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At the time you first consider to download emoticons, you probably have a hazy thought on what you wish to use them for. It is could be the ordinary 'something to put at the end of the sentence' kind of notion. The application of emoticons are countless however. The list underneath is only pondering about a small number of them. Emoticons as Ice Breakers In the kingdom of online social connection, you meet more people daily, jumping into new friendship almost all the time. When things succeed, you will ordinarily develop quite a relationship where you converse close to all the time without hardly having met in the real world.It is amazing to find out how altered people like these perceive you. Sometimes their perception of you is a bit different from who you really are. This may make for some misunderstanding or uncalled for altercations. Dry, written words can not express friendliness, good will or simple banter. This is where cute icons can help exchange for what we usually use in real life events, signals, gesticulations and body language. One ordinary icon may let your chatting mate realize you mean no harm. Emoticons as Humorous Items When you tend to be playful you may joke, tease and banter but what if you are with a totally new person? You don't really know what their sense of humor is like, what type of topic is okay to joke with them or what insinuation they might be able to discern. As visuals, cute and funny emoticons are among the most effective tools to employ to inform your friend you are being a little crazy and feeling lighthearted. Emoticons as Contest Items A number of the icons you can find out there have close ties to things or people we admire. They can be famous people, sport teams or maybe cartoon or movie personalities. When you are a member of a forum sharing your interest to one of these, it could be quite a success to be able to log in and show off a new emoticon as your profile picture nobody else has ever had before. Especially when the smileys are exquisitely designed. You can also start your unique contest if you will. Near Halloween for instance, you can launch a Scariest Emoticon Avatar Contest. You and your pals can search and download anywhere you feel like to try to win. Emoticons as Mock Fighting Items There are many of emoticons available out there that depict mock fighting event or just about any situation you can use to make it look like you are having an altercation. You may use the pouting

emoticon to show your (pretend) displeasure and when your chat mate casually sticks his or her tongue at you, you can run after them with the will to hit them with a stick - you know what's it like. Download emoticons that are floating around on the Internet, available free of charge and have fun with your friends!

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==== ==== If You Love Music World You Can Be a DJ. ==== ====

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