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GREETINGS!!!! "Hi- The name's Mishael and for me Kenya is the place to be !!! I've come from the UK and hope to provide a brilliant training session in public speaking and improvisation just something that can help boost up your confidence in your AIESEC life and in all the other lives you have ! Hopefully I'll get the opportunity (Hand gesture) to meet and get to know you on a personal level as we get so spend a good 1 to 2 hours together. Keep in mind that i'm literally always high on life and full of happiness so heads up on that ! AIESEC love - Mishael

VENUE: AIESEC in NAIROBI UNIVERSITY OFFICE DAY: 5TH MAY 2014 TIME: 10.00am-11.30 am: Public speaking 11.30am- 12.30pm: Fun 12.30 pm- 1.00pm : Break 1.00pm- 2.30pm: ICX storming YOU ARE ALL WELCOME (LIMITED NO. Don’t MISS IT)

5th MAY 14 -Training  

By Mishael AKleker: sessions, time allocation and venue. Get to know the trainer

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