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Songwon Middle School English Magazine

Photography by:Kim Seongyoon (김성윤 3-6) Cover Design Team: Yu Jae Yeon (유재연) / Min Ji Yeon (민지연)

Songwon Middle School English Magazine | 2

Table of Contents

• Classroom .............................................. 4 • School Uniform ...................................... 6

• Test ........................................................ 8

• School Life ............................................. 9

• Food ..................................................... 10 • School Facilities ................................... 12 • School Memory .................................... 14 • Interview w/ Mr. Lee .......................... 18

• Student Voice ...................................... 20

• Comic Corner ....................................... 22


Topic and Opinion

Editor: Lee chang Min (이창민, 2-1)

WE are talking about classrooms. We study and play in the classroom. We study in the class. We play in break time. We change clothes in the classroom and sleep in the classroom. Classroom has digital TV, many chairs and desks. It has blackboard and chalks. Also it has one air-conditioner and four fans. WE also eat food. Some students take food in school and eat. Foods are like Ramyeon, Sinzoli, love corn……. They know they will punished when teacher saw. Though, they don’t stop eating food. Because foods are delicious. We also play. We usually talk or escaping……. We talk about games or food. We fight the playing is very serious. But they hand immediately. We also sleep in the classroom. We sleep in the class or break time. In the science class, more than 20 students were sleeping. Some teacher punish sleeping students. But some teachers don’t punish sleeping students. Opinion We don’t like the classroom very much. It is a little small and dirty. The door is very weak and easy to break. There are many broken chairs or desks. It has lots of things to fix. So we don’t like classroom very much.

Songwon Middle School English Magazine | 4

Teacher Interview

Reporter: Chang Sun U (정선우 1-4)

1. What do you want to your classroom? I want it to be cleaner. 2. What need to your classroom? I think I need to shoes chest. 3. Do you want to bigger than before your classroom? Yes I do. 4. How do you think your student? I think student is nice. 5. How do you think your class president? I think he is smart and cool. 6. How do you think your sit? My sit is so so. 7. Do you want to have one computer? Yes, I do. 8. Can you make classroom more clean? Yes, I can. 9. Do you want to have more books? No, I don’t. 10. Do you want to have white board? Yes, I do.

Student Interview 1 What do you think of your classroom? I think it is too dirty and small 2 What is the improvement for your classroom? I think our classroom should have beautiful girl teacher and computer. 3. How often do bug appear in your classroom?( a week) WE saw 5 bugs in a week. 4. What is need most school things in your classroom. I think computer is the needest school thing. 5. What is the most interest class you? I think P.E is most interest for. 6. What is your dream? My dream is a scientist. 7. Do you think our class room should have a shoes chest?

Contributor: 조유성

Yes we have a shoes bag. Its too uncomfortable. 8. Do you like your desk and chair? No. Its too dirty. 9. Do you like your chest? Yes. Its too clean yet. 10. Who is your classroom teacher? My teacher is 류재은.



Editor: Kim Dong Hyeok (김동혁 2-2)

Every middle school student wears a school uniform. We usually don't know how we originally wear school uniform or when the policy was started. Let's learn about the origin of school uniform in Korea and how students and teachers think about it. The school uniform was started from 1886, when Chosun accommodate the western culture. Mary Fletcher Benton Scranton, the missionary, found the western school in Chosun and she started students wear school uniforms. We usually think that the school uniform is one of the remains of Japanese invasion, but actually it was started from American culture.


Editor: Kim Uchan (김우찬 3-1)

My opinion of school uniform is that we must wear our school uniform. Because if we don’t wear uniform and wear own clothes, the difference of wealth and poverty will be serious. So we need to wear our school uniform clearly and teachers also should control wearing own clothes in school.

Songwon Middle School English Magazine | 6


Son Jong Su (손종수 1-4)

1. Do you like your school uniform? - Yes, I like our school uniform 2. Is school uniform clean? - Yes, It’s clean 3. What colors are your school uniform? - It mix of pink and white 4. What do you think of school uniform? - It is good 5. Are school uniforms comfortable? - No, It’s not comfortable 6. Do you want to use different school uniforms? - Yes, A liitle 7. How much is your school uniform? - Well, I don’t know 8. Is summer school uniform cool? - Yes, It is 9. Are winter school uniforms warm? - No, They aren’t 10. Do you want to buy school uniform again? - No, I don’t want to buy school uniform

Interview Park Myeong Won

(박명원 1-2)

We also interviewed students and teacher about school uniform. •전재혁, on first grade. “I think the school uniform is too uncomfortable. We want to wear our own clothes.” •변성화, music teacher. “Our school uniform is really good. I want to say students not to wear their own clothes and wear school uniform well.”


Student Interview

Reporter: Baek Hyeonbin

(백현빈, 3-3)

Students think tests are difficult, hard, and annoying. But test is important on your life. So our teachers make test and test us. Q. what do you think about test? A. I think that is annoying. Q. Do you think tests are useful in your study? A. Yes Q. IF you don’t have test what will you do? A. I will stop the study. Q. When you in front of the test. What do you feel? A. I feel so bad. Q. If you have a good grade. What will you do? A. I will sleep in house. Q. Do you think the test is important? A. I think the test is unimportant. Q. If you think the test is important, Why? A. The test can change his future. Q. If you think the test is unimportant, Why? A. If the test is over, I forget it. Q. Do you thing the test’s difficulty are OK? A. I think the test is difficult. Q. What is the most important on grade? A. Have a good ability.

Opinion Test is to evaluate the ability of us. I think four times exam a year is too much. So I think about how the test only twice a year. The lower accuracy of the proficiency defeated. It might be get more time to think for students. It is necessary to test the student. Exams because of the republic of Korea. However, students will receive a lot of stress. In addition, ther are students who choose to commit suicide because of exam stress. I`ll effects as long as the test is important in life. I hope measures for the test to come out on that.

Songwon Middle School English Magazine | 8



Editor: Chae soomin (채수민,1-1)

Food is the most important thing to a person. It provides us Vitamins and many good things. Our school, Songwon middle school, provides free-lunch to the 1st grades students. Other grades like 2nd and 3rd grades students need to pay for their meal. Well, It’s good because it’s free and healthy, but the most important thing, It’s not tasty! Techers eat lunch very well. But the students don’t like it very well, and they just throw it away. For example, my friend ate lunch at first time, but soon they didn’t wanted to eat lunch and didn’t eat because it’s not tasty. They said that school lunch is terrible. They started to go to the store. Things that store sells were tasty and delicious. Well, my friends stopped going to cafeteria. Many students wants to meals to be more tasty.

Opinion Editor: Choi jun soo(최준수 ,2-3)

All of students have a lunch at school cafeteria. I think the school lunch is not delicious. So some students don’t have a lunch. When I don’t have a lunch I feel sorry for the cooks, because they made lunch for us but we don’t eat then they feel angry. I hope they give more love so every student loves to eat then the cooks will be happy for the students.

Songwon Middle School English Magazine | 9

Opinion Editor:Joe Seeong Bin

(조성빈 2-3)

Our school execute the vegetarian diet on Friday lunch time. But the food is not delicious on Friday. As a result, many students don't eat lunch and go to the store. So I think our school dieticians have to research how to make food more delicious. They have to mix vegetables with meats or other delicious things, and cook them. Then the goods will be nutritive and delicious. Also, people will not dump foods away. To control the pollution of the earth, they have to change foods. There will be less trash, then the pollution of the earth will progress slowly.

Interview Editor: Yu Suh Yeon ( 유수현1-2) 1. What time do you go to the caferteria? 2. When you finish eating lunch, what do you do? 3. What do you think about school lunch? 4. Lots of students waste food, what do you think about it? 5. If the lunch is terrible, what will you do? 6. Which food do you like best in school lunch? 7. What do you talk to the food-givers when you get lunch from them? 8. Is the school lunch enough? 9. Don’t you feel bored of same menu? 10. Are you appreciate to cooks? I asked a student about school lunch. I was nervoused, but time went I overcomed it and have a nice friend. Before I interview him, I prepared 10 questions. First, he thinks school lunch is very good. Even he said school lunch is better than homemade lunch, Ha Ha Ha… He goes to the cafeteria with his friends at 1:15p.m. And his favorite food in school lunch is Kimchi. Also, he thinks very appreciate to school cooks. When he get food from them he said ‘Thanks’ with smile. But the school lunch is not enough to him because he is very tall and eats a lot. Sometimes, he gets more food. When I finished asking questions, I was very appreciated with him. Because it’s a long time, he answered me kindly. Since this interview, I am very familiar with him. Thanks.



Editor: Lee Hanul (이한울 3-8)

Song-won middle school is one of the big(rich) middle in Gwangju. But, our school’s facilities are insufficient. In this year, the school store is closing because of the school violence. So, many students go to the song-won girls’ high school store covertly. Many student wants new facilities like wide ground to play P.E festival or clean W/C. Some people told the meal facilities are so cold because the door that song-won girls high school students use. But NOBODY tell to the principal and teacher because students know they won’t listen to our story. So I tell to them through this book. WE WANT GOOD SCHOOL FACILITIES!

Opinion Editor:

Lee Hyein (이혜인 3-7)

Hello! My name is Hye-in I want talk about My middle school of SongWon. I like my school because teachers are very friendly. I like SongWon middle school friends. Songwon middle school facilities are not so good because our school is built very old. So everything is old. I think cafeteria is very good facility because it built 2years ago. I think toilet is very worst because it is very dirty and it smells bad. I want our school built gym because when it rains we are not exercise. I think future Songwon middle school is Many classroom have new television, new desk, new chair, and limodeling. My future highschool is must school have wide and grass in playground. My future university is must have wide and clean bathroom. Near the school is most clean is won-ri I saw the school of drama is 신사의 품격 So songwon is very good school^^


Editor: Lee Hyein (이혜인 3-7)

I’ll interview Hye-In and get her opinion. First, I asked her what she thinks about our school’s facilities. She thinks our school facilities are not good for her because there aren’t many facilities that we need. Then I asked her what is the best and the worst facilities. She answered that cafeteria is the best facility in our school because it’s new. Also the worst facility is toilet because it’s dirty and wants the students to clean harder. Next question was what facility does she want and her answer was gym. It’s because we can’t exercise in cold winter. Her imagination of school is grass in playground, new television, and new desk. So she wants the high school and university to have playground with grass and clean toilet. Then I asked which school has the best facilities. She answered that UnRi middle school is and in drama, ‘Dream High’s GiRin art school. Lastly, I wanted know does she think that teachers need better facilities and she thinks they don’t need it. This is one student’s opinion. Many have different opinions. What do you think?

Songwon Middle School English Magazine | 12



Lee Seohyeon & Jeong Sehyeon(이서현 & 정인영 3-7) Our Group will write about Memory in School. We made many memories in school for one year. You might have good experience and bad experience. They will remain in our mind forever. We went to a training camp and had a sports festival. It was hard but we could laugh a lot and had fun with friends. Of course, there were sad memories an angry memories, buy that would be a precious memory when we go high school. We spent lots of time in school also we have many memories in school. Based on writing I hope we can recall our memories in school.

Subject: Photo (Kim dam hee) This was my first grade class room. I have many memories here. They were nice memories.

Songwon Middle School English Magazine | 14


Jeong Seyeon, Lee Uju(정세현 , 이우주 2-6/2-5)

1. What is your favorite memory in Songwon Middle school? A) My favorite memory in Songwon middle school is math travel in Everland. I could ride all the attractions. 2. What is your favorite food? A) My favorite food is chicken when I was first grade, my teacher bought chicken. It was very delicious. 3. What will you do on this weekend? A) I will go to downtown with my friends. Because I will move to another school in 군산. 4. What type of student do you like? A) I likes the students who are good at answering.(teacher) 5. What’s your favorite place in school? A) My favorite place is the market in school. 6. What is your the worst memory in Songwon middle school?

A) My worst memory is that cafeteria is bad.



Our Topic is about school life .School life is very important. School life is exciting. Students have differt ideas about school life. Something it is good but something it is great. During class it is sometimes boring. It is sometimes also interesting. P.E class is exicting. How about you? What student do you like? School life is also about teachers and students. Also we interviewed with students and teachers. We interviewed about school life, exam and their life.

Songwon Middle School English Magazine | 16

Interview w/ Mr. Wil

By:Park Hui Seung ( 박희승, 1-7)

Hello? I’m reporter Brittany. I interviewed Will today. Do you think it is interesting? If you do, let’s see together. 1. Q: Can you introduce yourself simply? A: My name is Wil Fred Rawlins. I’m from Houston, Texas. I have one younger sister, a mother and a father. I’m 30 years old. 2. Q :Why did you come to Korea? A: Because I want to teach English and accompany my wife who wanted to work in animation in Korea. 3. Q: Are you satisfied with your job? A: Yes, I am. 4. Q: When you feel tired? A: I feel tired every day and busy day. Because I have to teach, make lessons, exercise everyday, study, translate book in English. 5. Q: When do you feel happy? A: When students talk to me. 6. Q: What do you think of Songwon middle school? A: I think that it is a very good school and it tries to help students. 7. Q: What do you think of Korean education? A: I think that it is traditional but now it’s changing. 8. Q: What’s your favorite Korean and American song? A: I like Korean song ‘I want to see’ and American song ‘Rainbow Connection’. 9. Q: Which do you like better boys or girls students? A: I think both students are great. Girls students are usually more calm that makes easily for teaching, 10. Q: What’s your dream? A: To be diplomat .Because I like to help many countries succeed. I think Will is a very good teacher, And I can know more about WilFred. And he wants to talk with students more. Why not talk with him?

Mr. Lee’s Interview

By:Park Sang Eun (박상은,3-6)

Hello, I am a editor Park Sang eun. This time, I interviewed with Mr. Lee. He is a teacher who teaches us skills and housekeeping. He often counsel us with problems about schools and entering school. He is very kind to students and he knows a lot of useful information. I asked several questions to the teacher and he answered to my questions in details. BEFORE THE QUESTIONS Q-I think you like color black because you often wear the clothes. Why do you like color black? A-I like color black because it looks normal and comfortable. I wear black clothes as same reason. Q-What is your favorite book or movie? A-I like movie named ‘Sound of music’ and among of the books I like ‘Love; the most it written by 이광수 Q-You have a puppy for pets. Do you like other animals? A-I like any kinds of animals. Q-Where do you like to go to travel? A-I would like to travel to Jeju. The island looks different views in each other seasons. So I want to go to Jeju. ABOUT SCHOOL Q-Do you like and have pride about the subject that you teach? A-Yes, I do. And I feel a lot of my subject. Because I think it is the most important subject and it have a lot of useful informations about our living. Q-How many years do you work in school? A-I work in school for 24 years. Q-Do you have any pride of the Song won middle school? And why? A-I proud a lot about Song won middle school because the students in school are good and kind. Q-When do you feel hard in teaching students? A-I think when students walk to the wrong or bad ways. ABOUT HIS HOBBY Q-You are joining with the group of Korean traditional instruments and songs, what kinds of instruments do you play? A-I play 장구 and drum when the singers sing. I usually join practice and concert in after school or weekend.

Songwon Middle School English Magazine | 18

Q-It seems to very busy because of your school work. When do you join in practice and concerts? A-Same with first answer about my part. AT LAST Q-What do you think about interview with me? A-I’m so glad to interview with you and it was good time. Me-I was so glad to you to answered in my questions and I hope teacher think as same as mine. He was so kind when he was answering to my questions. In addition, he is always for students and he is a good teacher. Thank you for join in my interview.

Student Voice No Pains, No Gains

By: Kim Tae Un (김태은 3-1)

The youth, we can describe our entire as in 24hrs. In this way the youth see their life as a 6 am wake up call. However they misunderstand that we should see our entire life as a 6am wake up call. We should think like this to aspire to get the best results as soon as possible. I have some several details of what the youth is like. Youth is a race. These days’ youth always compete with one another. One of them can survive and the other fails. In this way we can’t live without competition in such a heartless society. For instance we are always tested and judge amongst each other. While we live in this tight race we can gain wisdom that specific to our dreams. We have to put our effort into achieving our dreams. Youth is an experience. Everyone’s memory comes from their youth. For example, we need to travel with friends or participate in various school activities to stack up our experiences. Just for once, we should try going through the wrong way to know the right way. Because of experience, we can develop our lives better, then we can go through the hardest and the happiest. Experience can make people more knowledgeable than anyone who doesn’t have experience in their youth. Our youth is the time we prepare for our future. Youth is hardship. We need plenty of responsibilities that we should go through by ourselves. Most of society always tries to test us this is why we just prepare the test because of our better future. Not for our hope, we are forced to do something by parents or teachers at any time. We should take the first prize without our satisfaction, just forcing. Moreover, parents who always support us may give up their dream because of our youth. Youth can’t come twice in our life, so we need to use the heyday very useful and valuable. When we use this very valuable then the hardship will turn into happiness. Everyone! “No pains, go gains” If we don’t work hard, then nothing can come to us. Young! Get ambition! I definitely believe that the youth time is very precious time so we can put our effort to achieve the dream and expensive resultment. Even though it is hard for now, don’t give up and look forward to your future. Your future will be ac-

Songwon Middle School English Magazine | 20 complished by the wisdom of youth.

Try to Spread Your Wings by Drawing

By Kim Yung Jeong (펄 [김영정])

When I was young. I had some special friends. One of my friends was really special because she had an extraordinary ability to draw. She liked drawing, and she drew characters very well. She seemed to have divine talent in drawing characters. (So we called her "Goddess of Drawing.") She could draw characters in a short periods of time, and her characters looked very cute and were high quality. I envy her drawing ability.

One day, I thought I wanted to draw my favorite characters myself. So I started drawing characters, now that I think about it they were my favorite ones. As I practice and practice, I got into drawing even more. At one point, I realized that drawing become part of my life before I knew it. Ever summer or winter vacation, I used to spend most of my free time drawing new characters.

Three years ago, I got a drawing machine called "tablet." It is a very useful machine when I draw characters with my computer. I was very delighted because of it. I started using my tablet to draw characters. It was difficult for me to use it. But many of my friends were experts on it. If there was something I didn't know, I would ask my friends about it. Thanks to my friends, I managed to use it skillfully. So now I use it whenever I draw with my computer. The more I know about it, the more I feel confident in my drawings. So I began drawing characters day and night.

Since I entered junior high school, I haven't drawn characters like the ones I drew in elementary school. But I continued drawing them because I love to do it. I think if you love something, just do it with assurance. You just have to spread your wings. If you believe, you can fly in the sky where there is an unlimited expanse.

The Reason I Like to Draw

By:Park Sang Eun (박상은, 3-6)

I like drawing characters and cartoons and I draw some pictures in school magazines although my drawing is not good enough to put in the magazines proudly. I like drawing and when my pictures are looking better I feel proud of them. I have several reasons to explain why I like drawing. First of all, it is one of my favorite hobbies. I spend a lot of time of my free time for my hobbies. One of my hobbies is drawing, and I’m happy when I draw my own characters. And also, I like to make my own stories and I like to imagine. Sometimes, I make new characters to draw new comics. Usually, my comic’s genres are fantasy, because I can’t draw big actions well, and I like fantasy stories. I’m continuing to draw my cartoons with fantasy story. When I draw these cartoons, I imagine a lot. Maybe my ideas are childish stories, but I like drawing and I don’t feel mean about that. Second, I like reading or watching comics and animations. I like characters in comics and animations. Usually, I watch Fairy tail and ‘webtoons’ (comics on the internet). There are many characters of men and woman. And also, there are many kind of actions and design of clothes so I draw the characters in cartoons to practice my sketch. I practice part of body that difficult to draw like hands, legs, and hair styles. Sometimes, I practice to draw animals and plants. These are need for draw my cartoons. And watching (reading) these cartoons and animations, I can develop my drawings. The last reason is my friends. As you know many friends that around me are drawing pictures and cartoons well. I was fifth grade in elementary school. I started drawing with my friends. Actually, I followed my friends who drew well. Actually, when I was young, I could draw just simple characters looking back on it now my old doodles was childish and funny. I think my drawing skills are improved a lot now because of my friends. Even now I have many friends who drawing very well than me. We share pictures and cartoons together and we give advice each other. I like my friends and their pictures and cartoons because they draw unique and special things. We give special drawings for present in each birthday. I enjoy drawing pictures. I like to imagine and I think I create my own characters and stories when I draw things. Drawing is my favorite hobby because I could hang out with my friends well with this hobby. Also, I can participate in making magazines and decorating board in classroom. I think drawing is special because I can express anything that in my mind. I can pictorialize with lines and colors. I will continue to draw for improve my skills. And I want to publish my own cartoons on the internet someday if I can draw perfectly as much as enough to publish.

Songwon Middle School English Magazine | 22

Comic Corner

By: Min Ji Yeon (민지연)

Songwon Middle School English Magazine | 23

By:Yu Jae Yeon (유재연)

Songwon Middle School English Magazine | 24

By Kim Yung Jeong (펄 [김영정])

Songwon Middle School English Magazine | 25

Songwon Middle School English Magazine | 26

By:Park Sang Eun (박상은) Songwon Middle School English Magazine | 26

For anyone willing to chase their dreams the sky is the limit and the future belongs to you. The youth of today are the l e a d e r s o f t o m o r r o w. T h a n k y o u and good luck.

미래의 꿈이 피어나는 대한민국 좋은학교

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