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Yes we have all seen these cute little guys on all of our favorite chat sites and now they are available for Facebook! The best part is they are all free. Would you like to send a special email to a friend or loved one that has a more personal touch, you can do it with these free Facebook emoticons and its all absolutely free. You can choose from many number of email backgrounds that will let your friends know that you took the time to create an email that is more personal just for them. Now when you're sending your email, not only can you add great 3D emoticons to your mail, you can send funny and charming little sound effects too. There is no way that you can say no when they are all absolutely free and there with the simple touch of a button. Do you find most emails to be boring? Is there no more thrill of using the email function? Are you wondering how to personalize your emails? Well the answer is in the simple use of the new Facebook emoticons that are available today! You can download the application and get started in about 5 minutes and you can start sending emails that will make your friends sit up and finally take notice. No more boring emails from you, your friends will sit impatiently waiting for your next note because they will come to learn that not only can you send a great email that's fun, now it will be attractive and full of great sounds and sights. Not only will you be able to choose out of many premade backgrounds for your emails, but with the new Facebook emoticons you can even add personal pictures as your email backgrounds to keep your friends and family in Awe every time they hear from you. There are so many choices out there and we all know how popular Facebook has become so this was of course the next step to keep them up with the times to make sure they stay Americas #1 Social networking site. No longer will you be left feeling blue, you can download your application of Facebook emoticons today and see once again how fun it can be to surf the net and talk with your friends and family. You know we all use the keyboard to express emotions is out chat because reading does not allow you the ability to read tone in a persons voice, but with the use of the Facebook emoticons there will be no more mixed signals.

Here is the list of all Facebook Emoticons and their shortcuts: Facebook Emoticons

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==== ==== If You Love Music World You Can Be a DJ. ==== ====

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