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Get the Support You Need from Addiction Hotline When you call the hotline, you can be relieved knowing that you are talking a person who can understand your addiction problem. The hotline staff is ready to assist you with the preparation needed to enter into a rehab program. Even if you don’t know the person at the other end of the phone, you will feel very comfortable and develops a good relationship with the staff. Moreover, all your personal details are safe in their hands. The staff is specially trained to handle your situation, and give you the right advice on getting rid of your addiction. Whether you choose inpatient drug rehabilitation or outpatient counseling for treatment, it is always better to consult the addiction hotline staff before making a final decision. If you are seeking help for a loved one, you will get information about how to support them in their recovery process. You can get all the necessary support from the staff even during the recovery process. This will encourage you to reach your goal no matter what happens on the way. The support you will receive after the treatment is also essential to stay clean and maintain long term recovery. Get Free Referrals from Addiction Hotline In order to enter into a rehab program or consult a counselor, you will need referrals from either your doctor or hotline staff. Referrals from hotline are the most convenient way of getting the right treatment you need. This is because you don’t have to wait for your doctor’s appointment, and the referrals are available with just one phone call. But, before sending you to a treatment program, they will have to assess your current situation including the type of addiction you are suffering from and your level of addiction. With milder cases of addiction, counseling and group meetings will be more than enough to find a cure. However, with severe addiction, you might require intensive treatment in a residential facility under the supervision of medical staff. All you need to do to get the right treatment is inform the staff about your current problems and maintain an open communication. Always be honest with the addiction hotline staff. It is necessary for them to get a clear understanding about your addiction issues and refer you to the right place. Free Insurance Verifications from Addiction Hotline If you have the right cover, you can save a great deal of money you spend for treatment purposes. However, most insurance companies do not cover the entire cost of your treatment. So, it is important that you know about your cover before you start treatment. The verification process is really easy, and the addiction hotline staff will do it for you. It is usually done either online or over the phone. But, you have to disclose your name, date of birth, the name of the treatment facility, and the services you will need. As the range of cover varies from one rehab center to another, it is often not easy to find a center where you can utilize your insurance benefits to the maximum. The best thing is that the hotline staff will do the hard work for you.

Get Financing Information from Addiction Hotline Your cost of treatment will also vary depending on the type of facility you choose. For example, outpatient rehab will be more cost-effective compared to residential facility. Moreover, the cost will also rise if you are looking for a luxurious setting with all the amenities. If you do not have the cover to pay for your treatment expenses, the addiction hotline operator will also advice you on other options available like charity organizations. SHtlMAdTE12211

Get the Support You Need from Addiction Hotline