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Basically, there are two types of Facebook emoticons: those that are natively supported by Facebook, and those that were created by third party sites. Natively Supported Facebook Emoticons When Facebook chat was introduced about 2 years ago, there was no visible list of emoticons that people could employ in their conversations. In time, people discovered that Facebook does have emoticons. However, the only way they could use them was if they enter the right shortcut code. People researched, experimented, and tried various combinations. They listed what worked and posted them online. Here is the complete list of those Facebook emoticons. To use them, simply enter the combination of symbols or letters below. Facebook's system will automatically convert them into smileys emoticons. 1. Emoticons that connote happiness, joy, contentment, friendly statement: * Classic smiley face --:) or:-) * Happy eyes or kiki -- ^_^ * Laughing eyes -- >:O * Cat smile --:3 * Grin -- :D 2. Emoticons to use if you want to tease or banter someone in a friendly manner: * Wink- ;) or;-) * Devil - 3:) * Angel - O:) * Cheeky- :p or:-p 3. Emoticons to use if you want to show negative emotions: * Grumpy -- >:-( * Sad -- :( or:-( * Crying --:'( * Squint---_* Upset-->:o 4. Emoticons to show surprise, shock, disbelief:

* Shocked emoticon --:o or:-o or:O * Woot -- O.o * Duhh -- :/ or:\ 5. Emoticons to show love or affection * Kiss emoticon-- * or:-* * Love emoticon--

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==== ==== If You Love Music World You Can Be a DJ. ==== ====

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