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reflections reflections Thoughts of leaving home and all that is familiar to venture off to a college campus can be daunting. Yet every fall, many thousands of students across the country make that trip, wondering if they made the right decision…wondering if they will soon make new friends…if they chose the right major…how much they will miss home, their parents, their high school friends… wondering what the entire college experience will hold for them. Here, in their own words, are the reflections of seven students who completed their first year at Wilson College during the 2010–11 academic year. You will enjoy reading their individual perspectives about why they chose Wilson and how this college is fulfilling their expectations and their needs. You will experience Wilson through their eyes and understand why being a student at a college for women helps them to focus on what is truly important—themselves. They will tell you why Wilson is worth exploring as a college where you will grow into the student and the person you were meant to be. Reflect upon their words…consider Wilson College for yourself.

Caileigh Oliver Martinsburg, West Virginia

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Originally, I was attracted to Wilson College because of the gymnastics team. After I visited I fell in love with the atmosphere, the small campus and the awesome traditions. Wilson is like a second home to me—I love it here. The history and the traditions help to bring everyone together as a community. It feels more like an extended family because everyone knows everyone else. I guess that the best way to describe being at a women’s college is that it’s “liberating.” You don’t spend time worrying about impressing anyone. You just feel comfortable about being yourself and accepting everyone around you. I came here expecting to take my classes, compete in gymnastics and maybe join one or two clubs. I’ve done so much more in my two semesters here! I joined the soccer and lacrosse teams and am a member of five or six clubs. I’m doing so many new things that I never imagined I’d be doing when I came to college, but I’m so glad that I am. One of the best things about Wilson is the small classes because it really lets you get to know your professors. I’ve participated in many activities around campus where my professors are also taking part. They really get to know you and care about you as an individual. One time at a softball game, a friend of mine ran into her professor, who was more than happy to answer her questions about a project that was due soon. You don’t always need to make an appointment to get the help you need. This is MY Wilson College.

Jessica Masilotti Landenberg, Pennsylvania


ated Th uine-Facilit major � Eq

I chose Wilson for many different reasons. Not only was everyone so happy and welcoming when I visited, but I also loved everything about the college. I felt as though it was going to provide a great place to study as well as be an amazing place to make friends. The traditions looked like a lot of fun and I felt that I could really be involved around campus. The equestrian facilities are great and I knew Wilson had a fantastic equestrian program. As soon as I stepped on campus, I was impressed with how beautiful it is. I knew this is where I wanted to be. In my eyes, Wilson is a community. Every single person on campus will help you if you need it. The best way to describe Wilson would be that it is one big, happy family. We all have our stressful times but that is what makes us not only stronger people, but also stronger women. College will put you through the most stressful times of your life but in the end, it makes you the person you are meant to be. It is definitely worth it. Attending a women’s college has been an interesting experience, but it has also been a good one. In a classroom with only girls, I can excel. I am able to take control and ask or answer questions that I may not have in a co-ed classroom. In this environment, women get the opportunity to take control and do things without worrying about what others will think. Here we do not worry about how we look or how we dress. We focus on more important things: our education and who we are—strong and confident Wilson women. This college is everything that I was looking for and more. It creates a great atmosphere in which to study and focus on my schoolwork. It also gives me opportunities to be active and involved on campus and make a difference. I have met so many new friends and these friends I will have for the rest of my life. I would tell students who are interested in Wilson to come with an open mind. We have awesome traditions that you won’t find anywhere else. We are crazy sometimes, and we love to be ourselves. Everyone here loves to have fun, but we also know when to be serious. This is MY Wilson College.

Meta Porcella Kutztown, Pennsylvania

eterinary major � V

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I first decided to visit Wilson College because of its VMT program. I attended an open house and I fell in love with the campus. All of the traditions were really interesting to learn about. Everyone on the campus I met that day seemed so friendly and willing to help. None of the other campuses I visited were quite like Wilson. After understanding more about the four-year VMT program that day, it seemed almost wrong for me not to become a student here. Wilson, to me, seems very tight-knit—with all of the students and the low student-to-faculty ratio—and I enjoy this. I like having a lot of people I can talk to and get along with without having to worry about the normal things I had to worry about in high school. Whenever I describe an event or a Wilson tradition to one of my friends back home, they tell me that my college sounds completely awesome. That is what Wilson is for me—simply awesome. It didn’t take long for me to adjust to being at a college for women. Originally, I thought that it would. Not having boys around all of the time doesn’t bother me at all. I actually think it would be weird to start attending a co-ed college. I’ve made so many great friends here that I don’t know what I would do without them. Wilson has fulfilled what I wanted and expected when I went to college. I am obtaining a great and rigorous education that is sometimes stressful but really, what college isn’t stressful? I have a great set of friends who are interested in the same things that I am. All of my professors have been wonderful. There have been many times when they have helped me out when I needed it. I am happy with my experiences here at Wilson and for me, that’s enough. I would tell someone who is exploring Wilson for themselves that you will never be bored here. There are so many things that are available to do on campus if you choose to get involved. You are not just a number here. Your professors will surely learn your name in a matter of days (although sometimes a few of them need more time) and most of them take time to find out what interests you. College is not as scary as it seems when you are in high school. This is MY Wilson College.

Morgan Shadle Chambersburg, Pennsylvania


cholo major � Psy

Since I am from Chambersburg, I grew up hearing about Wilson College. I knew that Wilson helps students become confident and strong women who are able to stand up for their beliefs and values. I chose Wilson because I want to be one of those women. To me, Wilson is about people. The students, faculty and staff who make up this community, not the buildings, are what I think of when I think of Wilson. Here, I find amazing, strong and intelligent students; faculty who truly care about students; and a staff that can’t be beat. Since the college is small, you really do get to know everyone. Wilson is like a big family where everyone treats each other with respect. Attending a women’s college is a positive experience. When I was in high school, I didn’t really see how much male students affect the atmosphere of the classroom. Now when the majority of the class is made up of women, I am able to be myself and speak up about my ideas and opinions. I can do this here without the worry that I have to keep up a certain image of myself. Wilson has definitely fulfilled my needs and makes me do my best. I am focused on getting a great education. The college offers diverse, challenging classes that make me think about topics I never really thought about before. One thing is certain, every class that I took this year has made me think about my life and the way I live. Along with making me really think, the classes also encourage me to broaden my ideas and actions. Already, Wilson is helping me become the confident woman I aspire to be. I would tell prospective students that the campus is beautiful. As a science major, I am so thankful for the new science complex. I can’t wait to start my own experiments in the amazing labs. Our faculty is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. All of my professors really care about students. They will gladly create study groups, meet with you outside of class, or explain a topic in a different way to help you understand the material. All you have to do is be willing to ask for help. Wilson also encourages students to take part in clubs and groups, which broadens your experiences and challenges you to try something new. This is MY Wilson College.

Kimberly Suji Helmer Round Hill, Virginia

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I originally chose Wilson because I was interested in a college not too far from home that offered the opportunity to ride so that I could pursue this interest while attending college. With the equestrian center right on campus, it has been very convenient for me to be at the barns and keep up with all of my class work. Wilson offers so many different opportunities that are important to me. I can pursue my interests in riding, as well as look forward to studying abroad. Getting involved in campus activities is very rewarding. I joined the intercollegiate lacrosse team and traveled to other colleges in our league that are in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. For me, this was something new and I found it to be very rewarding. Honestly, I had no idea what it would be like to be at a college for women. I can say that I made a lot of new friends, many of whom I hope to have made for life. This past year Wilson was looking for its next president because our president was retiring. When candidates were brought to campus, students were provided with opportunities to meet and talk with them. One of us even served on the search committee right along with members of our Board of Trustees, faculty and staff. Students are looking forward to our new college president to see what changes and new ideas she will have for Wilson. Our science center is definitely impressive. Many labs are loaded with hands-on models and displays related to the sciences and equestrian and veterinary pursuits. Our small classes are definitely a plus, especially in more difficult classes such as biology. Our faculty are helpful and want students to succeed. To make the most out of college, it is up to you to get involved in activities, clubs, athletic teams and riding teams. Don’t be afraid to try new things because here at Wilson you are encouraged to do just that. In addition to getting a good education, you will have fun if you participate in whatever is happening on campus. This is MY Wilson College.

Kaylee Moog Felton, Pennsylvania


olo ical Techn erinary Med major ďż˝ Vet Equine Studies and

I have always known that I wanted to pursue a career in the veterinary and equestrian fields, so I looked for colleges with strong programs in both areas. Wilson seemed to have the strongest programs out of all of the colleges I explored. When I visited, I really liked the curriculum, facilities and staff. In addition, the campus was very welcoming and I felt like I was at home here. I knew that Wilson was right for me. Now Wilson is my home away from home. It is like a second family to me. Not only is Wilson academically challenging, but it is also supportive. Help, when I need it, is around every corner. The opportunities that Wilson provides for her students are endless. For me, the college is beautiful inside and out. Attending a women’s college is a fantastic experience. It allows women to bond, not compete, with each other more than in a co-ed environment. We are all like sisters and best friends at the same time. Furthermore, it really gives women a lot of confidence in themselves. Wilson has definitely fulfilled my needs because it is fun, and it challenges me to try new things and be the best student and person that I can be. Moreover, Wilson is giving me a very thorough and well-rounded education. This college is helping me to lay the groundwork for the rest of my life. Wilson is a great place to be. Our professors like to challenge us and support us through everything. They are fun people and they love our traditions as much as we do. I have found all of my professors to be understanding, approachable, helpful and very knowledgeable. Our small class sizes allow students to become very close to their professors. There are a variety of activities that are always fun. The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is run by students. From my perspective, they do a great job of planning and organizing events that we enjoy. One of the best things about Wilson is that you do not have to worry about making new friends when you come here because everyone makes friends instantly. This is MY Wilson College.

Alexandra “Allie” Veach-Walther Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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I transferred to Wilson after spending one year at another college. When I visited, I fell in love with the equestrian center and the academic programs. I also liked that there are multiple riding teams that work together to allow as much inclusion as possible. I was attracted to the size of the college, which I find ideal for me because it promotes close relationships between students, faculty and staff. Although there are many riding and other sports teams, there is an overarching focus on academic excellence. For me, Wilson provides a very comfortable environment. My living quarters are great and the campus is very picturesque and lush. In my experiences this past year, I found students, faculty members and staff to be very supportive of every individual. Wilson is a learning and living community. Being at a women’s college makes it easier for me to focus on myself and who I am rather than worrying about how others perceive me. I find this atmosphere nurturing, yet challenging. This is a supportive community where women thrive both in and out of the classroom. My experience at Wilson this past year makes me say that this college has fulfilled needs I didn’t know I had. I wanted to be at a college where I could work toward my academic degree, improve my riding skills and be able to compete as a member of a riding team. Wilson not only provided these opportunities, but also taught me leadership, networking, social and management skills. Wilson College is a supportive community where women thrive as students and as people. I encourage prospective students to visit us and talk with students and our professors. For anyone who loves horses, you will see that the campus equestrian facilities are a dream come true. This is MY Wilson College.

conclusions‌ conclusions We want you to draw your own conclusions after reading what these students had to say about their first year here at Wilson College. If you are interested, we invite and strongly encourage you to visit our campus. You may even have an opportunity to speak with one of these young women as they continue on their journeys through Wilson College on their way to becoming the strong, articulate and confident women they choose to be. Who knows? A few years from now, you could appear on one of these pages!

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