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The town of Benalmadena is located in the province of Malaga in southern Spain. This small town is a locale of serene attraction of picturesque coastlines that has dolphins to watch out for and a beautiful Buddhist Enlightenment Stupa that was built in the year 2003. As an increasingly popular destination among tourists and visitors to Spain there are several attributes that makes Benalmadena more than just a small town. The town has a vibrant nightlife to offer apart from the beautiful long stretch of coastline and its beaches. A moderate climate and a good network of communication and roadways that enables you to travel quite freely and safely. Benalmadena is still growing as a place and there are lots of building and construction that are coming up. However, when it comes to Benalmadena accommodation facilities, there are enough on offer even for a small town. Apart from the number of hotels that are there along the beaches, there are also apartments that are available on hire for your holiday or weekend requirements. This is ideal especially for family outings and weekends where space is important. Benalmadena Weekends The town of Benalmadena is vibrant and has a lot to offer to all kinds of visitors despite a natural perception of the place being a favourite with stag party groups. There is a lot in store for everyone who makes a trip to this place. Here is a look at all the activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family on your next trip to Benalmadena. Paintballing - if you are in Benalmadena paintballing is a choice of activity that is almost certain for everyone. Water Sports and Beach Sports - There are a number of water sports that you can enjoy like water skiing and wake boarding. Beach sports include beach volleyball and football. Spa - This is also a place where you can pamper yourself to an exclusive spa treatment and relax over the weekend. Benalmadena Karting - Go karting is also a popular activity with an all equipments provide race that can fetch you a trophy if your win.

Benalmadena Nights The vibrant and active nightlife coupled with an array of choices that one can have in this small town makes it important there Benalmadena nightlife is spoken of separately. There are several options of going out on a meal and a cruise if you would like to opt for a different and a romantic experience. However, there is a bevy of Benalmadena night clubs and bars that have all the attention and the crowds after sunset. Benalmadena Fiesta One of the major attractions of Spanish culture is the colourful fiestas that are an integral part of it and Benalmadena can offer you some of them as well. The Benalmadena fiestas are marked by colourful procession along with several activities and sports during some of them. Here are some of the Fiesta timings in a year. The exact dates can be available with the tourism office as they change each year even though the months may remain the same. Easter Week Dia de los Juegos - End of June La Virgen del Carmen - July Benalmadena Summer Fair - Mid August There is a lot on offer in Benalmadena weekends, we surely hope you will have a time of your life.

For more information on Benalmadena fiesta, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the Benalmadena weekends!

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World of Warcraft Master, destroy them in espectacular ways. ==== ====

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