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Earth, the planet of the solar system, is our planet. We are now living on Earth, so we have to know about Earth. There are many incredable things on Earth. There are animals, Oceans, plants, insects and some disasters. And now, I'm going to write about fruits. Because I'm interested plants, especially fruits. Trees make their own fruits to save their energy. Because of that, fruits are very healthy and have vitamins, such as vitamin A, B, C etc. So if you want to be healthy, eat fruits. There are billions of fruits in the world, and there are many types of fruits. There are just fruits that are nontoxic, and there are fruits that are toxic. Actually, fruits were made to propagate. In the middle of fruits, there are seeds. Seeds are the most important things of the fruits. So, to protect the seeds, trees made traps. The traps are the poison inside the seeds. Poison can just paralize or kill animals. Fruits are incredable : they give you vitamins, many good things. BUT BEWARE OF the POISON!

Editor Chae Soomin 채수민



Do you know when did the reptiles first started to live on earth? The reptiles started to live in paleozoic. Dinosaurs, crocodiles, snakes all belong in reptiles. Reptiles regulate their body temperature from the sun. Because, they don't have the ability to regulate body temperature.(for example) crocodiles sun baths at morning because their blood is cold so it has to be hot. But the Velociraptors(which lived in late cretaceous)were able to adjust the temperature for it self. As the result it could run faster, and hunt faster than other carnivore dinosaurs. Their skin is covered by the epidermis keratin so the water in their body do not exit out. So they can live in desert region. Their body is very disverse and there are usually two pair of legs and feet have five toes. They lungs breathing. Their hart have two ventricles and one atrium. But the crocodiles hart is incomplete two ventricle. Most of all is ovipariousness. But, some are ovovivipariousness and also has primitive placenta.

seong bin cho


Animals: cows

There are many animals on the Earth. And there are many kinds of animals on the earth. I think the best animals are cows. Because cows supply meat and milk to us. So I think the best animals are cows. I will tell you about cows.

First, I'll tell you about types of cows. There are Bulls, milk cows, long horns, wilds and farm cows. Bulls are big boy cows. Milk cows are cows to get milk from. And long horns have long horns and from texas. And wilds are not train cows. Finally, farm cows are cows used to overturn dirts.

Second, I'll tell you about how to produce milk and meats. They produce milk. People squeeze milk cows' breast. And they produce meats. People kill cows then we can get meats.

Finally, I'll tell you about how cows help us. Cows can help us to overturn dirt. And we can get milk and meats for cows. I love cows and I will eat meats less now. I think we should thank for cows. EDITOR KIM JEYUN 김제윤


I.T. 7

Currently, Samsung and Apple's patent litigation are battling many current issues.

Apple's lawsuit against Samsung in the design side, Samsung first came to walk on the contrary with respect to technology and communications technology sources. One example is its patent infringement lawsuit against large-scale has In fact, Apple sued several times for the Samsung, but Samsung is the first time I left side so sharply. Probably due to an earthquake in Japan, Samsung's NAND flash memory As the position has hardened sharply He will join and might like to speculate.

Apple can now lay side of the quantities that union companies Samsung and Hynix story I have, so Toshiba's hit keotdago He will be viewed. In addition, Samsung side, iPhone, iPad 3G version of the request to stop the sale of the three countries, including South Korea, before the request is haneundeung stood firm. Steve Jobs has been negotiating with the president of Lee Jae stories coming from a's currently so afraid of Samsung, Apple will be demonstrated through a lawsuit, I want Is not.

In this case, Samsung is shown that there is nothing to lose. Also foreign to most of Apple's design-related lawsuits forced itguyo resistance reported. Of course, Samsung's here to win tougher to deal with this extreme way. Samsung, Seagate HDD division to shareholders virtually flick doeneundeung by various effective management policies for the operation of several popular Samsung itguyo coming out. The lawsuit, but if I do not know how the party will prevail, Samsung, Apple launched the product on the far side of the Samsung patent royalties must be provided for each product and that no future royalties to be charged haneundeung damage appears to reach its full size. Most keunsosongeun negotiated between companies and in many cases do end. The patent fight, what happens? Somehow Korea's largest company, Samsung, and awareness of the world's largest mobile company fighting with Apple, because I would like to have more that are not highlighted. 손찬호 - contributor




Alternative Energy

We have used fossil fuel for a long time. so, the amount of petroleum isn't so much. and the effect of using petroleum was bad.

The ecosystem was broken down. and the sea level is going up. if we use petroleum more, our descendants can't live in the earth so what should we do.

First, we should find new technology for petroleum. like wind power, sun power. second, we should reduce amount of spending petroleum. if we don't, the new technology for energy won't be the remedy for energy shock. EDITOR김동혁


Movies 11

Topic : After watching 'Sunny'

Today, most people have a lot of rest time. So many movies are made to welcome audiences. I watched the movie Sunny. I think sunny is the most pleasant movie I have ever seen. It is a way to understand about my mother's schoollife. Also we can learn about the lifestyle of 1980s. Last, we can be have fun watching this movie. This movie reproduces the 1980's theme very well. And we can feel many things. This movie was clearly fun. This movie was funny because matchang fighting. Also I like the dancing they called it "Disco".I want to learn this dance. And I like bad words. So I feel grateful for seeing that. Also I can feel friendship. There are 7 girls. Each girl has pain, one girl wanted to be Miss Korea but she... You have to watch the movie to know the rest So I recommand you watch sunny.

by contributor 박희승


After watching 'Pirates of the Caribbean' I will tell you about 'Pirates of the Caribbean' I love action and comic movies. So, I introduce 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Because this moves is wonderful for me. Maybe many people feel some Pirates are not bad. But some Pirates are bad. This movie has funny Pirates as well Why pirates are funny? This movies performed many Pirates. These Pirates have a special idea. So, I feel, that is, wonderful. But I think many Pirates are kind as well I recommend you watch 'Pirates of the Caribbean' with your friends and family.

by contributor



Music celebrities


World Star, Rain

Do you know who has the most sexy body? While a lot of Idol groups are popular among people, many solo Idol's are also famous and popular.

From now on, I'll introduce Rain, one of the most famous solo Idol in Korea and in the world. He said that he was a bad guy before his mother passed away in his age about 20. After his mother passed away, he started his new life. Rain has young and handsome face. His title song is rainism, 널 붙잡을 노래 and 태양을 피하 는 방법.

Not only in Korea, he is also well known in the world. So people call him 'World Star". He was ranked in New York Times as a influential person in a Hollywood movie, "Ninja Assasin and Korean drama, 풀하우스. This drama was very popular. And korean are proud of him. People like him because of his handsome face and charming smile with his eyes. That's why girls like him. He made an entertainment and produced a boy idel group MBLAQ. One of the MBLAQ member 이준 is very similar to him.

He is a fashionist. His hair style is unbalanced cut. I like his hair style. And he wears dandy style clothes. He does exercise well and he's in good shape. He's now in army. I hope he does well after he discharges from military. Thank you for reading my essay.

by: Editor 정인영




World star SHINee Many idol groups are also famous and popular from now I"ll introduce shinee. shinee's entertainment is one of the most famous boy groups in korea,japan, euroup and in the world. shinee has handsome faces. and they are cute Their title song is sherock and 낯선자 now not only in korea, they are also well known in the wrold so people call them the repretentafive singer in korea. Many teenagers in euroup like shinee very much. Shinee held many concerts there and all seats were sold out. the reasons why they like shinee are very high quality of their songs and very peculiar dance performance. I think they will be better.


Big Bang

There are lot of Music celebrites, In korea boy groups are popular. I Will tell you about "BigBang" They debuted in 2006 with 1st single album[BigBang] in title song"Dirty cash" When they debuted, netizen blamed their ugly face. But their mind was changed soon. BigBang's New style song, and surprised. They very famous season in 'lie' they won many awards and they actived in variety program. Very fun ^__^ Solo active increase. G-dragon had a solo album title 'Heartbreaker'. Seungri sang 'strong baby'. Taeyang sang '나만바라 봐‘. Daesung sang '날봐귀순’ and TOP sang 'Turn it up'. Not only singer but also another actived Musical,Acting,pictorial ect... Musical in Seungri with 소나기, Daesung with CATS. In drama TOP with 아이리스&아이엠샘. other G-dragon ranked in 'as reason of Seoul is great' But they've suffered hard time. First Daesung had car accident in 2011, Next G-dragon was suspicious a hemp cigarette, and they had a self-discipline. When they came back, Somebody said badwords to him,but BIGBANG released Album'ALIVE' people recognized their power. BigBang's style is very hot issue. Do you know "Air fashion"like that? GD of BIGBANG is the best of fashionistar in idol group. Others member put on cloth very well too. Their passion will not end. Do you read my essay very well? Then you know BIGBANG how great they are! We are expecting that they show their creative style to the public.




Topic- Dog's favorite things.

Do you like dogs or puppy? They are so cute and beautiful aren't they? I will tell you about dogs especially their favorite things. Dogs are active and they like toys and food. I will give you some information and examples about it. First, dogs like toys and they like playing. Dogs like frisbee, balls and bones. They usually like hiding, chasing and digging. And also they like to play with their master. On example, when their master throw something like frisbee or balls, dogs run very fast and catch them and also they never get tired. They like to dig grounds so they dig garden and smell the dirt because of this action they usually get dirty but they always look happy. And they like dolls too because they like biting so there are many balls and dolls that they enjoy biting. Second, dogs like food and eating they like meat and many desserts for dogs it taste like meat. And they like food that they can bite and chew like gum(shaped like bone or stick) and bone. Because of this personality some of there food is very hard. Sometimes some of dogs are curious, they eat something dangerous and unique. On TV shows, the dogs ate(usually swallow) sharp things and dangerous thing like medicine and Christmas tree balls. And even the dog ate its leash! When they eat something unique, it doesn't mean hungry. There are several reason when they chew and eat but usually they might be curious and this things will make them happy. At last, dogs like playing with toys and they like eating. Because they like running, digging and chewing. But as you know dog's favorite thing is playing with their masters. They always love their masters because they know their masters love them so much. When you play with your dogs, they will be really happy with it and they will enjoy the time so play with your dog and make your dog happy.


Park Sang eun


Kinds of dogs There are lots of kinds of dogs in the world. Among them, I’ll introduce Maltese and shihizu to you.


is about 3.2kg and usually 25cm. Maltese has white color. Also it always want to be hugged by people. Maltese is related to Malta.


is usually 26.7cm, less t h a n 4 . 5 - 8 .1 kg . I t s charater is haive and it has lots of expressive feelings. Shihizu lives in china and it has white and black color.


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