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Perspective, The state of one’s idea. The idea of perspective has always been very intriguing to me. Everybody views the world in a different way. I’m curious about how others view the world around them. I have always wanted to share my perspective in an innovative way. I remember getting permission to take my parents camera onto field trips in elementary school. Photography has always been a great passion in my life. In my teen years I was introduced to a gentle man named, Kirby Yau. A wonderful photographer and graphic designer who opened the door to creative thinking for me. My perspective is expressed through photos, typography, lines, shapes, color, and texture.


TRVI Resort is a luxury Italian boutique hotel. The design came from my passion for Rome as I studied abroad there four months. The design itself is a very modern interpretation of a traditional Italian crest communicating a luxury experience. The primary market for this property is upper middle-income couples aged 50-65. Although TRVI has a modern appearance, the hotel is based on Italy’s history and culture. TRVI is a romantic getaway for a secondary audience of locals who wish to experience the atmosphere of Italy. The logo and branded items were inspired from

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INSTRUCTOR_Candice Lopez



and culture. The name TRVI is

CLASS_ Logo Packaging

derived from the Trevi Fountain

SEMESTER_Fall 2013

in Rome. CapitalisTypOasis is an ideal font to communicate a traditional feel. The complementary typeface, BlairITC is tracked out to communicate luxury and modernity. The abstracted fountain within the crest shape built from letterforms is also used for the hotel pictographs. A sophisticated color palette of green and gray conveys a cozy yet high-end feeling. Applications include internal forms, stationery, key card, towels, glassware, and cheese board.

“ Veni, Vedi, Vici.”

– julius caesar

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Stationery | Door Sign | Forms

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Concours is a high-end car care kit directed towards 30-45 year old male car enthusiasts, seeking quality products for their classic showroom cars. Made from individually selected components and hand poured into each bottle, Concours products are carefully crafted from start to finish. The kit comes in a stylish steel gray metal case with essentials needed for car care, with additional products also available on the website. The brand uses minimal design to achieve a high-end feeling. Small bottles project a high-end quality; and the color palette is very minimal in black, PROJECT_1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 grey, and yellow. Based on market


research and competitive analysis

CLASS_ Logo Packaging

this design approach allows the

SEMESTER_Fall 2013

brand to differentiate from other car products. This clear, concise brand language is applied to the website, with a minimal approach allowing consumers to view and make easy purchases. The modified logo uses Aviano to express the quality and luxury of this brand. Functionality was considered with the design and the numbers on each bottle helps the user know the order to apply each product. Bottles fit snugly in place to maintain organization and ease of use. The custom package conveys a customized product created particularly for car aficionados.

“Driving a hot car is a total body experience, overwhelming, to all the senses, taking you places you’ve never been, packing a punch that leaves you breathless and touches your soul.”

– karen marie moning












Quick Detailer Wax net 8 oz. (236ml) sku: k11 price: 25 U.S








Concours Quick Detailer Wax crafted for longer protection and provides a rich shine for any show worthy car. New mixture allowing effortless application with no hazing. Bring REMOVE back the black or any color on your car. 40








terms and conditions

privacy policy

©2014 Concours

privacy policy

©2014 Concours




Quick Detailer Wax net 8 oz. (236ml) sku: k11 price: 25 U.S

DESCRIPTION Concours Quick Detailer Wax crafted for longer protection and provides a rich shine for any show worthy car. New mixture allowing effortless application with no hazing. Bring back the black or any color on your car.

terms and conditions

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Custom Case | Belly Band | Packaging

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Meilleur, is a French bon bon cafĂŠ that specializes in Parisian macarons. Targeted at upper middle class income women ages 23-38 with an interest in romantic travel and culture. Meilleur is a French word that translates to best, and this expresses the ambition of the pastry cafe. The brand differentiates from its competitors through its use of photography and custom type. The font used is a sans serif display typeface that evokes the grace of French culture. Letters in the typeface have heavy contrast, consistent angles, and a hairline stencil look. I shot the photographs in Paris and they conjure up a

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distinctly stylish yet contemporary

INSTRUCTOR_Candice Lopez

Parisian atmosphere. The brand

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language is built with Parisian

SEMESTER_Spring 2014

photography, custom typography, and color. This style is seen across a wide range of applications. The printed items, business cards and menus, offer space to show off the beautiful photography of Parisian street life. I captured a delectable image of colorful macarons on film, ideal for the cafĂŠ menu. The opacity of the photo was screened back to increase readability and push the femininity of the brand. Both the business card and menu are in a vertical and narrow format to express an upscale feel using shape. The pastry bag, apron and pasty labels highlight the custom typography with a clean design that grabs attention.

“Macarons and Cocoa to drink that is the finest of suppers I think! When I’m grown up and can have what I please, I think I shall always insist upon these!”

– paulette kinney

Menu | Macaron Label | Environmental Graphics

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Business Card | Apron | Packaging

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Tekhnolog is a technology lifestyle magazine aimed at upper middle income men ages 20-35, who are interested in the latest innovations of tech culture and community. The objective of the magazine is to provide readers with up-to-date information on products, services, and ideas. Articles feature the latest gadgets and their impact on the user-experience. The masthead is built from the ORC typeface, while the copy uses Eurostile, a typeface that is linear to suggest modern architecture. This clean font has a technical feel but is still very functional. The masthead conveys a modern high

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tech aesthetic to readers while


the layout separates articles into

CLASS_ Infographics

segments with infographics and

SEMESTER_Spring 2013

photographs that paint a clear map for readers to follow. The infographics add dimension to the content increasing the reader’s comprehension of advances in the technology community. The subscription card uses a textural image and reversed typography, suggesting the vibe of the publication. A tote bag and a USB stick carries the brand language.

“Americans worship technology. It ’s an inherent trait in the national zeitgeist ”

– max brooks

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Subscription Card | USB Drive | Tablet

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Snactiv is a product that combines healthy snacks, workout strategies and dietary plans into a one-month subscription. This subscription gives snacking a purpose by adding on the fitness and full nutritional plan, with the convenience of delivery to your front door. The target is a health-obsessed market, of 20-40 year-olds that strive to be fit, healthy, and build muscle. Snactiv takes care of heavy lifting by offering the knowledge of a personal trainer and dietitian online. The mark appeals to the fitness community, using a modified

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logo with angles referencing

INSTRUCTOR_Candice Lopez

movement to a personal goal. A


check mark is created with the

SEMESTER_Spring 2014

“v� to communicate a positive attitude. The color palette consists of three colors green, orange, and yellow to suggest health and nature. The package used a biodegradable resealable stand up pouch. This form was chosen to be convenient to travel with and appeal to others when on a table for self-promotion. The design on the package has a cut out window to show the product within and create the illusion of climbing a hill. The website used the same color palette with the addition of photography to push the sense of feminine fitness. The main focus for the website design was a simple user interface and consistent brand language.

“The individual who says it is not possible should move out of the way of those doing it.”

– tricia cunningham

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name on card

5 bags

card number

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Bart Simpson

4456-7632-8978-0011 expiration date mm/yy 07/17 cvv 321

3| Shipping

name Bart Simpson address 742 Evergreen Terrace city/state/zip San Diego



email phone number (939) 555-0113


What is snactiv?






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Inspired by retro design, Mr. Mirage is a magic kit targeted at children ages 5-15. Unlike other toy sets of its type, Mr. Mirage focuses specifically on optical illusions. The typefaces Las Vegas Fabulous and Las Vegas Castaway from House Industries were chosen because they evoke the style of vintage toy packaging, specifically Slinky packaging from the 1940’s. The combination of two display typefaces elicits the same classic feel and its whimsy appeals to children. Nostalgic illustration and primary colors provoke imagination, and the

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magician adds a playful touch. INSTRUCTOR_Candice Lopez The package is light and inviting

CLASS_ Portfolio B

in contrast to competitors that

SEMESTER_Spring 2014

use saturated, dark colors. The design of the package acts as a storage and carrying case small enough for children to transport and arrange for an audience. The walls of the package contain a cleverly hidden message utilizing the negative space to spell out the words “optical illusion.” The overall effect is a lighthearted design that catches the eye of the target audience and keeps their attention with whimsical details.

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places, Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”

– roald dahl


Pancha is line of gift products with Hindu influence. Panchayatana Puja is the worship of five deities: Shiva, Vishnu, Devi, Surya, and Ganesh. The products are targeted towards a curious audience ages 18-30 using an Indian pop art style. The custom logos based on the ohm symbol emphasize the number five with a script type. The sub products of the brand possess their own symbol related to each deity. The products of Pancha include incense, introduction books, and a dupatta, scarf. A bright palette of vibrant colors ties in to each deity. The colors are based on Bollywood’s pop art, to make

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a serious topic more approachable.

INSTRUCTOR_Candice Lopez

Photography on the incense boxes

CLASS_ Logo Packaging

blends religion and pop art, to

SEMESTER_Fall 2013

create visual interest. The design brings diversity to each deity with photography on the packages, uniting them with coordinating colors and consistent applications. The incense boxes are small to project a delicate feel appropriate to the amount of incense. The ohm symbol is wrapped on the flaps of the box, and can be completed when multiple boxes are placed next to each other. The side of the incense box showcases logos for each deity and mimics the shape and color of each book.

“Om is not just a sound or vibration. It is not just a symbol. It is entire cosmos, whatever we can see, touch, hear, and feel.”

– amit ray

Incense Box | Dupatta | Puja Booklet

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This premium brand of kiteboarding products embraces the concept of flight. It is a masculine brand, targeting kiteboarders and surfers ages 20-35, a youthful demographic that relishes adrenaline. The product line includes a variety of kiteboards, bags, and kites. Kiteboarding has not been a widely known water sport but now it is trendy and on the rise. Lifted stands out from its competitors with its use of an iconic neon green color and texture reminiscent of wind. The logo is a hand modified font inspired by the typeface

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Klavika. The wind texture and

INSTRUCTOR_Candice Lopez

base line that goes to the top

CLASS_ Portfolio B

right were built into the logo

SEMESTER_Spring 2014

to simulate flight. The brand language is consistently used across applications. The style used makes it easily identifiable with both old and new customers. The blend of iconic color and logo is primarily used to brand items. The kite is branded with a bright active color and texture. A similar style is applied to the carrying bag and handle bars.

“Waves are not measured in feet and inches, they are measured in increments of fear”

– buzzy trent

Carrying Bag | Handle Bars | Hat

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Flag | Kite | Poster Advertisement

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Growing up, my first love was my 3.2 megapixel Casio Exilim. It doesn’t seem that impressive looking back, but at the time it made me feel like a pro. That camera never left my pocket. I saw the world through that lens everyday, whether it was in class at my high school or during a trip to the grocery store. Photography was my way of capturing memories, and looking back every memory is important. In the fall of 2009 I realized my love had grown to more than just a hobby. I was eager to learn more about the effects of apertures, shutter speeds, and distance. However, I was limited by my camera. I decided it was time to move up to a better camera, and after nights

PROJECT_1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 INSTRUCTOR_Self Directed CAMERA_ Nikon D40, D90

of research and comparison I chose the Nikon D40. I scraped for money everywhere I could: my savings, my financial aid, even coin collections around my house. Every penny was worth it, because with my new camera the possibilities were endless. I am a self-taught photographer, and learning through experience has given me a new appreciation for the medium. Photography speaks to me because every photo is a time-portal to a memory, but for other people it can mean something entirely different. Through photos, I can connect to people on a personal level by sharing a piece of myself and learning about them in return. My goal is not to be a professional, but to communicate my creativity by capturing the world. In design I look forward to be able to share my solutions through my own visual composition.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

– karl lagerfeld

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Snowboard Manufacturer

Recycling Program

Short Film Festival

Publishing House

Upscale Care Care

India Souvenir Products

Automotive Service Center

Voting Campaign

Italian Luxury Hotel


Thank you to everyone who reached out their hand for help and support. The process of creating this book was unforgettable. Thank you to Nam Nguyen, Mom, and Elizabeth Tran for your infinite support and believing in my work. It was much needed and appreciated. Angie Lina, thanks for being the perfect model and pulling through, despite having a rough day with car trouble. To my friends in class and Mr. Heebs, thanks for sharing with me your eyes, ears, meals, and time. I couldn’t have done this without your help. Edward Honaker, you are a beast behind the camera. Thanks a million for putting in overtime for me. Last but not least. To the great Candice Lopez and Sean Bacon. You guys are the most passionate and caring instructors I have ever crossed paths with and I’m so grateful. I have learned so much with my time in your presence. Thank you so much for your guidance and pushing me out of my comfort zone to grow as a designer.

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