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The Daily Blurb The Daily Blurb Placentino Elementary School


The Big Bang

By: Brayden and Julian Grace Amlike started making earrings. She made them by taking a string and putting a knot in it. Then she put a Lego in it. Then she gave them out to people. The first person she gave it to was Connor Forman. Then it started being the opposite of the cheese touch. Grace said she felt happy when she gave them out and Connor said that they were very cool.

By P.J. We read a book named Born With a Bang. It talks about how life was born. How the universe was created. We also had a presentation on the creation of the universe. It was a lot of fun to learn about the universe

Special points of interest: Showdown at the Super Bowl

An Interview with Senora Collins

Science Fest Fun

Care Cart News

By Chloe, Hailey and Sally

An Interview with Senora Collins

Keep Dolpins Safe


An Interview with Mrs. Belhumeur Mrs. Belhumeur, a music teacher at Placentino, slipped on the ice last winter. The ice was on her driveway. She fell down on the right side. “I went to the hospital and had surgery,” said Mrs. Belhumeur. Right now, Mrs. Belhumeur has a cast. I hope she gets better soon.

February 8, 2012

We interviewed Senora Collins in Mrs. Garvin’s class. She is our Spanish Teacher. Her favorite color is yellow. Her favorite kind of music is soft rock. Her favorite food is Spaghetti. She learned Spanish in college.


Volume 1, Issue 1

Build a Light Saber By Connor Connor is going to build a light saber. Connor said that he will get all the parts in all different colors at Walmart. He also said that it might explode. “It’s going to be really hard,” everybody thought.

Inside this issue: Who Won? A Basketball Game at Placentino


Patriot’s Super Bowl Loss


Keep Dolphins Safe!


Placentino Care Cart


Isabella and Topher’s Play Date


Smoke Alarm at Science Fest


Valentine’s Day


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The Daily Blurb

Who Won? Who Won? By Emmet On Sunday, I had a basketball game. The kids on the team were Summer, Sean, Brady, Joe, David, Lauren, Camden, Kyle, my brother, Luke and me. The game was in the gymnasium.

It was a scrimmage game. There were two games going on at the same time. Our team’s name is the Maroon Gophers. We played against the green team. My team lost three to four, but Luke’s team won, three to zero. Since Luke’s team won, I bet it wasn’t a bad game after all.

Pa triot’s Super Bowl Loss The Super Bowl By: Ethan The Patriots lost to the Giants on Sunday. The score for the football game was Patriots 17

Tom Brady could have made the Patriots win but the Giants were too fast.

to Giants 21. Tom Brady could have made the Patriots win but the Giants were too fast.

Keep Dolphins Safe! Keep Dolphins Safe! By: Ellie

Stop fishing in deep parts of the Ocean. It hurts dolphins. Their tails get caught in the nets, then

they die. That is very bad. We want to keep them safe because they help people. Dolphins are my favorite animal be-

cause I like how they jump!!

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Placentino Car e Car t The Care Cart By Amanda and Sally Volunteers bring the care cart to all of the classrooms in Placentino. Care stands for : * Cooperation, * Acceptance, * Responsibility

You can get a care card from teachers, Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Weene. We save them and then we spend them when the care cart comes. The care cart has erasers, stickers, pencils, a library pass, a hat day pass and a visit a teacher pass. Soon there will be a pass to bring a stuffed animal to school. When a class gets 5 class care cards they can eat lunch on the stage with Mrs. Weene.

* Effort.

Isabella and Topher’s Play da te A Playdate By Topher and Isabella Last Saturday Topher and Isabella had a playdate at Topher’s house from 11:30 to 1:30. Topher said, “My sister played with us also. We had fun together.”

“Topher and I played house together and then we had Mac and Cheese for lunch. My favorite thing we did was sit and spin,” said Isabella. Topher and Isabella loved the playdate!

“Topher and I played house together and then we had Mac and Cheese for lunch,” said Isabella.

The Science Corner Smoke Alarm goes off at Science Fest

The Kazoo

By Mia and Evie One time Emmet made a crayon A smoke machine set off the alarm. It was loud! Then it was safe to go back in box sound like a kazoo. The crayon to the school. I had fun with magnets at box broke so Emmet found another Science Fest. The bubble string was cool! crayon box. The second crayon box did not work. Emmet did not find any more boxes. By Matthew

Planting Seeds By Sabrina and Sofia We planted seeds for Mrs. Protas to put near her mailbox. The kind of flower is Morning Glory. The seeds are black and the flowers will be blue..

The Daily Blurb Placentino Elementary School

Dolphin Tale

Mrs. Protas’ class Newspaper 120 Peppy Path

Dolphin Tale

Valentine’s Day By: Michael Mrs. Protas in having a Valentine’s Day party next Tuesday. We’re going to have cupcakes and give Valentines to everyone in our class. I decorated the classroom with Mrs. Protas. I hung up a heart mobile with a poem on it. I also decorated the classroom door with hearts. My Mom is making the cupcakes for the class. I think it’s going to be fun!!

By Sofia A Dolphin Tale is a movie that is a sad movie. Dolphin Tale is a true story. They fixed a dolphin’s tail. The tail got swiped off by a ship. The people in the movie put a new tail on the dolphin to save it from dying. The dolphin probably had to go to an animal rescue to get the new tail. It was a true but sad

The Field Trip

New High School Intern in Room 120

By Bobby

By: Mrs. Protas

We went on a field trip to the Harvard Museum. There was this stuffed tiger. It was huge. It was about six feet long. There was this bison that looked like Appa from Avitar the Last Air Bender. I saw a lot of rocks. My favorite rock was this big piece of amethyst.

Sarah is a student at Holliston High School. She is an intern in room 120 at Placentino School for her work study. She remembers her second grade year (2001 – 2002) in room 120 when she was in Mrs. Condon’s class. She has fond memories of her second grade year and those memories came flooding back when she crossed the threshold of our classroom. Sarah remembers learning how to read, add, subtract and tell time. She remembers fun field trips too. Sarah said, “This is a wonderful classroom. It is wonderful to be back here.”

Mrs. Protas' Newsletter  

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Mrs. Protas' Newsletter  

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