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iPhone Security App  VoIP Based iPhone Security Voice Encryption App Stops Eavesdropping Cell Phone Spies Providing Secure, Private iPhone Conversations

Visit for more information, screen shoots, specs and links to the iTunes app store secure purchase area.

In iPhone security app news, Kryptos ( released a new VoIP based iPhone security app using AES military grade voice communications encryption. This iPhone security app advancement enables users to talk freely without fears that their conversation can be heard or recorded by any eavesdropping, wiretapping cell phone spies. The Kryptos iPhone security app works over 3G, 4G and WiFi networks. The secure, military grade 256 bit AES encryption app provides fully encrypted 2048 bit RSA key exchange peer-to-peer voice communications between users. Users will download and install the client software and must then activate their account with Kryptos. Free International Calling - As an additional bonus this app also enables users to make free International calls because the service is VOIP based. This new mobile phone app features: > Fast Secure Download From The Apple iTunes App Store > Easy Installation > Personal Individual ID > Easy to manage technology

> Secure Peer-to-peer Calling > 256 bit AES military grade encryption > Secure Calls Over 3G, 4G and WiFi Networks > An easily affordable, low monthly service fee As the access to cellular phones and mobile devices has evolved so has the propensity for security threats in regards to interception of calls made and received. Most people are not aware of how simple it is for hackers to use readily available tools, devices, etc., to intercept standard cellular calls. This new iPhone security app provides an easy, affordable solution. For More Information, Screen Shoots, Specs and Links To The iTunes App Store Secure Purchase Area: Visit or Call 407-516-3763 e-mail: Kryptos Communications, Inc., 160 East Lake Brantley Drive Longwood, Florida 32779 USA

iPhone Security App  

iPhone security app stops eavesdropping cell phone spies, providing wiretap proof iPhone calls.