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“How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?” ~Dr. Seuss

The Wilson Bullboard March 27, 2009 Wilson College Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Vol. XXXXI, No. 2

A Toothpaste in Student Dorm Being Squeezed Daily by Unknown Person by Anihc Emosewa

Few weeks ago, as I was hanging on facebook, a Wilson student’s status drew my attention immediately. It seemed that she was venting her anger on a tube of toothpaste. I was very curious and therefore decided to interview her. And I thought it would also be a good chance to know more aspects about Wilson women’s dormitory life. Billboard (B): Hello Miss L, How are you doing? I noticed that you have posted several furious statuses on facebook about...your toothpaste? I hope you feel better now. Anyway what really happened to it? Miss L (L): Ok, so do you want to hear the full story? It is going to be long. I brought two small size toothpastes. At the beginning of this semester I opened one. It was used up in about one and half weeks. I was surprised because even if it was small, it was still larger than a travel size and definitely could last longer. So I felt so disappointed and criticized the downsizing of products nowadays. But soon I realized maybe I blamed the wrong person. I opened the other toothpaste. It was my favorite one with strawberry flavor. I put it in a cup, and together put them beside my basket on the shelf of the common bathroom. After I had lunch, I was so excited to use my

Project Horse Comes to Campus

by Sarah Martin March 32 began as any other day at the Penn Hall Equestrian Center. Early that afternoon a white Arabian gelding arrived from New York State. The horse, Kidd Rock, was affectionately called Kidd by the 4-H children at his home in NY. According to his owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, “Kidd is full of energy but also one of our best bareback ponies. The 4-H children love him.” If Kidd is loved this much, why is he now at Wilson? This question Kidd Rock at his home in NY Photo by Sarah Martin stumped many at Wilson until Kidd’s first lesson. One of the students placed the saddle on his back, tightened the girth and Kidd immediately fell to the ground in a peaceful slumber. Dr. John Tukey, head of the Equestrian Department and supervisor of this project horse, calls Kidd’s condition Saddle Narcolepsy. A member of the barn staff feels “that the horse’s syndrome is caused by his training at Morrisville. It proved to be too intense and now in his mind a saddle means work and his way to get out of it is to sleep.” Another idea brought up by professionals at Morrisville, who deemed this horse “forever green,” suggests the saddle relaxes Kidd to the point of unconsciousness. For now Kidd will remain at Wilson as a bareback pony, but his case is being examined by the VMT Department. VMT students look at Kidd as an opportunity to perform hands-on diagnosis instead of them reading from a textbook. A new theory is circulating among students working on this case. Jennifer Cook ’11 informs us “we feel caffeine will have the greatest benefit in a clinical setting. Though we have not started testing this theory ...continued on page 5

favorite toothpaste for the first time. However, as soon as I eyed the shelf, I found that it had been USED! I could clearly see the newly squeezed place. Oh No! Even I hadn’t used it, who took its “virginal use”? Since I treasured this one so much, I decided to take it back and then changed to a cheaper, extra-large size toothpaste. For the following three days, I could find the huge one decreased everyday. It seemed like it was used by somebody everyday between 10am to 2pm. That was the time after I left for class and before I came back from lunch. B: Emm…I would also be angry if some unknown people used my toothpaste. But are you sure it was used by somebody? I mean, do you have any evidence? L: Yes, as you said, I didn’t want to make a quick judgment. Maybe it was my problem…or maybe the aluminum cover of the toothpaste could squeeze by itself? I really had no knowledge about this chemical thing. B: Then why didn’t you just take it back to your room? L: I didn’t know. But I still wanted to wait and see. I thought I need more evidences. So I still left my toothpaste there in the bathroom. And not surprisingly, it was squeezed the next day and the day after. This time, by telling the unnatural squeeze trace and the fact it was squeezed from the top rather ...continued on page 5

A Rave in the Science Center? by Aysha Sultan

To shake off the stress that comes with teaching heavy courses and keeping up with students’ demands, faculty members will be hosting their annual secret rave in the new science center on Wednesday, April 1 starting at 9:00pm. The rave is strictly for faculty members only and to ensure security, there will be bouncers to check for identification at the door. Faculty members are obliged to attend the event or otherwise choose between having to write a 12-page paper on the relationship between negative stress management and mild cognitive impairment or pay an $80 fine. Though the rave is free of charge, faculty members should bring their wallets in case they would like to enter the building. The other option is to stay in the narrow, ten-foot wide lobby and enjoy the music from outside. Food and beverages will not be served in the lobby due to lack of space, but feel free to make an attempt to lift your arms and move to the beat...if you can hear one, that is. For those faculty members who will be entering the building, the theme for this year’s rave is Science. For this reason, science faculty members will provide other faculty members with exclusive party goggles and fashionable lab coats. Faculty members should not wear their lab coats and goggles while dancing due to risk of embarrassment. However, they may choose to keep them for later. To keep up with the Science theme, faculty members should wear green and blue, any other color may force them to take part in the event within the boundaries of the lobby. For more details on the rave, please speak to fellow faculty members, students are not to know about this event.


Mountain Dew is Thought to Contain Traces of Porcusperma by Aysha Sultan It may be to your advantage to know what you eat or drink on a regular basis because ultimately, the food you choose to consume has an impact on your overall health. According to a recent study conducted by PsuedoSci University, Mountain Dew contains traces of porcusperma, or commonly known as pig sperm. The study tested four other leading soft drink brands, including Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper, and Sprite. The study did not indicate levels of porcusperma in the other brands that were tested.

“Mountain Dew is delicious,” says Raquel Feliciano ’12, “it’s like telling someone what’s really in hotdogs, I would still eat them though.” “If you’re used to a brand or label that you normally buy, you just go for it. You’re not going to check the label of that specific brand.” Whether porcusperma has long term effects on the human body is uncertain. The study did not address the link between the ingestion of porcusperma and its long term health effects. However, research indicates that such ingredients are not

uncommon in the products consumers choose to buy. Cosmetics, hair products, medicine, and other products may also contain ingredients foreign to the consumer. “I don’t often check labels but sometimes I do,” says Elsa Camuamba ‘10, “With food and hair products I do check the label because they’re items I eat or put on my skin.” Since product manufacturers are not required to disclose the common terms associated with ingredients, it becomes the consumer’s job to take out his or her time in reading product

labels. “If you’re used to a brand or label that you normally buy,” says Elsa Camuamba ’10, “you just go for it. You’re not going to check the label of that specific brand. In that sense, there is no need for scrutiny. People don’t spend time reading the labels of products they normally buy.”

by Kayla Chagnon Have you looked up recently at the ceiling in the Science Center? If you have, you might have noticed that there are footprints springing up all over the place. The footprints first showed up in the atrium but they quickly spread to other rooms in the building. No one is sure where they are coming from and the footprints seem to be multiplying quicker than the housekeeping staff can clean them up. The footprints first seemed to be just human footprints but numerous other kinds of footprints have also begun to show up including animal and hoof prints. Staff has started to believe that the animals from the Veterinary Medical Center and the

horse skeleton, Wally, on display in the Science Center have joined in on the celebration. How have the footprints got on the ceiling and not on the wall? Well, no one knows for sure but this fearless reporter decided to find out for herself. After obtaining permission to camp out overnight in the Science Center, I started my all night stakeout to figure out just who or what was on the ceiling. I was hours into my surveillance, when I heard loud rumbling on the first floor, sadly though, it was just the ventilation system. My first night was thoroughly uneventful and I went through the night without seeing any new footprints.

However, your dedicated reporter was not going to leave this scene without some kind of scoop on what was actually happening. I regret to tell you that my second night on stakeout ended in the same manner. However, I did receive a lead and an informant informed me to contact Lionel Riche who might have some information on the footprints. When reached for comment Riche said, “The room is hot and that’s good, some of my friends came by from the neighborhood and they startin’ to climb the walls, ooh it looks like everybody is having a ball. Oh, what a feeling, when we’re dancing on the ceiling.” Now that I knew that who was

involved in the footprints scandal, I tried to get more proof of the partying that was going on. On my third night of stakeout, I was exhausted and fell asleep in front of the waterfall before waking up to music blasting throughout the building. In a daze, I noticed that there was something on the ceiling but in my mad dash to get upstairs, the party animals must have heard me rushing upstairs because by the time I got the area was clear of partiers. More footprints have continued to show up, but no partiers have been apprehended. If you hear or see anything suspicious please contact this reporter so I can get to the bottom of it.

Mysterious Footprints Found on The Ceiling of the Science Center

Do you have Panic Disorder?


You may be eligible for a clinical research study at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

Have you experienced sudden, unexpected episodes of intense anxiety, accompanied by symptoms such as chest pain, rapid heart rate, sweating, shaking, shortness of breath, fear that you were dying, losing control, or going crazy? Sleep and anxiety researchers at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center need volunteers with panic disorder and trouble falling asleep for a research study. The purpose of the study is to investigate whether ramelteon, an FDA-approved drug for chronic insomnia, improves sleep difficulty in panic disorder patients who are also treated with escitalopram for anxiety. You may be eligible to participate if you: • Are between ages 18 and 50 • Have panic disorder • Have taken at least 30 minutes to fall asleep at least three times per week in the preceding month Medical assessment and study drugs are provided at no charge, and compensation is available for time and travel. Study Director: Ravi Singareddy, M.D. For more information, call Christie Schaeffer, R.N., 717-531-3779. This research study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board, under federal regulations, at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, Penn State College of Medicine. U.Ed. MED 09-9277 RES


Last issue’s article on Women’s History Month contained an error on the date of the solar energy presentation at Sarah’s Coffeehouse. Instead of March 24th, the date should have been March 25th.

Attention Wilson College Curran Scholars! The Lincoln Intermediate Unit Migrant Education Program is looking for college students interested in helping elementary school students complete homework during an after-school program. Who? Elementary Students (grades 1-5) What? After-School Tutoring Program When? Monday-Thursday, 4:00-5:00p.m. Where? First United Methodist Church, 225 S. Second Street, Chambersburg, PA17201 Contact: Mr. Eric Mandell or Mrs. Kathy Paul at 717-267-6034 Email for Kathy, Email for Eric,

IRB 26903 (09/18/08)

TheWilsonBillboard March 27, 2009


Entertain yourselves while the music is playing ...(You will need to provide your own music!)

serial fiction

part 5

I’m With the Band

I’m leaving town now. Gypsies swing dance Goodbye, Misoula, MT. by Rebecca Cheek

by Jacquelyn Valencia

He told me he wanted to go to Montana; I told him, “We can go anywhere.” But that’s when I noticed I was still falling….. I’ll never wake up. I’ll never wake up. I’ll never wake up. I’ll never wake up. I’ll never wake up. I’ll never wake up. I’ll never wake up. So if to sleep is to dream of you, then I will dream until the moon gives up, and shut my eyes until the sun can no longer shine its blistering rays upon them. If only one day, after trekking the grey matter of our minds, we could really wake in the state of Montana—a state of reality where such dreams could come true. To be continued...

A BOMB Shelter on Campus by Jessica Carnes

I recently heard that a bomb shelter is located on the Wilson College Campus. It’s not built in the traditional sense, with supplies, such as water and food. Neither did anyone build it for the restless time period of the Cold War. No, this bomb shelter sits at the end of a hall in one of the dorms. It’s not about dropping bombs that explode and kill millions of people, it’s a bathroom that no one uses unless “dropping a bomb’ in the toilet is necessary. It protects the everyday bathroom on the floor from the inevitable smell of dung. One would think, that residing in Franklin County where cows crap all day every day that one’s nose may become desensitized to the smell. I’m here to share with you folks that no such statistic exists. So the next time you feel an embarrassing movement of your bowels, seek out this bomb shelter and crap in the comfort of anonymity.

Have you ever seen a group of gypsies? Or better yet, a group of gypsies that are swing dancing? If you listen to the acoustic music of Roma Renegade, this mental image will surely pop up. This Falling Waters, West Virginia band’s incredibly unique sound comes from a blend of equally unique individuals, as well as creative and at times even ridiculous objects as instruments, such as spoons, or the washboard and bicycle. Comprised of but three members, all previously from other bands, Roma Renegade carries the sound of a much larger member compilation. According to, Gabrielle, an accordion player, Bethany, a guitarist, and Jonny, a drummer, who also plays the vast arrangement of strange musical objects, all consider their music to sound like “instrumental gypsy swing cabaret klezmer pirate folk punk.” After listening to one of their three uploaded tracks, it will soon make sense why the band describes themselves this way. You may even come up with a few interesting descriptions of your own. Do not get me wrong, the mood incurred by the songs of Roma Renegade will uplift and encourage. While each song is

unique on its own, there seems to be a similar theme of lackadaisical peace and good nature. There is a much-clichéd phrase about laying in a field of daisies on a warm summer day. The band pours this phrase into each song without making it feel like a cliché, but rather something entirely new. Often playing shows with Tucker Riggleman, Right as Rain, and other similar artists, Roma Renegade does not currently have any shows booked, but if you are interested in booking them for an event, or get a chance to hear them perform, don’t miss out.

Roma Renegade



wilson adds two new sports, horse polo and rowing

by Nikola Grafnetterova

After the newly opened Science Center, Wilson College students have something else to look forward in the future. Athletic Director Lori Frey recently announced that two new sports, horse polo and rowing, will be added in the Fall of 2009. During the first year, horse polo and rowing will be just club sports but it is expected that they will be elevated into varsity status in the Fall of 2010. The horse polo team will have to share the field with the field hockey team until the construction of the new sports complex, with a stadium seating 50,000 people and indoor heated swimming pool, is finished in 2012. The head field hockey coach Shelly Novak is not very happy about the fact that the polo team will use the field hockey field. “Dog poop is dog poop. But horses! How can we play with all the piles of manure on the field? And all the tracks the horses will leave there!” says frustrated Novak. “I guess I will have to make my players showel the manure as a new conditioning drill. I am sure it will make our practices very interesting,” she adds. Wilson equestrian students are ex-

Stormie, soon to be horse polo pony, is eating his favorite meal - hay! Photo by Sarah Martin

Conococheague Creek, currently used for recreational swimming, will be used by Wilson’s newly added rowing team. Photo by Nikola Grafnetterova cited about this new addition to the current athletic programs. “Polo is a lot of fun to play. I may be interested in joining the team myself next year. It will be also good for my horse, Stormie, who needs more exercise. He constantly overeats with hay and I am starting to see its effects on him due to his bad eating habits,” says Sarah Martin ‘11. The rowing team will practice and compete in the close-by Conococheague Creek which is currently used for recreational swimming since

Wilson’s pool is temporarily closed and needs major repair work before being reopened again. “That is great that Wilson finally added a water sport. I hope that we will have a synchronized diving team too in the near future. It is a shame that the great potential for water sports of our Con was for so long overlooked. I hope the Athletics Department will now realize how much we can do with it,” says Wata Lover ‘09. Lori Frey promised that these are not the last additions to the athletic

programs. “Wilson students have a lot to look forward in a couple of years. After the construction of the sports complex is over, we hope that we will have double the amount of sports than we have today,” Frey said. Right now, Wilson sponsors seven sport teams plus the two new athletic additions. Keep reading Billboard. We will make sure that you know first about all the new things happening with Wilson athletics. Go Phoenix Athletics!

Wilson Athletic Director French-Freyz Gets National Attention by Katelyn Alleman The National Board of Restaurant Savvyness selected Athletic Director Lorina French-Freyz as Pennsylvania’s Restaurant Savviteer of 2009. “I’ve wanted to be Pennsylvania’s Restaurant Saviteer my whole life,” exclaimed French-Freyz. Lorina has been doing extensive research for the past decade on restaurants and their specials. A Restaurant Savvi-


teer is someone who knows all there is to know about restaurants in their area, or in other words is restaurant savvy. To qualify for the Restaurant Savviteer, one must know all the restaurants in their area by heart as well as their menu and specials. Also, a Savviteer has to pick a favorite meal from each restaurant and state the reasons why. As Pennsylvania’s Restaurant Savviteer, French-Freyz

will test her knowledge against every Saviteer from all 50 states at the National Restaurant Savviteer Competition held in Atlanta, Georgia in April. “I have worked very hard over the years collecting information on all our restaurants here in Chambersburg,” states French-Freyz, “I finally have the opportunity to use it!” If Lorina wins the National Restaurant Savviteer Competition, she will move

on to the World Restaurant Savviteer Competition held in Athens, Greece. Lorina dedicates her Savviteer success to her athletic background. “This competition is a lot like an athletic event. You have to stay focused, rely on your preparation, and never give up.” You can catch Lorina and all the other Saviteers on the Rachel Ray Show and in the Pennsylvania Restaurant Magazine. Good Luck Lorina!

TheWilsonBillboard March 27, 2009

Did you know...?


Field Hockey Field Is Haunted! by Katelyn Alleman

Did you know that the field hockey field is haunted? It’s true, it used to be an animal graveyard before Wilson College bought it and made it into the hockey field. Hockey players have even seen some ghostly animals walking around when it get close to dawn. “Sometimes, when we have morning practice, we’ll see one or two walking across the field,” states

freshman Jami DeVanie. “They don’t bother us so we don’t mind them.” There have been instances where the ghost dogs have been suspected of foul play. Sophomore Megan Dennis believes she was tripped by one of them. “I was doing a corner shot and I just fell flat on my bum for no reason,” Dennis recalls. “One of those ghost dogs must have done it.”

Sound Off! Wilson Questions and photos by Nikola Grafnetterova

Sarah Emmel ‘10, Monique Pare tennis ‘11, gymnastics

“I grunt when I hit the “ H h h h h h h … W h e n e v e r ball like Serena Williams I do my bar routine this and Maria Sharapova.” ugly noise comes out of me and I can’t control it. People always laugh but I can’t help it.” ...continued from Front Page bottom, I was pretty sure that somebody was deliberately using it daily. I was so mad! SO MAD! Then I wrote my anger on facebook, hoping to gain some consensus. Some people said I need to take it into my room just as you just suggested. But I still choose to leave it there. I didn’t know why. I just felt there would be a possibility to catch that person. B: So did you get some help from facebook? L: No. Who cares about such a thing? Maybe they thought I was insane. I was just wondering if the person that used by toothpaste had also saw my status. But anyway, after six days, nothing improved. So I wrote a note with bright colored paper and a black marker, and stuck it beside my basket on the shelf: I DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE BUT STOP USING MY TOOTHPASTE! Oh and I came up with another idea: I took a picture of the composition of my washing set, and planned to take another shot after I came back from

Even head field hockey coach Shelly Novak has had suspected run in with the dogs. “I have found many piles of dog feces on the field this year,” exclaims Novak. “I just know that those ghost dogs are the ones to blame.” With the increase of feces incidents, Novak feels the ghost dogs are getting restless. Novak confides, “As long as they quit leaving presents on my field I don’t have a problem with them.” We will see if there are any more incidents with ghost feces in the upcoming field hockey season.

Athlete of the Week Week of March 20-27 Wilson Phoenix Full-Time Mascot

What noises do you make during games?

Megan Whitsel ‘12, lacrosse

“I make a lot of weird sounds and I also sing random songs that pop in my head when I run.”

lunch. I needed to collect evidence! B: That’s a good idea. So what happened after lunch? L: After lunch, I almost ran back to check my toothpaste. It was again being used! My feeling at that time was “YAY,” which surprised and scared me. That feeling was like a detector who finally found valuable evidence. So I took a picture of my toothpaste in its “being used” version. Then, I sat in front of my computer and used Photoshop to bind it with the one I took in the morning. I looked at the obvious contrast, and finally asked myself: Why am I doing this? B: Okay, so finally you started to question yourself…. L: I did feel I was childish every time I tried to “collect evidence.” But I really couldn’t tell why I’d rather make myself mad, than just take the toothpaste back. After about a week, I couldn’t bear anymore. I told myself: Ok, today is the day. I’ll leave it there for today and if it is used, I’ll take it back for-

Alaina Hofer ‘11, softball

“One day I got hit on my leg with the ball from our pitcher Cheryl in practice and I screamed like a seagull. I didn’t cry but I screamed instead. It hurt a lot but people just laughed.”

ever. And Guess What? B: What? L: Just on the day I made up my mind, half of that extra-large toothpaste was gone! HALF! B:WOW! L: YES! I had no words to say after I found the poor flat toothpaste. What could I say? Well actually I had something to say: all those bad words that I had learnt throughout my life. But of course I didn’t say any in public. My mom laughed at me when I told her all these things on MSN with uncontrollable anger. She was like, “Maybe that person used it as a shoepolish paste. Ha-ha! You girl, don’t be so mean. Ha-ha.” She just kept laughing, which made me feel so annoyed. I told her, “It’s nothing about mean or not. If she’s broke, I can give it to her! I can even buy her a new one! Or she can just take it as a whole; I think I would feel better if she takes it rather than using it in this way!” And she still doubted, “Maybe you made a mistake? Are you sure your

Wilson Phoenix Mascot is an athlete of the week for his overall outstanding babysitting performance during the winter sports season. Phoenix loves children and always carries a bag of candy. Many times, Phoenix is surrounded by ten or more children who want to see him fly or ignite the fire. Phoenix’s parents are Sarah Wilson and Phoenix Wilson. Phoenix majors in Airplane Flying and has a motivation and cheering minor. toothpaste became Way Much Less everyday?” I was like, “Of course! I never squeeze my toothpaste in that ugly way! And today HALF of it was gone! Can you believe that I can use HALF of that X-LARGE toothpaste in ONE WEEK AND A HALF?” B: Okay, so maybe this is really the time to take it back, huh? L: Right. B: Good for you. But why didn’t you just do it earlier, since nothing changed eventually…. L: Well….who knows! Maybe I was wacky! B: Okay, thanks for your time. I hope your toothpaste is all right now. Have a nice day. L: The same to you.

...continued from Front Page HA!!! Raise your hand if you believed the article and have a wonderful April Fool’s Day!!! Please enjoy this April Fool’s edition.



Counselor’s Couch

by Nitarah Satyamurthy For the past academic year, I have been happily interning at the counseling center here at Wilson College. Getting to know you Wilson women – your strengths and your struggles - has been the highlight of my experience. Through you, I have been able to stay young at heart. I constantly find myself recalling the glory days of my own college years and being amazed by how much times have changed since I graduated. I decided to use this article to pass along some lessons I learned along the way (even though, you may not be able to appreciate the lessons until you learn them for yourselves). Hopefully this will give you a head start as you continue on your own paths: 1. Most of the relationships that have left you heartbroken won’t matter once you graduate. Those who are most important to you, you will keep with you always. The rest will be but a memory for you. Don’t stress about them now because you won’t be stressing about them later. 2. When you are trying to convince yourself not to study and you ask yourself “what am I going to remember in ten years – memories with friends or getting an

A on this paper?” And realize that, sometimes, you really need to choose the A. 3. You will be shocked by how many of the things that made you ask, “Why do I need to learn this?” will come in handy later on. You have a long road ahead of you with infinite options. Learn all you can now, because you never know what you’ll need to know later. 4. Real relationships need more than just text messaging and Facebooking. Take the time to visit and call your friends while they still live close by. In reality, a five-minute walk to see someone isn’t a far walk – even if it is cold outside. 5. College really is the easiest time of your life. Your days of getting up at noon and never getting out of your pajamas are numbered. Enjoy them but don’t abuse them. Absorb as much as you can while you are here…you are going to need it for the real world! 6. Most importantly, ask for help along the way. There is no need to take on the world alone, trying will only make things harder on yourself.

Career Corner

by Rachel Zupek High school students bust their butts to earn good grades, score high on the SATs and get involved in extracurricular activities to beef up their college applications. After they get into college, students pull all-nighters, attend (almost) every class and spend hours in the library -- all to boost their grade point averages high enough to impress employers. But just how important is your GPA to employers? The majority of employers (62 percent) don’t have a minimum GPA requirement for hiring college graduates, according to’s “College Job Forecast 2008.” Six percent of employers will accept below a 2.5 GPA, while an additional 31 percent require a 3.0 and above. Only 11 percent require a 3.5 and above. “For employers, GPA is just one factor in their decision to interview or hire an applicant,” says Amy Diepenbrock, director of career services at Barry University in Miami Shores, Fla. While it may not be the primary issue when deciding whether to hire an applicant, many employers will ask about grades and education during an interview. When they do, new grads need to be prepared to tell their story. “Students learn how to be better students as they navigate their way through four years of course work and employers understand that,” says Jody QueenHubert, executive director of cooperative education and career services at Pace University in New York City. What matters the most? Generally, employers focus on more important factors when making their hiring decisions. Internships, extracurricular activities and a general, wellrounded repertoire are more likely to affect a hiring manager’s decision. In fact, most employers would probably prefer to hire a candidate with a lower GPA who was involved in a lot of outside activities and/or worked throughout college, Diepenbrock says. “A student with a 4.0 but who has no experience may appear to be imbalanced to an employer,” she says. “The lower GPA with more activities and skills is preferred because employers know that in today’s workplace, individuals are pulled in many directions and need to be able to handle the pressure.” What if I have a low GPA? A common debate among job seekers is when and if to include GPA on one’s résumé. Both Queen-Hubert and Diepenbrock agree that in general, if your GPA is higher than 3.0, list it. Employers tend to assume it’s under a 3.0 if it’s not listed on the résumé. So what happens if you do fall below the 3.0 mark? You have plenty of options. One of the most common practices is to list a “major GPA.” In other words, list your cumulative GPA for the classes you’ve taken relevant to your major -- as in, don’t calculate the “F” you received in chemistry if you’re majoring in journalism. If you’re one of the many students who got off to a rough start freshman year your GPA can be extremely hard to raise. For these students, Diepenbrock suggests listing their current semester or most recent academic year GPA so that an employer can see that they have learned from their mistakes and currently


are doing well. Nevertheless, be prepared to explain why the employer is not seeing your cumulative GPA. No matter how low your GPA is, never lie about it or even round up, Diepenbrock says. A 2.98 GPA is not a 3.0. “If an employer has a GPA restriction for applications, they have a reason for doing this and they will likely require the candidate to provide an academic transcript before completing the hire process,” she says. “Once an employer sees that a candidate has embellished just one piece of her application, the remaining factors, which may be 100 percent true, will not be taken seriously and the candidate will be dismissed.” Ideal industries for low and high GPAs Your GPA will most likely come into play if you’re applying to the “elite, highest-paying, most selective” positions, Queen-Hubert says. Such industries might include business services, investment banking, consulting, technology, engineering, accounting or health care. It’s important to know, however, even those employers prefer students with internship or campus activities. “The key is well-roundedness and a savvy job hunter who can really sell [his or her] strengths.” she says. Most other industries focus less on grades and more on the personality skills required to be successful in that industry. For instance, salespeople require a knack for communication and persuasion. Teachers need to be engaging and organized, and so on. If you meet all of the requirements for a position, except for a shining GPA, address the issue right away with the employer and show that you are confident in your abilities, Queen-Hubert says. “Employers want to hire intelligent, thoughtful, well-spoken individuals and self-reflection is a sign of maturity,” she says. “Lots can happen in four years of growth and development. Don’t be ashamed to articulate weakness and draw attention to your strengths.” Rachel Zupek is a writer and blogger for

Petie Wilson College’s Mascot Horse Laid an Egg!!!

By Jessica Carnes What are they feeding Petie at the barn? Last Friday in the very early morning hours an egg (a rather large one) was found resting under Petie when he stood up to greet his caretaker. “What should one do with this egg?” his caretaker thought. Well, right now the caretakers of Petie are watching the egg. Petie incubates it every night and walks around his stall whinnying at it throughout the day. “We are not sure what to expect to come out of the egg” said one person. I ask, “Have horses been conditioned to the approaching Easter season over the years?” Perhaps Petie wants to participate in the up and coming Easter holiday. Perhaps horses are becoming more like people every day. The barn staff is awaiting the breaking of the egg to see what is inside. If you witness a gargantuan rabbit roaming the campus on Easter, please let the barn know.

TheWilsonBillboard March 27, 2009

Kids’ Korner

Kids’ Korner! ApRiL fOoLs dAy Help the puppy find his bone!

April Fools Pranks!

Easter Egg Hunt!

Got Milk? If your milk comes in a cardboard container, add a few drops of food coloring. Now you have colorful milk! What’s That in Your Apple? For a fruity April Fools practical joke, get a few gummy worms and carefully poke them into fresh fruit like apples. Give Mom or Dad a wormy apple for lunch and leave a few apples on the table for friends and family members! April Showers! If you have a sink with a sprayer, put a rubber band around the handle when nobody’s looking. This automatically keeps the nozzle in spraymode. The next person to use the sink will get a splash! Too funny! Spare Change! Superglue some coins to the sidewalk or any spot that has a lot of people walking around. Make sure it’s an appropriate place, then watch people break finger nails to get the coins.

Charity Fisher, the Director of the Wilson Childcare Center, is coordinating an Easter Egg Hunt for the children on Thursday, April 9, 2009. She is looking for donations of plastic eggs and assorted candies. The only restriction on candy is that there can be no peanut butter or peanut products to protect those with food allergies. You may drop off your donation of plastic eggs and candies in the Child Care Center. If you wish to fill your plastic eggs, please remember to tape them closed. We’ll be looking for volunteers to “assist” the Easter Bunny on April 9 in the afternoon to hide the eggs on the playground at the Child Care Center. Thanks in advance for helping to make the Easter season a fun and exciting time for the kids!


Calendar/Announcements (This is serious) Weekly Events Mondays

Fencing Club 9:00-10:30pm Field House





Meditation w/ Prof. Dickson Fiber Fellowship Current Events Weekly Worship 4:30pm Table 8:00-10:00pm 12:00pm Lenfest Prayer Chapel 12:00pm Sarah’s Coffee House Alumnae Chapel Jensen Dining Hall




Agape Christian Fellowship Fiber Fellowship Art Table 7:00-9:00pm 8:00-10:00pm 11:45am Sarah’s Coffeehouse Jensen Dining Hall Lenfest Prayer Chapel

ArtsDay2009 Wednesday, April 1 Student Exhibition

The official Student Art Exhibition will be on view from April 1-May 1 in the Bogigian Gallery of Lortz Hall. The exhibition features work by Wilson students and was juried by area artist/educator, Ski Holm.

“Salon des Refusés” In the tradition of the Impressionist painters, who were snubbed by the 19th century haute Salons de Paris, Wilson will hold its own exhibition of artitistic “rejections.” Works not selected for the official student exhibit in the Bogigian Gallery will be on display in Lortz Hall, Rooms 200 and 300. They will be on view from April 1- May 1.


Wilson’s drama club, Kittochtinny Players, will present two one-act plays from 4 to 5 p.m. in Thomson Hall’s Alumnae Chapel. Written by Wilson Adjunct Assistant Professor of English Diane Morgan, “Snakepit” unveils what really happened in the Garden of Eden. “The Jest,” written by Wilson Assistant Professor of English Michael G. Cornelius, reveals that “someone is playing a joke on Annabelle … and she may be scared to death.” Admittance is free, but donations will be gladly accepted to defray costs of the production.~information courtesy of the Kittochtinny Players





10 11











12pm Opening Reception of Student Exhibit Bogigian Gallery,Lortz Hall 1pm 1850 Degrees in the Shade- a demonstration of American style Raku firing Gravel parking area in front of Edgar Hall 12 4pm Glass Mosaic Patio area behind Lenfest 1:30 2:30pm “Auricula Meretricula” (Auricula the little Courtesan) Allen Auditorium, Warfield Hall 2:15 2:30

3:50pm Collage Art Lortz 200 4pm Sun Prints Lenfest Esplanade 4 5pm Two One-Act Plays: Snakepit and The Jest Alumna Chapel 5:15pm Drill Team Performance Hawthorne Arena 5

6pm Cricket on the Lawn in front of Warfield 5:30 7:30pm Refreshments Bogigian 6:30pm History of Photography Lortz 210 Visual Fascination: Tabloids, Museums, & the Popular Art of Staring Lortz 210 8:00pm

“Have any Tattoo’s or Piercings you don’t mind showing off? I need willing participants who will let me photograph them for my Photography Project. Contact me if you’re interested. And please, no piercings or tattoo’s in “R” rated areas. Thanks! ~Kira Stone

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