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The force of fire !

Fireforce is a Belgian combat metal formation. As a thrash adept, I always prefer bands who bring metal, rich in energy, and with an important role for the drums. They just make me feel happy. No wonder I was delighted when the people from Fireforce contacted me to interview them. Not because of a new tour or some new work, but because they changed their line-up. A substantial change… We meet in my hometown, even in my favorite place. The locally world-famous „Keeskafee”. The guys seem to feel at home between the skull-withhorns on the wall, and the fortified doors of the coolers. Jokes start being made, and decorating plans are made for home.


Jacky and Blacky !

Guys… The past. How did Fireforce start? Erwin (Guitar): In 2008, Flype and I left „Double Diamond”. We started Fireforce in september of that year. In March 2009, we had our first live-performance. We chose to start with

a bang, because we wanted to show we weren’t to be taken lightly. We wanted to show the world we are as we play. Hard, fast and loud. Indeed, that shows in your style today. You call your style „combat metal”. Is that a statement? Erwin: You could see it that way, however, it’s not our first intention. We just want to bring good music. Music that entertains, but at the same time, tells you about history. The history of combats. Can you link the combat to your military heritage? Are there fighting men in your ranks? Flype (Vocals): Two of the band members are military. Both Geert and myself still serve. Geert (Bass): And two of our crew are military as well. Koen and Rob help us as stagecrew, and they both fight the fight. Flype: So that makes four active military-man in our team. Your songs tell the story of great battles… Erwin: …Combats, but also Greek mythology. That’s also part of our lyrics. That’s also part of the history we try to bring. How do you translate the military heritage to the musical aspect of the band?

Fireforce preview swm #4  

Following their new line-up, Fireforce had an interview with SWM.