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Sunday, Oct. 23, 2011

I often wonder and question why I love art so much. One reason I know is that I feel great comfort in the environment that art is often housed in. Museums, like symphony halls, theaters and opera houses are generally beautiful classical structures in the style of ancient Greece or Rome. Many of the buildings on the National Mall in Washington DC are characterized by symmetry, repetition, columns, domes and detailed carvings. I wish that every American had the opportunity to visit the museums, monuments and gardens that makeup the National Mall as it is a great place of national pride. It’s interesting to know that the National Mall was commissioned by George Washington. The last several decades have experienced museums created for modern and contemporary collections of art. The architecture itself is often a part of the art. The mood is set for the art inside as you approach the museum; it acts as an appetizer for the coming attractions. The Getty Museums in Los Angeles are so beautiful that it can be difficult to concentrate on the art when the frescoed walls, mosaic floors and ocean views framed by monumental arches command your attention. It is real hard to imagine having a bad day in this setting. It has been my experience in life that art brings out the best in people. Someone once described art to me as “mankind at his best.” Taking the time to experience and hopefully enjoy art can be a great personal gift. I find that viewing art, watching a play or listening to a musical performance is somewhat of a luxury in the context of the busy overscheduled lives that many of us lead today. I need to knock on wood as I write this, but I think that it is the environment here at the Colquitt County Arts Center that children enjoy and respond to positively. We have had little to no disruptive behavior with the thousands of students that come through the Arts Center every year. There seems to be something about the space and the relaxing atmosphere that puts most of the kids on their best behavior. The formality of the setting I believe is somewhat intimidating in a good way. I can see that some kids are not quit sure how to act but acting badly is clearly not one of the choices. When I have the opportunity to go to a play I rarely pass it up. I see this same passion in the eyes of Packer Fans that wouldn’t dream of not going to the game on Friday night; it is the same feeling exactly that I have for theater. Seeing a play a second time is always a welcomed experience because I have the opportunity to see and hear small details that I may have missed the first time. Art exhibits are something that I can’t get enough of. When I lived near the Los Angeles County Museum of Art it was not unusual for me to go to the same exhibit three or more times. You will always see something that you missed the first time around. Gallery openings are a similar experience but with the addition of wine, better yet! I can find elements of every great art experience that I have ever had in my lifetime here at the Colquitt County Arts Center. The building is a stately Georgian Revival style popular at the time it was built in 1928 with great architectural details. We have amazing works of art by world-renowned artists and local artists alike. Plays that have moved me to tears and plays that have made me smile for days. Dance performances by dancers that put their heart and soul into every step during one of Ms. Lovedy’s recitals and the music I hear coming from any one of several studios inspires me daily. Art has always been a very special experience for me. The Colquitt County Arts Center is a very special experience waiting to be enjoyed by you.


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