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The Frank Brangwyn’s ceiling murals were being an inspiration for the color of the ribbons Fibromyalgic disturbance and Fibrous Asbestos Cement. Hiram Abbif: chief architect of King Solomon’s Temple, Build two bronze collumns ‘ Jachin and Boaz

Integration of dental prosthesis Art Deco spaces in New York City. Built in 1928 - 1930 by architect William Van Alen

Bible referring myths of the Temple of Solomon.

Horse racing Saratoga springs, NY

Rotunda buildings, often build to be used as religion temples. The Guggenheim museum in New York is a rotunda.

Frank Lloyd Wright,(Architect Guggenheim Museum New York, Falling water villa) Busby Burkeley, (Choreographer off movies and musicals, caleidoscopic effects) Irisch writing

Entered Apprentices in the Masonic order. The Masonic Order, a fraternal organisation based on the principles of Freemasonry Illuminati

Cre master 3 Written and Directed by Matthew Barney Produced by Barbara Gladstone and Matthew Barney Director of Photography Peter Strietmann

Jacob Lanze was killed in the18th century by lightning and was found with secret information about the Illuminati of the Masonic Order.

Principal Production Team Jonathan Bepler Chelsea Romersa Matthew D. Ryle Gabe Bartalos Linda LaBelle Chris Winget Designer Hal McFeely III Jessica Frost Kristin Schattenfield Matthew Wallin Adam Martinez Kanoa Baysa, Nicholas Emmet, Chris Hanson, Dow Kimbrell, Michael Koller Christopher Seguine Regina Harris

Matthew Barney  

publication to displey the work of Matthew Barney