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Introduction We are proud to present this brochure about our company, ‘Wim Peters Kwekerijen’. An informative and eye-catching publication, which explains our roots and vision as a family business, highlights the tasty tomatoes we grow and tells you more about the other innovative and sustainable initiatives we are involved in. I am very enthusiastic about the way our company has developed in recent years. Last year, we took advantage of the opportunity to acquire neighbouring businesses. Thanks to these acquisitions, our company has grown to over 30 hectares of commercial greenhouses. Together with our staff, we grow our products carefully and lovingly to ensure the best possible taste and excellent quality. Based on the expertise and experience of three generations of the Peters family. As the third generation, I am proud to say that the fourth-generation is now also working in our company! Over the years, we have built up strong relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers. As I see it, honesty and trust are the main ingredients in all those relationships.

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Around 1900 At the beginning of the 20th century, Wim Peters’ grandfather starts a mixed farming business in Loosduinen. 1985 Wim joins his father and uncle in the business, which now specialises in growing tomatoes. 2002 The company moves to a 4.1 hectare plot on Wagenmaker in Someren. 2003 The company acquires a further 3.3 hectares. The total surface area is now 7.4 hectares. 2009 Purchase of the business located at Hoge Akkerweg 10, bringing the total surface area to 15.8 hectares. 2013 & 2014 Two-year investment programme in LED interlighting. In total, 7 hectares. 2016 A hailstorm destroys the whole company. Everything is rebuilt. 2017 Just over a year later, the new company is up and running again. 2019 The company is nominated for the ‘Tuinbouw Ondernemersprijs’. 2020 Acquisition of neighbouring companies, bringing the total surface area up to more than 30 hectares. 2022 Wim Peters Kwekerijen sets up an in-house sales department.


GP Someren B.V. Location: Hoge Akkerweg 1 Total surface area 6,9 ha • 3,0 ha with lighting • 3,9 ha without lighting

Vivaio Peters B.V. Location: Wagenmaker 14 Total surface area 7,4 ha • 7,4 ha with lighting | LED & SONTED & SONT

Locations 6

GP Someren B.V. Location: Steegstraat 20 Total surface area 7,6 ha • 7,6 ha with lighting | SONT N

Vivaio Peters B.V. Location: Hoge Akkerweg 10 Total surface area 8,4 ha • 3,3 ha with lighting | ONT • 5,1 ha without lighting



Wim Peters Kwekerijen grows a range of tomato varieties. Our tomatoes are marketed under the Umami, Autenta and Roma brand names. We aim to build long-term relationships and use our expertise to satisfy the wishes and needs of our customers. We are happy to grow exclusive and distinctive products for customers on request. All the details of our crops, relevant information and seasonal availability can be found in the next section. Are you interested or do you require more information? Please contact Maurice Langeslag. +31 (0)6 12 34 56 78 +31 (0)493 78 22 80

Cherry Vine Tomatoes 3kg tray


Coeur de Boeuf 3kg tray

Plum Tomatoes

6kg tray (loose) 5kg tray (on the vine) 9

Mini Cherry Vine Tomatoes


Grown under artificial lighting Tomato weight: 11 - 14 grams Harvested: On the vine or loose Number per vine: 12 - 14 fruits Availability: All year round The Mini Cherry Vine Tomato is characterised by its delicious sweet taste. Delicious as a healthy snack, as a side dish served with drinks or in a hot or cold dish.

Suitable for packaging 10

Cherry Vine Tomatoes


Grown without artificial lighting Tomato weight: 16-20 grams Harvested: Loose Number per vine: 12 - 14 fruits Availability: March to November The Cherry Vine Tomato has a crisp bite and a deep red colour. The taste is delicious and it looks beautiful on the vine. Delicious as a healthy snack or as an ingredient in a hot or cold dish.

Suitable for packaging 11

Plum Tomatoes


Grown without artificial lighting Tomato weight: 90-100 grams Harvested: On the vine Availability: March to November This Plum Tomato variety produces firm fruits with a good shelf life. Perfect for soups and pasta sauce.

Suitable for packaging 12

Vine Tomatoes


Grown under artificial lighting Tomato weight: 90 grams Harvested: Loose Number per vine: 3-4 fruits Availability: All year round Roterno has a beautiful red colour, an excellent taste and a high lycopene content. A true all-rounder. This tomato is great for sauces and soups or cold or hot dishes.

Suitable for packaging 13

Coeur de Boeuf


Grown without artificial lighting Tomato weight: 250-300 grams Harvested: Loose Number per vine: 3-4 fruits Availability: March to November The Coeur de Boeuf is a tomato with an unusual shape and taste. The fruit ripens from the heart outwards. The mature tomato is harvested when still green. Great for stuffing, but also delicious in a salad.

Suitable for packaging 14

Beef Tomatoes


Altadena - Rebelski expweritiehnce

Cocktail Tomatoes

Various sorts

Plum Tomatoes


Large Vine Tomatoes



Maurice, Lisa en Wim 16


We would like to introduce Maurice Langeslag to you. Maurice is our Commercial Manager. The sales will be under supervision of Maurice Langeslag. Lisa Peters will support him in the field of marketing. From January, Maurice will replace Wim Peters as the primary point of contact for customers. His responsibilities include normal growing activities, growing contracts and daily and weekly trading orders. Obviously Wim will also stay in close contact with our customers and the lines of communication will remain as short and fast as you have come to expect of us. Would you like further information? Wim and Maurice will be happy to visit you to explain the new approach in more detail. If you prefer, you can also visit our company. You are always welcome to drop in for a cup of coffee and a chat. Please contact Maurice to set up a meeting.

Maurice Langeslag +31 (0)6 86 88 00 32 +31 (0)493 78 22 80 Lisa Peters +31 (0)6 52 61 39 61 +31 (0)493 47 04 05 17 17

Innovation & Sustainability LED Lighting

LED lighting has been used in the greenhouses since 2013. Thanks to this lighting, we can produce tomatoes all year round. In addition, the tomatoes are of better quality, the plants are more vital, we can harvest earlier and we use less energy.


We use combined heat and power (CHP) units to generate our own electricity. They also provide the heat we require. A CHP system converts gas into heat, Co2 and electricity. As one of the partners in a joint venture with five growers in the region, we are connected to a biomass plant via our own heat network. This plant sustainably converts locally sourced pruning waste and cuttings into heat. We use that heat in our greenhouses. The total system saves 7.5 million m3 of gas annually and generates very low emissions, equivalent to about 4 domestic wood-burning stoves.


We are fully committed to preserving biodiversity. Insect hotels have been installed at each location. These hotels are made of natural materials and provide a safe haven for insects. We have also put up nesting boxes for various species of bird. The boxes were made for us by the local care farm. Sheep graze our meadows and pastures to control weeds. We limit our light emissions to reduce nuisance for the community. We are legally required to block 75% of our light emissions at night. Our PlanetProof certification proves that we exceed this requirement by far, reducing our light emissions by more than 95% during the night. In our Tomato Shed we also provide fresh tomatoes for the residents of Someren and the surrounding area.

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Certification Wim Peters Kwekerijen meets the specified quality requirements and satisfies legislation and regulations. Appropriate certification and inspections ensure that the delivered products are traceable, safe and hygienic and that the working conditions comply with statutory requirements. The company is always willing to apply for new certification, if requested or required by a customer. We are currently Global Gap, PlanetProof, BRC, Grasp, IFS (packing department) and Tesco certified.

Future Energy Looking to the future, we will continue to investigate alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power. Accommodation We are working to improve and expand accommodation for migrant workers. Socially involved We also like to contribute to society. We participate in local initiatives that aim to promote sports, good nutrition and protect the environment.


Packaging We have the space and facilities required to package our tomatoes on site. We offer a range of packaging types and sizes. We would be happy to discuss your packaging needs and offer you an appropriate solution. The solutions shown here are just a selection of what we can offer.



The first phase focuses on automating the product feed. This process destacks a pallet and transports the crates to the processing line manned by our staff. New and efficient cutting lines will also be installed. A smart buffer system collects the finished product from each processing line. When enough product is present in the buffer, it is transported on to the palletiser. This station automatically palletises and straps the products, adding reinforcement as required. The empty crates are sent to a central washing plant where they are washed in preparation for their next use. We are also going to invest in a digital system to optimally manage traceability, stock management, orders and administration.

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Tomato Shed

Management: Wilbert, Maurice, Wim & Nick

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Important information/Disclaimer Wim Peters Kwekerijen has exercised great care and professional expertise to create this brochure. This brochure is solely intended to provide general information about the products of Wim Peters Kwekerijen for users, and users are expected to apply this information with good judgement, based on their own knowledge and experience of local conditions. Nothing in this brochure and the information it contains constitutes a legally binding promise, undertaking or contract. Wim Peters Kwekerijen accepts no liability with regard to the information in this publication. © Wim Peters Kwekerijen. The information contained in this publication is subject to copyright. The information may not be copied or reproduced in any way. Wim Peters Kwekerijen Hoge Akkerweg 10 5711 TM Someren

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