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Top Five Outdoor Adventure Activities for Thrill Seekers Holidays might mean fun, peace, relaxation and lazing around for some, but for the more daring among us, holidays are also opportunities to seek extreme adventures and thrill. Adventure sports holidays can give you fun and thrill, but the holiday activities below will surely give even the most seasoned thrill seeker a rush. Here are the world’s top five outdoor adventure activities for thrill seekers; 1. Microlight Flying in Zambia – The Victoria Falls offers the best spot for microlight flights. The beautiful scenery and fresh air gives the ultimate feel-good to the otherwise precarious flight. You can choose to go alone with the experience or share it with somebody who will appreciate the thrill. 2. Chasing Rhinos in Nepal – while riding an elephant – Got a craving for speed with a touch of risky fall? The Chitwan National Park of Nepal can accommodate your feel for thrill with their rhino chase atop elephants. Take note that the beasts could really run and take you the deep forest. With the guides, that will be your least worry. But since not everyone got to develop the hang of riding elephants, it would be a very bumpy ride indeed. The fall can be bone crushing, but being stumped on by elephant feet is fatal. 3. Cliff Diving in Mexico – Throw your fate to the air and take a dive in the rocky cliffs of Acapulco. This is a very dangerous activity without the use of any protective gear. It will just be your body plunging at the pull of gravity towards the warm waters of Mexico. Divers are advised to take smaller dives before attempting the cliffs. 4. Running with the Bulls in Spain – Not everyone has the grace, agility and the courage of a matador, but anyone who can run and need a crazy fix of thrill can run with the bulls in Pamplona. You won’t have the saber nor the cape of the matador, all you’ll have is a raging bull and thousands others running in narrow cobbled streets. 5. Tree climbing in the Amazon – Take your luxury adventure holidays a notch higher by climbing trees in the Amazon. You will have a vast choice of which tree to climb in the Amazon Rainforest. Take your pick among the thousands of centuries old, most over 200 feet tall. That’s about as tall as a 15 floor building. Using a harness, you will be joisting yourself up the tree, enjoying a view most people do not live to see.

Top Five Outdoor Adventure Activities for Thrill Seekers