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Saturday, December 24, 2013

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I want a pink power wheels Jeep, a learning tablet, computer, kitchen set, skating Dora and princess doll. I will leave you a soda and chocolate cookies.

I want a easel, flip out sofa, lalaloopsa lego girls, barbie camper, play doh and boom boom balloon game. I will leave you chocolate cookies and Gatorade.

Love, Kybra Knight, age 6

Dear Santa,

I want a racetrack, Batman lego, remote control plane, robot dog I cate wait to here the bells on ur that follows me, train and learning deers. All I want for Chrismes is tablet. I will leave you chocolate a box of angry bird figure. chip cookies, chocolate milk and Your friend, candy. Love, Michael Bryant


Love, Shanaya Ruffin, age 6

Dear Santa, I want Spiderman, Iron Man, Superman, remote control monster truck and learning tablet. I will leave you chocolate cookies and milk. Love, Zymirian Fagan

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I can’t wait for you to come to my house this year. I want you to bring me lots of stuff. I have an electric scooter, iPod Touch, Power Rangers Samurai & Megaforce, and swords with cases on my list. You can bring me other stuff too. I will leave you some cookies & milk at my house.

I am scared of you, but I want you to bring me presents. Please do not come in my room. I like Minnie Mouse, princesses, and dolls. I will try not to eat the cookies my brother leaves for you!

I want trains, trains, and more trains. I would like Thomas and Dash the most, and Scruff, too. I like Trackmaster and the Wooden Railway train sets. I would like a tricycle and anything that I can play with outside.

Steven Deans, age 7 Wilson

Alex Kate Deans 1 year old Wilson

Bowman James Smith, age 2 Rock Ridge

Saturday, December 24, 2013

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Our names are Angel and Buffy. We both have been very good parakeets this year. For Christmas,We would like some millet treats and some bird toys with bells on them.My mommy and daddyhave been so good and loving to me. Please bringmy mommy and daddy some surprises for Christmas. Mommy and Daddy will leave cookies and milk for you. Tell Rudolph thatwe said hello in “birdtalk�. Merry Christmas, Santa!

Thank you for my presents last year, I love my Batcave and still play with it everyday! Me and my mommy are gonna make you cookies, and leave treats for your elves and reindeer. For Christmas I would like super heroes, Hot Wheels cars and a race track, and a video game for my room. I want you to bring my mommy jewelry, my daddy should get chapstick, headphones, and a laptop tablet. I want you to bring my brother Zaire a Cars game for his PS3, and my sister Niyanalikes make up and lipstick. I love you, and hope you have a Happy Merry Christmas.

Love, Angel and Buffy Issette Saratoga, N.C

Dear Santa, I would like an American Girl Doll and horse. I would also like an easy bake oven and a build a bear. I have been a good girl this year. I will leave you some milk and cookies.

Merry Christmas, Caroline Handorf, age 6

Love, Kingston Sherrod, age 4 Elm City

Dear Santa, I would like a play car, and a costume Spiderman, a motorcycle, play army men, play tattoos, and another iPod. Brandon J. Wells, age 5 Wilson

At this time of reflection, we give thanks to the Lord for the many blessings we enjoy, including the gift of your friendship.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 24, 2013

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Is it cold at the north pole because I want to go to north pole sometimes. I am good! and bad. I love Christmas. I love you too. I want a doll please.

How is the North Pole? Are your raindeers fed and well? Are your I cate wait to here the bells on ur raindeers in shape? All I will like deers. All I want for Chrismes is for Christmas is my two frunt a box of angry bird figure. teeth. I will like an iPad. I love Your friend, you.

Your friend, Arana

Your friend, Sophie

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I hope that you will give us prezzis. I shaer with people. I want a elechck skortr for Crisms. Can you give me a prezzis love you. I hope I will get a prezzis.

I wish you woud give me a iPod. I ben on the fens a lot of times. I’m not lying. I like your white berd. Also I like your red hat and your black belk.

Your friend, Madison

I am your friend Mia Pearl Leal

Dear Santa,


Dear Santa, I want an pad. How is Rudoloph. Do you make the toys. Thank me the presents lst yer.

Your friend, Tristan

Dear Santa, I want a iPad and dirt bike. I want a puppy. I ant jewle for my mom. I love you Santa?

Your friend is cjookley (but he knows me)

Are your randere rady? Am I on the good lest? Can I have farcay3? Merry Christmas!

AChildrenʼs NNIE EM’S Shop

Your friend, Bryan

Dear Santa,

FRAMER • ART DEALER • GALLERY 406 Nash St. NE, Wilson • 252-243-5494

I won’t a puppy! Santa I love Christmas! and I won’t a tea set.

Your friend, Isabella

Thank you for your business through the years and we wish for you & yours a Christmas & New Year filled with joy, peace and love. Olinda Camden & Nancy C. Jernigan

Wishes you & yours a Very Merry

Christmas and a

Happy New Year! 2700 1L Ward Blvd. - North Nash Plaza

Mon. - Fri. 10 AM - 5 PM • Sat. 10 AM - 3 PM • 237-4417

Saturday, December 24, 2013

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Is the noth pol cold? I wundr if it is. Can you tel me? Is your slevyrken I wunt to now. Are your radedeer dowen ok are thye. How are your elfs dowen. I may be a good girl.

I wot a cat. I wot a dog. I wot a retnrs. I love you Santa. I wot a Xbox 306. I wot a book.

Your friend, Taylor Nicks

Your friend, Kevin

Dear Santa,

Is it cold up ther at the nrote pol. I want a iPd and a brode doll house with a alvatr and a kiten Is it code at the nor pol? with a dog and a bate How is your panau. How room with a comptr is rudoff redos ranedoor room. How is your doy? Can I go to the rander. And I want a nor pol? Can I have a puppy. Love you. scnth. How is all your sdcrs doy? Can I s your Your friend, Jaeda cando. I want a bsckball . I want a beach ball. I wan a moetnsicol. I want regpinsol. I wan moyneey. I want a cat. I want a bootiy. I want I whant a iFon. lardss. I want a dog. I I whant a iPad. want ded. I want lots off I whant a comeper. paper. I want presses. I bin good today.

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,


Taneer Love

W. Earl Taylor, Jr. 605 W. Nash St., Wilson • 243-5500

Saturday, December 24, 2013

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

How is it in the noth pole. Is it cold at the noth pole? Santa you are my best friend. Thank you for my presis last yaer. And do you hav rodof with you? Wood you plcs bring my skit and swomp-page.

I have been good this year Santa. I wold like a razer trike and a bow and arrow. I have sen the elf that you have sent me. I want my two front teet and I want a new pare of shoes.

Thake you for the elf at home. I am good too. I want to loos my sharp tooth. I want a tedeybeare and a big dollhose. I want a puppy and a nobey.

Your friend, Dylan

Dear Santa,

Your frand, Lyndsey

Your friend, Jacob

Dear Santa,

I lik you so much! I luv you I wof flcresm I love you Santa you are is good and a hos and the gaet Santa ever. puppy and a cat and a I want something for iPad. I mes yor reinana Crhemes. I love you have a borebar. Is it cob at elf. I have a gaet time the nor pow. opening your prast I love Your friend, you Santa. You is my Luvyou. grat Santa. Is it cold in the noth pole? Will you get me a puppy for an dI want for crismus is god. How are you? I want a Your friend, puppy and a tee set. I Miangel wood like to have an iPad. How is Rudolph? I cant wait to see him.

Dear Santa,

Your friend, Emily

With Well Wishes This Holiday Season To all our patients and their families go our best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season. For the gift of your trust, we are grateful.

Susan H. Andersen, MD, Dr. John Buck, MD Ketarah Robinson, MD, Leesa G. Lawrence, MD Natalia Jaimes, MD, Julia Watkins, NP Mark Eldridge, PA, Christina Poythress, PA

EASTERN CAROLINA PEDIATRICS, P.A. 1702 Medical Park Dr., Wilson, NC • 252-243-7944

Saturday, December 24, 2013

Dear Santa, How is Mrs. Clause? I have ben good today. I would like a toy train and Just Dance 4 and a call aoutey ghost. Your friend, Nathan

Dear Santa, I love you Santa. I wote a fore. I wote a brid. I bing a gud. I wote a puppy. I wote a gag. I wote to hrh the bell. I wote a chice. Yur friend Jasmine

Dear Santa, I have been good theis year. I want a Barbie dreme hose and a paek of earings and some make up. I hope you come this year. I love you so so much.

Your friend, Rebecca

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I want my two front teeth. I am a good girl. Is it cold up in the north How is your elf? Your friend, pole? I now my elfs name Kaylan it is ruprt. wut I want for crismis it is a iPod and a football. At This Season Of GivingAnd tel ruprt I sed hay. Mery Crismis santa And have I ben gud? Your friend, Cameron

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year. I am 3 years old. Please bring me a horsey, a motorcycle, and some bacon. Also, please bring my Daddy something really special. He is the best Daddy ever! Please give your reindeer a hug for me, and stay warm on your trip. Thank you Santa!

Alyssa Dalton Elm City, NC

We’d like to give you our well wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season. We feel deeply honored to have your friendship and trust. Thanks. And Merry Christmas! 1000 Tarboro St. West Mon.-Fri. 9 to 6 Sat. 9 to 1:30

237-2111 Where it costs less to stay healthy

Michael Warren, R.Ph.-Owner

Saturday, December 24, 2013

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I want my two front teeth. I am a good girl. How is your elf?

Please bring me a new computer for Christmas. I like to play Roblox and my computer is so slow. I love you Santa. I will try to be asleep early so you can go ahead and come to my house early. I will also take a Roblox card too.

Dear Santa,

Your friend, Kaylan

This year I would like Skyrim for Xbox 360, GTA 4 and headphones with a microphone. I hope you had a good year, and hope the Reindeer are doing great. Thank you for all the presents last year. Love,‚ Ayden M.

Dear Santa, I have been taking good care of my elves, Sparkles and Bright. They love you very much.I want a guitar and drums for Christmas and some Nerf guns, some police Legos and Lego City Legos and fireman Legos. I like Legos. I will have cookies and strawberry milk ready for you. I also have Sparkles and Bright a stocking. Love, Chance Greene

Love, Logan Greene

Dear Santa,

Dear HoHo Man I want a baby doll and other toys. I want an iPad and I promise I will let Nana take all the kiddie games off her iPad. I have been a good girl. I love you Santa and I want you to come to my house first, please. Skylar Greene, age 2

Dear Santa, ‚

My name is Anastasia. I’m 26 years old stationed at Fort Bragg My name is PARIS, I have been NC. Im from Wilson NC. All I very nice this Christmas. What I want for Christmas is the love of my life Michael And a pair of want for Christmas is a Furreal Monkey, Baby Alive, Stuffie, and a skates. Thanks Santa, Doc Mctuffins Doll. Anastasia Williams

Paris Tillery, age 3 Wilson

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I Love you santa claus can you I have been a good girl this year. bring me a dirt bike with the I want lots of toys this year. Hope number 1 on it and a water bottle that never ends with water a toy the Elves have been nice to you airplane and a helicopter and a this year. I will leave you some toy train and a toy scooby-doo milk and cookies on Christmas and a cool hat and a ipad and a Eve. Love You Santa. iphone. Allison McQuaid, age 5 Wilson

Saturday, December 24, 2013

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I will like a new scooter and a puppy a bike. And I would like a necklace with a picture of my daddy in it. And some brown boots I ware a size 3. And I would like a computer. I want a kitty cat.

Thank you for all you do. I had How are you? I have been a a great year. This year for good boy. Can I have a wii u and Christmas I would like a bow and drums? Have a happy December! arrow and Nike socks. My mom Evan, age 6 would like some jewelry, and some socks for my dad. I hope you and Mrs. Claus have a Merry Sincerely, Christmas. Jaymee Summerlin Macyn, age 7 How is Mrs. Claus? Did you have a good birthday? I have been good this year. Can I get a pink and gray North Face jacket? Can I hope you and your elves and you please bring my mommy a Have you had a good year? I Mrs. Claus had a great year. have not been perfect, but I new puppy? My dad wants a I have had a really good year have been good. I will try to be Carolina hat. Happy Holidays! because I have been a good sport better next year. Could I please to others. Would you please bring have a Crayola Marker Maker Katelyn, age 8 me a teddy bear and an ipad? and surprises? Could you bring Could you also bring a purple my dad a guitar and my mom t-shirt for Caroline? Have a very cooking supplies? I hope you have Merry Christmas. a Merry Christmas. Beatrix, age 7 I hope you had a nice day. For Mallory, age 8 Christmas I want a big, fluffy teddy bear. Can you bring my mom a mini Bible and earrings? My brother wants running games. How are the elves at the I want to thank you for coming to workshop? I have been respectful My dad wants a jacket. my house this year. Can I please to my brothers this year. Can I have a four wheeler and a Ready please have an NC State wolf and Emma, age 7 Freddy book? My sister would a snow machine? Please have a like a laptop. Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Dear Saint Nick,

Dear Santa,

Avery, age 7

Joshua, age 8

Saturday, December 24, 2013

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

How was your day? Can I please have an Arsenal blanket and a dress for my mom? I love you, Santa!

How are the elves and Mrs. Clause? I have been good at BookIt reading this year. Can you please bring me a Crayola Air Brush and an ipod with a pink case? I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Did you have a good year? I am getting a lot of answers right at school this year. Can I please have a Nerf sniper rifle and some Marvel Legos? Will you bring Joshua legos too? Have a Merry, Merry Christmas.

Jayden, age 6

Dear Santa,

Connie, age 7

Jeremy, age 8

Dear Santa,

How was your summer? I have been good this year. Can I get an How are you and the elves doing? iphone and an elf on the shef? My Could I get a family ipad and a mom wants a car and a tablet. big Leggo ship, please? Have a Tylee, age 8 merry, merry Christmas, Santa!

Gage, age 7

Wishing our clients, past, present and future, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

75035 WRE



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230 S. Tarboro Street, Wilson






REALTOR®, Broker

From Our Family to Yours!!

Hope’s Furniture 4315 Raleigh Rd. Parkway (Hwy. 264 W. near I-95) (252) 399-4839 • (252) 205-0121

Saturday, December 24, 2013

Dear Santa, How has your year been? I do my chores. I would like to have an ipad mini and some beats. I hope you have a merry, merry Christmas! Ethan, age 8

Dear Santa, I want to say thank you for what you do for me and my sisters and brothers. Can I please get an ipad? Can you buy toys for the kids who’s mom and dad can’t buy them toys? Have a Merry Christmas. Jacqueline, age 8

Dear St. Nick, I want to thank you for all the gifts so far and I hope you and Mrs. Clause have a good Christmas. I would like to have an ipad and money this year. Taniyah, age 7

Dear Santa, How are you? I‚ have been good. Can you please buy my teachers a tablet? I would like a cupcake maker and a dress for my mom. Happy holidays! Lana, age 8

WILSON UROLOGY, P.A. ADULT & PEDIATRIC UROLOGY 2509 Wooten Blvd. Wilson, NC • 252-243-5511

Saturday, December 24, 2013

Dear Santa, Please over look some of the little things I have done this fighting with my sister, staying up past my bed time, and not listening...(you know the usual stuff). I will try to do better. I really don’t need a lot of things for Christmas, but there is a few things that would be nice. I would like some video games, clothes, cologne, snow on Christmas morning, but most of all I really want my PaPa to stay healthy. He has been sick a lot this year and it has made me really sad. It has stressed out my mom and my uncle. My Papa is my only grandparent and I really need him here. That is all I want for Christmas Santa. Just a heads up...mama wants to win the lottery!

Dear Father Christmas I would like some more autobots and bring my sister something also. Jesus is the real reason for the season, but we love you too! Morgan Paul and Troy Gold

Dear Santa, How is your reindeer? Are they feeling good? I want an Xbox 360 and minecraft game. I hope you have a great Christmas!

Love, Wood Vick

Dear Santa, I want a big camo 4 wheeler, cute scarves, boots, clothes, spa stuff, nail polish, spa chair, hair dryer, green round table (also with chairs), toys, handbags (3), purse, candy, shoulder bag, this is what I TRULY want is a miniature blue heeler puppy if you could stop by somewhere and get me one that is my main thing. Merry Christmas!

Love, Emma Vick

Landon Penny

P.S. I will try my best to be a better brother to my sister. Merry Christmas Santa!

We’d like to give you our well wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season. We feel deeply honored to have your friendship and trust.




6311 DEANS ST. • BAILEY • 235-3562

Saturday, December 24, 2013

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

My name is Cali. I have tried to be really good this year. Some days better than others. At least I am trying! I started school this year and I am doing so good. Mom says that might get me extra good points. At first, I wanted EVERYTHING for Christmas, but now my list is down to just a few things. So if you are ready this is what I want: Some barbie dolls, games, to be Magical - like you. I told my daddy that I wanted to be a princess but my mom said I already was her princess so I think that one is covered. Santa can you do me a favor and ask Jesus to make my Papa completely healthy? I love him so much and I need my Papa. Thank you for listening Santa. I will try to be better on my not so good days....I really will. Merry Christmas! Cali Penny

Dear Santa, My name is Noah Baker and I have been a really good boy this year. I have been working hard on my spelling words and making good grades at school. I have been helping little brother get to his class in the mornings and making sure he is a good student. I would like to thank you for my gifts last year. This year I would like a trampoline, new jeans, playstation 3, games and a baseball pitching machine. I will make sure we leave out cookies and milk for you and carrots for the reindeer. Merry Christmas Santa!

I live in Selma and for Christmas I want a bike and a baby alive. I want an easy bake oven, a phone, a laptop, and that is all I want. I am a girl and you should get the elves something because they have been helping you make the toys. You should also get the reindeer something because they help carry the toys in the sleigh when it is Christmas. I will make some cookies and milk for you.

Love, Summer

Dear Santa,

I have been good and I would like a bike, ipad, dollhouse, barbie.

Love, Nikyia McNeil

With Thanks for Your Trust

And best wishes to all for a holiday filled with harmony and joy. Sandy Owens Vice President

NMLS # 415525 223 West Nash St. Wilson 252-246-4805

For your goodwill, we remain in your debt and look forward to serving you in 2014.

Love, Noah Baker, age 9 New Hope Elementary School Mortgage products are offered through Branch Banking and Trust Company, a Member FCIC and

Equal Housing Lender. Loans subject to credit approval. Š2008 BB&T

Saturday, December 24, 2013

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I want a learning tablet, spinanago dino, lego, beybl, I love you! What I want for boom boom balloon game and mario wiiu. I will Christmas is a doll baby and a phone and I want to leave you chocolate cookies and milk. have the best Christmas party ever! I love you! Journee, age 6 Wilson

Jallen McConnie, age 8

Dear Santa, I want a plane, dinosaur, ninja turtles, lego, amowlbow, bey blades, flying iron man and hot wheels track. I will leave you cookies and milk. Love, Feliee Chavez, age 6

Dear Santa, I wont microcgrs, iron man go crt and a big motorcicl. I have ben a good boy. I will lev you cookes and milk.

Luv, Montreall Taylor, age 7

In The Spirit Of The Season We’d like to send you our best wishes for a happy, healthy and harmonious holiday. For your ongoing support, we Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

To all our patrons, neighbors and friends, we wish a season of miracle and joy without end. We truly value your loyalty and look forward to your continued business in the coming year.

Merry Christmas from

Dee, Shala, Jessica & Brett

Dee Darden Warrick Agency NATIONWIDE INSURANCE

3453-A Airport Blvd., Wilson, NC • 252-243-4197 *Average annual savings based on Nationwide policyholder data collected nationally through July 2007. Products underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies. Life insurance is issued by Nationwide Insurance Company or Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance Company, Home office Columbus, Ohio 43215-2220. Subject to underwriting guidelines, review and approval. Products and discounts not available to all persons in all states. Nationwide, the nationwide framemark and On Your Side are federally registered services marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. 2003 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. All rights reserved.

Wesley Shelter, Inc. Ending Violence - Rebuilding Lives 106 E. Vance Street, Wilson, NC 27893 252-291-2344

Saturday, December 24, 2013

Dear Santa, My name is Joseph Dixon Smith but my friends call me “D.” I started off the school year a little bumpy but I have learned how to behave and be on Green each day at school. I would like to thank you for my gifts from last year and I look forward to many new surprises this year. This year I would like a pitching machine, trampoline, a big batman with a gold belt, monster trucks are still my favorite toy and I hope you can bring me a remote control monster truck this year. Brother and I would have been getting along and playing nice with each other and we will make sure we leave milk and cookies for you at our house and don‚Äôt forget to park your sleigh on our back deck so that the reindeer can get the snacks that brother and I leave. Merry Christmas Santa!

We’ d like to send out our sincere thanks and happy holiday wishes to all of our friends,neighbors and customers. From our Families To Yours...

Merry Christmas &

Happy New Year!

Love, Joseph Dixon Smith, age 5 New Hope Elementary School

Dear Santa, For Christmas this year I want a Little Mermaid doll, Doc McStuffin doll, Baby Alive surprise doll, boots, Disney princess castle, Bubble Guppies Leapfrog game, Mermaid Salon, Mermaid DVD, clothes, shoes.

Sha’Miyah Hassell, age 4 Wilson

Dear Santa, I want a dirt bike, a 4 wheeler, basketball, football and a bowling game. I will leave you some chips and soda. Love, Demetrius Joyner, age 5

of Wilson, NC

4030 Ward Boulevard, Wilson 237-1111 |

There is no time more fitting to say

Thank You and to wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year of health, happiness and prosperity JEFF CHESSON




























































































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