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Garvin Gazette

By Mrs. Garvin’s 1st /2nd gr. Montessori Class

Volume 1, Issue 1

A Big Bang A Big Bang By: Meredith For billions of years there was nobody alive and the Earth didn’t have any sun light. Then there were lightning storms and lots of rain. The volcanoes were rushing. Then the rain started falling and it was flooding the Earth. Next there was

a gas cloud. The rocks were gas. The gold was gas. The sand was gas and everything was gas! Then rain cooled down the earth. Then when it was just rain, the Earth had so much rain it was up to the mountains and they were under the rain. Soon the sun peeked out of the rainy cloud. Then it was pretty.

Montessori Education Montessori is a great way to learn! The teachers that work in first and second grade Montessori are: Mrs.Garvin and Mrs.Protas. They have fun ways to teach! The math activities that Montessori (Mrs.Garvin’s class) has are: The Stamp Games, Racks and Tubes, The Money Games and Top It.

Everything was perfect. The Earth cooled off.

February 17, 2012

Inside this issue:

Planet Earth was done!

By Libby

You can work by yourself or with someone else. You can also do language. Here are some of the language activities: compound words, movable alphabet, and synonyms. Mrs. Garvin’s and Mrs. Protas’ classes are mixed with first and second graders. Montessori is really fun!

Montessori Advertisement Is Montessori For You?


Special Personalities: A Feature on Rosa Parks


Local News: Beached Dolphins on Cape Cod


Sports: Boston Roots for the New England Team!


Bruins vs. Senators


Entertainment: Featuring Journey 2


Around the World China Bastille Day Canada


All About Animals Adopt a Dog Animal Facts

Inside Story Interviews with Montessori Teachers Comics and Sudoku


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Garvin Gazette By Mrs. Garvin’s 1st /2nd gr. Montessori Class

Is Montessori for you? Montessori Advertisement By: Amanda Montessori if very fun! If your kid lives to move around it will be good for them. Children use the Stamp Game a lot. It’s a math material. You can use it to add, subtract, and divide. You can do big problems and it will be easy. The teachers are very nice. The ages are three years old to ten years old. Your children can do different things than

other people in the classroom. The kids get to learn to read and do cursive. They read a lot about research they are doing. Kids like to make beautiful maps of the world. The kids learn about Native Americans. Also, the kids go on field trips. The Montessori Coordinator is Mrs. Garvin. She is also a first and second grade teacher in Montessori. Montessori is very different than traditional. Children take care of the classroom by watering the plants,

cleaning the tables and feeding the fish and lizard. There are little mats to work on. You can do PowerPoint presentations on animals, things or places. You can type research reports too. The kids learn about people around the world too. In the middle of the year, the kids learn about planets, rocks and minerals. There is a special lesson about planets, rocks and minerals. It is fun to go to Montessori!

The Life of Rosa Parks By: Ava & Lilly

I am Rosa Parks by Rosa Parks with Jim

Rosa Parks was born on February 4th, 1913. She helped black people get equal rights. She was arrested because she would not give up her seat on the bus for a white person. Her friend bailed her out of jail. Many black people were angry that Rosa had been arrested. They decided to boycott the buses and it worked! They went back to the buses and they did not have to give up their seats. Rosa Parks taught us to treat black people the way that you want to be treated.

Beached Dolphins on Cape Cod By Caity and Amelia More than 100 dolphins have been stranded on the shores of Cape Cod in 2012. We need to save these dolphins from dying. Everyone can do something. They need a lot of volunteers to carry the dolphins to trucks to drive them back to the open ocean. Some scientists think that dolphins

have something in them that helps them know where they are. When the dolphins get to close to shore they can’t figure out where they are. Some scientists think this is why they are getting stranded. Others think they are looking for food. It is still a mystery. Please volunteer to be a rescuer. The dolphins need your help!

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Volume 1, Issue 1

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Boston Roots for the New England Team! By : Ben The Patriots are in the Super Bowl for the second time against the New York Giants. The quarterback for the Pats is Tom Brady. He is famous number 12! The name of the stadium they are playing in is Lucas Oil and it is in Indianapolis. The weather will not impact the game because the stadium is indoors. The last time the Pats won the Super Bowl was in 2002 against the St. Louis Rams. They lost to the Giants in 2008. One of the reasons that people are watching the game is because Madonna and Kelly Clarkson are performing

songs at the half time show. There is always entertainment and interesting ads.

Superbowl Follow-up

There is a llama that predicts the Super Bowl winner each year and he believes the Giants will win. However there is also an octopus that predicts the Super Bowl winner and he believes the Patriots will win. You’ll have to watch to find out!

The score was 21 Giants 17 Pats. This is the 2nd loss in the Superbowl against the Giants since 2008. The Giants were happy to win against the Patriots again in the Superbowl. By Stephen & Jamie

Bruins Vs. Senators by Jamie The Boston Bruins won against the Ottawa Senators 4 to 3. Sidenberg took a slap shot from center ice that won The Red Sox By them the game. Maeve R. I think that the Bruins are The Red Sox are in Spring going to play in the Stanley Training in Fort Meyers, Cup finals again. Florida. The games start on March 3rd. The Red Sox

Movie: Journey 2 Journey 2 By: Jackson Partridge

The Patriots lost against the Giants.

real world is small on the

island and everything that is Journey 2 is a new movie that small in the real world is big. It got three stars in ratings. comes out on February 10, This movie takes place on an 2012 in 3D. In Journey 2 island and under water. It is everything that is big in the rated PG.

face the college teams first and then the professional teams. They call it the Grapefruit League. They have a new coach named Bobby Valentine. We still have Big Papi and Youkilis but we traded Jonathan Papelbon to the Phillies. The regular season starts in April.

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News from Around the World China

Bastille Day in France

By Maeve V.

By Caity and Amelia

We just celebrated the Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the dragon. China is a country in Asia and that’s very far from Holliston. Did you know that the Great Wall of China is 2,000 years old and you can actually see it from space? Last year two of our classmates went to China and walked on the Great Wall. The Chinese flag has four small yellow stars and one big yellow star. Red is a lucky color for Chinese people. They also give red envelopes with money in the for Chinese New Year. These envelopes are called “Hong Bao.” There is also a three or four day celebration with dances and parades. I recommend that you go to China someday.

France has a very famous festival. The festival is called the Bastille Day. The festival is on July 14. At the festival they dance in the middle of the streets. Some parts of France have costumes from long ago. They wear the costumes at festivals, parades, and fairs. Each part of France has their own kind of dancing. Lots of France does folk-dancing.

Oh Canada ! Canada by Dakshata

Canada is a part of North America. It is the country North of the United States. Canada is very cold. In Canada you can ski

down tall mountains. Canada is near the United States so you can drive there. In Canada they make little dolls. If you go to Canada you can speak the languages English and French.

Are you looking to adopt a dog?

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Soon They Will Be Gone

By Cole and Alex

By: Jack

We’ve done lots of research on different breeds of dogs. Maybe one sounds like a good match for your family.

1. There are fewer than 25 Grand Cayman Blue Iguanas left. 2. There are fewer than 20 Yangtze River Dolphins left.

Boxers: Boxers are very good with kids. They are very playful. They are medium sized dogs. Boxers are very cute.

3. There are fewer than 10 Giant Stick insects left.

Yorkshire Terriers: Yorkies are very small but active. Yorkies are very protective.

4. There is 1 Abington Island Tortoise left.

Dachshunds: Dachshunds need to have chew toys. They are good hunting dogs. Golden Retrievers: Goldens are a big type of dog. They can get a little too playful. Goldens are very sweet with kids.

5. There are fewer than 60 Javan Rhinoceros left. Information from: Almost Gone by Steve Jenkins

Schnauzers: Schnauzers are very small. They have hair, not fur, so they are good pets if you have allergies. Muts: Muts are scruffy dogs. Muts come in all sizes. The are lovable dogs and very good with kids. Muts are very fast dogs. You can adopt a mut at a dog shelter. Many of them don’t have homes and you can give them a home.

FACTS : Weird but True

by Isa bela Weird but True

Animal Facts *Some bat hair was used as money *One of the Egyptian leaders had a hippo as a pet *Some leather back turtles have shells that can be 6 feet long and 4 feet wide

*The first computer ever made was as long as a tennis court. *Almonds are in the Rose family *The Universe has no center *There are only 2 ATM’s in Antarctica *Early Chinese coins were shaped like knives.

*Leather back turtles can swim as fast as a bottle nose dolphin

*In the olden days, some people word bee hives, caged birds and mice on their head as a hat.

*You can buy Octopus flavored ice cream in Japan

*A long time ago, parents made baby diapers out of potatoes.

*A cow in Canada was sold for 1.2 million dollars *Turtles can never stick out their tongues *Ants have lived on Earth for 140 million years *A Tyrannosaurus’ teeth were the size of a slice of pizza

*Studies have shown that 100 million pounds of chicken wings are eaten on Superbowl Sunday. That’s enough to circle the Earth more than twice! Facts from National Geography magazine, I Can’t Believe it’s History, and the Boston Globe

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Inter views with Montessori Teachers Ms. Gumz Mrs Gumz is a 3rd and 4th Grade Montessori teacher at Miller. Ms. Gumz has been teaching since 1998. She has been teaching in Holliston, Springfield and Haverhill.

Interview with Mrs. Bailey at Miller By Katie (& Luke)

She loves to teach Monetssori and she likes it because she likes the materials. Her favorite place to travel is Alaska. Ms. Gumz likes birdwatching. She has two greyhound dogs and cats. Her favorite food is Barbeque.

Her favorite place to travel is Jackson, Wyoming and her favorite book to read is Love in the Time Cholera. She enjoys skiing with her husband and son and her favorite food to eat is popcorn. Mrs. Bailey has a dog named

Mrs. Bailey is a Montessori teacher in Miller. She teaches third and fourth grade Montessori. Mrs. Bailey has been teaching since 1991. She has taught third to sixth grade, 6-9 Targhee and two hermit Montessori, Study Skills crabs named Bob and and Engineering (gr. 3-5). Marley.

Mrs. Bailey lives in Mrs. Bailey likes Montes- Medway but grew up in sori because she likes hav- Holliston. ing the kids for more than one year. She also likes how the kids learn. Mrs. Bailey loves teaching.

She raises bees and sells her own honey. By Ben and Luke

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