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the designer is trying to persuade the viewers to be bold and feel like kings/queens and buy this car.


What is line? -Line is a length of a mark drawn with a writing utensil, (hand or computer) using the strategies creating infinite variety, mood, organization and texture to illustrate the concept or an idea. What is the product or service being advertised? The product being advertised in this piece is a classic Italian car. The name of the company is FIAT, U.S.A and their website is Create a mood – As a viewer looking at this ad, he/she feels the mood of calm, intelligence and sophistication through the elements (the smooth red colored line and the smart looking car). Also, as a designer, you can feel the mood of royalty through the symbol of the red carpet. The color red symbolizes the mood of boldness and encodes a message/content where


Create organization – With the carpet painted red, you can almost feel as if you are right there. Again you can feel the movement of direction. Now if you take a look at this piece, you can see it drives your eyes from left to right, with the help of the car on the wider side of the long red stroke illustrating the positive and negative. For instance they say if something’s on the left it’s negative and on the right is positive, so with the movement of direction, it sends a message. Do you think it works well, and why? – From my opinion, I think it worked because if a viewer opens the page the first thing his/her eyes catch is the car on the line. If we take a close look at the line, it drives your eyes starting from the left hand side of a thinner shape and ending with a car on the right, the wider side of the line creating distance. The line also has the appropriate mood for the advertise-

ment. The long, red, straight and thick line looking very sharp and serious, tells its audience to work hard to get one. The designer also organizes the page/design by separating the font from the main idea; having the line and car in the middle while the fonts are placed way above and down the page with an amount of white space in the middle to spontaneously reinforce the idea. There is not too much happening to distract your eyes from the main concept. Furthermore, the fonts in the piece were organized effectively so there is not too much going on in the background to distract the viewer. The fonts were made in large Bauer Bodoni Roman letters all the way above the car on the red carpet, with much white as the background color to point out what is being advertised (the car on the red carpet). Who is the primary audience of the advertisement or website? The primary audiences of this advertisement are the entry level car buyers. For people who would like to get their first car, this is an option for them. The car on the big

red line is used to illustrate the red carpet.




What is shape? Shape is any element that is used to figure out a structure or form; for example, placing a bunch of dots in a certain way to create an object. Also with the help of line and fonts, shape can be form to help convey the message of the main idea. It can also be used to demonstrate or illustrate a concept. In addition shape can identify or represent itself without line, forming a simple structure (photograph) that would still impact the design simultaneously through the shape itself and the content. Also with shape, you can also separate and organize your ideas to hold your viewer’s interest or attention.

provides the tool that we use to network throughout the world, and their URL is network society.

What is the product or service being advertised? The service being advertised in this piece is Ericsson. Their product is a way that we can communicate with each other through the internet. This company

Shape is organizing the page – the little pixels are mainly in the center, to form the human head but few on the sides of the page. Also the type/text or fonts are placed on three sides of the image created in small letters so as to not distract the viewer’s eyes but to set the head in a position to avoid noticing the pixels. Also, the abstract fonts are down below the shape in large and medium letters.

Shape is sustaining the viewer’s interest. The shape keeps the audience or viewer’s interest and attention because it’s very fascinating. From a distance you can see the head of the human but coming closer, what you see are pixels. Also, from a close look the pixels are placed mainly at the edges of the shape to communicate the idea of the shape but there are fewer pixels in the face of the human head to create texture. You can feel the shape or human head in the sense that it can be anyone’s head.

Shape is helping the viewer understand the concept – based on the concept or idea of the ad, the pixels which look like little dots, are placed almost everywhere on the page but dominantly in the center which forms a human head to persuade it’s audience that if we all connect through the Ericsson network, it would be easier for us to obtain and connect information. Shape is leading the viewer’s eye through the design – The pixels are arranged in a form that you can see the shape that is being created. The crowding together of the pixels creates the form of the eyes, mouth etc. Do you think it works well, and why? From my perspective, I like the design of the ad and its purpose. However, based on the message the designer could have used another and easier form, structure or concept to make his point across within ten seconds of a glance. For example in some ads, as soon as you look at the piece, you already have an idea of what it is about. However another note on this ad is that the design/structure is very

fascinating so it creates interest or draws your attention but it doesn’t tell you what it’s about until you read the fonts. Who is the primary audience of the advertisement or website? The primary source for this advertisement is general. Everyone in the world communicates with each other. Networking is very important to every individual because we all communicate over the web. Also, companies are looking to expand and improve their networking capabilities.



Texture is when you can feel the mood of the overall theme and message visually (meaning you can see the idea of something you would like to touch. For example, the commercial of the green lizard on the big hard rock represents the company Geico. Texture is also tactile (meaning tangible/ hands on/ when you can touch something) of a design. For example, the surface of the table is very smooth. However in graphic design, texture is defined with similar terms that are also used by other elements (color, shape) to power up an idea, or strengthen the concept of a design. What is the product or service being advertised? In this ad, a new phone with a music player built in is being advertised. The name of the company is HTC REZOUND and their website is


glass to fill the space so that the idea is clearly known.

TEXTURE is being used in the design to: Create a particular mood or feeling – As you can see, the new phone is breaking the shattered glass. Based on texture, looking at the ad, the phone placed in the shattered glass was meant for the viewer to feel the quality of sound built in the phone. Also, you can visually hear an instant sound of the phone breaking through the glass. Furthermore, as a viewer just flipping through and meeting up with this page, the first thought that comes to mind is the sound of the new phone breaking through the shattered glass; which creates texture because the viewer can visually see and feel the act of the idea/ concept.

Reinforce or support the concept of the design – looking at the design, you can see and feel the glass breaking. And it was design that way to tell you or any----The mission of this ad was to let the viewer know that the quality of sound built in to this new phone is great. (For example the sound in the phone is so powerful that it broke through the glass.) They also used the DR. DREA’s headphones to help support the idea of good sound quality in this phone. However, based on texture, the idea of the phone breaking through the shattered glass illustrating the sound quality, is also supported by cracks and little pieces of broken glass at the edges of the designed page. Visually, it feels real, as if those pieces of glass were coming towards the viewer. In addition, the designer chose big and bold letters of font (persuading, confident) places it at both the top and bottom of the page so it does not distract from the concept but reinforces the idea.

Fill individual shapes or areas--The shattered glass is broken. Without the phone, the viewer would only see a big hole/ an empty space in a broken glass with cracks and little pieces at the edge. Now to strengthen the concept of the design, the designer placed the phone in the middle of the broken

Do you think it works well, and why? As a designer, based on texture it worked because the viewer feels the mood of concept (the phone breaking through the shattered glass). With the texture of the cracks and little pieces of glass fleeing from the devastated area and you can also hear an instant sound of crash/glass breaking. Also the viewer can see the filled- in, devastated area of the design. Furthermore, the designer manipulated the fonts on the page to reinforce the concept or idea. (for example the letter Z in the REZOUND has the same color as the chord of the headphones and fonts written in the phone; saying “Ambition”. Who is the primary audience of the advertisement or website? Honestly, anyone can be the primary source for this ad but, mostly its teenagers and also young adult who love music and the improvement of technology.


website is making custom bicycles. The name of the company is Alien Bikes and their website http://


The act of positioning elements of different shapes and sizes or in pairs to have equal gravity and weight in a design is balance. You can also use balance to create a mood by the way elements are set and the position they play in the piece or design. Also with balance, tension is created to set up an active mode instead of a boring one. For example, placing the same sized object at the right hand corner of every page becomes boring because every time you turn the page, you are expecting the same size of element in the same position. But having different shapes and sizes of different geometrical shapes can be used to balance your page and move your eyes around. What is the product or service being advertised? The service that is being advertised on this £

To create a mood – Looking at the web page, it gives the viewer the mood of a simple, clean, crisp and professional web design. Also, without reading the fonts to know the purpose of the website, from a first sight, the first thought that comes to mind when looking at the page is the field of mechanics where you see bicycle parts. Furthermore, based on how the elements are placed on the page, it creates the mood that is stark and unusual but this is an unusual company Asymmetrical balance is reinforcing the message—such as; relaxed, informal, freeform, creative, etc. – This ad is an asymmetrical. The elements on the page are position randomly and not in the center or at a specific place. The line that separates the element and fonts is place far on the right instead of the center

which throws design out of a full balance and creates asymmetrical balance. To create visual tension by being obviously unbalanced – Viewing the page, elements on the first section showing the frame are placed so randomly that it creates tension of space on both the upper left and the lower right. On the next portion with the wheels, the position of the elements is creating a huge amount of space at the top going across and the lower right. On the third section with the crankset, the space at the lower right of the second section continues from the upper right of the third section, going across and around the elements on the third section, leaving the items in the middle. On the last portion, the tension of space is created just above the element. Do you think it works well, and why? From what I have read and know, the idea of using the asymmetrical balance to sell the message works well. The page works it purpose. The elements used in

the design automatically define the purpose of the page without reading or telling its story. The mood fits the service and message being sent. The designer also used the elements to create the tension he/ she didn’t purposely achieve, but it makes it even more interesting because, it is then defined as asymmetrical balance. Who is the primary audience of the advertisement or website? This website is meant for bikers and those who would like to customize their own bikes. For example if you choose the parts of your bicycle they assemble the bicycle with your choices creating a custom look.



Contrast is the drama or fight between size (big, medium and small), shape (square, triangle, circle etc..), texture (hard, soft, rough smooth etc..), direction (directing your eye), color ( red, blue, purple etc..) and value ( light and dark). On the other hand, contrast is used in graphic design as a principle in which ideas are communicated. One example of contrast is for example when a photo is taken where the one side of a human face is in the light and the other side of the face is in the dark. What is the product or service being advertised? On this web page, the new blended liquor called NUVO is being advertised. The name of the company is Diageo and their website is, the corporate head quarters website is www.diageo. com Strengthen an idea; support the message. – Viewing this web page, the designer used famous artists to £

advertise the new liquor “NUVO” which supports the message of the advertisement with the idea of encouraging their audience to participate in buying this liquor and then they will be drinking like the stars. For example, a fan might see his/her favorite artist on the web page drinking this liquor and might think it’s cool for them to do them to do the same. And if this action is constantly taking place then, the purposes of using the famous artists strengthens and supports the product and the advertising works. To create a contradiction (BIG written in very small type) – On this web page, the big yellow letters worded NUVO, are contradicting with the small yellow letters worded “LEMON SOBERT” on page one of the web page. Although the designer used the same style of font, the size and color is different, in contrasting letters. On the fourth and last page of the web page, the color of the bottle and fonts are both pink. The big and small bold yellow letters on the page also seems to contrast with the artist’s names. However, the designer used the big bold letters to attract your attention and encourage the audience to be bold and have confidence to buy this drink. Furthermore, the style of fonts

used in writing the artist’s name looks very sharp and simple; which also gives the viewer a sense that, it could be his or her name written on the page. Contrasting colors – When viewing the first page, within the entire white background, there is a rectangle and a square playing side by side, each containing a famous artist. The square primarily has a white background and the rectangle has a dark background which sets up a contrast between the two basic shapes. The designer used the white square background to point out the product and the artist‘s name in the yellow colors; similar to the black rectangular box. The next page of this web page is similar but has two conjoining rectangles and a square with a black background color and different artists. Page three on the same webpage give the viewer a rectangular box consisting two artists on the blue to black background. With the blue background, it points out the name of the product and the name of the artist in the yellow colors. The fourth slide on this page give you a plain white rectangle background with just the product itself but in the color pink. Last but not the least the fifth slide repeats the fourth slide’s concept but this time with a glass on the left, filled with

the pink product and a lime at the tip of the glass. Also on the right side is the product itself in the bottle with a pink flavor. In between are big and small pink fonts. Now looking at the entire page you notice the product is either in yellow or pink color; which I think goes for both male and female. Contrasting values - Taking another glance at the pages of the website, the rectangular box of the first page has a little bit of value. Looking at it, you see the light on the side of the artist and the dark coming from behind. Also on the third slide, the blue background on the left side is a lot lighter than the blue going to the right side. Also the designer used the yellow color of name on the lighter blue to point out the names of artist and the dark side to point out the product.

Contrasting texture – Another view at this web page, from slide one to three you can visually see and feel the artists holding the long yellow bottle in each hand. Also you can see and feel some artist lifting the bottle and pouring the product in the glass to drink which creates the sense and feeling of wishing you were there or that it was you. It also provides color continuity across the page and moves the eye. Do you think it works well, and why? On this web page, contrast worked well with the message because it gives the viewer a little bit of everything. The texture strengthens the concept. As you can see, it feels like anyone can be those artists drinking the new liquor. Also the designer used the fonts to grab the interest of their consumer, which seems to appear in big and small bold letters, reinforcing the message; giving the audience the boldness to be like them. Furthermore, the designer used contrasting colors to reinforce the concept. They used the yellow color to represent the male consumers and the pink color to represent the female consumers.

Who is the primary audience of the advertisement or website? – The primary audience for the advertisement on this web page is young adults. It also sends a message through the design that though we work hard, we should have fun.


Unity: Unity co-ordinates the design elements and stands as the primary role in any design. Also, the act of using the same particular element(s) on every page (playing the role of a logo) supports the idea of the designed page. Furthermore, with the elements playing the role of the heading on every page it helps lead you through the page and gives the idea of how everything on the page ties together. Unity also is achieved by a variety of rhythm on and across multipages with consistent repetition of the element(s) performing the role of a logo, strengthening the idea of the design. What is the product or service being advertised? The service being that is being advertised is an internet source that helps other businesses communicate. They also do branding, logo and other element for companies. And is their website our-services/packagingdesign/


UNITY is being used in the design to: (Check all that apply) Provide consistency – Looking at the designed webpage, the background gives the viewer the feel of a sophisticated and professionally well done web design. Viewing this website and clicking through, the designer uses the same background and a door that is half way open for every page, which constantly creates a mood of sophistication. Also on every page, the door on a maroon background directing your eye down to the type (web, print, and branding) and grabs the viewer’s interest in the act of inviting them to navigate through the website, educating the viewer about their service. Unify the design with consistent elements (grouped/repeating elements) - on every page, there a type going across saying “attitude” and also with a door half way open creating consistency on every page of this web design. Also, looking on the left corner at the bottom there is a horizontal type (book your project in today) playing the role of a logo and also persuading

the audience to buy their message/ content of the designed webpage. Also there is a big round circle on every page (saying “HEY YOU get some attitude now”) which allows viewers to join the service. Furthermore, at the bottom is a form that allows the viewer to contact the company if want to get in touch. Lead the viewer’s eye through the design – the door opened half way and repeating on every page, leads you eye down to the white corridor. Also with the maroon background, it leads you eyes down to the diagonal type (saying book your project in today) performing the same role and color and the background. Do you think it works well, and why? – From my perspective, even though it’s not the best in my eye, based on the idea and the message of the design I think it worked for it purpose. The designer gave the web page a mood/feel by using a cooler color of maroon; in my sense of the visual it interprets peacefulness and perfection. The designer also worked the purpose

of the design by creating consistency by using same elements on every other page. Who is the primary audience of the advertisement or website? – The primary source for this company is small businesses that need to improve by communicating with other businesses.



Color: Color is the dominant matter of taste and also the element that gives strength to the principal message in an ad or design. Color also can create a mood in the design. The two main categories of color that create mood in a design are cool and warm. The cool colors (blue, green and purple) are used to create a mood of relaxation, calmness or sadness. On the other hand, with the warm colors (red, orange and yellow) they are use to show or give viewers the mood of activeness, power, passion (anger, love etc.) or create the mood of tension. •What is the product or service being advertised? In this ad, a new car called PRIUS V is being advertised. The name of this name of the company is TOYOTA and their websites is


Creates a mood or feeling- Without notes, just looking at this page the viewer sees how very sophisticated this page was designed. I know a person can choose to buy a different color of the same car but in this ad the designer use the white version of this car to give bright feel to the minds of the viewers. The white creamy background matching the car color gives the viewer a very relax feeling. The designer then mixed the cool and warm color to set the tone of calm, happy and activeness. Creates visual tension and movement- Seeing all these different colors coming out the back of the car (trunk) represents all the different events this car can be use for. For example the boy playing the violin with his luggage on his back give you the feel or sense of a field trip in to the woods; and the designer used the idea to tell viewer that the trunk of the car can take or hold the instrument and everything used to go on field trip like the woods. When a viewer first opens this page, the first catch of the eye

is held by the color of balloons, of warm mixed with cool colors and this drives your eye in to the trunk of the car causing movement. Also the warm color orange drives the viewer’s eye from inside the trunk where you see the road and between the orange bushes to the little girl holding the balloons. Provides unity and balance – Looking at the cool color of the cut green grass, there is balance formed to inform or persuade the viewers that the equipment use to cut this bush can also fit in the trunk of the car. And the way balance is added is that you can see the three main bushes are cut and shaped like animals but looking around it, the designer added small area of green sod to balance the bush. Provides structure and forms a grid in a design- This ad also provides structure and grid. The grass at the top is cut in a way that it forms animals from the bushes. Creates harmony- The warm color orange and red harmonized at the end of the balloons.

Please describe the effectiveness of the use of COLOR in this design. Based on the message of this ad, I think the designer made his/ her point across. The different element of warm and cool colors seen in this ad represents different occasions or events. Who is the primary audience of the advertisement or website? Primary source for this ad applies to everyone but mostly families. However, in my opinion I think it’s mostly for sophisticated people who are also known as high or middle class and families who occasionally like to participate in little activities like the pool, zoo, birthday parties, camping etc.


Value: The hue/color or an object of lightness and darkness defines value. Also value can create contrast. The high vs. low contrast of value in my sense is conflict or drama. With the use of value, a mood can be created to let the viewer feel the concept/idea of the design. Dimension can be added (size of value added), and depth (how deep the message or content of value) in the design. What is the product or service being advertised? This is a website and on this site the service being advertised is a web design. If a person would like to have a website made, this page was meant to inform them that this company can design their webpage. The designer’s website is VALUE is being used in the de-

sign in the following way(s): (Check all that apply) Creates a mood or feeling – Value in this web design creates a mood and feel of ancient days. Looking at the elements used in the design, it gives the viewer the feel of the days of Christ. The leaves looks like the leaves give the viewer the idea of the garden of Adam and Eve; the pen, candle and scroll used gives the viewer the visual of those days of the prophets. All in all the mode of the design fits its audience. Creates contrast- Based on value creating contrast in this ad, there is really not enough collection of contrast shown in here. However, let’s pay close look at this ad again. Based on the concept of seeing the light flashing from the back of the scroll, it shows the color of the brown wall contrasting with the big caramel colored scroll. The both colors manipulate each other; they show off each other. Creates movement and direction – when a viewer first looks at this


page, the tip of the green leaves directs your eye to the brown board/ paper. Also looking at this ad from the bottom up, the lighted candle drives the viewer’s eye to the top of the page. Do you think it works well, and why? I love how simple that design looked. Its simplicity gives the viewer a pleasant visual. The concept of the light behind the scroll gives the viewer a sense and makes them wonder if it is a person holding a lamp or a light bulb screwed to an outlet on the wall. Furthermore, it gives the viewer an idea of what this designer can do and gives them an example of what they may expect to have if they have a website made by this designer. So basically, the designer got his message across so that he/she can market his/her service. Another aspect that made it worked again was the used of elements. The designer uses the background, a feather pen and a lighted candle to give the viewer a feel of the ancient days. The designer also uses the leaves and candle in directing the viewer’s eye

from top to bottom. In addition, the elements contributing its purpose to the design, it attracts an audience who is interested in the ancient days and a historical feeling. Who is the primary audience of the advertisement or website? - The primary source/audience for this website is local upcoming businesses who would like to market their product online.