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Chapter 1

With plenty to see and do in and around Auckland, getting that location of accomodation of is vital. With plenty to choose from, it deciding what suits your needs and fits your price range.

Where to stay on a Budget Jucy Hotel

Auckland’s Most Colorful Stay

This up market hostel is based a stone throw away from the city centre and is one of the cites well kept secrets. With reasonable prices for single rooms and multi rooms, it hits everyones budget lightly. With free wi-fi and the option of sharing bathrooms or en-suite, this place is well kept, great for singles or groups and even has its own coffee shop. Being in the heart of the city means less transport to get around and enjoy the delights and culture that await you on your doorstep.


For the more Fancy Traveller Puka Park Resort

Something a bit more Rural

The Puka Park Resort is located deep within the bush, 25km from the Auckland's City Centre in the Bay of Islands. Surround by lush rainforest and plenty of outdoor activities to suit all needs and capabilities this is a must stay for those on a higher budget. Great service and rooms really make this place a luxury stay, getting to the soul of New Zealand's landscape and culture. The Resort oers tours in to the unknown and trips to really enjoy the fresh air surrounding this peaceful park. Whether your after a quiet relaxing stay or something more adventurous, this place will fit everyones needs, and with the new addition of the spa area its a superb stay.


Chapter 2

Food and Drink

Oozing with culture and Quirky cafes, Auckland is a great place to catch a bite to eat while watching a band perform or make a full night of it down on the Docks with plenty of eateries to choose from.

Takapuna Beach Cafe The All-Round Awesome Cafe

A Grocery Store and Cafe All in one With its Modest Front, this looks nothing more than a standard highway cafe, but be prepared to be surprised! This modern Beach front Eatery serves superb food right through from 7am and even stocks food to be taken home for those little shops. The interior is modern and light, offering views off the beach and a patio to enjoy your lunch or evening drinks from. Offering some superb breakfasts, cakes and meals this is a must visit for any price range in Auckland. The service is charming and if your lucky enough to attend a wednesday night, the local talents fill the place with great music acts adding a real atmosphere to your evening. Located on The seafront i Takapuna, its only a 15 min drive from the City and you couldn't feel more at home in this relaxed environment, one of my all time favorites.


Ripe Delicatessen Vibrant Food Lovers Haven

World Food on your doorstep

Oering some of the most quirky combinations of food ive ever seen this is a great pit stop. With only healthy and allergy conscious food on sale, the food is a real treat! Its Cute Decor and seating area make it a great place for anybody to stop and have a healthy bite. Located In the city centre its easily accessible and its prices are great too for the high quality of food on oer. Run by a small army of people, who are all completely Euphoric and passionate about food, its a very peaceful environment attracting a great crown and playing only the best melodic acoustic music to give you a skip in your step after a full belly of great food.


Exploration Chapter 3

With more adventure on oer than a Lord of the Rings film, this country has everything, from caves, walks, water sports and adventure ports to suit everybody

Waitomo Glow Worm Caves A natural beauty wonder, only for the brave

The Counties Most Hidden Light Show

Deep Within the Waitomo Region, sits 3 deep caves, part of the Waitakere Cluster. Each one has its on jewels, and a level adventure for the faintest of hearts right through to the die hard adventurers. The most beautiful of the tree caves is the deepest and wettest, paihi, Maori for Origins. After absailing down the gorge a light show awaits made up of thousands of Glow Worms sleeping away. The Caves oer a variety of sights aound the glow worms, including cave drawings, stalactites and water ways running for mile underground. A great day out for any body who like dark tight spaces, but a huge reward at the end.



The set from Lord of the Rings is all yours for a $95 entrance fee Feel apart of the film

Probably the most famous of attractions in New Zealand, The Hobbit Set with of Course Bilbo Baggins Reside Bag-End. The landscape looks so natural as if Hobbiton could have actually been there for hundreds of years. Each Hobbit hole looks genuine with the sign posts, the green dragon inn and the water mill all add to the illusion of this adventure. The entrance fee is steep for a 90min tour but well worth the experience of visiting such a breathtaking land. Tours running regularly from the city and can be extended to visit other sets around New Zealand.


Chapter 4


Booming with culture still and, this country has lots to oer from its roots. A deep rich history thats still visible in everyday life and couldnt be anymore dierent from the western life

Auckland TÄ maki Makaurau

City of Sails

Originally settled in by Maori in 1350, it was chosen for its rich and versatile land.After the arrival of Europeans and and many battles the Waitangi Treaty was signed to ensure peace between the two peoples in 1840. Auckland was the first capital but then moved to Wellington in the same year. Made up of many cultures now, and not just Maori, it is home to Pacific Islanders, Tongan’s, Samoan’s and a high population of asians. Made up of 50 volcanoes, this city has some impressive landscapes, each volcano is dormant so theres no risk of eruption any time soon, but makes the land the most fertile City in the country



Land of the Long White Cloud Legend speaks of the country first been discovered in 950AD by a Maori Leader which came from a polynesian island. From there, more came and created tribes and lived o the earth , with much game to be caught and a habitat that was livable. James Cook arrived in 1769 and then began the population of Europeans.and the change of their culture, this included supplying them with tools, weapons and means to survive in a vastly changing time. Numerous wars did break out until 1840 when the treaty was signed, giving maori there own land and allowing us to reign over the majority under the sovereignty of the Queen. The Maori Culture is a very peaceful one, very artistic with their carving, tattoo’s, and building of temples and boats, today they still practice these and live a long side the other many cultures that inhabit New Zealand.


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