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Culture Book By: will Switzer th

Rakestraw 5 period December 19, 2012

Mexico: -Colonialism    

Europeans carried diseases which killed many people in Mexico Spanish discovered Mexico in 1517 when Francisco Hernandez landed on the Yucatan peninsula Mexico was permitted to only trade with Spain and Spanish areas Hernán Cortés conquered the Aztec empire for Spain betwwen 1519 through 1521

-Cultures   

The culture of Mexico has changed a lot during the 19 th an 20th centuries Mexican celebrates their independence on September 15th The word Mexico came from the word mexica the name for the indigenous group that settled in central mexico

-Economy    

More than 45% live in cities with over 50,000 inhabitants Mexico has a free market economy Mexico’s population is 112,336,538 Mexico’s main manufacturer is construction

-Life today   

School is not number one priority Have many immigrants try to move to the u.s. Majority of Mexicans have jobs

Central America & the Caribbean: -Native Peoples in Central America  

Central America has had colonial history that goes back to the fifteenth century People are some timed referred to as pueblos indigenas

-Native Peoples in the Caribbean  

Many Indian tribes Main language is English with some Spanish in it to

-Culture   

Most popular religions are Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam The Caribbean has had many successful artists come out of there region including Rihanna, Nikki Minaj, and Bob Marley The Caribbean has brought us many things and one is reggae stuff like music and apparel

-Economy     

Cuba has the highest literacy rate in the Caribbean Costa Rica has the highest literacy rate in central America Population of the Caribbean is 39,169,962 Population of Central America is 41,739,000 Many people visit the Caribbean because of its wonderful beaches and scenery

Spanish Speaking South America: -Spanish Conquest & Rule   

In the begening of the 19th century after 300 years of Spanish rule wars of independence broke out In early 1500’s the Inca empire was at the height of its glory The Spanish attacked the inca army

-Culture   

Famouse books include “one hundred years of solitude, and “the general in his labrynth Musical instruments commonly used are guitars, marimbas, maracas, and flutes Art work made is poetry, textiles, and glass work

-Economy   

Majority of income comes from agriculture, mining, and extracting natural resources An advantage to the region is its wide variety of resources Chile has the largest copper and some of the most fruits and vegtables produced

-Education   

Literacy rates are above 90 Percent Has higher literacy rate than the Caribbean and mexico Chile has the best education out of all other countries

Brazil: -History 

Brazil gained independence in 1822

-Culture  

Language mostly spoken is portugese Religon most worshiped is Roman Catholic/christinaty

-Economy  

Five largest economy in world Weighted tariff is 7.6

-Life today   

Much of their culture is revolved around soccer Brazilian martial arts are a big interest as well The Brazilian carnivalis an annual festival held forty days before the beggening of lent

Culture Book  

Culture Book