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Minutes Meeting May 12 Present: Ian Martin (Rolling Chair) Deryck Newland Clare Jack Caroline Peacock Tracy Sullivan (Development Manager) Apologies Peter Ursem Michelle Carwardine-Palmer

Matters arising from last minutes TS still to share Mission 5 proposal with Steering group. Acknowledgement of importance of Wiltshire Council and the Arts Services continued support: TS emailed Peter, SAC and WMC have also spoken to Jane Scott and Andrew Kerr about the value of their continued support Economic Impact – Check with Peter Tyas where this work is at. Ask whether there is a standard way we as individual organisations can measure this. Nb. Peter spoke about the continued work he is doing on an economic impact study during the full mtg. I spoke to him afterwards and he did say that there is a formula that could be shared but that the multipliers have to be individual to the organisation. Ie what somebody might spend visiting Salisbury festival, hotels, trains, restaurants etc would be very different from what an Arc Theatre goer might spend. He said the best way for organisations to work out this for themselves is to carry out a questionnaire with 100 representative audience members/ visitors. ACTION: TS to work with Peter to identify what sort of questions would need to be asked. CEW: Deryck fed back on previous days Open Space event. 30 people attended, largely practitioners, a little disappointed at the fact that some key players were unable to make it. Felt very positive that the day was a demonstration through action of how they want CEW to function. WASSA next meeting date still to be confirmed. Deryck shared that he would be handing over SAC representation to Gemma Okell 1

The next Steering group meeting date was confirmed as being September 8. Ian is not available for this date and as we expect to hear from ACE by October 17th can I suggest Thursday 20th October for our next meeting?



Minutes Meeting May 12 Deryck shared that he would be handing over SAC representation to Gemma Okell WASSA next meeting date still to be con...

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