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Employers Brochure 2010

Skills Venture helps you to develop and motivate leaders whose values and skills are attuned to the challenges of the 21st century: the sustainability agenda, the importance of strategic partnerships, the potential of emerging markets, and above all the need to innovate on a global stage in order to stay ahead. We do this through short (1-4 week) group assignments in Kenya, where participants provide business support to local entrepreneurs. They bring their experience and skills to bear by providing practical one-to-one advice, working through problems with entrepreneurs and helping them find solutions. This is a developmental activity focused on business, not on charity, and on learning by doing, not classroom work. We guarantee to deliver a strong return on investment.

The benefits for employers Structured overseas volunteering placements that make genuine use of employees’ business skills have many benefits: Motivation and inspiration: Working with dynamic young entrepreneurs in Africa and helping them to build their businesses from scratch is inspirational, and rewards and motivates your employees in equal measure, also acting as a key retention tool. Talent development: Facing completely new challenges in a very different business environment builds confidence, influencing, communication and leadership skills, and team-working abilities. Corporate responsibility: This is a cutting-edge corporate social responsibility activity that delivers real results for all participants, both for your employees and for the African entrepreneurs. Emerging markets: Working with African businesses exposes your employees to innovative practice and to a new class of consumers.

The benefits for employees

OPPORTUNITY / IN THE UK Two out of three UK employees want to take time out to see the world and give something back. Many want to help by using the skills that they have built up over several years to make a real impact.

OPPORTUNITY / IN KENYA One in two people in Kenya live on less than a dollar a day. Helping small businesses to grow and to provide jobs by improving their commercial skills is the most effective way to lift people out of poverty.

Our programmes

We will develop a bespoke programme to cater to your needs. The nature of the programme can vary according to the number of people involved (from one to dozens, normally in between), their seniority, the time that they have available, and the precise focus of your objectives for the programme. You may be looking to reward and motivate high achievers, to build up the leadership skills of employees on a high potential programme, to help prepare technical staff for management positions, induct and develop new board members, or to provide senior managers with a new challenge. Board mentoring Senior executives spend 1-2 weeks in Kenya acting as a virtual ‘board’ for a Kenyan company, or mentoring their counterparts there Workshop mentoring A group of employees spend 1-2 weeks providing a series of workshops and drop-in sessions for Kenyan entrepreneurs Turnaround Mentoring A single employee spends 2-8 weeks working with a Kenyan entrepreneur who needs detailed help to rescue the business Informal Mentoring Employees spend 1-8 weeks providing 1:1 mentoring support to a number of Kenyan entrepreneurs (can be done as a group)

Our services

Skills Venture provides a full service package for organisations, including programme design and implementation, induction training and support, and logistics in the UK and in Kenya. Skills matching The key to a successful mentoring assignment is a good match between the skills and experience of the mentor and the needs of the entrepreneur. We ensure that your employees are happy with their mentee matches and that the identified outcomes are realistic. Induction training No one can expect your employees to be productive without being properly inducted. We ensure that they receive a thorough induction and orientation so that they can work with their Kenyan mentees in full confidence, and derive maximum benefits from the experience. Logistical support We arrange accommodation and food at preferential rates; we offer a number of options for different budgets and situations. Depending on your corporate support arrangements, we can help you with travel and logistics as much or as little as you like. Mentoring support Unlike almost all other volunteering organisations, we don't simply organise a placement and then leave them to it. Our management team is split between the UK and Kenya, and our team of facilitators are on hand at all times to help mentors during their assignment.

Next steps

We can offer you a free, no obligation telephone or face to face consultation to discuss how a Skills Venture employee mentoring programme could meet your specific needs. To find out more about how we can help you, please contact: Will Snell, Director (UK) T 020 7871 4485 E W Skills Venture Limited is a company registered in England & Wales. Our registered company number is 06304882. Our registered address is 2 Braddyll Street, London SE10 9AE. Š Skills Venture Limited 2010

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