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Adoration of the kings Oil on canvas on board, 69 x 76 cm, framed

R1000 New life, a new phase, manifests in reality and needs to be loved and received. This is what the baby sees at birth: “Hello, there!” During the course of one’s life, one goes through many times of discarding the old and inviting the new, death and birth.

African village market Oil on canvas on board, 50 x 60 cm, framed

R3000 A village market, Ghana, West Africa. Purple is the Mulberry Woman. This image portrays her as queen of the underworld in her own domain; the African village as the terrain of the unknown inner other is often projected in this way. One’s gaze is drawn into the background and the mysterious dark hills of the equatorial forest by the white headdress of the woman at centre.

At the party Oil on canvas on

board, 57 x 61 cm, framed R2500

An evening at Die strandloper restaurant, Langebaan. It is the end of a time and a time for celebration. The whole inner world is aglow with the drama of freeing the inner child. There is an ancient pattern by which this process unfolds.

Autumn dance Oil on canvas, 92 x 76 cm, framed

R3500 This depicts the process happening in the pot or alchemical vas, or the contained space. The leaves of the old life, the old season, have to fall, and the rainbow snake of differentiated feeling enters from above, reminiscent of the staff of Caduceus. The joyful dance of the opposites, man and woman, speaks of the relief of letting go.

Facing Ereshkigal Oil on canvas on board, 46 x 35.5 cm, framed

R2000 Ereshkigal is an ancient underworld goddess from Sumer. To face her is to be confronted by one’s deepest natural truth, or that part of one’s personality which one refuses to give life in the culture for fear of rejection.

In private Oil on canvas on board, 45 x 60 cm, framed

R4000 Withdrawing from the chaos of the outer world to the inner private space is necessary for psychic health. Openness, receptiveness, is essential, as is the naked truth. This invites the fecundating wind of the spirit in through the open window. In Greek mythology we find this motive in Zeus’ impregnation of Danae.

In the township Oil on canvas on board, 46 x 55 cm, framed

R3000 I worked with people from the township for fifteen years. I enjoyed their vibrancy and found richness inside even though things were often difficult on the outside.

Jonah and the whale Oil on canvas on board, 59 x 64 cm, framed

R2000 This was my favourite Bible story as a child. This image depicts the beginning of the night-sea journey. Storms rage on one’s planet, but yellow-gold weaves through the image, spinning together the water, wind, fire and earth of inner wholeness. Truth is the gold.

Kitchen Oil on canvas on board, 46 x 61 cm, framed

R1000 The connection between above and below is real, but not inhabited. The kitchen is where the alchemy and the cooking happen, the magic. Eventually, aspects of the personality may get together around the table and be fed.

Man on bicycle Oil on canvas on board, 40 x 51 cm, framed

R800 It is early morning in the burnt land and a man on his bicycle is on his way to work. Beside the road colour is returning; the land is flowering through.

Mandala with angels Oil on canvas on board, 61 x 76 cm, framed

R1000 The restoration of the ego-self axis happens over a long period of time. This is reflected in the development of the mandala.

Mandala, sunmoon with dove feathers Oil on canvas on board, 61 x 76 cm, framed

R1000 The restoration of the ego-self axis happens over a long period of time. This is reflected in the development of the mandala.

Mandala, the blue flower Oil on canvas on board, 61 x 76 cm, framed

R1500 The restoration of the ego-self axis happens over a long period of time. This is reflected in the development of the mandala.

Mandala the rhizome Oil on canvas on board, 61 x 76 cm, framed

R4500 The stone is the eternal and the flower is the temporary life. When the flower, an Iceland poppy, opens, it bursts its pod and unfolds its wet leaves before your astonished eyes, much like a butterfly from a cocoon.

Jung says: "Life has always seemed to me like a plant which lives on its rhizome. Its true life is invisible, hidden in the rhizome. The part that appears above ground lasts only a single summer. Then it withers away – an ephemeral apparition.�(MDR p. 4)

Mothering the light Oil on canvas on board, 76 x 60 cm, framed

R2500 I feel my body bending over the light of my life, to protect and nurture it. Life seems to be protective of the process of becoming an individuated person.

Raka’s forest Oil on board, 120 x 110 cm, framed

R6000 Mulberry Woman walked and walked and eventually came to the forest, the place of the mother. The sacred forest is an enchanted place and has been associated with the Great Mother since ancient times. This is where the purple flowers. The tree trunks resemble dancing legs, reminiscent of ancient ceremonies.

Red Oil on canvas on board, 40 x 30 cm

R1500 One experiences intense feelings when one has to hold the opposites, symbolised in the green shaman and the star. This may bring the renewal of the moon.

Salutation Oil on canvas on board, 30 x 40 cm

R1500 In the underworld a salutation is brought to wholeness. The unconscious has its own lights.

Sophia Oil on board 142 x 123 cm, framed

R6000 Sophia is wisdom. She has been rising up from the depths. She is the true containing power. There is a time of cooking, of holding the tension; this is an intensely uncomfortable period during which one engages with the inner fire and during which transformation gradually happens. Is the gorilla pressing her down or is he her right arm? The instinct to control life gradually changes to the instinct to support life. It is a lengthy process during which the conflict of fire and water must be integrated into real life.

Split femininity, Mary Magdalene and Barbie Oil on canvas on board, 55 x 70 cm, framed

R4000 In the waxing and waning of the moon the moon horns, I saw two women: the waning older woman and the waxing younger woman, Mary Magdalene and Barbie, two aspects of the feminine. Together they protect the inner fire to form an eye, the wise old woman. Old and new are in perpetual conflict and healing the conflict, creating growth, green-ing. Old outdated ways of living die off to make way for something new. In our culture deeper feminine values of death and renewal have been replaced by the doll-life; the whole process is sealed off, split off, as if in an egg, but not lost, and even the doll has meaning.

The Bridge Oil on stretched canvas 188 x 245 cm

R 10 000 o.n.o. It is the end of a period of time, dusk. This is the place of the waters, the place of the Mother. It is an archaic place, a place of death and birth. Every stone is a doorway to the other side, but only the large stone in the middle is a bridge: the middle way, as in the Eastern concept of Taoism and Jung’s views of individuation. It indicates the necessity to claim back my own stone from the circle of the collective.

The deep valley Oil on canvas on board, 61 x 91 cm, framed

R1000 No new life ever see the light of day without going through a deep and dangerous place. The all-seeing eye keeps watch and the drum, the heart, leads the way. Many have perished on this journey. Inspired by Franz Claerhout.

The king or Strider Oil on canvas on board, 71 x 55.5 cm, framed

R2500 The masculine side of woman is called the animus. His function is to convey the messages from the unconscious to the conscious personality, when in his rightful place. But until he is finally restored to his kingdom, he is like Strider in Lord of the Rings. Here is the riddle of Strider, p. 265: All that is gold does not glitter / Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not whither / deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken / A light from the shadows shall spring / Renewed shall be blade that was broken / The crownless again shall be king.

The Mary Magdalene Oil on canvas on board, 60 x 50 cm, framed

R4000 She is the full moon as opposed to the masculine sun. Moon and sun are aspects of man and woman alike. The moon is my inner mirror, my ability to reflect. She is also the ability to die and be reborn, qualities of the moon cycle; therefore, inner growth is associated with the soft glow of the moon and eros. She is black, as the medieval Black Madonna of Europe. She is also black as opposed to the white of The White Man, or as in yin and yang.

The Mary Magdalene connects us to the cannon of western culture, and as the moon, she stretches away into the distant past.

The Mulberry Woman Oil on canvas on board, 127 x 70 cm, framed

R5000 The Mulberry Woman is the tree, but the tree is also her mother, giving birth to her from her left ear, for I grow toward wholeness by hearing myself. She has green hair, green thoughts, causing growth. She is the aspect of feminine consciousness who undertakes the journey.

The orange sellers Oil on canvas on board, 50 x 60 cm, framed

R3000 The purple mountain is the Mulberry Woman, the feminine home ground from which one feels excluded. The group radiates silent forbearance while preparing for the journey to the mountain. They are waiting patiently while the upside-down tree or philosophical tree of alchemy is being cemented in. Oranges are the balm or wisdom in alchemy.

The red house Oil on canvas on board, 36 x 46 cm, framed

R2000 The house of red clay is a station along the way of becoming where the cock announces the day, the dog-guide wakes up and the hen goes to lay her eggs. The washing needs to be done and the sacrificial animal has to be weighed. The unused alchemical vessel will be put to use.

The sun-child Oil on canvas 61 x 76 cm, framed

R4000 The mercurial sun-child steals my fire and drops my lyre into the sea which causes disharmony. He is the messenger from the deep. If I'm out of touch, he stirs things up, causing chaos in my life, forcing me to pay attention. By working on the discomfort, the Madonna and child rise up from the sea or the unconscious.

The underworld tree Oil on canvas on board, 61 x 91 cm, framed

R3000 This is Hades, an underground cavern, a place and time when one is entangled with fear and pain, but under the soft glow of the moon, the draining away of the life libido may be contained and reversed to become the tree of Life.

The water-bearer Oil on canvas on board, 38 x 76 cm, framed

R1000 It is the task of the feminine side of the personality to take care of the water, the emotions, as opposed to the masculine fiery intellect. In this image, water and fire meet in the throat chakra in the shape of a rose: to find one’s own voice.

The way Oil on canvas on board, 54 x 125 cm, framed

R7000 My modern life is contained by an ancient myth. Nine women follow one after the other: the inner journey which wanders across the years, going through many phases of birth and death. In the background is an excerpt from the Egyptian Book of the Dead; one’s work must have enough weight for the trickster figure on the left side to be transformed into the mysterious Thoth, wise counsellor to the conscious personality.

The White Man Oil on canvas on board, 60 x 50 cm, framed


The White Man is the masculine side of the personality in man and woman alike. It is the sun of the intellect, analytical thinking, a world of cause and effect, the power of the word. The White Man and The Mary Magdalene form a pair. At first, I saw this energy in the system, our current Zeitgeist of power mis-use, control, suppression and exploitation, which is how it functions when one-sidedly out of balance. The system is in us all. But he is also sad, for he is deeply wounded. He is seen at the alchemical fire of transformation, a promise, and when more in balance, he brings order and strength in service of life.

The wine tasting Oil on canvas on board, 31 x 61 cm, framed

R1500 Wine tasting at Muratie. The wine as the spirit in the bottle, the chemistry, is poured by the young woman and taken in by the group of four dark people on the right, the nigredo or base matter of alchemy. The chemistry is taken in; the story comes out, and goes into the pot, or alchemical vas, in the foreground, a pregnancy. On the wall is a personification of the wounded feminine values, the Egyptian goddess Selket, deity of resurrection into new life. Her left arm points in the direction of the young woman who is pouring the wine.

The wounded sky goddess Oil on canvas on board, 61 x 70 cm, framed

R3000 In our culture the deepest values of the feminine is exploited by us all. She lies flung across the sky. The ancient Egyptian Sky Goddess, Nut, spans the heavens with her body: at dawn she swallows the sun and carries it within as it moves through her body. At night the sun descends from her into the underworld to be reborn again at dawn. Her position as the firmament itself, raises her up above it all, enduring and transcending this time and position.

The zebra-fish Oil on canvas on board 174 x 188 cm

R 10 000 o.n.o. Life is a mystery. The fish from the deep, looks upon the individual with love; love and modesty reigns, not power and possession. This place and period of time is where the opposites meet and may integrate: above and below, white and black, warm blooded and cold blooded, a lengthy and stormy affaire, but it is also the dawn of a new time.

Three fruits and a lizard Oil on canvas on board, 40 x 50 cm, framed

R1500 Travelling through a Ghanaian village, West Africa. To support her on her journey, Mulberry Woman has fruits and a connection to the helpful mercurial energy, here seen in the lizard, a projection of Mercurius as the salamander.

Tree spirit Oil on canvas on board, 40 x 30 cm

R2000 Dissolving and coagulating.

Woman with child Oil on canvas on canvas, 50 x 40 cm, framed

R2500 The difficult task is to learn how to mother one's own lost inner child. Even to get a glimpse of this possibility, brings new hope.

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The artist entered the world of art through an unusual experiment with creative play in an attempt to discover the ‘inner other’, treating t...


The artist entered the world of art through an unusual experiment with creative play in an attempt to discover the ‘inner other’, treating t...