and took a few intercepts. While Janelle Dixon and Monique Bulte sat in the back

The Winchelsea Star


and finished off will strong rebounds and deflections. All this hard work from all 8 players payed off and gave us a good win. Go Winch! Best Players: Makayla Bulte, Belinda Czerniawski & Janelle Dixon

C Grade

Score: Bannockburn 36 Def Winchelsea 19 We started well but allowed Bannockburn to dominate after quarter time. Plenty of good things to work on and room for improvement. Best Players: Danielle Kuchenmeister, Haleisha Kirby and Kellie Steere

D Grade

Score: Bannockburn 36 Def Winchelsea 30 Our D Grade side welcomed back some past players a few new ones. Getting the new combinations to work took a little bit of time and resulted in quite a slow start for our first game. However, a great second half put us right back in the game. Again we have plenty to work on but also some great passages of play which we can be proud of. Best Players: Kelly Rochford, Holly McFarlane and Josie McDonald

15 & Under

Score: Bannockburn 35 Def Winchelsea 10 Our Under 15 side came up against a very strong, slick Bannockburn side who kept our scoreline very low. A tough start to the season for our girls, but plenty of good passages of play to give us encouragement! Good work for our first game girls. Best Players: Chloe Miller, Abbey Clark & Connie Royal

13 & Under

Score: Bannockburn 48 Def Winchelsea 5 With a couple of key players moving on from last year’s Under 13’s team we have a very young and inexperienced Under 13’s side. However, we have seen this in the past and the improvement and learning that can be achieved in one year of netball is amazing. Unfortunately our Under 13’s were not eased in to the season but were faced with a first round clash with the very classy Bannockburn. Scoring opportunities were slim but the girls fought hard all game and showed plenty of potential. Best Players: Ieisha Brown, Maddison Kattwinkel and Georgia Glynn

Winchelsea Golf Club Sat 5/4/14

Stroke - Brian King Trophy 1st- M Hedger 75-11-64 2nd- D Morgan 85-18-67 3rd - S Cole 85-17-68 4th - L Chandler 91-22-69 NTP - 8th & 17th - C Parke Golden Hole - 11th - S Cole Midweek

Cross Country Winner - M Barran 39-14 1/2 - 24 1/2 Runner Up - N Byer 46-17-29 NTP - 1st - N Hickman Next week Sat 12/4/14 - StablefordDanny’s Home Maintenance Day

Ladies Golf Results Wednesday April 2nd 4BBB Stableford (9 holes)

Winners Ivy Stephenson & Robyn Vesey - 20 pts Runners Up Ann Davis & Carol Stanesby - 19 pts


The Winchelsea Star

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

Winchelsea Bowling Club By Kitty ‘n Jack

HATELEY FAMILY MEMORIAL With the main bowling season winding down to the Club Presentation Night the final two events on the club calendar were completed. The Men’s Triples Final took several hours and there was wonderful bowling by both teams. The winners were Peter Marshman, lead, Peter Mc Conachy 3rd and Evan Partridge, skip. They defeated Noel Vesey, lead, David Stephenson 3rd and Allan Murrell, skip. The Women’s Drawn pairs were won by Alison Parish and Jessie Gardner with runners up Julie Johnson and Ivy Stephenson.

COMING UP Saturday 12th April, Winchelsea Bowling Club Presentation Night, 7.00 p.m. meal. Sunday 13th April, Corangamite League Association Presentation and Break-Up. Names on board. 21st April, Easter Monday, Men’s Open 4’s Saturday 26th April, First of the winter season 2/4/2. Names in by 11.00 a.m. Commence 12 Noon. Tuesday the 29th of April, Ladies Committee Annual Meeting 10.00 a.m. Sunday 4th May Postie and Publican’s Day 12-30 p.m. Names on board. Monday the 12th May, Winchelsea Bowling Club Annual General Meeting 7-30 p.m. May the bowls be with you!!!

Congratulations to the winners of the Women’s Drawn Pairs, Alison Parish and Jessie Gardner.

Beeac Golf Club April 5th

Junior Tournament Winner Dusty Drayton R/U Hendrick Worden 3rd Place Christopher Worden 4th Place William Falley Golden Hole R Wellman Thursday

Chicken Run

Bill Boddington Congratulations to the winners of the Men’s Triples, Peter Marshman, Evan Partridge and Peter McConachy.

Mens Comp Stableford Winner A Smith 42 points Birdie Balls A Coles Dusty Drayton NT A Coles 9-18 Greg Franziley 14 Well done to our pennant side. 4 games 4 wins

Winchelsea Star Vol37 Ed12 08-April-2014  
Winchelsea Star Vol37 Ed12 08-April-2014  

Winchelsea plans ANZAC Walk of Honour, Premier visits Winchelsea RSL, Winchelsea playgroup celebrate Easter, Highway Projects update, Deans...