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Batman is one of the most popular crime fighters of all-time. created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. Finger wrote the first Batman story and Kane provided the art. Because Kane had already submitted the proposal for a Batman character to his editors at DC Comics, Kane was the only person given official credit at the time for the creation of Batman, and is still the sole creator listed to this day He also appeared in movies, TV shows, and lots and lots of merchandise.. Batman first appeared in 1940 in detective comics plot of Batman is that he is a rich socialite named Bruce Wayne, who as a young child watched his parents be murdered by a mugger, he grew up and vowed to stop these kinds of people. Usually aided by his young ward dick grayson, AKA Robin, his butler Alfred Pennyworth, the city police commissioner Gordon, chief o hara and Gordon's daughter Barbara AKA Batgirl and others. Some of the villains he fights are The Joker, The Penguin, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, The Mad Hatter and Two Face... Quite probably the most popular Batman TV show, was a live-action satire television show featuring Batman made in 1966 it starred actor Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin. One of the most persistent and striking images in the Batman legend is the Bat-Signal. When Batman is needed, the Gotham City police activate a searchlight with a bat-shaped insignia over the lens that shines into the night sky, creating a bat-symbol on a passing cloud which can be seen from any point in Gotham city. The idea of a bat Signal has penetrated deeply into pop culture, and can be seen in hundreds of different places. In the 1960s Batman TV show, Commissioner Gordon also has a phone line which connects directly to the Batcave. The batcave is Batman's secret headquarters, consisting of a series of subterranean caves beneath Wayne manor, It serves as his command centre for both local and global surveillance, as well as housing his vehicles and equipment for the war on crime. Batman when fighting crime always wears his bat costume to instill fear in the minds of the criminals he crusades against He also has many vehicles to aide him in his fight against crime like the bat bike and the batmobile. Batman was named Bruce Wayne in honor of Robert Bruce, the Scottish Patriot, and "Mad" Anthony Wayne, the American Revolutionary War general. If you like batman collectibles go to Batman gift ideas where there is hundreds of batman and superhero related items to choose from.

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The Bat Cave  

Discovered and used long before by Wayne's ancestors as a storehouse as well as a means of transporting escaped slaves during the Civil War...

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