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Jimmy Lipsey

Making a safer Wilmette Once when I was walking home from my boy scouts meeting I crossed at Lake Avenue and Green Bay Road. I looked over and saw those devilish lights rushing towards me and realized it was a train barreling right for me.

This dangerous intersection needs to be changed

because people and animals could get hurt, it creates traffic jams, adds stress to drivers waiting to cross and lastly costs the town a lot of money. All these problems can be solved If the train tracks were put below ground. If we put the train tracks underground we could save many lives that may otherwise be lost at this dangerous crossing. If we do this,(click prezi) there will be no animals on the train tracks. If we do this, we won’t need to worry about being late to every event across the tracks.

If we do this, cars will never have to fly over the train

tracks(click prezi) like the valets that stole the Ferrari in Ferris Bueller's Day Off and give us that awful feeling in our stomach like we are about to throw up. And if we do this, traffic lines will ease down Green Bay Road and Lake Avenue. People who oppose the change

would say that it is unnecessary and would cost too much money. But let me ask, what is the cost of the life of Richard Thomas, a 76 year old evanston resident and the countless others animals who have perished on the tracks? And the aggravation, stress and time lost of drivers. This village wide plan would save the village taxpayers a lot of money and time on everything from gas, snow tires and car repair because some cars simply cannot get over the hill that the tracks stand on and end up crashing their cars as they slide down into each other in heavy rain or snow.

This also makes it easier on drivers

knowing that in the winter they don’t need to wait five minutes to go 25 feet over them and reach their destination on time. This will save on stress and aggravation. It would also save money because cars will not be idling waiting for the gaits to lift and by conserving electricity because the lift gates wouldn’t need to go off every time there is a train. (click prezi) Additionally, when the trains are coming in, there is no stopping them, and if there is an emergency like a fire, robbery or emergency on either side of the tracks there is no way for the police to get around the train.

I believe that putting the train tracks underground would be a good move for the village and for everyone that steps foot here. This project would look better and give people an unobstructed view of our quaint little town, this project would feel better because we wouldn’t have to deal with the hustle and bustle of the morning commute, and this project would sound better because we wouldn’t have to listen to the trains and whistles everyday. So I ask you to consider all that this could do to improve life in Wilmette. Thank you.

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