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MIDWESTERN STATE  UNIVERSITY Department  of  Mass  Communication  |  Lamar  D.  Fain  College  of  Fine  Arts   3410  Taft  Boulevard    Wichita  Falls,  Texas    76308-­‐2099   Office:  940-­‐397-­‐4797  

  Dear  Parents,     Your  student  is  being  invited  to  participate  in  a  research  study  titled:  SCHOLASTIC  PHOTOJOURNALISTS  AND   THE  PUBLICATION  OF  GRAPHIC,  SPOT  NEWS  IMAGES.  The  purpose  of  the  research  study  is  to  help  educators   and  researchers  gain  a  better  understanding  of  how  high  school  photojournalists  choose  what  images  to  publish  in   a  spot  news  situation  and  what,  if  any,  digital  manipulation  of  such  images  they  find  desirable/acceptable.    While   anyone  can  participate  in  the  study,  students  serving  as  staff  photojournalists  on  scholastic  media  and  their  editors   are  specifically  being  sought  out  for  participation.    Though  students  will  receive  no  direct  benefit  from  participating   in  the  study,  the  results  of  the  study  will  be  shared  with  scholastic  media  advisers  and  others  in  the  scholastic   media  profession  to  add  to  our  knowledge  of  teaching  about  the  boundaries  of  photojournalistic  ethics  in  a   scholastic  environment.     The  research  study  will  take  place  online  using  SurveyMonkey.  Students  make  take  the  survey  at  their  convenience   with  or  without  your  supervision  or  the  assistance  of  the  school’s  media  adviser.    The  study  will  consist  of   answering  a  series  of  multiple-­‐choice  questions  regarding  images  from  the  Boston  Marathon,  all  of  which  were   published  on  the  front  pages  of  numerous  daily  newspapers  and  websites  after  the  2013  bombing.     If  you  provide  consent  for  your  student  to  participate  in  this  study,  your  student’s  survey  responses  will  be  further   analyzed  by  the  principal  investigator,  Dr.  Bradley  Wilson.  Participation  in  this  research  study  is  voluntary  and   your  student  will  have  the  right  to  withdraw  at  any  time.  Your  student’s  responses  are  confidential  and  his  or  her   identity  will  be  protected.  No  identifying  information  will  be  asked  as  part  of  the  study,  including  the  IP  address  of   the  person  responding.     This  study  is  approved  by  the  Human  Subjects  Research  Committee  at  Midwestern  State  University.    Any   questions  and/or  concerns  may  be  directed  to  the  principal  investigator:  Dr.  Bradley  Wilson  at  919/264-­‐6768  or     CONSENT   Dr.  Bradley  Wilson  has  agreed  to  answer  any  inquiries  I  may  have  concerning  the  procedures  and  has  informed  me   that  I  may  contact  the  Midwestern  State  University  Human  Subjects  Review  Committee  by  writing  to:  Chair,  Human   Subjects  Review  Committee,  c/o  Office  of  the  Provost,  Midwestern  State  University,  3410  Taft  Blvd.,  Wichita  Falls,   TX  76308,  or  by  calling  the  Provost  at  (940)  397-­‐4226.         I  have  read  the  above  statement,  and  agree  for  my  child  to  participate  in  this  study.  Please  print,  sign  and  scan  and   return  this  form  by  email  to  or  digitally  sign  this  document  and  return  to  Once  complete,  your  student  can  complete  the  survey  online  at        ____________________________________________________________       PRINT  Name  of  the  Participant        ____________________________________________________________       ________________________________________       Signature  of  Student             Date      ____________________________________________________________       ________________________________________       Signature of Parent or Guardian Date

Parental consent  
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