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Emotional content may be conveyed in written form by using a symbol such as an emoticon. This word originates from the English words of emotion and icon, and so is a combination of both words. The most popular emoticon must be the smiley, which is really a smiling face. Emoticons are widely used in forums, instant messaging (IM) and online games. Sometimes, an emoticons is all you need to express you current emotion. Words can be cumbersome and take up a little more of your time in comparison. An emoticon on the other hand, is quickly understood by the other, and easily conveyed by you. There is no need for you to use further words if so you choose; simply select the most accurate icon that you are feeling at the time you are communicating. Besides, emoticons are fun to use. The icons look bright and appealing, and all you have to do is click on them. In fact, some of the icons are even animated. Here are some examples of the icons: 1. Smiling 2. Laughing 3. Sad 4. Angry 5. Wink 6. Kiss 7. Stick-out-tongue 8. Dunce 9. Cross eyed There are all kinds of emotional icons out there for your choosing and these are typically free to download. Name it, funny, crazy, sad, etc., and you can find it. In fact, some software programs that you already have installed into your computer may come with it. For example, the popular MSN messenger comes with a number of these icons. If you are wild with it, you can download some more that are more than just the basic ones. Other than the graphical icons mentioned so far, you can create icons with text, but of course, minus the color and a little expressiveness.

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==== ==== If You Love Music World You Can Be a DJ. ==== ====

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