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7 Considerations Before Buying a Spa. Jenny Anderson

First a word about myself and Endless Spas… I’ve been in the spa business since the late 1970’s. As someone, who has spent most of the time developing and implementing innovative support programs for our spa customers. I know which features made customers happy and those that they would buy next time. I also understand how hydrotherapy can enhance people’s lives. This knowledge allows me to share with you the 7 most important things to consider before you buy.

Jenny Anderson Owner Endless Spas

What Questions Should I Ask? This e book provides critical information you should consider before selecting a spa. I recommend you spend time educating yourself prior to visiting spa showrooms.

Confucius says… “He, who learns but does not think, is lost. He, who thinks but does not learn, is in great danger.”

The Finished Look. Consider what you will see as you “look out onto” your spa retreat.

In-Ground Spas VS Above Ground Spas

Size & Design. Consider where your spa will be located. •Typical Widths: 1500mm – 2350mm •Typical Lengths: 1800mm – 4350mm Consider the physical features of the spa. •Seating Capacity •Seating Design - Upright or Lounges •Seating Depth •Spacious Foot Wells •Comfort •Ease of Entry

Heating and Filtration. Consider heating times & running costs. Heating Options Include: • Electric • Gas - Fastest Option • Solar* - Subject to enviromental conditions. • Heat Pump* - Subject to enviromental conditions. • “Hybrid” - combination of two or more of the above. * These options will be less effective in colder climates e.g. Southern N.S.W, Victoria & Tasmania.

Filtration Options Include: • 24 hour circulation systems • 2 speed circulation / massage systems Find out what is the “amperage power” to run your circulation pump daily.

Water Quality. Consider how you will protect the users & the spa equipment. Every spa requires a chemical sanitiser to keep the water safe.

examples: • Chlorine • Bromine • Chlorine Free – Hydrogen Peroxide • Silver Optional appliances are available to enhance water quality.

examples: • Salt Chlorinators • Ozone Generators • Ultra Violet Lamps • Ionisers

Hydrotherapy. Consider which therapy for your spa. Options include massage, colour & oxygen therapy.

Massage Jet Therapy* Consider which part of your body to benefit from the massage? • Feet - Reflexology • Neck & Shoulder • Thigh & Calf • Lumber • Thoracic • Gluteus *Some jets will be better than others.

Hydrotherapy Cont... Chromatherapy - Colour Therapy Consider the lighting system to enhance your mood? •Choose green for a sense of calm •Choose the vibrant red to rekindle your internal flame. •Choose blue for peace and serenity •Choose orange to decrease irritability •Choose yellow to combat gloom and fatigue

Oxygen Therapy Consider if you would benefit from “MicroSilk” oxygen therapy? •Increased enhancement of the skin cells •Improved collagen production •Improved functioning of blood vessels •Reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and dull looking skin •Natural healing process – toxins removed

Peace of Mind.

Consider who will provide you customer care.

Questions to ask the spa retailer?

•Can I see your “Customer Charter”? •Show me examples of customer feedback, both positive & negative. •What education is available on how to operate my spa? •What education is available on how to look after my spa? •Do you offer convenient online shopping for consumables & parts? •Do you have a full time dedicated “Customer Care Coordinator”* * Person should not have any other responsibilities other than customer care.

Project Management. Consider the additional tasks needed to complete your spa retreat. Would you like one person to manage this? Some Spas Require…

All Spas Require…

• A Site Inspection • Gas Connections • Landscaping • Decking • Paving • Gazebos / Shelters / Verandas • Onsite Commissioning

• Delivery • Permits • Installation • Fencing • Electrical Connections






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7 considerations before buying a spa