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Minutes Core Group


March 3

Salisbury Playhouse, Community Room


Maria Bota, (SIAF)Chair Ian Martin, Pound Arts Clare Jack, Wiltshire Music Centre Deryck Newland, Salisbury Arts Centre Paula Hammond, Wiltshire Dancing Dave Buxton, Devizes Carnival Peter Tyas, Wiltshire Council Michelle Carwardine-Palmer, Salisbury Playhouse


Carrie Creamer, WYAP

Peter Ursem, Artcare

1. Minutes of last meeting

No matters arising, just suggested that we should be mindful of the points discussed raised in the full membership meeting. 2. National Portfolio:

Six of the Seven organisations (that we are aware of) who have submitted National Portfolio (NP) applications attended this mtg and were happy to share the main areas that their bids covered. (not included are Sukosta who were not present and WYAP who are part of a consortium bid) Salisbury Arts Centre: Core programme – is multi artform, broad offer aimed at a diverse community. Key areas of business plan are: 1. Development Activity: DREAM i. Developing digital media and film making ii. Website developed as an artist platform 2. Edge: Disability work 3. Shine: Children and families work encouraging families to engage together 4. Outside and outdoors: outdoor programming and outreach work in the community 5. Play: encourage curiosity in the audience – particularly focused on visual arts Venue ++ More than just a place that people come to watch ‘stuff’ but a place that brokers, hosts, is a platform and a springboard. Salisbury Playhouse: Wiltshire Arts Promoters, Development Manager, Tracy Sullivan, C/O Arc Theatre Trowbridge, College Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 0ES Tel: 07540 938936 email

Contributed to all 5 ACE objectives: 1. Create Original and vibrant production, 15 productions per year 2. National status as leading producing theatre – getting work out beyond Wiltshire 3. Engage, inspire and entertain the whole community, increase audience by 15% by March 2015 4. Advance national creative talent – new training model looking to achieve 500 – 750 students per year. In partnership with Wiltshire College, Bath Spa University, Southampton and Bournemouth university’s. Will include developing more wardrobe space, offer a set building service; cultivate – Salisbury Studio for new and emerging talent providing first opportunity for people to work with professionals. 5. Maximise financial position to achieve more stability Devizes Carnival Expanding the remit to ‘general outside art provision’ 1. To grow management group to have solid leaders. 2. Build a balance of performance and participation 3. Children and young people have an opportunity to take part in workshops and other activities and include the Christmas Festival 4. Grow the street festival from 1 to 2 days Pound Arts Trust Two main goals:

Talent and artistic excellence More people experiencing and inspired by arts

1. Continue diverse and high quality programme in the Arts Centre 2. Managing and developing the rural touring scheme (RAW), working with South Gloucester 3. Corsham Festival, RAW and The Pound enabled to work more closely 4. Visual arts – there is a G4A in currently to create 3 studio spaces and a workshop space, also looking at touring visual art across Wiltshire There is a consortium bid coming out of the South West for rural touring Salisbury International Arts Festival Focused on three of ACE’s objectives, 1, 3 and 4, though did reference all five. 1. Aim to consolidate growth: a. Over three years SIAF audience has doubled b. 25% income growth 2. Committed to bringing international artists to Salisbury as well as supporting local artists 3. Focused on working within the landscape and developing rural touring 4. Growing digital activity Wiltshire Arts Promoters, Development Manager, Tracy Sullivan, C/O Arc Theatre Trowbridge, College Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 0ES Tel: 07540 938936 email

5. 6. 7. 8.

Broaden volunteer opportunities Continue to diversify income streams Maintain a quality programme and free activity and events Trustee and friends support is good and needs to be maintained and develop individual giving

Wiltshire Music Centre Consolidating the last four years developments 1. Quality provision – continue to present 90 concerts per year 2. Developing young artists – spotting significant talent 3. Increasing participation through outreach programmes and maintain that growth 4. Audience Development work – look at developing a crossover of audience, cross genre 5. Develop family touring concerts 6. Consolidate staff structure 7. Diversification of income CEW New model that will bring together Wiltshire Dancing and Theatreworks at a saving of 40% (nb since this mtg CEW’s G4A for 2011 – 2012 has been confirmed) 1. Support artists and entrepreneurial work 2. Support Wiltshire’s arts ecology 3. After pilot year will appoint a third Creative Producer as defined by the need, ie music, youth, visual arts, (present Theatre and Dance CP’s may step aside if needs outside of Theatre or dance are identified as being greater) 4. Work as part of regional and national agencies Peter Tyas fed in his thoughts around the bids that have come out of Wiltshire: Wiltshire council see a unique value in each organisation in supporting the community, work with young people, engaging older people, networking etc. The economic impact made by the arts in Wiltshire is recognised. The council’s aim is to build resilient communities that are less reliant on public services and believe that the arts can help achieve this. Wiltshire Council are interested in structures and looking at the outcomes. Cultural Olympiad (CO) MB fed back on a recent CO Quest meeting between Desperate Men, Cirque bijou, Wiltshire Tor and SIAF It was concluded that Wiltshire’s offer would take elements from both the Wiltshire Tor proposal and SIAF’s ‘White Horse’ project,

Wiltshire Arts Promoters, Development Manager, Tracy Sullivan, C/O Arc Theatre Trowbridge, College Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 0ES Tel: 07540 938936 email

White Horse project intends to illuminate all of the eight White Horses across Wiltshire, working closely with the local area partnerships to light them. Working with David Chadwick. The outcome will be an amazing moment when all are lit up, lots of community engagement. Call to WAP members to get involved. Team Wiltshire, who are leading on the CO work, are re writing the strategy, wanting to work with schools, community groups and embed investment in this Salisbury Playhouse will be focusing their youth theatre and participation on CO and are developing outside Shakespeare, dates tbc but likely to be pre Edinburgh Salisbury Arts Centre Supporters of Wiltshire Tor – DN reported that Wiltshire Tor was unsuccessful with their R &D bid to ACE so have scaled the project down to focus on the missing trilathon! SAC is focusing on a project ‘Pass The Flame’ young people’s companies WAP Chair Ian Martin was voted in as chair up until September 2011

Wiltshire Arts Promoters, Development Manager, Tracy Sullivan, C/O Arc Theatre Trowbridge, College Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 0ES Tel: 07540 938936 email


Core Group minutes from 3 March 2011