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William Ruff


ARTIST STATEMENT I started taking photographs in Year 10 as part of a Photography GCSE course. hese were 35mm black-andwhite and colour photos using an old Olympus camera. I had the opportunity to work in the school’s darkroom and develop my own shots. While this was rewarding in itself, I became frustrated with the content of what I was shooting. Without a studio and props, I could only record what I saw through the viewinder. I have been lucky enough to have access to Apple Mac computers and I remember one of my sisters taking a photograph of herself that she then styled in the vein of Andy Warhol’s Elizabeth Taylor screenprint. I could see how one basic image could be manipulated in a host of diferent ways. Slowly but surely

I have acquired a tolerable level of competence using Photoshop and been able to likewise manipulate my own photos. Starting irst with a series of still life shots, I have succeeded in greatly enhancing their quality to make them almost hyperrealist. Inspired by what I know of Andy Warhol, I have chosen everyday objects such as a jar of Marmite and a tin of Lyle’s Golden Syrup. I have also cast my lens around the back garden and found a host of material. Last year I had the opportunity to go to New York City with my college and I greatly welcomed the chance to take photographs in a totally new architectural environment. We don’t have that many skyscrapers or the vibrancy of Times Square where we live!

Finally, I am looking ways at combining elements of the sort of photo I am taking into a trompe l’oeil scenario. Armed with an empty frame and a helpful friend as a model, I have taken pictures on a path in a wood and subsequently inserted previous photos into the frame. his is a work in progress and one I am looking forward to pursuing....

NEw york We live in a sleepy little village down on the River Hamble - which obviously ofers plenty of maritime material - and it was a fantastic opportunity to go to NewYork City and take in the skyscrapers and feel the buzz of Times Square. I’ve taken a

host of shots of the buildings and am working out where to go with them. he Falling Man, a picture taken by Richard Drew on 9/11, intrigues me and I want to try superimposing objects falling from buildings, for example.

Times Square almost takes your breath away and I was really pleased with the way my shots seem to capture this. here is a riot of colour which I hope I have also recorded.

Still Life I remember being introduced to Andy Warhol’s work and thinking how neat it was that he could focus and feature on such ordinary objects, eg. his Campbell’s Can of Tomato Soup. I’ve tried not to slavish copy this but there is a nod to Warhol with my Marmite and Golden Syrup. Finding the basic raw material is what it’s all about and where better to look than Nature itself. I was sitting idly in the garden last summer when I noticed some strange lowers and then a dried plant.

Trompe-l’oeil he surrealists have also been an inluence on me and I love the concept of trompe l’oeil. On a grey day we drove out to a deserted wood and took photographs of Hannah standing in the middle of the path simply holding an empty picture-frame. hat picture is interesting in itself but I have loved borrowing pictures from my earlier photos and inserting them into the frame. his is an area I want to continue to explore and want to make a bank of objects to put into strange settings.



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