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Will there ever be a cure for herpes? You are not alone in asking this question. Over 1/5 of adults have the herpes virus now, and a cure for herpes would definately make the headlines. This article will talk about the possibilities of curing herpes simplex, when that could happen, and what you should do until it happens. Scientists have been researching the herpes virus for several years, and much progress has been made. We have found that herpes likes to hide. When outbreaks are not occuring, it retreats beneath the skin and hides. While in hiding, it cannot be treated with anything, nothing seems to kill it. However, studies are finding the genomic coding that allows herpes to hide like it does. They suspect that a drug may be developed that could make the virus become active so it can be eliminated with antivirals. It would cause a huge outbreak, but it could be destroyed forever. This would be much more complex and damaging to the body than a regular tetnis vaccine. The first step, however, has been taken towards eradicating it. Scientists are now reassured that they can make something that will cure herpes. Although there are many people who have herpes, there havent been many funds to research with. How this happened is unclear, maybe because herpes is not a mortal infection, versus cancer or HIV that are. While cancer has been the main recipeient of government funds and private donations, herpes may have been overlooked. Some estimate that a real clinical solution to herpes is still long in the future. After the first sucessful vaccinations to animals, scientists say it could be 10 or more years till a cure could be found. None of those could say when the first sucessful animal test will be. The most reliable strategy if you have herpes is to learn to deal with the virus, which means learning how to prevent outbreaks and send the virus into remission. You should note that half of people with herpes have no outbreaks. If you do have outbreaks, this should be a great motivator for you, you can stop your symptoms. If you want to stop asking, Will there ever be a cure for herpes, visit my site today to learn about natural remedies for herpes simplex.

Will there ever be a cure for herpes  

This article is about studies and research for herpes simplex.

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