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Kirsten Barker 8 November 2012

What is Club Leaders  Part of the Places People Play Olympic legacy programme  Uniquely focused on the business aspects of club management  Tailored for sports clubs  Working to provide better business skills for club leaders  Delivered by PwC working with Sport England  A national programme  Available to all clubs  It’s all free

How we got here 30%

Club leader survey 1,200 survey responses

1,800 1,714

1,600 1,400 1,200

14% 1,000

4% 911


800 10%


7% 11%






5% 8% 4%



0% Business and financial planning

Facility management 1st 3rd



3rd 1st





CSPs 41 discussions across the regions



%of respondents

NGB meetings 23 in-depth interviews 23 mini-discussions

Which of the following areas do you think would most help you to contribute more to your club?

2% 308


2% 2%

1% 1% 1%


Asset transfer



400 200

4% 0 Other

Weighted score*

Club leaders meetings 4 focus groups held across the country

Other LAs 30 + telephone interviews performed Various training providers and leisure operators 2 focus groups performed

What’s on offer Online modules

9 online modules Simpler Finance Get your cash flowing Budgeting, get on track, stay on track Managing capital projects Organisation structure Evaluating marketing options Developing your marketing strategy Effective facilities management Good governance

What’s on offer Toolkits

32 toolkits Simpler Finance – top tips, overview of VAT, overview of PAYE Get your cash flowing – overview, cash flow prediction model and template, profit v cash, top tips, debtors, creditors, stock Budgeting - overview, example Good governance - A System for Evaluation, Code of Conduct, Committee Structure, Communication of Policies and Procedures, Conflict of Interest, Delegation, Financial Policies and Procedures, Induction Process, Skills Matrix, Template Code of Practice, Checklist of where you are now with your Club Governance, Club Constitution Organisation structures – top tips Managing Capital projects – top tips Effective facilities management – options for purchase Evaluating marketing options – top tips Developing a marketing strategy – media, social, sponsorship Effective Facilities Management – Options for purchase toolkit

What’s on offer Forums and FAQs

23 FAQs For example: How can I gain extra income for my club? Does my club need to be audited? How do I deal with committee members who are regularly absent from meetings? What sort of things should be included in a job advert? A local business has rented our conference room on several occasions but won’t cough up the cash they owe us, what should I do? How can we develop our club’s policies and procedures? What is the role of the finance sub committee?

What’s on offer Seminars

Business and Financial Planning Seminar 18 July 2012

8 seminar topics Understanding your club’s finances Cash flow and budgeting Financial policies and procedures VAT and sports clubs PAYE and Employment Status Developing a business plan Developing a marketing strategy Effective organisation structures

What’s on offer Mentoring

Where to find us

For more information contact: Follow us on: @Club_Leaders Join us on:

Any questions?

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