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Benjamin Wilson Selected Works

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Social Housing for Rome Rome, Italy Professor: Andrea Vidotto Partner: Paul du Pre de St Maur

The masterplan connects the two conflicting typologies of buildings found around our site which are individual houses and tower blocks; as such and to cope with the natural slope of the site we decided to make four platforms and make our buildings step up so it would integrate both middle-height blocks along with low individual houses. The plan is divided into a northern block of apartments that overlook the southern block of apartments. In between these two blocks is a semi public area.


Site Elevation 50M



Lightwell added

Vertical Circulation

South Facing Balconies

Parking Structure

The organization pattern in the two buildings have a similar language. The living spaces in both buildings enjoy a view into the semi-public garden space, while the bedrooms are enclosed and become a more private space. The buildings feature three vertical circulation corridors that serve two apartments per floor. With a deeper building footprint a one story lightwell and balconies were added to the northern building.

Ground Floor

Section A

2nd Floor

Section B

View 1

View 2



3 2

View 3

View 4

Ames Apartment Downtown Ames: Ames Iowa Professor: Patience Lueth

The Flooded Chapel Inis Grove Park: Ames, Iowa Professor: Cameron Campbell

Located on the banks of the Skunk River the concrete sanctuary of the chapel is elevated twenty-five feet into the air to protect the chapel from the seasonal floods. Underneath the chapel is a water feature that levels correspond to the flood stages. The interior of the chapel is a progression from darkness to light, culminating in a beautiful view overlooking the skunk river.

Jack Trice Video Board Spa Jacktrice Stadium: Ames, Iowa Proffessor: Dan Naegle

Roof Terrace: Sauna

3rd: Thermal Baths

2nd: Message Theropy

1st: Reception, Changeing Rooms, Lounge

South Elevation

Section A


North Elvation

Theraml Baths

Winton Hotel and Apartments East Village: New York City Proffessor: Dan Naegle

World renowned architect Frank Gehry Winton Guest House sits atop this hotel and apartment building serving as the penthouse suit and catalyses for the building’s organization. Located in the historic east village of New York City, it was important to remain true to the historic context and blend the facade into this late nineteenth century district. The negative spaces of the Winton Guest House cut vertical shafts into the building that create courtyards, circulation, and spatial division. The central core of the building comes up through the center of Winton guest house branching off into hotel and apartments at each floor.

Roof Terrace

2nd - 7th floors




1st Floor






Ground Floor



Hotel Reception

Circulation Space

Benjamin Wilson Selected Works  
Benjamin Wilson Selected Works  

Selected works from my undergraduate degree at Iowa State University. You can contact me at or (641)-431-0441