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Kenya- For Your First Love Animal Safaris in Exorbitance Style Is it a break time for you? Make the best of the vacations you are going to take in Kenya, the wilderness unleashed! Kenya is a country located in Africa. Almost everybody is familiar with this fact but few people know that it is among the most powerful economies of it but still on the way to be developed. As with every country of this land, Kenya is also profusely gifted with the blessings of nature. The luxury adventure holidays in this world are thrilling because this is where nature is the only and most profound challenge. People, who differentiate themselves as the lovers of nature and wildlife, must pay at least one visit to this place. The animal life, the jungle environment and the unexpected turns a safari may take get in to action mode. The different colours of wildlife that are witnessed here is something that is unmatched from most of the places of the world (though views may differ from person to person) but disappointment would not be there at any point. Safari holidays in Kenya would allow you to make choices from the wide variety of the National Parks and Conservancies. Following are some of the places and parks: 1. Amboseli (referred to as Land of Giants) 2. Laikipia Conservency 3. Giraffe Centre (Nairobi) 4. Samburu, Shaba & Buffalo Springs 5. Haller Wildlife Park 6. Nairobi National Park 7. Hell’s Gate National Park 8. Aberdare National Park 9. Tsavo East & West National Parks 10. Samburu National Reserve Before you could get yourself out on here your accommodations should match your temperament. Luxury is just going to be unforgettable in these two places: Shompole Lodge Located in Great Rift Valley, in the southern region of the Kenya, Shompole is just the place you wish to stay in to enjoy nature in nearest. Wood and wall seem to fit and match exactly the way they should merging in the backdrop of the secluded scenery. The space, lounge, sitting area, pool and everything that makes you enjoy luxury could be found in this Lodge. You are most welcome! Azure In the Benguerra Island of Mozambique, if you want to enjoy the palatial luxuries, this is where you should be. The best feature of the place is the nearness to Marine National Park and its 15 Villas. Beaches, Sea water and its relaxing rhythm are not the only thing that you would get here. Spa, restaurants, and many leisurely activities including diving and snorkelling, Kenyan safaris holidays etc will be surely loved by you!

Kenya- For Your First Love Animal Safaris in Exorbitance Style