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Sarah Graham

Popularity Hyperbole Paper Have you ever seen kids bullying others because it is just so hilarious? Have you seen one of those torturers or were one yourself? Have you ever seen perfectly good kids turn evil because of their friends. These kids aren't just annoying to look at but they are also extremely dangerous for other kids health. They are ignorant, brutal, and racist to the other kids. There should not be popularly or any kind of separation between children. These cliques are our future adults, and could lead to permanent disaster. Imagine if one of these kids grew up and became our future president. They would think they were superior to the other countries. The president would not cooperate and wouldn’t include the smaller or poorer countries in their world changing decision. That harmless little clique could mean the end for America. The disaster would destroy not only America but the impact would reach out to all of the countries, crushing many democracies the US has worked and fought for leaving it open for domination. That little girl that got pushed out from the group or excluded from a game, might grow up to be

homeless, and might even, if the case is strong enough, might hurt herself. She will think she is a nobody, a loser, or a mistake. She will do this because of that popular kid in Junior High that make fun of her because she is a nobody. This is a girl who is scared of her own reflection and scared by life. The girl who kids laugh about and the girl who hides her face with her hair. Is this all because the popular girls think it is funny, all for humor, to ruin someone’s life? This is also bad for the teachers. They see this everyday but yet do not recognize it. They try when they can, to ease the pain of the broken, but usually it slips under the monitor. These girls think they are better than everyone else. The first to get a new fashion or the one who shops the most is an instant favorite in the world for populars. There is even a “popular table� where you get invited to sit. Where do these ideas come from? They do not come from the girls heads. No, they are from Hollywood. The center of the cliques. Hollywood has put on America movies such as High School Musical, Glee and Mean Girls. These movies/TV shows do not set a positive example for girls and boys.

Keep in mind that this is not all girls. Boys get separated into cliques later in life in high school and college. They become the jocks, the nerds, and many others. Instead of what popular girls do, which is hurt their rivals mentally. They physically beat the nerds or geeks up. They corral them like they are runaway horses and treat them like property. The Jocks are often figured out by who is the Quarterback on the football team and who has skipped the most classes. They can “kill” the bullied kids pride and crush their dreams with their bare hands. The Popular girls usually hang out with the jocks in high school and laugh at the other kids like they are inanimate objects, envying their every move. Usually the kids who are not getting picked on are treated as if they were air. Magically disappearing if there is popular around. They are the broken ones, the kids that the popular kids have already made their lives not worth living anymore. These cliques are made up of boys and girls, destructive to all, but yet they click together like their name. The thing to laugh about isn’t the meanness of the populars, it is that they aren’t even popular. They usually have a limited amount of friends and treat them like they are royalty. They text each other

constantly, always trying to attract attention. They are the ones who make up new fashions and think it is lame if someone is wearing something different. It is all about the appearance to them, even though it is nothing about the appearance but all about the personality. The victims are scared for life. Not even realizing that these girls and boys don’t even matter. The bullies think they will run the town, village or state but they are never going to run anything. The only thing they know how to do is peer pressure and bullying. They have mastered that. The very few who manage to sneak away, unnoticed and unharmed by there fellow student who when they were young used to be there best friend. That happened to me. I used to have two best friends in kindergarten. We would do everything together. Over the years we grew apart, still talking but not hanging around each other anymore. When we hit 5th grade everything changed. They ignored me, my friends and only payed attention to me when they wanted something or we were forced together. Now we never talk, and it is a completely different world. They crushed me as if i was an ant on the sidewalk. Shunned me out and laughed at me talking to them, always

making up a lame excuse to get away. They mentally hit me. I felt that slap across the face. Now I am distant. I make friends easily but trust them rarely. I am scared with every fight we have and cling to them as if they were the difference between life and death. Thankfully I am one of the few who go by, usually unnoticed. I have many lunch tables of friends and welcome anyone into my life. The kids who think they are the sun itself crush the other students. They are a very small stampede in the middle of a very big valley but yet they seem to be able the cover every inch of it. The popular kids, boys and girls are destructive and mean. They will not be allowed to run wild and every one will be treated as individuals that have a mind. The balance of the school, state, country, and world rest in the hands of the few who are untouched by these monsters but recognize them and someday put a stop to them. Friendly people are people who reach for your hand when you fall. Friends reach for your hand but touch your heart.

6-Essay and Nonfiction 6