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The 2019 Wilsonart Quartz designs capture the same natural beauty of granite or marble stones, but offer a refined color palette, flawless structures and longer-lasting performance.

Enchanted Rock Q4041

Winter’s Veil Q2008

Arktos Q2008

Upper Wolfjaw Q2008

Quarry Cliff Q4040

Grayton Beach Q4039

Innovation Wilsonart Quartz is a non-porous surface resistant to stains with no sealing or polishing required. Comprised of up to 93% quartz crystals – one of the strongest minerals on earth – abrasions and scratches are no match. Wilsonart Quartz comes in various sizes and can also be expertly fabricated into unique edge profiles, including a reverse knife edge.

wilsonart.com | smartline@wilsonart.com | 1-800-433-3222

The 2019 Wilsonart Quartz collection features a blend of true-to-stone colors, complex veining and carefree movement in reimagined structures. Inspired by earth’s natural wonders, these beautiful neutrals offer a calm and soothing effect that effortlessly complements wellness-focused design.

Upper Wolfjaw Q2008

Monkeypod Wood Y0652

Arktos Q4037

Maltese Grey BA002

wilsonart.com | smartline@wilsonart.com | 1-800-433-3222

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Wilsonart Quartz Design Guide  

Wilsonart Quartz Design Guide  

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