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Strategic Funding Programme Targeted Grant Programmes

Artists’ International Development Fund


Supports Goal one Achieving Great Art for Everyone : Talent and artistic excellence are thriving and celebrated.

Supports Goal two Achieving Great Art for Everyone : Seeing more people in England experience and be inspired by the arts.

Small grants from £1,000 up to £5,000 •

to cover travel, daily needs, some material costs and accommodation where not supplied by a host organisation. time period is flexible to meet artists’ needs

Only apply once in any financial year One or two international visits for English applicant to travel overseas or overseas partners/collaborator to visit England or both. 31 May ’12 – first round 5 October ’12 - second round 1 February ’13 - third round

Catalyst Arts Supports Goal three Achieving Great Art for Everyone : The arts are sustainable, resilient and innovative.

Delivers on Goal 3 Achieving Great Art for Everyone: the arts are sustainable, resilient and innovative

Over 4 years total £200m split into two strands.

£45 million touring programme over three years.

Catalyst arts: Capacity Building & Match Funding

£30 million. Awards of £10,000 or above to support a wide range of high quality work in all artforms to tour. More work by and for children and young people, and more work by and for people from diverse backgrounds. The strategic touring programme has six funding rounds for applications between March 2012 and February 2013.


Announcement of decisions in May. •

Catalyst arts: Fundraising Capacity Building Grants £7 million Grants of between £15,000 and £25,000. For more information go to :

1. £180 million – Large scale grants for above £500k 2011-12 = £80 million 2012-13 = £50 million 2013-14 = £50 million Next round of the large scale capital funding programme to open in the summer 2012 2. £20 million – Small scale grants for under £500k More information about smaller scale capital grants to be published alongside a number of other new strategic funds, in the coming months.

Specific Grant commissions

Audience Focus


Creative People and Place

Grant commission to deliver on Goal two: “seeing more people in England experience and be inspired by the arts”.

Grant commission to deliver on Goal five: Grant commission to deliver on Goal two of every child and young person should be able “seeing more people in England experience to experience the richness of the arts. and be inspired by the arts”

The £7.5 million fund is designed to help cultural organisations understand, retain and grow their audiences.

£4.5 million investment from April 2012 to March 2015.

We have announced three major commissions which are large-scale, exciting and ambitious and cover the three aims of our Audience Focus fund:

Trinity College London has been selected as the national provider for Artsmark: • •

• • •

understanding audiences – Audiences Plus collaborative action – the Association of British Orchestras best practice – the Arts Marketing Association (AMA)

To develop a sustainable business model To allow the scheme to grow to be recognised as a quality kitemark.

£2 million – second round of applications.

£37 million will be invested over three years in around 15 programmes of activity that use radical new approaches to developing inspiring and sustainable arts experiences for communities not currently engaging with the arts. The Arts Council England has used the Active People survey to identify 71 areas of the country which fall into the lowest 20% in relation to arts engagement – the SW region has no areas included in the lowest 20%, therefore, SW organisations are not allowed to apply unless working with organisations from other regions. Two funding rounds with grants of between £500,000 and £3million.

General Strategic Grant programme South West Regional focus: • Priority areas: Plymouth and Torbay • 2012 legacy and links to cultural tourism • Supporting outdoor arts sector • Consortium working Dorset and Gloucestershire. • Creative Apprenticeships – LEPs

The budget for 2012/13 and 2013/14 is projected to be about £16 million, rising to a projected £27 million in 2014/15 Open access – Launch in Spring 2012.

Strategic Funding Programme