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Statement of Intent The intent of this document is to secure the position of Graduate Architect Designer with Nor-S on, Inc, and to gain experience in the growing area of public interest design. I posses the technical skills, wor th ethic, and motivation to produce results within your company.

Table of Contents 1. Deconstruction Graphite drawing on 300lb paper 2. Abetenim Arts Village Single unit dwelling, Ashanti Region of Ghana 4. Mauritanian Consulate Place of refuge and business center, Chicago Illinois

Deconstruction Deconstruction is a study of environment, texture, character, and feeling. The mind often misinterprets its environment from a lack of information or a lack of comprehending; unless the misinterpretation is done purposely. Once we mistake something for being something else, in a split second, our mind slips into an abstract universe that tries desperately to correct itself. However, for that brief moment in time, our minds are lost to our imaginations until we once again discern what it our eyes are seeing.

Abetenim Arts Village

Ashanti Region of Ghana


he one-hundred square foot shelter at Abetenim Ar ts V illage is designed to embrace the historical culture of the Ashanti Region, while improving the current social and living conditions of the people in this area. Using indigenous building materials and constr uction methods, the red c lay hut is transformed into a functioning dwelling that resembles the traditional vernacular of the area.

Section Perspective


he dwelling is not meant to conquer the environment, but to harness its natural riches and charm in a manner benefiting both the ecolog y and the human resident. This creates a harmonious relationship between the environment and the inhabitant. The design objects focus on three main areas: the elements, constr uction, and improving the way of life.


lay is packed into each bag and stacked similar to bricks. W hile inside the bag, the c lay solidifies, thus decreasing the amount of time needed to constr uct a wall; due to the fact that the current layer does not need to cure before adding the next layer.

ue to its location, Ghana experiences equatorial temperatures, monsoon like rains and extreme sun exposure throughout the year. The huts’ sloped roof is designed to assist in the storage of grey water and decrease the amount of deterioration and disease caused by standing water.


ossibl y the most beneficial factor of this design is the pit latrine, which will greatl y increase the st yle and time of a person’s life span. The latrine composts waste, and provides a healthier alternative to current waste disposal practices.

Mauritanian Consulate Chicago, Illinois


ocated on the coast of West Africa, Mauritania was the last country in the world to officially abolish slavery in 1981. Despite the new possibility of governmental and worldwide sanctions, slavery and human trafficking still exist. The modern day slave trade affects many people across the world with no voice. The Mauritanian Consulate will be the voice to expose the dark areas of society that thousands experience every day, but few know exist. The building, based in Chicago, Illinois will ser ve as a safe haven for the refugees fleeing Mauritania, and areas like it. While building a foundation in the US, the citizens of Mauritania will gain economic stability, social structure, and freedom from prejudice.

Exterior Rendering - North

Structure - The steel/concrete structure is cost efficient and structurally sound.

Mass v.s. Void- The consulate has two basic functions: teaching galleries (Mass) & Business operations (Void)

The main gallery and office space are equipped with a span of mechanical louvers which adjust to the movement of the sun and guide daylight through operable windows. Aluminum paneling on the louvers deflect sunlight and sun rays as they rotate to the position of the sun. Second Floor, Gallery Space

Fourth Floor Office Space

In addition to the humanitarian aspect of this project, three environmental features are inc luded in the design: Day-lighting, cross ventilation, and a rainwater collection system. A. Longitudinal Section, South B. Transverse section, East C. Transverse section, West




Wilson Meeks III, Portfolio  
Wilson Meeks III, Portfolio