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Chambersburg, Pennsylvania


The Fulton Farm seen from a walking trail

Adventure By Samantha Cantrell

While Wilson’s beautiful architecture is well known, many students are not aware of some of the gems campus has to offer. Whether it’s a quiet study spot, a place to hang out with

The dock

friends, great walking trails, or opportunities to learn more about Wilson’s rich history, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking to disconnect from the world for a few minutes, the Fulton

Photo by Samantha Cantrell



Farm behind the Equestrian Center is a great place to find some peace and quiet between classes, and it can also provide a starting point for many walking trails to appeal to anyone regardless of hiking ability. As

Photo by Samantha Cantrell

the leaves begin to change and the weather gets cooler, there’s no better time to explore the outdoors, and these trails can be a great way to start. One trail in particular, the Commerce trail, starts by the Eques-


trian Center and leads into downtown Chambersburg as part of the Rails to Trails program, which revitalizes old railroad track to become walking trails. Additionally, behind the Lenfest Commons area, just beside the Creekside parking lot, there is a small dock. Originally this was used for students to rent boats to row, but now it can provide an excellent space to study among the local wildlife. If outdoor activities aren’t what you’re looking for, stu dents can visit the Hankey Center until 5 pm on weekdays for rotating exhibits on the history of Wilson College. There are also rotating exhibits in the bottom of Lenfest Commons, which can be The Odds Quad


found down the ramp to the right of the student center. There is a bowling alley available in the field house as well, and the new Odds Quad behind Disert Hall has several options for games to play or spaces to hang out with friends. This space is also available for cookouts (though you will need a permit). This is by no means a complete list of everything available on campus, but it’s a great place to start, so take some time to go out and live boldly by exploring campus!

Photo by Samantha Cantrell





a World Focused on Science and Sports IN THIS ISSUE... In From the title of this edito- writing, graphic design and Those posters on your wall?

rial, you can probably guess what this is going to be about. In a World Focused on Science and If you guessed science and Sports sports, you are partially corCampus 3-6 rect. The past few days I have Wilson Awarded $1million Grant stared at my computer screen, Ally Week on Campus trying to find something to Tye Dye Wilson After Dark write about for my editorial. Blessing of the Animals I even started one that was talking about the early 2000’s Campus Safety show “Chuck” with Zachary Banned Books Event Levi. But then I went to watch Local 7-8 an Orchesis practice on MonK-mart Closing day and got to thinking about Nerdvana/Northwood Books how important the arts are and Dunkin’ Donuts Review how art keeps getting pushed to the back burner of a lot of Travel 9 New York Trip people’s minds. Do not get me wrong. Science is important Sports 10-12 Women’s Volleyball Game for society because all of us Eventing Team most likely would not be here if it was not for modern mediField Hockey Game cine. Sports are a great way of Antonio Brown Drama exercising and just vegging out Virginia Basketball Coach Denies or just focusing on something Raise simple for a while. But what is News 13-14 the first thing that loses fundFood Waste ing in schools? Not the sciThree Mile Island ences. Lord forbid the sports Climate Change lose funding here or there. It is the arts like music, dance, Entertainment 15-16

Editorial 2

Aaron Carter Under Fire From Winchester to Texas Ranger “Tall Girl” Movie Review

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photography that lose funding. This whole thing could come off as extremely biased since I am a writing and journalism major, a huge music fan, and the graphic designer for The Billboard, but I appreciate the amount of work science takes, and I enjoy watching a sporting event here and there. I am a huge ice hockey fan, so I tend to watch a lot of hockey throughout the fall and winter. But do many scientists or athletes ever sit back and look at how the arts impact the world around them? I know science majors who love to draw, but they never have the time to sit down and draw because of the amount of work they do. Athletes are either in class, doing homework, or at practices or games, and if they have jobs, they are at work as well. They are lucky to get any kind of break. I guess what I am trying to say is, no one really sits back and realizes just how the arts effect their everyday lives.

A photographer and graphic designer took hours, probably days, making sure it was just right. That logo on your favorite clothing brands? A graphic designer took days and countless rough sketches till the companies were pleased. Your favorite books? Your favorite author went through many, many editing and revising stages and probably got denied a few times before they got where they wanted to be. All your favorite musicians and artists? They spend hours in the recording studio making sure everything is perfect. They complete full albums just to change their minds about it and start all over. Art is all around you whether you realize it or not. Science may be important for modern medicine, and progressing in life, and sports might play a huge role in many people’s lives, but the arts are just as important.

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EDITORIAL MISSION STATEMENT The Wilson Billboard is a once-monthly, student-run news magazine serving the Wilson College and Chambersburg community. Our mission is to relay important information to the campus and provide a forum for intelligent and democratic discussion. To fulfill this mission, the Billboard recognizes the many goals of the Wilson community and strives to encourage communication between students, faculty, staff and administration in an ethical and non-biased fashion.


Wilson By Olivia Shirk



College Allies Club Hosts sign throughout the week. On their official web-

Allies Club has recently hosted a small celebration of Ally Week, a week celebrating the allies of the LGBTQ+ community. This year, it fell between September 23 through September 27. The club had a table in Lenfest with fun stickers to support our fellow LGBTQ+ students on campus! The club also featured a petition to sign declaring yourself as an ally for anyone to

The movement was started by an organization called GLSEN, pronounced “glisten,” in 1990 by a group of teachers in Massachusetts who believed the way to stop students from bullying students of the LGBT community was to be active in their allyship. That movement has grown into a global phenomenon, and Ally Week is celebrated from K-12 in schools and in most colleges today.

page, GLSEN states that their mission is “to ensure that LGBTQ students are able to learn and grow in a school environment free from bullying and harassment.” The way they accomplish this is through conducting their own research for students K-12, creating their own resources for educators to use in the classroom, and partnering with multiple organiza-




tions and student-led groups to promote active allyship on the student and corporate level of school districts and colleges everywhere. For more information on GLSEN, they can be found at For more information about how you can be more active on campus in your allyship, you can email Allies Club president Molly Lemke (‘20) at



Muhibbah By: Samantha Cantrell

On Thursday, September 26, the Muhibbah Club took over the Wilson After Dark event with a tie-dye night! This activity presented a fun, creative way for students to unwind in the midst of a stressful period of the academic year. T-shirts were provided by the Muhibbah club, though some students chose to bring their own items to dye. Members of the club were available to assist students with their projects and to offer helpful tips and tricks to ensure that everyone ended up with a project they were proud of. Since many of the attendees did




Wilson Student Tie-Dying A Shirt During the Event

not have any previous experi-


ence with tie-



Photo By: Samantha Cantrell


dye, they were able to express their creativity and learn along the way. However, one of the most important parts of the event was the ability to connect with others. It was an opportunity to connect with friends and meet new people, all while participating in a productive activity. Each participant left with their own completed tie-dye project, and while many were based on similar templates, they are all unique in their own ways, much like the students here at Wilson.

Pets of All Kind Come Out to the Annual Blessing of the Animals even a horse! All these creatures as well as some human counterparts were participating in Wilson’s annual Blessing of the Animals ceremony. The ceremony was held here in October because the patron saint

By: Kelly Shank

Chaplain Derek Speaking

If you happened to be walking near the main green around noon on Wednesday, October 2,

appreciate the beloved animals that help us through life. The service started out with a brief message from Chaplain Derek who talked about the many things our pets do for us daily. Following the message, Chap-



By: Emily Clark


On Sunday October 6, 2019, Shippensburg PA experienced a active shooter in the area extremely close to the houses in which a great deal of students reside in. Shippensburg went into a state of “Shelter in Place” until the situation was cleared and the victims were recovered. The two victims of the shooting were not Shippensburg students, but the school just wanted to make sure the safety of the students was a priority. This stirred up the question, as a dash of panic waved through some Wilson students, what is Wilson’s protocol for safety in an active shooter situation. In each dorm there is a small 8x11 laminated sheet of paper with bulleted notes of what to do in various emergency situations. It does have a few safety points on what to do if a shooter was to arrive in the area vs. on campus, but that small section is not going to save our lives as students.




So I sat down with Dean Marybeth Williams and Officer Sam Woodring, to discuss what students should really do in case an emergency situation occurs on campus. Dean Mary Beth stated, “We do have a crisis response plan in place. Every student is registered for our safety alerts via text message and email. In that text, a location and instructions will be given to shelter in place and be alert. It will give a location as to where the shooter is and what action is appropriate at that time.” We then continued to discuss that once the notification is received, students in residence halls should shelter in place. Shelter in place means to cover all the windows, turn off all electrical devices (Fans, TV’s, loud speakers, etc) and make your surroundings as quiet as possible. It is smart to place something in

Photo By: Kelly Shank

you would have saw an unusual sight. There were all kinds of animals from dogs, guinea pigs, reptiles, cats, and

Chaplain Derek Blessing His Dog, Luna

Animals and People Gathering Around Chaplain Derek

Photo By: Kelly Shank

of animals, St. Francis of Assissi, is honored on October 4 of every year. The ceremony was led by Chaplain Derek who even brought his dog, Luna to be blessed. Faculty, staff, students, and even community members brought all types of animals to be blessed. It was a great way to

Photo By: Kelly Shank

lain Derek blessed each animal individually as each owner brought it forward. Many members of the Wilson community came out just to see what animals might show up. It was definitely a sight to see and many people look forward to the event every year.

DJ Harvey is on the left, Kevin Miller is on the right

Photo by Emily Clark


Officer Sam Woodring



front of the door to block any intruder from coming in. Once in the room, keep the door locked and stay quiet to await any further update from campus. If you are not in a place to where you can shelter in place, find a secure area that can be locked or closed off and await help from any authorities or security. If you do encounter any police or other authority figures, just obey all commands and allow them to apprehend the armed active shooter on campus. Another text will be sent via email and messages to notify students that the situation is clear and they can come out of their safe spaces. Once all students have come, out security does ask to do a head count with the authorities to make sure students are well and accounted for. To conclude the interview, Marybeth and Sam both agreed, “Our mission is to keep you safe for your time here at Wilson. In those situations it can be scary, but have faith in us that we will do everything we can



and follow all Photo by Emily Clark of our protocols to keep you safe. So just trust Wilson.” As a student who was troubled by the events that happened on Shippensburg’s campus Sunday night, I hope to see more safety protocols practiced in the future. Eventually to simulate this type of situation is what I think would help students understand what to do. Though it will be time consuming and hard to schedule, placing an emergency simulation in future orientation events could end up saving a life. I know after hearing that Wilson has a crisis plan in place I feel safer and I trust in our three astonishing officers; Sam Woodring, Kevin Miller and DJ Harvey to keep us safe.

Numbers to save: Campus Safety: 717375-2255 RA Primary: 717-5529916 RA Secondary: 717552-9917





Banned Books Week Presented By The Media Theory Class By Hannah Middaugh September 22-28 was Banned Books Week. The Media Theory and Method class was hard at work for the events on Wednesday, September 25 to celebrate Banned Books Week. The preparations to this event included advertising, getting the books from the library, setting up and cleaning up before and after the movie, as well as helping with the Banned Books Read-Out. According to, “Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read. Banned Books Week was launched in 1982 in response to a sudden surge in the number of challenges to books in schools, bookstores and libraries. Typically held during the last week of September,

Banned Books Read-Out Set Up

Photo By Hannah Middaugh

it highlights the value of free and open access to information. Banned Books Week brings together the entire book community — librarians, booksellers, publishers, journalists, teachers and readers of all types — in shared support of the freedom to seek and to express ideas, even those some consider unorthodox or unpopular.” Dr. Johnathon Long, Communications Professor, started the Banned Books Week events on campus two years ago. “As the Media Law and

Banned Books Read-Out Set Up E t h -

ics professor, many students are surprised to learn how many and how often books are challenged or banned in the United States. Having seen where other colleges have held a read-out to inform individuals that, yes, it can happen here in the US (and, sadly, quite frequently in the state of Pennsylvania), I have long wanted to hold such an event on our campus, and enlisting the help of communications students is a great way to foster excitement and participation in the week’s events,” Dr. Long stated. The events of the day started out at 11 a.m. at the Learning Commons in the John Stewart Memorial Library. Dr. Long started the Read-Out with a short introduction of Banned Books and read for five minutes from a Judy Blume book. Students and professors took turns reading from books that have been banned or challenged for five-minute intervals. Attendance was a little small for the readout this year, but the ones who read and the students who listened enjoyed their time at the read out. Dr. Long commented, “The number

of attend- movie. While entering the ees at this auditorium, students had the year’s read- choice of being entered into out was less a raffle for a signed graphic than we novel. “Students tell me that e x p e c t e d . getting more than a dozen or On the one so of their peers to show up hand, the for an on-campus event is a idea of read- good turnout. By that metric, ing from a the film screening has been banned or a great success. Turnout last challenged year was about sixty students; book does this year, almost forty-five. not have This year we also had a raffle Photo By Hannah Middaugh the same for an autographed graphic draw as a film based on such novel and everyone involved books. On the other hand, the thought this was a nice idea,” fact that the event was on said Dr. Long when asked a Wednesday rather than a how he thought the day went. Thursday likely reduced the As for Dr. Long’s favorite number of available attend- event, he commented, “Being ees due to classes and lunch. a professor, it probably isn’t This year’s communications too surprising that the readstudents have already ex- out is my favorite event. In pressed a number of ideas for increasing attendance, including more faculty involvement as well as moving the events back to a Thursday.” At 9:15 p.m., the Banned Books Week events finished out the day with a showing of the 2013 version of “Carrie,” a film based off Hunter Cheek ‘22 Reading A Book At The Read-Out Photo By Hannah Middaugh Stephen King’s novel, in the Brooks Auditori- a world where the majority um. Snacks such as homemade of countries do not enjoy free c o o k - speech or anything like the i e s , First Amendment, just the p o p - simple act of reading for a few c o r n minutes from a book that has a n d been challenged or banned is cotton both exciting and empowerc a n d y ing—exciting because you w e r e are reading something that, offered in many countries, is taboo; a l o n g and empowering because you w i t h feel the strength that comes j u i c e from living in a democracy b o x e s like ours. For rather than to en- banning books, we should j o y always be celebrating the d u r - freedom to read what we can ing the rather than what we are told.”

Student Reading During Read-Out

Photo By Hannah Middaugh






By Nijah Glover

For as long as I can remember, there has always been a Kmart in Chambersburg, but that might not be the case for much longer. At one point walking into Kmart was an enjoyable experience, but soon the quality of experience at the store declined, and I started going less, along with most of their other customers. Kmart has gone through a series of rough financial patches throughout the years and as a result, the company has been closing multiple stores every few months, upon that list of store closures is the Chambersburg store. In recent years the company has had multiple financial problems, with it getting so bad that they filed for bankruptcy twice, once in January 2002 and again in October 2018. The Kmart Store Front

Nerdvana By Nijah Glover

Nestled along the side of a building off Main Street is Nerdvana Outpost. Once inside you’re greeted by friendly staff and a wide assortment of products that are related to comics, popular movies and tv, etc. Even Sign Outside Nerdvana though the store is tailored for people who are into comics and things of that nature, even if you aren’t into those types of things I think you will still enjoy Nerdvana. Along with all the geeky décor and collect-

Photo By Nijah Glover



ibles at Nerdvana, they also offer a vintage 80’s arcade in the store. The store also hosts events to get people out and involved in the community. A great way to keep up with the events happening at Nerdvana is their Facebook page that lets you follow events that are happening, see different things that they post about, and share reviews about your exPhoto By Nijah Gloverperience at the store. Another wonderful business in the downtown area is Northwood Books. As you walk in you are greeted by a sweet lady that explains the extensive collection of books offered in store. They have a





Kmart in Chambersburg is set to close in midDecember right in the middle of the holiday season. The store currently has everything on sale, and they have signs up that everything must go, along with signs up for sales on almost everything in the store. The first K m a r t s t o r e

opened in April 1962, and the company was doing well. In January 2002 Kmart filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and closed more than 300 stores in the U.S., including the last store in Alaska and merged with Sears in November 2004 and created Sears Holdings Corporation. Kmart then opened Sears brand appliances in their Kmart stores in July 2009. In 2010, about 22 stores closed due to underperformance and low profitability. Kmart announced the closure of 77 stores that are set to close for good as of December 15, 2019. This will be the first mass closing of stores since they came out of bankruptcy in 2018. After this mass store closing, there will only be 115 locations remaining in the U.S. as of December 2019.



the wall in the alley with the seating are paintings depicting different characters from popular books. There’s a lion, the pumpkin carriage from Cinderella, etc. Along with all the painting in the alley, there is also a phone booth if you were looking for fun photo ops. Inside Northwood Books there are unique decorations that are specific items from popular books. They have the Harry Potter sorting hat hanging from the ceiling and a pig in a tutu sitting on top of a bookshelf, from the Photo By Nijah Glover Outside Northwood Books children’s book “Pig in a Tutu.” Northwood Books has just read at one of their seatso many different books that ing areas while in the store. there is one for everyone’s Within the store there are taste. Northwood books has four seating areas where you a Facebook page, so that you can sit and read, as well as can keep up with events and a seating area in the alley different things that are hapbeside the building for when pening at the store. the weather is nice. Along huge selection, over 8 miles of books packed are into their store. You can purchase or





Ready for a Dunkin’ Run? Dunkin’s version of a slushee, called a Coolatta, that comes in many decadently sweet flavors. They also offer a somewhat expansive list of breakfast sandwiches including croissants, bagels, and English muffins. And

such as pumpkin, “Spider,” chocolate glazed, regular Sweet coffee and warm glazed, strawberry filled, donuts engulf the air as you and so many more. People walk through the glass pancome and sit in Dunkin’ not eled door of Dunkin Donuts. just for the coffee, but for As a regular customer, I find the experience of it all. They comfort in coming to Dunkin come to be enthralled with Donuts, because the staff is a place so kind that is so and so gentle and welcompeaceing as ful. Many soon as guests you step choose into the this restauDunkin rant. because of On my the warm visit to staff Dunkin, and the I enjoy perfectly observexecuted ing the coffee. I atmochoose sphere. this Maybe Dunkin’ it’s not just to someput some thing in pep in my the cofstep, but fee, but because I even the love being fellow here. I guests Photo by Emily Clark Dunkin’ Donuts in Chambersberg, PA find solace that sit in the dining area, here, with the people I have share a friendly smile and never met and a staff I absoeven strike up a conversaPhone: (717) 264-4402 lutely adore. So any chance tion with any stranger. Most you get, make your way over customers walking through to the wonderful world of the door are regulars and Address: 1479 Lincoln Dunkin’ and I promise you the astonishing staff always Way E, Chambersburg, PA will leave with a smile and a remembers every order. savory cup of coffee just the They remember because way you like it! they genuinely care for each I would also like to perHours; person walking through sonally thank the employees Monday through Friday the door. Though I couldn’t at Dunkin for always maksnag an interview with the 5am- 10pm ing me feel so welcomed in employees, I was able to *Holidays may aff ect the the small confines of their catch their names; Chuyli store. They have been so hours of operation.* Patel, Mcmishu Patel, Raj generous and caring in my Patel. They are always three years at Wilson and sweet and eager to greet we have built a wonderful any guest at Dunkin’. My rappor! I am happy to know go-to-order is the French the rest of the day. At this you can’t forget the donuts! that while I’m in the area, Vanilla Iced Latte, so basic, location, they offer a huge For spooky season they I will always come here for yet so delicious. They make variety of coffee drinks hot have a tasty selection of fall the rest of my time here at it perfect every time. I tried or cold, and they also offer themed and classic donuts, Wilson! a sample of their hot drinks,

By: Emily Clark

cold drinks, and their frozen drinks and loved every one. The Iced Cappuccino might be a new favorite. I also got to try just a black coffee and added my sweeteners as needed, but it was pleasant and perked me right up for



By Hee Jung Bae


Wilson College provided a free day trip to New York city on Saturday September 30th. All students who applied for the trip got a chance to go to New York by bus and a ticket for the Metropolitan Museum for free. It was a great opportunity for students like me who have few chances

New York City

to go to New York. Although it was my first time going to New York, I’ll introduce you to some nice places to visit. Sarabeth’s Restaurant If you want to enjoy brunch in New York, you should go to this restaurant. Sarabeth’s Restaurant is famous for brunch, and also provide lunch and dinner. The best food on the menu is eggs benedict. It’s about $25. I ate buttermilk pancakes with strawberries





and bananas. It tasted nice, and the atmosphere of the restaurant is gorgeous. However, I thought it was too noisy because there were so many people there. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most popular brunch restaurants in NYC, so I recommend you visit it once. Central Park Central Park is a park in

it. It would be a good memorable experience in NYC. The Metropolitan Museum of Art This museum is a world-renowned art museum located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York. A distinctive feature of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is that the width of its collection extends through-

the heart of the city in Manhattan, New York. It is considered the most visited park in the entire U.S. I was surprised at the size of the park, and there were more people than I expected in the park. Various people enjoyed a picnic with their family and friends in a peaceful mood. I thought it would be great to visit this place and spend all day on a holiday. In addition, you can ride in a carriage with a real horse if you pay for

out many ages and regions. I did not have enough time to appreciate the many works of art, so I just appreciated some parts of the works I had time to see, but it was wonderful moment for me. I enjoyed pieces by some famous artists, such as Claude Monet and François-Auguste-René Rodin. It was unbelievable to see these artists’ works in this large museum. Also, the atmosphere of the museum was good





for me to spend time there. I think it’s an essential destination for when you take a trip to New York. 5 Napkin Burger 5 Napkin Burger mainly serves burgers and cocktails. I heard about the place from a friend of my friend who lives in New York. I have not visited a burger restaurant since

Photo by Hee Jung Bae

I arrived in the U.S, so I wanted a taste of burger in the U.S. It was very crowded too, so I waited for my food for about 20 minutes. I ordered my food and ate it, it was pretty good! I don’t like burgers, but it had a different taste than the other burgers I’ve eaten. Also, the onion rings were crispy and delicious. Even though there were too many people in the restaurant, it was a great choice to have dinner at 5 Napkin Burger.





Volleyball Drops Tough Match to Top Opponent

9-1 run, taking a command- took a loss, it was a valued efOn Thursday, October 3, the ing 17-8 lead. The Phoenix fort which was appreciated in women’s volleyball team took came roaring back though, on top seeded conference op- and made a run of their own ponent from last season, which was 14-5 that tied the Notre Dame of Maryland. The game at 22 all. Though the Gators came in with a record Gators took control and won of 12-2 and without a game the first set, a fair and cheeryet played in the CSAC. The ful crowd applauded the fight of the Phoenix. In the second set, the crowd got even more Photo By Zachary Powell enthusiastic and got Wilson Team Playing more into the game as the crowd and the Phoenix brought left the feeling in the locker more of their energy room a bit more positive than into the set. Wilson people may have thought. jumped out in front “They could just finish faster 12-6 early in the first than us tonight and sure we set, but the former were down a player, but it didn’t really show tonight,” Photo By Zachary Powell conference champions Wilson Team Huddling Phoeresponded with a run said Anika Eigen-Zucchi nix were looking to give the of their own to jump back in ’23. “We worked hard, and Gators a loss for their first front 17-13 and would later I am proud of us as a team.” conference game. The Phoe- take control to take the set. Eigen-Zucchi, who is just a nix were eventually defeat- In the final set, Notre Dame freshman, is a crucial part ed by the Gators 3 nil with pulled away after the once of their team and steps up their scores of each set be- again back and forth of the in a variety of ways. Anothing 25-23, 27-25, and 25-14. teams. Once knotted up at 7 er player who filled in a key In the first set, the two teams apiece, the Phoenix showed role is junior, Sierra Hill. went back and forth on a a good fight but ended up “I think we gained a whole lot tear of scoring, with Notre falling short in the last set. of confidence after the game Dame eventually going on a Even though the Phoenix and continuing to play as By Zachary Powell


By Kayla Enck

Wilson’s equestrian teams are constantly growing and changing. Each year, new students come to campus and become a part of the equestrian facility and all that it stands for. This month, we are going to focus on the Wilson College Eventing Team. Not many people know what the sport of three-day eventing is and what it entails. The sport of three-day eventing is a three phase sport that involves show jumping, dressage, and cross country riding. At Wilson, our eventing team works to promote the education of students on the sport of three-day eventing and their involvement at the Penn Hall Equestrian Center.


Photo of Horses

This year, the


C a p t a i nPhoto Provided By

hard as we’ve been just making us work even harder game after game because we see our potential and how good we’re doing,” Hill ’21 mentioned. “Next time we’ll just come back even harder than before.” With this game only being the second conference game of the year, the Phoenix were tested early on with a match they were not sure about against a team with a lot of firepower. Not only did the Phoenix respond well, they set the tone for conference games and sent Notre Dame a message. “The message sent will be to not underestimate us,” Tioleaoauli Posiulai said. “I think it opened up their eyes to see that it wouldn’t be an easy game.” Madison Coy ‘22, another underrated player from the hard-fought game, ended up with three aces. “Going into the game we didn’t have much confidence but as the game progressed, our confidence boosted,” Coy said. “I feel like other teams are more nervous now.”


of the Eventing Team is Hannah Femia ’22. She is currently working on setting up volunteer opportunities at local eventing trials. She aims to get the team more involved in the community so that they can eventually be a competing team. Another goal of the team for this year is to find a coach. As the team continues to grow, they want to hire a coach, become more involved, and then begin competing and representing Wilson at local events. All are welcome to join the team and learn more about what the team does and how they operate. The Eventing Team has a fun atmosphere that encourages good horsemanship and dedication to the horses at Wilson.




Wilson College Field Hockey Falls to St. Mary’s By Kelly Shank




tember 29, the field hockey team played St. Mary’s. The entire team worked hard to keep up with their competitor. Michaela Singer ’21 lead the team in shots and suc-

Field Hockey Players.

By Kelly Shank

cessfully made a shot on goal. Krysta Nayadley ’21 had 13 saves during the game. Both teams fought for possession early in the game, but the Seahawks put up a fight against the Phoenix and were able to score. The Phoenix defense

Players in action.

stood up against them and worked hard to keep the ball in Wilson’s possession. The score going into halftime was 1-0, in St. Mary’s favor. Going into the second half of the game, the Phoenix attempted to make back the goal,

By Kelly Shank


but the Seahawks managed to snag another goal with 4 minutes remaining in the quarter. The Phoenix gained momentum after the score and attempted to get back but were unsuccessful.

Players on the field.

By Kelly Shank

NFL Player, Antonio Brown: The Drama Continues

NFL. The Raiders released and emails to Ms. Taylor af- portunity and express how him and a few hours later he ter claiming that the only sex grateful he was to have been signed to the Patriots. Once that happened between them on the Patriots. However, his on the Patriots, he played one was purely consensual. Brown gratefulness quickly switched to bitterness when game before the he started to tweet drama seemed negative things to follow him to about the owner of New England. the Patriots talkA former training about when er for Brown came he got caught in forward claiming the massage parthat he sexually lor and then he assaulted her on said he wouldn’t three separate be playing in the occasions, twice NFL anymore and in June 2017 and posted to Instaonce in May 2018. gram about going In a lawsuit filed back to school, by Britney Tayhe even included lor, a gymnast a photo of what who knew Brown looked like a from when they course schedule. both attended Although, reCentral MichiPhoto from Brown’s Instagram. Screenshots provided by Nijah Glover. cently he changed gan and who his tune and is he later hired as his trainer, unfortunate events. First, he now saying that she stated that in June of had several of problems on 2017 he exposed himself to Photo from Brown’s Instagram. Screenshots provided by Nijah Glover. he wants to the Oakland Raiders after play in the NFL her and kissed her without the Pittsburgh Steelers tradpermission. Brown has de- is also facing other sexual as- again, even though he still ed him. All the drama started nied the claims and is plan- sault allegations and was re- has not met with the NFL’s in early August when he got ning on filing a lawsuit to leased from the Patriots, who investigators who are looking frostbite on his feet and could clear his name. It is unclear said they were starting an in- into the sexual assault allenot practice with the Raidwhether Ms. Taylor reported ternal investigation into the gations. Brown, through his ers, then he was not practicher accusations to the police. allegations, after one game in lawyer, has claimed that the ing because his helmet vioBrown is also accused of send- which he took to social media woman who filed the lawsuit lated two policies within the ing threatening text messages to thank the team for the op- is just trying to extort him. By Nijah Glover

Former Patriots player Antonio Brown has recently found himself in a series of




By Zachary Powell


The University of Virginia Head Basketball coach Tony Bennett turned down a raise after winning the National Championship in April. Earlier this month, the team announced that while declining his offer, he extended his contract by one year but left the money on the table. Coming off the big title win this past spring, one would think that Bennett both deserves the raise and would want it, but he had a different approach to the situation. Bennett mentioned that he would like to better the other athletic programs instead and specifically asked management to pay his coaching staff more. “Laurel and I are in a great spot, and in the past, I’ve had increases in my contract,” is what Bennett described to the press, according to “We just feel great about where we’re at, all that’s taken place, and how we feel about this athletic department and this community and this school… I love being at UVA.”

Tony Bennett Coaching



Headed on a “program that lasts,” Coach Bennett is really all about the athletes, the community in which he is involved, and the success of the people that surround him daily. Bennett has coached the Cavaliers since 2009, according to NBC-


Photo Provided By WikiCommons, and his contract was just extended all the way up into the 2025-26 season. One thing that shows that the game means more than just money is what Bennett posed toward the university. Bennett pledged five hundred thousand dollars to-




wards a player-development program to ensure that both former and current players develop into more than just a basketball player after leaving the university. “Tony’s decision to turn down a well-deserved raise and instead invest in his players and UVA athletics more broadly tells you everything you need to know about him as a leader and as a human being,” Jim Ryan, the University President, mentioned. Bennett went on to close by saying, “I have more than enough, and if there are any ways that this can help out the athletic department, the other programs and coaches, by not tying up so much, that’s my goal.” With Bennett losing three players to the NBA this past season, the three time National Coach of the Year kicks off the season early November and it will be interesting to see how Bennett and his players come out after last season’s championship heroics.


Battling By: Nida Gill

Gardening is considered one of the most popular hobbies of many people in the world. Many people find it entertaining to see the cultivating process. I have been working on the Wilson Fulton Farm for my community service project. I have observed the efforts through which farmers cultivate crops for us. A farm is more than land and crops grown there. It is their family heritage and future. Today I want to draw the attention towards a serious issue I have been witnessing in the dining hall. I thought food wastage was just a problem in Pakistan, but I was wrong. I see many people here who fill their plates up to the top with food, and when they do

Three By: Shallyn Fanjoy

40 years ago, the 3-mile island meltdown occurred. Legislation voted to shut down the nuclear power plant when the plant started losing money due to cheaper and renewable sources. Some states opposed this legislation, however, in Pennsylvania it passed. It was




Mile decided on


not like it, they just throw it away. It takes many months to get good quality and a sufficent quantity of the crops while it just takes a The Barn at the Fulton Farm second to throw food in the trash bin. It is affecting people all over the world. The number of people at risk for famine has increased to 80%. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Orga-



nization report: “There are nearly 821 million undernourished people in the world”. According to Alex de Waal, executive director of the Photo By: Kelly Shank World Peace Foundation at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts: “One million people died every year through famine”. In the United States which is the world’s biggest food exporter, about 6.5 million children grow up

without adequate nutrition. I just want us to think about this serious problem because change begins at our door steps. This is something each one of us can try to do. All we have to do is just change our attitude towards food. While eating in the dining hall we need to have a clear idea of our appetite and we should fill our plates accordingly. Presumably we should try our best not to waste any food while eating anywhere. Furthermore, we should frequently contribute to people in need, and try to see their perspectives on food. We should also visit farms on a weekly and monthly basis to realize the efforts a farmer puts into growing food.

site, and after that to get the second site cleaned up and disposed of. It was not mentioned how they planned to clean or dispose

of any of the nuclear waste. However, there is a downside to the closing. Over 1,000 people are losing their jobs because of this closure. Families have been forced to move around and look for new jobs. Hopefully all people involved will be able to safely clean up the site and find new work.

September 30 that the nuclear power plant would close. Their goals are to carefully clean and dispose of the first, and still active

Three Mile Island





Photo Provided By Wiki Commons

Sound-Off: What is your favorite thing about spooky season?

“Dressing up and spooky movies.” -Kacie Douglass ‘21

“The dance on campus and cookies.” -Josh Harvey ‘21

“Carving pumpkins.” -Breeann Sheaffer ‘22

“Decorating our door.” -Kaitlin Duda ‘22



Dozens By Samantha Cantrell





sible way to get people to stop and understand the gravity of the situation with nowhere else to turn and no option but to face the problem. However, the day did not go as planned

From just a few minutes of looking at any major news site, it becomes obvious that climate change is a prevalent topic in the media today, and it continues to rapidly grow in relevance with every passing day. The climate change prevention movement has been steadily gaining notoriety as they increase pressure on large corporations and lawmakers to implement stronger policies to protect the environment. As politicians have continued to attempt to dismiss the issue and sweep their claims under the rug, activists have only grown more determined to spread their message and be heard until they are able to inspire tangible change. This conflict reached new heights on the morning of September 23, 2019, when protestors began to arrive inClimate Change Protesters as police beWashington, D.C. to demand action. They intended to block gan to arrest protestors major roads in order to shut for blocking intersections. This decision has been down the area, since they believed this was the best pos- widely regarded as controver-

Clipart Provided By

Clipart Provided By



sial, since many people believe that the protestors were within their constitutional right to assemble and voice their cause, since they were remaining peaceful. In any case, ac-


D.C. area. While the activists knew the risks associated with participating in these protests and knew that it was a strong possibility that they would be arrested, many showed no fear in the face of danger. In fact, as a protestor only known as George, said in an article published by the Washington Post, ‘”I’m doing something that’s right, moral and just… I’m doing this so I can look my kids in the eye one day.”’ Many of the other protestors have described similar sentiments, mainly saying that they were unwilling to sit back and do nothing as the condition of the world continues to worsen while people become increasingly apathetic. While it is not yet clear how Photo By Alejandro Alvarez for WTOP effective these protests cording to the will be on improving Washington Post, 32 activ- climate change legislation, ists have been arrested and the message of these activists charged for blocking major and their cause has certainly intersections throughout the been heard loud and clear.


Family By Hannah Middaugh

Aaron Carter, or AC, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, dancer and record producer. He became very popular when he started out as a pop and hip-hop singer in the late 1990’s. Carter is also known as Backstreet Boys’ very own Nick Carter’s little brother. From drug addiction to family members passing away, Carter has been through a lot in his life. However, the spotlight is on him once again, and not for anything positive. The past few weeks, Carter has been under fire from all angles. As of September 17, Nick Carter has filed a restraining order against his little brother. Nick Carter claims that Aaron Carter threatened to kill his pregnant wife and unborn child. Aaron Carter claims he never said he was going to harm his family. Both Carter brothers took to Twitter to talk about the situation. While Nick Carter announced his restrain-








tions. These podcasts include “No Jumper” and Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive.” These interviews fueled the internet to attack Carter more about drug addiction. This drove Carter to take a in-home drug test on Instagram to prove he is not relapsing. Carter also debuted a new face tattoo just days after claiming on “Impaulsive” that he “did not need a face tattoo.” Carter also tweeted fans that day asking that people “respect me & leave me alone.” He said he was “doing just fine” and “I already have to move, and I don’t need to be under scrutiny with every decision I make. I will take the necessary precautions to protect myself.” Whether you are a big Backstreet Boys fan or have been a fan of Aaron Carter, this family feud is a messy one. With all people involved very much in the public eye, Aaron Carter seems to be the only one taking to social media to defend himself while his siblings stay quiet.

“‘I am astounded at the accusations being made against me. I do not wish harm to anyone, especially my family.’ He continued on to say, ‘All I ask is for my family to leave me alone. This is blood. Not love. I will never be around you and I don’t want to be around you.’”

Clipart Provided By

Clipart Provided By



Nick Carter’s Tweet

ing order and his reasons for it, Aaron Carter said, “I am astounded at the accusations being made against me. I do not wish harm to anyone, especially my family.” He continued on to say, “All I ask is for my family to leave me alone. This is blood. Not love. I will never be around you and I don’t want to be around you.” Unfortunately for Aaron Carter, his twin sister, Angel Carter, also filed a restraining order against him. In her announcement on Twitter, she said, “Today, I filed a protective order with my brother Nick in Los Angeles. Following a recent relapse, Aaron confessed to me that he Screenshot By Hannah Middaugh had violent

thoughts towards babies and our family members. This, combined with his recent access to assault rifles has made us afraid for our safety.” In an on-camera interview with TMZ, Aaron Carter claimed he sold three of his guns and turned the other two guns into police. He also said he is working with doctors about his drug addictions. Carter confirmed on an episode of “The Doctors” that he continues to struggle with multiple mental health issues that he treats with prescribed medication. Aaron Carter has been on multiple podcasts talking about the recent allega-Angel Carter’s Tweet

Screenshot By Hannah Middaugh





From Winchester to Texas Ranger

By Olivia Shirk

While we are all upset that, after fifteen long seasons, the hit show “Supernatural” is ending, there is something to look forward to. Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam Winchester in “Supernatural,” has plans to move right onto the next project after the show ends. Padalecki is in line to star as Cordell Walker in a Texas Ranger reboot. It’s currently up in the air as to which network will host the show, ei-Jared Padalecki Photo Provided By Wiki Commons choice for the show. The ther CBS or CW, which is home to “Supernatural.” Right show will follow Padalecki’s now, either network is a safe character as he comes back

home from a two-year, high- ent from the original’s choice of a male person profile of color as the c a s e costar. This a n d costar will has to be Walker’s d e a l partner, like w i t h Trivette from everythe original thing series. The going president of on at CW, Mark home. Pedowitz, T h e wished Padalshow Photo Provided By Wiki Commons ecki well and p r o m -Jared Padalecki i s e s more e x p l o r a - reminded him that “he will tion of morality, family, and a always have a home here, and rediscovery of common ground. you will always have a personPadalecki will be joined by a al fan in me.” “Supernatural” female costar, which is differ- fans, there is hope after all!

Billboard’s Top Movie Picks!

Zachary Levi

PHoto Provided by flickr

Hannah M: Shazam! (2019) “For a DC Superhero movie, they did a really good job of producing a movie that showcased Shazam like he should be showcased. The cast was also phenomenal.”

Bette Midler

Photo Provided by flickr

Nijah G: Hocus Pocus (1993) “It’s just a wholesome family movie. I just really enjoy it.”

Samuel L. Jackson

Photo Provided by WikiCom

Happy Feet Penguin

Photo Provided by flickr

Zach P: Coach Carter (2005) “It gives me just as many life lessons as it would in basketball since it’s a sports movie.”

Ciera Erwin: Happy Feet (2006) “Penguins are adorable and there’s so many reasons. It relates to me because I can’t sing, but people say I can dance!”

Screenshot of Poster

Photo Provided by Emily Clark

Emily Clark: Tall Girl (2019) “It rips your heart out of your ches t cavity in the most beautiful way possible, and this is coming from a short girl.”

Selena Gomez

Photo Provided by Wikipedia

Sam Cantrell: The Fundamentals of Caring (2016) “It’s so dumb, but it’s funny and it’s easy to watch.”

Falling Star

Photo Provided by Wiki Commons

Olivia Shirk: Stardust (2007) “This movie is just so creative and magical while maintaining a wholesome vibe. I just love this feel-good movie!”

Provided by Blogspot Corpse Bride Poster Photo Billboard Recommends:

Corpse Bride (2005) “Because you can never go wrong with Tim Burton. The songs are so catchy.”

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