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You know this guy. You are certain that he likes you too. Only, he did not take the step to ask you out on a date so far. Although you cannot force him to take you on a date, there are some things you might do to show him you do want to go on a date with him. Let's talk about how to get a guy to ask you out. By using the next tips, it will happen! 1) Make it easy for him to ask you out He likely will not ask you out on a date if you are with your friends. So it's important to try to get alone with the guy. These days most of the men are afraid to be rejected by a woman. So for the guy it's already a big step to ask you out. Especially when the guy is a bit shy, it's not easy for him to ask it. And he probably will never ask you out when there are other people around. 2) Talk to him Whenever he is not able to talk to you comfortably, the two of you should not go out on a date yet. Whenever he has an opportunity to speak with you with no other people around, he might feel more comfortable asking you out. Rather than being romantic, keep the friendly and funny. Yes, especially funny, don't forget having fun, laugh and try to flirt a little 3) Show him you are interested. As you are talking and flirting now, you must signal him in to ask you out on a date. The most effective way is to talk of activities couples do, like going to the movies, have dinner and name the fact you enjoy things like that, but often there is no guy around to go with. Well, if he still did not ask you to go out with him, what then should you do? Ask him out! Just ask the guy yourself. Many women ask out guys today. It is o.k. if he says no. Only do not let it get you down. Remain positive and go on. Maybe he may be interested in you, only he may just not be ready for a relationship. Do not pressure him. He probably will ask you out once he is ready to. Take action! Taking action is a triumph in itself. Go for it!

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==== ==== You want to be this girl... click the link below for the shock! ==== ====

Best Ways To Get a Guy To LikeYou